Man Electrocuted In Arlington After Losing Grip Trimming Tree

ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – A 30-year-old man was electrocuted Monday afternoon after he lost his grip trimming a tree and grabbed hold of a power line.

According to Arlington Fire Department spokesman Pedro Arevallo, a friend was helping a homeowner trim a tree in the 1100 block of Southmoor Drive in East Arlington. The man climbed the tree and began cutting it with a chainsaw, holding himself up between two tree limbs.

Arevallo said he lost his grip and grabbed the primary electrical line that powers a nearby duplex. The man was pronounced dead on the scene. His identity has not been released.


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  1. Gumby Rules says:

    That is really sad. It is even sadder to think if he would have called Oncor they may have sent a crew to trim the branches away from the line for him.

    1. Ana Sanchez says:

      they dont do it. we called once and they said we have to wait until the branches fall down to the power line. lol that is mess up. and i live on this same street Southmoor.

  2. Steve says:

    Grumby Rules, we had trees covering powerlines and called the service and were told they do not trim trees that it is the home owners responsibility to trim trees from power lines.

    1. 2sisters says:

      Are you saying that you called Oncor to trim the trees, a tree trimming service, or your specific electric company.

      If it was Oncor, they shouldn’t have told you that, because they have said that they prefer to do the work themselves.

      Anyway, this is so sad. It is so dangerous to be working around powerlines.

  3. Donna says:

    In my experience anyway – ONCOR does NOT respond well to tree-trimming requests. Last year we made several attempts to get ONCOR to cut out dead trees near the powerlines, but ONCOR always said NO. Finally, TXDOT had to close the State Highway for an hour or so while THEY cut the trees – even though TXDOT said it was actually ONCORs responsibility.
    We’re going through the exact same scenario again today…. another large dead tree threatens both the powerlines and the Hiway….we’re still waiting to see who steps up this time.

    1. 2sisters says:

      That’s ridiculous that Oncor did you that way.

  4. Myrna says:

    I live up the street from the accident. There were all kinds of camera crew and police fire dept you name it. It’s so sad to hear that. Especially when you was trying to help a friend. So sad we were sitting outside and video tape and took pic. But not of the person iam so sorry for their lost.

    1. JAM says:

      Myrna, I am the victim (Sean Spear’s)

    2. Karen Clements says:

      Hello Myrna, this is Karen Clements- my girlfriend Mary Gershbach lost her boyfriend who was killed in the accident,. Any pics you have may help us with the investigation that is still ongoing, I was unable to take ant pics from the back side of the accident and they may prove to be useful. If you can- please call me at 832-445-8908 or my e-mail is
      With Respect,
      Karen Clements

  5. Boo2Oncor says:

    We called Oncor on Friday, because our lines were less than 2′ from the ground…limbs had fallen and knocked them down. Oncor said they would send someone asap. They showed up around 5pm, when I wasnt here, they left a note stating that they are not responsible for tree triming and that we needed to trim the trees over the fence line; they would then have someone come by next week to rehang the lines. I went in the backyard and the only tree limb questionable was a 2″ round branch that wasnt even in the way, so I was puzzled as to why they wouldnt rehang a power line (being less than 2′ from the ground is dangerous, especially with kids around) Well, when I got home on Monday, they had rehung the lines…I was puzzled, but seeing as this incident happened a few streets up from my house, Im assuming they were worried about liability or something, and chose to do their job.

    1. Karen Clements says:

      Hello Boo2Oncor- my name is Karen Clements and my best friend lost her boyfriend 2 weeks ago in that neighborhood I believe to be yours. Your incident was mentioned to us when we visited the site, and I wondered how we may get hold of you for some questions. Here you are! If you would please call me with any addl info you have it would help us in resolving the line and transformer in question. my cell # is 832-445-8908

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