Sheen Brings Tour To Dallas

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – If you want to hear all about “winning” and the real story from the Warlock, Charlie Sheen will be here next month to tell you all about it.

The troubled actor has added Dallas to his list of tour cities for his one-man show “Live: My Violent Torpedo of Truth — Defeat is Not an Option.

Sheen is set to talk about what happened between him and his Two and a Half Men producers, as well as  his interesting lifestyle.

The tour has already sold-out shows in Chicago, Detroit, Boston, and Radio City Music Hall.

The Dallas show will be at the American Airlines Center on April 27th, tickets go on sale through Ticketmaster Saturday March 19th at 10:00am and range in price from $49.50 – $102.98 each.

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    […] Sheen Brings Tour To Dallas The troubled actor has added Dallas to his list of tour cities for his one-man show “Live: My Violent Torpedo of Truth – Defeat is Not An Option.” Go to News Source […]

  • annonymous

    Just another way to make money for dope.

  • Kim Dar

    Who the heck cares? I wouldn’t pay two cents to see him. He is a loser and his brain is fried enough that he doesn’t realize it. Go ahead, pay that to see him and let him buy more drugs and alcohol and then maybe he will die and get off the radar screen. I am sick of having him stuffed down my throat as news. This is not news as far as I am concerned

  • RussP

    Hey, people go to NASCAR to see a crash or a hockey game to see a fight, you know people will go to this to see the train wreck. It’s why reality TV as taken over the airwaves.

  • Emelio Estevez

    If the media would ignore Charlie Sheen, there would be no story and he would simply slide off into oblivion. Sheen shows that the media is so desparate for a story that they will report anything and try to make it bigger than life. Charlie is an over paid and under talented narcissist that believes that world revolves around him. He is an embarrassment to himself and mentally unstable.

  • Felicity

    If Charlie is a “Winner”, then those that go see his show are “Losers”!

  • Hoo

    Why is this news? Why do we need information about this moron? Charlie, go away…and stay away!

  • Robin Bevers

    Oh Charlie, It’s time to grow up and move on. How long did you really think this show would go on?? It had it’s funny moments but all in all, alot of us are tired of the drinking, sleeping around, skirt chasing, etc..Time for a change and more opportunities are out there if you would only move on. It is up to you.

  • Whatever

    There are so many more important things going on in the world than Charlie Sheen. What a waste of space. Good grief. Try giving some of your millions to Japan, Libya, and the Yemens.

  • Jbox

    Go Charlie,

    It’s not Charlie’s fault that the media keeps him in the limelight, I don’t blame him I would feed off of them too. It’s their jobs to go find news so obviously Charlie is newsworthy or there are some stupid journalists/anchors out there who are too lazy to go find better stories. I am on Charlie’s side. GO CHARLIE!

  • Barbara

    omg truly sad – why on earth spend that kind of money to watch Charlie Sheen rant and rave? Please please tell me that no one would be stupid enough to attend. And yet, if his shows sold out in Chicago and Detroit there are a ton of morons willing to spend the money to watch.


    If you buy tickets to this you had better read the fine print. I’m betting he’s covering his butt with his fan’s now. If you’re sucker enough to buy the tickets, you’ll get what you deserve when he doesn’t show and you can’t get your money back.
    So far ol’ Charlie has yet to actually DO one of these gigs. Selling out like hotcakes and no one even knows what his mental or physical state will be when he’s supposed to show up. He let down a bunch of people who were overpaying him by millions. Why wouldn’t he let down a few thousand ticket holders for an overngiht hotel binge? I think he’ll be WINNING while ticket holders will be LA-HOO-OOOSERS!

  • Rachel

    Charlie pulls some outrageous stuff and has no acting talent but he is smart when it comes to figuring out how to make money.

    • jbox

      Rachel, I agree he knows how to make the big bucks. Heck, Charlie even has us posting on the internet about him. (LOL)


      Really, because I smell class action lawsuit.

  • Hemroidious

    What a POS !

  • Jensen Linda

    The problem isn’t so much Charlie as it is the idiots out there who are swooping down and buying tickets for these “shows”.

  • Sickening

    Just what North Texas needs; another habitually horney psycho misogynist to lead all the red necks into beating their wives!

    • Hemroidious

      Hell Yea! To all that stuff above!

  • les

    this has to be the greatest publicity stunt ever and people fell for it .

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