Woman Killed By Monster Truck At Dallas Strip Club

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A Dallas man is facing criminal charges for running over a woman with his monster truck in a strip club parking lot.

Police say a drunk-driver in a lifted Ford F-250 pick up truck ran over and killed a woman outside the Spearmint Rhino strip club early Thursday morning.

KRLD’s Austin York Reports

The woman was talking to someone in the parking lot of the club on I-35E and Walnut Hill when she was struck by the truck’s giant wheels.

Melinda Gutierrez with Dallas Police says the driver claimed he didn’t see the woman because his truck is so high off the ground. Gutierrez says when the truck started to drive off several witnesses ran the truck down and stopped the driver.

The woman, 23-year-old Kasey McKenzie of Granbury who was an employee of the club, died at the scene from her injuries.

The driver, identified as Eric Crutchfield, was taken into custody. He remains jailed on charges of intoxication manslaughter and driving with a suspended license.


One Comment

  1. PR Steele says:

    Drunk and driving with a suspended license, Go figure.
    Was it his first or fifteen time being drunk behind a wheel of a car.

    A young lady with her life ended to soon.

    Lock up people like that.

    1. Courtney says:

      I think you replied to the wrong comment. PR Steele did not make one comment about the height of the truck……

    2. Reg T says:

      So, it was the woman’s fault, for not getting out of the way of the truck?
      Obviously you are brain dead. You make us Texans look bad, maroon.

    3. RENEE says:

      FYI…..She was not a stripper! And she was the one that was not in the wrong! Talking on the phone and walking through a parking lot!? HOWEVER EVERYTHING ABOUT WHAT HE DID WAS NOT LEGAL!
      People are so stupid and heartless! SHE HAS FAMILY! WHAT IF IT WAS YOUR SISTER?????

    4. KK says:

      This was my Borther in laws best Friend. He is very sad for his friends lost and I so understand. So much wrong here. I agree with Renee. And she was not a worker at this club she was there with her friend. And a good point what if it was your sister or even your mother. I dont see how he could see anyone walk by that thing its so off the ground. My brother in law also said he was trying to show off by pilling out. What if this was a child in a grocrey store parking lot. A very sad lost and I pray for her family and friends.

    5. Jason Gunnars says:

      Everybody is blaming the guy driving the truck. What about the girl walking in front of what appears to be a truck lifted very high. It doesn’t make sense to walk in front of something lifted that high and its a diesel so you can hear that its running. I’m just saying look at both sides don’t blame everything on him. Bottom line is it was an accident and I’m sorry for both sides involved.

      1. Dustin says:

        Thats what I was basically trying to say, you have too look at both point of views and yes I’m sorry for her family’s loss.

      2. No1youknow says:

        From someone who works in a truck modification shop we lift trucks like this one. And i wish that everyone would think about both sides. It is not completely his fault, i agree with you 100 percent, that this truck is super loud and its impossible not to hear or see it coming right at you. This is a terrible accident, and my heart goes out to the family of that woman.

    6. Dustin says:

      Did I say it was her fault? No I just simply said if she was not talking on the phone and payn attention she probably would not of gotten run over shut my mom taught me to look both ways before I crossed the street by the age of two. The above article says she was a worker at the club…. IE: she is either a waitress ( and if you have been in those places you know how they dress ) or a stripper which one ?

    7. dranon says:


      Your mother may have taught you how to cross the street at the age of two but that is apparently the only thing she taught you. She did not enrich your brain with any critical thinking skills, manners, class or insight. Best of luck to you in your journey through life as you will need all the luck you can get since you have nothing else going for you.

    8. Cristina says:

      First of all she was not an employee of the club, lets get that straight!!!!!
      And second of all how dare you speak of the deceased that way, reguardless of her lifestyle, or place of employment! I agree with Renee, what if that was your sister. Have some respect!!!!!!

  2. Alan says:

    This comment is not going to be popular with some but given that this vehicle for all practical purposes lacks a front bumper in addition to the poor visibility why is it on the road? Even if the the driver was not impaired this jacked up truck is an accident waiting to happen. Plus windshield repair and and auto paint shops must just love this mud guard less stone spraying monstrosity…

    1. 2sister says:

      He was illegally driving it, because it was past the legal height that a truck is allowed to be.

      1. Dodge says:

        Legally He can drive it has a metal tube bumper that is added to the frame to the legal hight for vehicle I drive lifted truck every day I know the laws with them

      2. djtejas says:

        Wrong! In Texas, the headlights can be no higher than 54″.

