Judge Denies Injunction Blocking Caraway Police Records

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM/AP) – On Tuesday, a district judge denied an injunction and a restraining order filed by Dallas interim Mayor Dwaine Caraway that would block the release of police records related to a domestic incident that happened at his home on January 2.

State District Judge Teresa Guerra Snelson issued a two-week temporary restraining order on March 8 that stopped the City of Dallas from releasing the tape. She denied extending it Tuesday afternoon. It expired at midnight.

Caraway then requested an injunction to block the records, which Snelson also denied.

The records, which include at least a taped interview and notes taken at the scene, will be released Wednesday morning at 9:30 a.m., said city spokesman Frank Librio.

Dallas police were called to Caraway’s home on January 2 to deal with a domestic disturbance. Caraway told the court that he and his wife had a heated argument after a group of friends left his home when a Dallas Cowboys game ended.

Caraway called the incident embarrassing, intimate and private. Instead of calling 911, the interim mayor called Dallas Police Chief David Brown, who sent investigators to his home. Caraway told the court on Tuesday that he only called the chief as a friend, and did not want police sent to his home.

Caraway was questioned in a vehicle that night and his answers were recorded, unbeknownst to him, he said. “The additional statements, not knowing I was being recorded, I would’ve never said,” Caraway said. “It’s personal to myself and my wife.”

Caraway filed suit against the city after Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott ruled that the tape should be released.

Caraway was mayor pro tem when he succeeded Tom Leppert as mayor, upon Leppert’s resignation to run for the U.S. Senate. Caraway is not running in the May 14 election to fill the post permanently.

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One Comment

  1. les says:

    i just wonder if he still had his bra and panty hose on

  2. Hemroidious says:

    @les, that’s funny !!

  3. Andy says:

    He is the one making it a big deal, if he really thinks its not a big deal like the “media” is making it, he should of been trying to hid it.

  4. Hoo says:

    Dwaine: Whatever it is, it could all be behind you now if you had just fessed-up in the beginning. But no, you want to stall, and protect your image at the expense of the public’s right to know. Dewaine, you fought and lost, now pay the piper. You disappoint us.

  5. gigivee says:

    Got any more keys to hand out? Give one to Archie and Arthur I am sure they deserve one or did you lie about them also? What an embaressment for the City of Dallas.

  6. Mary says:

    why does it matter what the conversation or 911 call was about… its no ones business….. why is everyone so concerned… they just noesy as hell thats all i mean obviously its not that bad because he is not in jail…. so why does the media always want to embarass people.. we are all human and we all make mistakes…. famous or not … get a life people and let that man live his….

    1. BDK says:

      It’s called holding an elected official accountable for their actions. The public has every right to know. Burying your head in the sand and looking away is what apathetic people do.

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