High School Hockey Players Will Be Held Accountable For Brawl

By Carol Cavazos, CBS 11 News

FARMERS BRANCH (CBSDFW.COM) – It’s the hockey fight that has a lot of people talking. They’re calling it “too violent – even for the pros.”

But there were no professional teams involved. These were high school kids playing at the Varsity State Championship Hockey game held at the Dr Pepper Star Center in Farmers Branch Sunday.

It ended with less-than-championship behavior. It turned into an all out brawl between the two high schools involved: Keller and Arlington Martin.

It happened near the end of the game when Keller was ahead 9 to 3.

“The ending ruined it to be honest with you, ruined a great weekend. Story should be about Keller winning the State Title. Not about this,” said Arlington Martin Coach Louie Greco.

Arlington Martin player Jeff SoRelle, who left the bench to hit another player, ended up with a broken jaw when Keller player Braxton Mills decked him from behind.

“Everyone will be held accountable,” Greco said. “It’s not like everyone’s just going to walk away from this.”

But Greco may actually end up serving SoRelle’s likely suspension next season because SoRelle is a graduating senior.

“So, yeah. I would have to serve the suspension,” Greco admitted.

Meantime, the presidents of the two hockey clubs involved in the fight are making nice.

Kevin Wicks, President of the Keller Hockey Club, said, “Chuck and I just met officially a few minutes ago and we’ve been talking about and trying to reconcile and get beyond this incident.”

“That starts with some good communication between him and I,”

Chuck Palmer, President of the Arlington Martin Hockey Club. “And, that started tonight.”

Child Psychologists say other adults should be held accountable too.

“Parents have to step in though. They must say this is not permitted, especially in the youth sports. This is ridiculous,” said Dr. Sylvia Gearing.

The Match Penalty Committee is the group that decides what happens to players involved in these kinds of fights. Their next meeting is scheduled for April 5.

If they can gather all the information, they’ll move forward with the hearing.


One Comment

  1. John says:

    Kid hit someone from behind, and he got what he deserved. Be a man. Confront people to their faces.

    1. Jah says:

      AMEN! Punk got what he deserved … period. No liberal garbage can change the fact that this little twerp learned a valuable lesson. A lesson that his parents should have taught him.

      Punks finish last, enjoy eating your soup for the next six months.

      1. Dan, South Dakota says:

        Fighting in youth hockey is unacceptable. Fighting is a small part of professional hockey, but should never be a part of youth hockey. Hockey is a great sport and these types of incidents give this great game a bad wrap which is not deserved. Coaches, you are there to teach the game and to build life skills that will need to be used later in life for these young people. These associations, teams, coaches and players should be totally embarrassed by their actions. If not, your root problem goes deeper than just a hockey brawl.

    2. triptyx says:

      Right on John.

      Just desserts were served in my opinion.

    3. Willbo says:

      Totally agree. If he’s going to leave the box to hit someone from behind and he’s the already being a sore loser, then he got exactly what he deserved. Keller kid shouldn’t be punished at all.

  2. John says:

    I guess I was wrong. Kid left the bench to hit someone and got what he deserved. Too bad the other kid hit him from behind. He should have gotten a broken jaw too for being a coward.

  3. Will says:

    Since when do hockey games have to involve fights at all? What else do we expect when this is what is common at the pro level. Get rid of the fights at the pro level and penalize players like they do at the Olympic level and the fights will diminish.

    1. Richard says:

      You’re obviously not a hockey fan.

      1. Jason Lee says:

        You’re obviously a moron.

      2. Wondering says:

        “You’re obviously not a hockey fan?” That is your reply? Why do hockey fans have to involve fights?

      3. Donal Jolley says:

        There are good reasons for the fighting, and while Richard’s answer is very brief it is accurate. The fighting in hockey is not nearly as “free-for-all” as non-fans might think. There are different ranks, from lightweight to enforcer, and it is very bad form to go below your rank. Many players don’t even enjoy the fighting (it hurts), but it keeps the game play itself cleaner and faster with less underhanded garbage. If someone knows he’ll get beat up for playing dirty they are much less likely to play dirty. But at a high school level… this is very wrong. And Jason… that answer doesn’t look good on you.

      4. Victor says:

        Remember Russel Crowe in Gladiator.

        “Are you entertained?!”

        That’s why it’s important and since then is your since when.
        So there.

      5. Master Shake says:

        Clearly no one commenting in this general section plays hockey. There are great reasons for fighting in hockey, and its a very important aspect of the game. Fighting in hockey plays a very important role in hockey, theres times when fighting is appropriate and theres times when it will do more harm than good. Fighting does have its place in high school hockey, depending the level and location of play. Fighting can be used to set the pace of a hockey game, change the momentum of a hockey game, to send a message to a team (i.e. your losing by 7, and you want to keep your team involved in the game, and let the other team know they will not just walk all over you.) I’ve seen lightweights fight the heavyweights and win. Theres no real ranks in fighting, its all about the flow of the game and is a result of the flow of the game. Regardless if someone knows if they’ll get beat up or not they’ll stay play dirty if their a dirty player, they may run away from the fight if their european however.

      6. Donal Jolley says:

        Mr. Shakes, other than your ranks statement you are nearly dead on. You might find the book “The Code” by Ross Bernstein, with forwards by Marty McSorley and Tony Twist interesting. There are very clear ranks, and while one can fight “up” it is very bad form to fight “down.” That was yet one more reason why the Bertuzzi Incident was so abhorrent.

      7. hoot87 says:

        “There are good reasons for the fighting…”

        Not in any High School Sport.

      8. hoot87 says:

        “…There are great reasons for fighting in hockey, and its a very important aspect of the game…”

        Why does your logic not transend to all other “contact” sports?

