New Census Milestone: Hispanics Reach 50 Million

WASHINGTON (AP) – In a surprising show of growth, Hispanics accounted for more than half of the U.S. population increase over the last decade, exceeding estimates in many states as they crossed a new census milestone: 50 million, or 1 in 6 Americans.

Meanwhile, more than 9 million Americans checked more than one race category on their 2010 census form, up 32 percent from 2000, a sign of burgeoning multiracial growth in an increasingly minority nation.

The Census Bureau on Thursday was releasing its first set of national-level findings from the 2010 count on race and migration, detailing a decade in which rapid minority growth, aging whites and the housing boom and bust were the predominant story lines.

The final count: 196.8 million whites, 37.7 million blacks, 50.5 million Hispanics and 14.5 million Asians.

Hispanics and Asians were the two fastest growing demographic groups, increasing about 42 percent from 2000.

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    […] New Census Milestone: Hispanics Reach 50 Million In a surprising show of growth, Hispanics accounted for over half of the U.S. population increase over the last decade. Go to News Source […]

  • PR Steele

    After 30 years of illegals crossing into the USA, your surprised !
    The Federal government doing NOT A THING ABOUT IT ! !
    Big Business’s and small business’s hiring all of the illegals in Texas and in the Southwest.

    SURPRISE SURPRISE by that FACT, How many billions of $ spend on the care/feeding/housing of illegal aliens, over using the BILLIONS on your citizens.


    • Todd

      Actually under President Obama deportation is up 25% compared to Bush.

  • Kim Dar

    They don’t believe in birth control because the government just keeps giving them more money to have more kids that I pay for with my tax money. The multiply faster than rabbits. I wonder how many were counted that are not here legally?

  • Elmer

    What is an Asian? Someone from East Russia, India, or Iraq? They are all from Asia. Do you mean Orientals?

    • Rob

      no Asian,look it up.

  • Juan

    It is a sad day in America when illegals are 50 million and the poor legal blacks are only 37 million.What a slap in the face of Lady Liberty !

  • Jess Lindsey

    At this rate the mexican flag will be flying above DC before we know it.

  • texas heartland

    The schools are not allowed to ask if a student is here legally and even if they KNOW the child is illegal, they are not allowed to turn them in. So you know that they are counting the illegals in this number. We are being invaded and our government is doing nothing about it!

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