Baylor Set To Open Doors On New Cancer Center

By Stuart Boslow, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – North Texans diagnosed with cancer will soon have a new battleground where they can fight their disease.  The state-of-the-art cancer center at Baylor opens this weekend with amenities and luxuries never seen in a North Texas cancer center before.

Walking into the brand new, $350 million dollar Charles A. Sammon Cancer Center, the initial impression is that of walking into a luxury hotel instead of a hospital.  The entire design is built around one common theme.

“The patient is the center,” said Dr. Alan Miller, medical director for the Baylor Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center.  “We call it a cancer center, but the patient is the center.”

Dr. Miller will lead this new center when it opens to the public on Saturday.  Patients treated there will now have everything they need under one roof.  And, it’s clear a lot of thought went into making this a warmer environment than you might expect for patients and their families as well as the doctors and nurses who will work here.  There’s a well-appointed conference center for doctors and staff, and a business center for patients and families.  The new center also has a fully-appointed cancer research facility where work will be conducted in full view of those who might benefit.

“Each of these labs has glass windows on it,” explained Dr. Miller.  “We want the public to be able to come through here, see the research that’s going on without interferring with the progress of the research.”

Some of the most thought out areas include the third floor infusion area.  That is where chemotherapy and other treatments will be given.  The new space is designed to be more open and big with dozens who can be treated at the very same time. But, it’s the special touch where patients will sit that may be the most eye opening.  Patients will tell you when they’re getting chemo, they tend to get cold.  You might get a blanket out of a warmer to help stay warm, but here they’ve gone the extra mile with these seats. The seats are equipped with 3 levels of heat, and also 3 levels of massaging.

Those special finishes even follow patients as they come in for radiation treatments with customized artwork outside the radiation vaults, and custom soothing lighting inside.  In a world where cancer patients often have to travel to several different places for treatment, the Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center could very well be the model of the future where treatment, science, hope, and now comfort all collide.

“It’s really exciting and it’s going to revolutionize the ability to take care of cancer patients,” Dr. Miller said.

The public grand opening will be Saturday, March 26th from 10am to Noon.  And while you’re there, if you have an iPhone or iPad, check out the guided audio gour of the artwork throughout the building.


One Comment

  1. nice reporting says:

    geez you don’t even say where it is

  2. PS says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Sammons and his wife Elaine years ago. They were lovely people. I remember him fondly to this day. What a wonderful tribute to him and what a kind gift to Dallas from the Sammons family. I only wish he and Elaine were here to see the finished product.

  3. Ken Hughes says:

    It is Baylor Dallas … Gaston Avenue….it is South of Gaston 1 or 2 blocks

  4. PR Steele says:

    I applied for a Facilities maintenance position at this new facility, Never hear a word back from them. Have many years experience in facilities maintenance. If you go there, you will find many hispanics working now.
    I will have to take my job skill’s back to AMERICA to find employment.

    1. An employed hispanic says:

      Lets see, those hispanics that are employed there are also americans, some of those that are veterans. Last I checked Dallas is in Texas that is part of the United States of AMERICA. I wonder what school did you attend? is it even in AMERICA?

  5. B. Sanders says:

    My dad just spent 4 months there in a hospital room, while fighting leukemia. I would go there on a Thursday night and leave on a Sunday night. By the time I got home I was exhausted. They had someone disturbing him every 10 minutes to check vitals, take blood, push buttons on the IV pole, ect that I swear never allowed him more than 10 minutes sleep at a time. I asked them over and over if they were coordinated, and these people were all independent of each other and billing differently. Little things like requesting a pic lline because they were taking blood so much his arms were nothing but a huge bruise. Why would I have to request this?? They are the experts. But time and again, I would have to request something or ask consistent questions about their plans and was shocked at how amateur it all seemed. I don’t blame them for my fathers outcome, but this was my first prolonged opportunity to be around a first rate medical facility and I saw nothing that gave me any sense of professionalism, except for the billing department. Now, those folks are ON their game. I am glad the reporter said ARTWORK about 30 times in this piece. How about spending that money on top notch nurses. Most of them were jaded and mean. I pray no one else in my family ever has to go there. I will load them up and go to MD Anderson in Houston if this happens again. RIP dad.

  6. M. Parscale says:

    Its a beautiful facility, I was able to go through it last friday. I hope the staff is equally as impressive.

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