Two Lives; One Night In Jail Angers Plano Families

By Jay Gormley, CBS 11 News

PLANO (CBSDFW.COM) – Two families from Plano are outraged after the man accused of killing their loved ones spent just one night in jail.

37-year-old Murrell Muck bonded out Monday after allegedly running a red light early Sunday morning at Coit road and the George Bush Turnpike.   Police say his pick-up smashed into a motorcycle, launching 22-year-old Pedro Lima and 21-year-old Kelly Portocarrero from the bike.

“That’s not fair. He killed two people and he’s out. He can do it again. He can get drunk and kill somebody else,” said Lima’s brother Luis.

Muck’s bond was $25,000.  But the families of the victims say it’s a small price to pay for the lives of two innocent people.  “It is not about the money he can pay. Money is not going to get back my brother and Kelly.”

Doyce Grant lost his daughter to a drunk driver. He now volunteers for Mothers Against Drunk Driving.  “It’s very, very painful knowing they’re already free and your love ones will never be free.”

Grant says MADD is pushing lawmakers to make it harder for accused drunk drivers to bail out of jail.   “They could at least make the bail so it would be very, very painful for them to meet it.”

For the families of Pedro and Kelly, jail is exactly where they say Muck should spend the rest of his life.


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  1. scott says:

    Could they provide any LESS details in the story? It doesn’t indicate (in this story) that he was drunk.

    Was the motorcycle traveling at a high rate of speed?
    Were they wearing helmets?

    There are a lot of other factors here that would play well into the public opinion…it would be nice to know some of them.

    And the Texas laws will NEVER be harsh enough for DUI offenders. With loophole jumping lawyers like that Mimi Coffee person, they’ll continue to do what they do…get tanked and drive home. The FIRST offense for DUI should be 90 days in jail…PERIOD. That is deterrent enough for people to truly think before they drink.

    1. davidwr says:

      You can be driving “under the influence” for having an unexpected interaction between medications or a medication and a food.

      Imagine you are taking a prescription medication that says “may cause drowsiness – do not operate heavy machinery until you know how you will react.” You’ve been taking it for a week and you are safe to drive.

      You go to a restaurant and one of the ingredients in the food reacts with your medication and you get tired on the trip home. You aren’t just tired, you are intoxicated to the alcohol equivalent of 0.8 or severe lack of sleep. You get pulled over and fail the field sobriety test. You are a danger to the public.

      Should you be taken off the road that night? Absolutely. Should you be charged and convicted? Only if the cops and the DA are more interested in a conviction than justice – after all, you didn’t do anything that would lead you to believe you would become intoxicated and you might not have even been aware that you were unsafe behind the wheel.intoxicated.

      If you are convicted, the judge or jury should sentence you to 30 days or less of probation and order that you ask your doctor tell you what foods you can and cannot eat while on any medication he prescribes.

    2. les says:

      i agree i didn’t see anything in the story that say’s he had been drinking .

    3. kayle says:

      They both were my friends. They [Pedro & Kelly] were returning from an event Kelly worked at.They were driving on coit rd to take the service road at George Bush Turnpike and then, this guy who was drunk and driving at 110mph ran a red light.. Pedro wasn’t wearing a helmet since he gave her his only helmet. His skull was broken and he died at accident scene. Kelly was wearing a helmet but when the pick up push them, she fell and the helmet bounced and came off from her head, so her skull was also broken as a consequence. Kelly arrived at Baylor hospital on Sunday around 3am and died around 10 pm the same day

      1. les says:

        where did you get this info ??? were you there

  2. james says:

    drunks drivers are a dime a dozen, especially during the weeks end(thursday thru sunday nights). DWI is not equally enforced in the DFW area.

  3. NoObamaIn2012 says:

    Or if it was a hispanic guy who killed two white people it would not even be a story becuase this happens all the time. Statistically hispanic males account for a disproportionatly large number of booze related fatalitiy accidents and serious injury accidents in Texas and across the U.S. And among those hispanic males in the statistics about half are illegals and they do not have the required liability insurance or a drivers liscense.

    1. Billy Davis says:

      What an idiotic comment.

  4. Billy Davis says:

    You have more minorities in jail for no insurance and seat belt violations but white men can kill and they are out in no time. SMH!!!