  3. owen says:

    why do little men need such big trucks that type truck should hot be on road off road only

    1. HMP says:

      They get big trucks to try to make up for what they lack in other departments

  4. RussP says:

    These trucks violate so many laws regarding bumper height, headlight height, tire coverage and others yet they drive the streets every day untouched and unticketed by the local law enforcement.

  5. bob says:

    just because the driver was dumb and intoxicated people shouldn’t label big trucks. just because of one idiot people are going to scrutinized lifted vehicles even more. even if they are just mildly customized.

    1. Ndo says:

      Right on this is driver mistake not machine failure

    2. 2sister says:

      This guy was intoxicated, but his truck was also not legal to drive on the streets. It was past the legal height requirement. His truck should not have been on the road, and he shouldn’t have been driving under the influence..

      1. Ethan Johnson says:

        every other person where i live drives somthing like this including me its not the truck its the driver.

      2. slinky says:

        he should not have been driving at all. his license was suspended.

    3. Reg T says:

      You are right, but trucks like this do require more care and attention when they are being driven.

  6. Ndo says:

    Whatever I’m not small in anyway and I drive a truck like this, not drunk cause that’s dumb, and I get lots of tickets when I hit the streets

    1. RussP says:

      The truck should be impounded until proof is presented that it will be in compliance with the laws.

    2. OldFatChick says:

      That doesn’t appear to be very bright. You must have more money than sense if you get all those tickets and keep driving it. Methinks you must be compensating for something.

  7. Jay says:

    What kind of idiot drives this sort of thing?

  8. . says:


  9. mr smiley says:

    its amazing that people on here complain about the truck. im glad some understand its the driver, not the truck. by the way, he’s within all of the laws required to have a truck like that on the road. the lights below the bumper are the “running / driving lights” texas law requires the “running / driving” lights to be below a certain hieght. no tire limits (only DOT approved), no need for mud flaps (only dual tires require them), and there is not a bumper hieght law in texas.

    with that said, i hope they bury this guy. when someone owns a truck like this they need to be overly attentive of their surroundings. being an idiot without a valid license only proves he only cares about himself and his happiness. or else he would have rode the short bus to the club

  10. Heather says:

    I work with a “little man” ad he drive a truck just like this one. I always say he needs a step ladder to get in it, he is a loser….

  11. Grant says:

    Everything’s Bigger in Texas

  12. Carla says:

    This means only 1 thing. You only get bad things when your at the wrong places.

    1. Kaos219 says:

      Nobody asked you what you thought. Show a little respect! NO ONE should ever wish death upon someone for being somewhere they don’t agree with. You obviously don’t have good morals, much less Any at all if you would say something like that. R.I.P kasey mckenzie you will be dearly dearly missed and are greatly loved!!!

    2. renee says:

      I AM REALLY TIRED OF HEARING THAT! SERIOUSLY? YOU have only been in good places in your whole life???

  13. Carla says:

    And by wrong places I meant at a Strip club.

    1. hello! says:

      i respect your belief but nudity should not be considered a bad thing after all the lord made us in his image do you feel he wants us to hide him.

  14. Bubba says:

    Heard girl was drunk and texting and not paying attention.. most guys with lifted trucks are better drivers and more aware of their surroundings…this guy was just a plain idiot..and drunk. RIP to Mckenzie.

    1. Poor bubba says:

      Most guys with lifted trucks are better drivers and more aware of their surroundings?!?!?! Are you kidding me? Seriously, are you completely out of your mind? That’s one of the most moronic things I’ve heard in a long time. Wake up pal, that statement couldn’t be further from the truth… Think about it for 5 seconds.

      1. hello! says:

        i think drunk and texting on an interstate might make the victem share the responsibily but in a parking lot where you have vehicles and pedestrians it was his fault he needed to not be intoxicated and aware of where the people were as for guys with lifted trucks being better drivers thats like saying electric cars are better for the environment its a aurgument waiting to happen.

  15. csd says:

    She was not an employee of the club.. she was a friend of mine and was out having a good time with friends,… nobody should have a truck that high with the possibilty of restriced views of whats in front of it, God bless you kasey,,, I will see you agian one day.. give all of our friends and familys hugs from me,, rip

  16. Moose62 says:

    A vehicle lifted as high as this one seems to be should not be allowing on public roads. It may have running lights at an accepted height, sure and dropped bumpers or, Gods know why, trailer hitch.

    Can the driver see what is immediately to his\her\its right? I drive a vehicle that is at most five feet high at the high point of the roof. I can imagine this behemoth, sober driver or not, changing lanes to the right and flattening me and my car.

    1. hello! says:

      i feel this way about prius”s and crumple zones but accept your right to responsibly drive them don’t tread on anothers right due to a persons lack of responsibilty.

