East Texas Deputy Injured After Cow Attack

BULLARD (AP) – An East Texas deputy who was directing traffic away from an injured stray cow is hospitalized in critical condition after being attacked by the half-ton animal.

Smith County Sheriff J.B. Smith says Deputy Robert Britton of Tyler early Thursday responded to a call about a cow hit by a vehicle near Bullard, about 90 miles southeast of Dallas.

Smith told The Associated Press that the 54-year-old deputy was directing traffic on County Road 344 when the cow charged him. The sheriff says Britton was knocked into the air, landed on his head and “then the animal continued the assault.”

Other deputies rescued Britton. He was in critical condition in intensive care at East Texas Medical Center in Tyler.

Smith says the cow has been put down. The owner is sought.

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  1. BIGD says:

    I figured those East Texas cows would have ALREADY BEEN stump broke….guess not!!

    1. 2sister says:

      I agree this isn’t funny. My cousin’s wife hit a cow. Shenandoah, I think it probably depends on where you are in Texas when you hit the cow. I’ve heard of people being fined for not keeping their cows penned up, and so I have trouble believing that the person who hits the cow is always at fault.

    2. bigbubbatadsworth says:

      East Texas mules are stump broke, not cows.

  2. BillyBobBubba says:

    Mooooove along. There’s nothing to see here.

  3. billy says:

    Sounds like Barney Fife…….nipped it in the bud……..

  4. karen branham says:

    so if a cop is involed in accident involing a cow hit on a highway u look for the owner?? what ?? my daughhter and grandson hit a cow on hwy. 175 and were hurt bad and nobody could do anything about it and the qwner didnt care or help either

    1. 2sister says:

      In this case, I don’t think anyone hit the cow or bull. The deputy was trying to make sure that nobody would hit it. He was charged by the animal while doing this. I’m thinking that this animal was not a cow, but a bull.

  5. Wayne says:

    It could be a whole lot of BULL to this cow story!!!

  6. oldman68 says:

    why didn’t the cop shoot the cow?seems like Texas cops don’t have a problem killing people when they feel threatened-why save a cow?

    1. 2sister says:

      He obviously wasn’t worried about the cow or bull charging him. He was worried about people hitting the animal and getting hurt. If he shot the cow or bull, it could have still charged at him before it died. Also, I thinking that this animal wasn’t a cow, but a bull.

  7. ashman says:

    maybe this is a breeding bull which which would explain the “continued”assault”.

  8. Belinda Garza says:

    People, seriously. This officer was CRITICALLY INJURED. Officers get involved in these situations in an effort to protect lives…i.e., vehicles hitting the animal and people being injured, etc. Livestock owners need to be held responsible if their animal is out and someone gets injured, PERIOD.

  9. S Pena says:

    This deputy is in CRITICAL condition and you people are making jokes! Sick f___s!

  10. Shenandoah says:

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news, the this report says “the owner is sought”. Well, Texas is an “Open Range” state which means livestock has the right of way. Owners of livestock are not obligated by law to keep their livestock fenced in although the majority of livestock owners do. I know this from first had experience. My brother was driving home one night on an FM highway in Grayson county. He rounded a blind curve in the road and hit a cow. His car was totaled and he spent 3 days in the hospital. The owner of the cow was not held liable for the accident, and if fact, my brother had to pay him for the loss of his cow. The explanation given by the Deputy Sheriff and Judge – Texas is Open Range; livestock has the right of way at all times.

    1. 2sister says:

      I’m thinking it might depend on where you are in Texas. I’ve heard of people being find if their cow gets out.

    2. 2sister says:

      I just double checked, I don’t know the details of your cousin’s accident, and so I can’t comment on that. The law, however, does not allow cows to be on a highway unattended. I just looked it up. I’m not sure about other roadways, but you are also required to keep your animals fenced. They might have a free range law on the books, but they also have newer laws that seem to make that law obsolete.

      1. 2sister says:

        Oops. I’m sorry it was your brother and not your cousin who hit the cow. Again, I can’t comment on his accident, because I don’t know anything about it.

  11. BIGD says:

    To: S Pena….don’t worry….we will save you a TACO!!!! Got Milk??

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