  5. coty says:

    there are a couple stupid comments on here. you should know if they are urs. anyone that kills anyone any way drunk or not. should spend life in jail. but even more so because he was driving drunkn and ran a red light! this guy deserves to suffer in jail for taking 2 innocent good people off this world. leaving 2 families and friends in pain and at a lost for words. my friends kelly and pedro were good people that supported both of their family.
    i would expect the same to happen to anyone else that did this.

  6. concerned conservative says:

    Everyone who has an accident is a drunk driver according to our twisted justice system. The insurance companies want it that way to shift the liability on to the driver of the vehicle so they don’t have to pay their claim. For all we know this man may have not been drunk. He will be guilty until proven innocent in a court of law. MADD has been the primary driver of this new system where you have no right to defend yourself.

  7. Don Ricks says:

    This is not a “race” issue; it is a matter of a person acting in an irresponsible manner, drinking to the point of inebriation, and then choosing to drive his vehickle.

    It does not matter if the couple were wearing helmets, or a cast iron suit. When a two ton piece of metal comes into two bodies astraddle a 500 pound machine, it does not take a rocket scientist to see who loses.

    I had a niece who was killed by a drunk driver in 2009, one week after Valentine’s Day. Cindy left a husband, children and one granddaughter. The man who killed her was sentenced to seven years in prision. In five years, he will be free, and Cindy will still be dead. People get harsher sentences for killing an animal. The laws need to be strengthened and enforced, regardless of a person’s social status, race, or creed. One night in jail is an abomination, and I don’t blame the family for being angry.

  8. oldman68 says:

    If they(lawmakers)want to toughen the dwi laws then the 1st time= 1 yr in jail-lose your car-no license for 5 yrs.But the bozos in Austin will do nothing because most of them are on the sauce or worse and they don’t want to face justice like the rest of us.

    1. davidwr says:

      oldman68: Rather than “lose your car” a straight-up $20,000 fine would be more equitable. Otherwise, the more intelligent drunk drivers would make sure they only drive clunkers when they drink. Wait, did I just say “intelligent drunk drivers?” I mean compared to the even-less-intelligent ones.

  9. Hemroidious says:

    Let’s take clubs and beat him to death.

  10. Kay says:

    Few people lack knowing if they are too tired or not capable of driving safely. Few have lacked not accidentially running a red light. True accidents really do happen and end up taking lives.

    The minute a life is taken in an accident, the driver who caused it should have their blood tested for alcohol or drugs (legal or illegal) and questioned on if they where driving without sleep. They should not be released until the tests come back. If found to have not been in good driving shape, they need to face death row for capitol murder. If tired there is no excuse for not pulling over to sleep and if on drugs or alcohol they should not be driving. If you go out to eat on a medication which causes you to become not able to drive safely few would not know this had happened to them and they should stop and get a ride home.

    If you did accidentally cause an accident that takes someone’s life and you where not insured you should be fined the amount it costs to bury them and have your liscense suppended for 1 year for not having insurance. If caught violating that suspension then you will face capital murder charges or if caught repeating the same mistake. Even if insured the accident must stay on file for your life time and if caught making the same mistake twice you must face capital murder charges. Responsible people to not repeat the same mistake, irresponsible people need to learn murder is murder no matter if it is done directly (weapon) or indirectly (vehicle).

  11. Tom says:

    Except for capital offenses, all defendants are entitled to bail. Sometimes it does seem like the amounts are less than they should be, particularly when you realize that the defendant only has to come up with 15-20% of that amount. In this case, the defendant may well have to spend some time in jail or prison following his conviction and sentencing, so it isn’t really like a one-day sentence. By the way, the right to a bail bond does not recognize race, religion, color or national origin. Traditionally bail is only refused those charged with capital offenses and then only when there is reason to believe that the person may flee the jurisdiction of the court. The purpose of bail is to insure that the defendant will, in fact, return for trial. Therefore, this whole article is rather stupid and shallow, isn’t it!



  13. Shame!! says:

    This was not the first offense for this drunk driver, why he did not learn the lesson the first time? Easy, the law is so soft with drunk drivers! We all know he will pay with jail time for killing two people, the problem is the law, drunk drivers who kill innocent ppl should not be allowed to post a bail and walk free next day! That is just ridiculous! This “exemplary” drunk driver has a lot of prior offenses! God help us in taking the right choice always!

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