Perry Fined $1,500 For Bad Disclosure Report

AUSTIN (AP) – The Texas Ethics Commission has fined Gov. Rick Perry $1,500 for not reporting rental income on a home in College Station and loans he took on the property.

The income and loans were supposed to be reported on his personal financial statements in 2009 and 2010. According to the commission, the total undisclosed income was between $7,000 and $29,995.

After the Texas Democratic Party complained about the reports in July 2010, Perry filed corrected statements. The new statements, Perry said the income and loans were “inadvertently” omitted.

The ethics panel ruling said the fine was “necessary to deter future violations.”

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One Comment

  1. BIGD says:

    Way to go Ricky “bobby” Perry….What else are you hiding???
    Don’t tell me it is only gonna get HARDER….when I need the K-Y NOW!!!

  2. texas technoman says:

    This is the same place that he claimed a “homeowners credit” on the property taxes a few years back, even though he didn’t live there…..I’m sure that was “inadvertently” overlooked as well.

  3. Ruined says:

    That’s ok he’ll probably get his buddies that operate the toll roads to pay it for him. Get ready for tolls to go up.. $1,500 fine.. what a joke

  4. billy says:

    When you elect a JOKER…Be ready for another house of cards to FALL!!!!!!

  5. BIGD says:

    I like having sex in public….especially with an elected official….They don’t even to need be here…My butt gets sore whenever I hear their name!!!!!!!!!

  6. Keeping it real says:

    If I am not mistaken, this qualifies him for a spot in the Obammy regime.

  7. dposton says:

    No surprise – he doesn’t know if we have a surplus or a deficite in Texas.
    It depends on if he is trying to get re-elected or if he has won.
    Gov. Perry can do more harm in this term in office than we can correct in the next 25 years. He doesn’t even know that our childrens education is more important than the moving making business in Texas.

    1. jackson says:

      You mean like Obammy? (I like that)

  8. Kim Dar says:

    Should have been more thatn $1500.00. He also had to pay back taxes to the county before the election because he had a homestead exemption on the house even though he doesn’t live in it and rents parts of it to his daughter’s friends.

    1. Keeping it real says:

      Kim, where were you when I needed you. I did not know Rick had to pay back tax money before he could be reelected, my earlier post needs to be resended, he probably DOES NOT qualify for a spot in the present regime we have in DC. I need to do more research before I post.

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