Dallas Doctor Accused Of Attacking Smoker With Car

DALLAS (AP) – A Dallas physician is accused of trying to run over someone he allegedly saw smoking near his car.

Police say 54-year-old Dr. Jeffrey Reed Thompson faces a felony charge of aggravated assault with a vehicle.

Friday’s incident began in a medical office parking garage.

thompson jeffrey reed Dallas Doctor Accused Of Attacking Smoker With Car

Dr. Jeffrey Reed Thompson has been accused of trying to run over a smoking man with his car. (credit: Dallas County Jail)

The 48-year-old smoker, Donald Zuelly of Rowlett, told police that Thompson told him he couldn’t smoke in the garage, yanked the cigarette from his mouth, threw it down and stepped on it. Police say Zuelly told the doctor not to touch him and threw down a soft drink can. Some liquid splashed onto the doctor’s pants.

Zuelly says Thompson then hopped into his car and drove at him. Zuelly scraped his arm trying to flee.

Thompson, who’s free on $5,000 bond, did not immediately comment.

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  • Robbie Pooleedwards

    God Complex? Cop complex?

  • Evan Kelly

    You are not God! In fact you are not even a good driver, and smoking is a LEGAL, and WELL TAXED ACTIVITY!

    • Tim

      Smoking is NOT legal in a hospital zone !

      • RD Texas

        was it posted “no smoking”??? who knows
        was it considered a “hospital zone”? who knows
        was it right for some idiot to come up and do what he did then try to kill the guy? the answer is NO by law it’s a crime……….. you people need to wake up. and Tim your still a idiot for trying to start a riot….

      • Anonymous

        Just to settle all of this back and forth… It was NOT at a hospital AND smoking was ALLOWED where this occurred.

  • The Val

    Some people like myself have lots of difficulty breathing around smoke. If smokers have the right to smoke, I should have the right to never smell it. I see smokers all the time disregard the signs up saying “no smoking” or not standing far enough away from doors to buildings. This doctor probably is like me and just got fed up. He took it too far, but I can understand his annoyance.

    • the smoker

      some people, like myself, have a hard time breathing underneath a moving vehicle………. just saying

    • Royce

      If you are that sensitive to smoke, perhaps a metropolitan setting is not for you. You breathe more damaging fumes from vehicles in a given day, than catching a faint smell of smoke and acting like an ass about it. Smokers have rights too. Thats not to say that in a restaurant setting, smoking isn’t annoying. The great part of being a consumer is that you have the power of choice. You dont like smoke in bars, find another bar where people dont smoke… The more the government steps in to limit our power of choice, the more freedoms we lose. Bit by bit.

      • RD Texas

        you are an idiot with idiotic beliefs that you can do whatever you please. get real and realize that if you do something like trying to kill another human being that you will pay for it…whether it be by the judicial system or by a higher power if not the person that your trying to kill. As most courts and laws consider that protecting myself from idiots like him and you is considered self-defence and i would walk away scott free whilst your either in jail or in the ground.

      • 2sisters

        Non metropolitan settings are sometimes worse than metropolitan places when it comes to smoke. Besides, we have no right to tell people where they should live. They might not be able to just move away.

        I don’t agree with what this doctor is alleged to have done. There is a more appropriate way to handle this. If it was against the rules to smoke where this man was smoking, he could have just politely reminded or informed him of the rule. If that didn’t work he could have reported it to security personal.

      • Lowtolerance

        Have you forgotten where you live? There are now more dangerous emissions to worry about than auto exhaust.

    • RD Texas

      so your saying it is ok to attack someone just because you see someone break the law???? that’s what’s wrong with society in a whole either they don’t do anything or they take matters into their own hands.

      • Shazam

        I have an idea, we could set up drinking fountains for non-smokers only, and have smokers drink out of a hose. The issue of smoking is hyper inflated. As many have said, perhaps addressing obeisity or drug abuse, or whatever habit you are into. I have a marathon runner friend who’s toenails had been popping off for years because he was always running. Recently he pushed himself too hard and his bone popped out of the socket and thru the skin. Tell me thats a healthy habit. If they ban smoking outside. Well, that would be simply idiotic. California got it wrong on that one.

      • L

        If he was in a non-smoking area, he would have been fined. He’s my uncle… he told us about it and other sites have additional information.

      • RD Texas

        really!!! wow you guys can tell all that from this?????? WOW
        i’m really impressed because i did NOT read any of that anywhere.

      • L

        Thank you, RD. He was in a designated smoking area of the garage.
        Also, there were over 20 witnesses. (4 of which were also smoking if I recall correctly.)

      • Tim

        Absolutely ! I would have aimed my car better !

  • Royce

    He Told the Guy, Smoking Kills…

    Seriously though, he is a doctor, he should have shown some restraint. Whats happening to people? Everyone’s fuse is too short these days.

