Sex Offender Returns To Prison

FORT WORTH (AP) – A 20-year-old sex offender is returning to prison for fatally injuring the 2-year-old son of his fiancee last year.

Ryan Durham was initially charged with capital murder in the death of Robert Philbin but reached a deal with prosecutors. He received a 40-year prison term in exchange for pleading guilty to the lesser charge of serious bodily injury to a child.

Durham had been caring for the child while the mother and stepgrandfather were working. He first told investigators that he heard the child fall twice from a toilet, but the boy’s injuries were not consistent with that story. The medical examiner ruled Robert died from blunt-force head injury.

Durham was a paroled sex offender who had been sentenced to four years prison in 2003.

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  • Amy

    So in other words that peace of sh@t will get to have a life and that baby won’t

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    […] Sex Offender Returns To Prison A 20-year-old sex offender is returning to prison for fatally injuring the 2-year-old son of his fiancee last year. Go to News Source […]

  • Elizabeth Moir

    Mom needs to go to jail also.

  • Fred

    I would like Texas to start public executions, and start with this guy.

  • Nick

    So the 20-year-old was sentenced as a sex-offender in 2003? When he was 12?!? wth?

  • 2sister

    He should not have got a plea bargain for this. He should have at least got life in prison with no parole.

  • Mike M

    See this is why sex offenders NEED to go to jail for a LONG LONG time. Possession of hydrocodone can get you up to 25 years in prison. Yet you molest a child and you go for probation. Now this guy kills his 2 year old, and will live to see freedom again…..pathetic

  • LadyDi in Fort Worth

    What the heck was “so-called mom” leaving her child alone with a sex offender? Gimme a break, she is UNFIT and SHE is the one who should be locked up and lose that key!

  • Willis

    another successful rehabilitation…and yet he gets another chance?

  • Derek

    This is proof that the system does not work. Makes me wonder if the law makers were child molesters too. You can make drugs and go to jail for life, but kill a baby and live to see yet another day. Sad world. If I were the mom, I would be in the court room explaining why I killed that SOB that took my childish like.

  • Phyllis Smith

    I have a much loved friend on the sex offender regestary. he is simple minded & has fetal alochol effects. he cant say no to anybody. not to make excuses but people take advantage of him & use him. so try keeping it short. he has been babysitting daily for his exgirlfriends (also victim) 4 children. I have tried to reason with him He will get a 2 year sentance. I think she should get a endangerment charge, or neglegence. she has him so controled. she is truely the dangerous one she leaves her children with any one who will take them. to go doping & whoring

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