  17. DJ says:

    Nice truck I guess it’s for sale now

  18. John C says:

    The strip club is at fault for not monitoring drunk patrons who then leave the bar and get into their cars into accidents waiting to happen. Moreover no security guard is in the parking lot to help prevent drunk drivers from turning the ignition key.

    1. Squelch2k says:

      Are you serious? What happened to personal responsibility? Do you need someone telling you right from wrong at all times of the day? Grow up, Mommy’s not going to wipe your but for the rest of your life. You are what is wrong with the United States. People like you, are the reason we need tort reform.

      1. Avalonis says:

        A-FREAKING-MEN! I couldnt agree more with this statement. PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY – LEARN SOME YA MORONS! (To all of the morons out there…)

  19. Doublewall28 says:

    That is a stupid truck. What practical purpose could it possibly serve? It belongs in a stadium running over junk cars and dirt piles. NOT on the street. Stupid truck + stupid dude = death for an innocent person.

  20. SoulCatcher says:

    What a tragedy for the victim of this idiot. They should sue him so he never has enough money for even a hotwheel sized monster truck. I’ve seen at least a dozen different such trucks in Virginia. Accidents waiting to happen… what justification does someone have to own such a vehicle and drive on the road as a primary vehichle? This guy has no respect for the law and if he was in Virginia he’d get put away for years. I’m not so sure about Texas.

    1. ocnative says:

      who gives a rats A@# about the truck. a woman died becuz a an idiot decided to drive after drinking, it is a shame that people can’t see the real cause behind all this …. my sincerest regrets to the family….

  21. Toth says:

    It is a pity they let people comment on news stories at all. I don’t think many of you have even posted a comment pertaining to the content in this article. It seems as if you would rather debate about monster trucks and their legality. The fact is, if you read the article, then you would know a man who was driving a vehicle (be it a prius or a monster truck) ran over a young college student and took her life due to lack of better judgment. He chose to drive intoxicated without a license and killed someone. He should be held accountable and I hope he is. Lastly to all of you who commented such cold bitter things about her, my friend, well I hope your friends die in a much less innocent manner.

  22. Cristina says:

    Some of you people have no respect!!!!! Unless you have lost a child or sybling you should not speak!!!!! My heart is absolutely broken reading some of your comments!!!!!!!!! Who cares that she was at a strip club, she was a 23 year old college student having a fun night out!! This girl is person, she is a mother and fathers baby girl and is also a little sister!!!! What is the matter with you people???? And it is very sad for the driver also, but he has so many things going againt him, suspended drivers license, several prior controlled substance charges, drinking and getting behind the wheel of that RIDICULIOUS monster truck, and not to mention that damn smirk he had on his face in the pictures taken that night at the scene of the accident!!!! He deserves the maximum!!!!!

  23. grow up says:

    is it even really necessary to argue about things that dont matter? the only thing that really matters is that an innocent young girl with her whole life ahead of her was killed in a horrible accident. shouldnt we be praying for her and her family and for those of us who knew her be thinking about the good memories we have of her? the facts have already been stated and we already know he was driving under the influence and with a suspended license so regardless of his truck being legal or illegal he still shouldnt have been driving and if he wasnt, this never would have happen and her precious life wouldnt have been taken away. this is a sad thing and people need to have some respect! grow up

  24. JC says:

    The club probably loved the attention that this truck garnered for their establishment. Right up to the point the woman got killed. The driver is an idiot, not for having this truck, but for operating it while intoxicated. A mistake he will have to live with for the rest of his life. Do the crime, do the time. While the bulk of the blame rests on the driver the woman really should have been paying more attention to her surroundings also. Feel bad for the woman and her friends and family.

  25. Eric says:

    I have read a lot of different comments on this article. From what I can tell the driver had been drinking but was not drunk which is still illegal. The truck, whether or not it was legal, requires a skilled and alert driver much like driving an 18-wheeler. The driver, just like the female pedestrian, was having a good time and was not paying attention like he should have been and the last thing that he was probably thinking was that someone would walk out in front of him. I drive a jacked up truck and most people will not even cross a cross walk after I have stopped. I have to wave them on so they know that I see them and that I won’t run them over. My truck isn’t even that lifted it only has 8 inches with 38s. Also, I can completely understand how the driver could not see her. When I first started driving my truck I didn’t know how big of a blind spot in my mirrors there was. I have almost run over many motorcycles and lowered vehicles. I know I am biased on the matter but I try my best not to be. I am not necessarily trying to say it was the girls fault but if it would have been an 18-wheeler that she walked in front of I believe that everyone would have a different stance on the matter. I don’t think the girl was aware of the fact that the drive could not see her or she probably would have gotten out of the way. All in all everyone loses.

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