  • Howard Hilmer-Tyson

    Some of these doctors think because they spent 10 to 12 years getting their degree that it automatically gives them the right to tell people how to live.

  • Rob S.

    Hightower’s “Anger Busting 101” would be a good read for both the doctor & the smoker. Clearly there are rage problems.
    As a physician, one gets tired of cleaning up the smokers’ messes, and being vilified when you cannot reverse the damage they have done themselves. The death penalty for smoking is self-enforcing.

    • Russ

      The death penalty for NOT smoking is also self-enforcing. (Unless of course your name happens to be Jesus and you’ve chosen to opt out of that whole dying thing).

  • The Val

    I understand that both sides of this argument have rights. I have never been rude to someone smoking. I think that smokers have the right to smoke as long as it doesn’t interfere with my right not to breathe it. Hey, you can kill yourself slowly if you’d like, but don’t take me or my family down with you.

  • pablo alvarez

    This is pathetic! Maybe the parking garage was marked “No Smoking” and the guy was wrong to smoke. Maybe the doctor is psycho…I wasn’t there…I don’t know. The outcome is simply pathetic. The doctor is lucky he hasn’t been charged with attempted murder. An automobile is legally a deadly weapon. While I myself have had thoughts of violence, I’d like to think the cause of those thoughts was a bit more relevant to the actions of the other. This so-called doctor needs to have his license yanked. “First, to do no harm”? Yeah, right…..

  • George Ritz

    I am a smoker of many years, and over that time I myself and other smokers I have known have no problem not smoking when it’s asked of them. People have a right to be smoke-free, so if you don’t want me to smoke in your car or house, I won’t. I regularly go five or six hours without smoking in workplaces where ismoking is prohibited. But I have also experienced no-smoking nut jobs who go over the line. There was a restaurant in Preston Center that had a smoking area in the back of the place; everywhere else was smoke free. I went in there one day and found the whole smoking area occupied by non-smokers. There was one seat available so I sat down and took out a cigarette. The woman sitting next to me looked at me with alarm and said, “You’re not going to light that; are you?” My reply was simple: “Watch me.” There have been other situations where non-smoker have deliberately insinuated themselves in smoking areas and carried on with their coughing and choking dranatics. When it comes to public places; you keep your distane and I’ll keep mine. Don’t cross the line.

  • Joanie

    Can you see the doctor looks like a crazy mad man and he had not right to step to the guy in the first place, good he didn’t meet his match, he might not have lived to get in his car, he was way out of line in the way he handled the situation regardless, weather it was a smoking or non smoking area. People don’t realize all the hazardous things that go in your body everyday, from the pollution in the air, and not to memtion what you eat, and where it comes from. GEEEEEz people, we live in America, freedom of choice.

  • scott

    People like this mystify me. The doc will get far more smoke inhalation standing over his BBQ grill at his house than he will ever receive walking by the occasional smoker. In the end its a vice; everyone has them.

  • les

    this doctor is very lucky he didn’t get hell beat out of him!!! these kind of people are going to run into the wrong person one day !

  • Tim

    Good for Dr. Jeffrey Reed Thompson ! This creep Donald Zuelly shouldn’t have been smoking in a hospital zone including the parking garage.

    • Anonymous

      TIM, it was not a hospital, settle down. It was in an office building parking lot.

    • Mr Rick

      You never know who you are messing with. The doctor was very lucky. Of course, trying to run over someone is assault with a deadly weapon. Not to mention physically taking away the cigarette. Also assault. His career and practice are finished. Welcome to Walmart, good doctor. And leave the smokers alone when you greet them.

  • jake

    First off this is not what the doctor hardly looks like, thats a terrible mug shot done by the horrific police force that we have in todays society. Dr. Thompson s extremely nice when I talk to him. He is my doctor. He is well recommended too, I can assure you if this happened the way they say it did then it was just a bad day for him. He is a family man with kids and I promise so far I have only seen good come from this man when visiting him as a patient.

    • The Smoker

      The man he attempted to kill is also very pleasant a a quality Registered Nurse. He also has a family – children and grandchildren, that enjoy him alive and well. Even on a “bad day” I do not believe he is compelled to attempt to run over anyone…….

  • The Smoker

    This “creep Don Zuelly” is a Registered Nurse. Incident transpired in a parking gargae at basement level in a designated smoking area not accessible to the public.

  • Mr Rick

    Where do people get off thinking they can escalate to physically taking the cig away from you. Constitutes assault in my book. Sue the doctor, Mr Zuelly. I smoke some high end cigars. My $50 cigar on the ground? I will take that wallet now, good doctor.

  • Dr. Rogers

    It was indeed a non-smoking area. The ENTIRE campus is non-smoking. Someone has to enforce these rules. Way to go Jeff!

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