        “…Fighting can be used to set the pace of a hockey game, change the momentum of a hockey game, to send a message to a team (i.e. your losing by 7, and you want to keep your team involved in the game, and let the other team know they will not just walk all over you…”

        Why would this logic not apply equally to Football and Basketball?

      9. Master Shake says:

        It doesn’t transcend into all contact sports because not all contact sports are the same. Each individual sport is unique, and contains its own unique set of rules. Obviously most the rules are different for the NBA, NHL, NFL. Not only are the rules different, the strategy and objectives are different too. However, the only sport I have any real knowledge or experience with is Ice Hockey. I’ve had coaches who were former NHL players, and have competed against current NHL players. However, I’ve only recently started to watch NFL and college basketball and have no real knowledge of the game.

        Also I see what you’re saying about ranks, and yes its not viewed positively if a heavy is pickin on a lighty, but usually there is an enforcer to address that situation and stand up for his teammate. I guess what I was saying is it is not viewed negatively if a lighty picks a fight with a heavy.

      10. V says:

        “You’re obviously not a hockey fan.” Well, Richard, you either didn’t put much thought in to your response – perhaps for brevity’s sake – or you’re obviously very unknowledgeable about youth, amateur hockey. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, but let me expand on what I mean. I played hockey growing up in the northern states, and I coached for a few years at the high school level before I moved to Texas. I’m a USA Hockey certified Level 4 coach. Fighting is indeed a ‘part’ of the professional game. It is only a part, and its importance has been diminishing rapidly over the past couple decades. Some would argue that the decline in fighting and rise in ‘disrespectful’ and ‘dangerous’ hits to the head are correlated, but that’s for another discussion. Professional teams have realized that the importance of policing themselves with enforcers doesn’t make the team as successful as filling that roster spot with a talented player who can make the opponents pay for indiscretions on the scoreboard. Furthermore, they keep their skilled players out of fights because they’re much more useful on the ice than in the penalty box – or worse, injured. So that’s in the professional ranks – the very top tier of hockey talent in the world. Now let’s talk about amateur high school hockey in the state of Texas. Can you possibly comprehend how wide the talent gap is between the two? If you’ve never been affiliated with the game of hockey, I’m guessing you can’t. Here are the nationwide high school hockey rankings: http://www.ushsho.com/ushsrank.htm. Where are the Texas teams? (Hint: the two involved are ranked in the 500s and 800s). Since moving to Texas, I’ve been appalled by the absolute lack of discipline in hockey programs I’ve encountered here. I’ve been even more appalled by the rationalization of goon and retaliatory tactics as “part of the game”. Here’s a reality check. There are no college or major junior scouts checking out Texas high school hockey. Not one single player involved in this game will play hockey beyond the ACHA club level or perhaps some small Tier 3 junior league. Fighting is not a part of the amateur hockey game, and no one involved in this fight will ever play professional hockey where fighting is, in very limited amounts, a small part of the game. What’s left to conclude about this other than a group of out-of-control players, playing for an out-of-control association – where they are not held accountable to any standard of discipline that resembles structured youth hockey programs that actually DO produce youth hockey players with a chance to move on to higher levels of hockey? This was thoroughly disgusting and unacceptable in every way, shape, and form. It has no place in amateur hockey. And if Texas high school hockey ever wants to be taken seriously, it would help if fans, parents, players, and administrators would stop rationalizing this as ‘part of the game’ and would instead hold themselves to a higher standard. Hockey still determines its winners by who scores more goals, not who causes more black eyes. Speaking of black eyes, I hope Keller and Arlington enjoy the ones they just gave themselves.

      11. Taylor says:

        All these commenters obviously are not hockey fans. Go play tennis.

      12. Rob says:

        Why is fighting necessary in hockey but not in other contact sports? In other contact sports (with the exception of Lacrosse) the players are not carrying weapons. Fighting in hockey allows players an outlet that prevents them (usually) from resorting to using that stick they are carrying to relieve their frustration.

        Could you crack down to reduce the level of violence in hockey? Sure. Then you’d have women’s hockey (nothing against the girls…my daughter plays)…and don’t worry…the liberal panzies are going to get their way…starting next year checking is being taken out of U12 hockey for the boys…they erroneously believe that delaying hitting until U14 will reduce the injuries…sure. It will reduce the injuries for U12…but will greatly increase them at U14 when you have 6′ 200lb 14 year-olds decking 5′ 125lb 13 year olds who don’t know how to take a hit.

      13. Rob Jacobs says:

        And yes…V has it right. There is no reason for fighting in high school hockey. This game was out of control. The coaches and refs should have brought the thing under control. As a coach, once my team has a 4 or 5 goal lead, we stop scoring. Even in a playoff or championship game, there is no reason for rubbing the other team’s nose in it. If I’m on the other end, I bench kids that get out of hand and try to take out their frustrations with cheap play.

      14. what the says:

        For all these bloggers replies and more, is why I detest contact sports. “Since when do hockey games have to involve fights at all?”

        All contact sports may as well be grouped with illegal activities. The number of variables (read as game/player offenses) which can be missed, overlooked or understated is ridiculous. At the first level there are players which take advantage of these variables. On top of that are the coaches, then referees, then lack of camera angles to catch offenses.

        Luckily criminal offenses were captured on camera during this game. Crazily some league officials said the police were not brought into this:

        “Police were not called, and no one has made a report of the incident to the police.

        “We’re not bashful about calling the police,” Andresen said. “But there was no need to call them because the incident had stayed on the ice.”

        The individuals whom were assaulted and the parents of the assaulted should bring lawsuits against the attackers, period. This was a crime. The injuries sustained in these videos were not “mistakes”.

      15. Braden says:

        The greatest player to ever play the game, Wayne Gretzky thought that fighting in hockey was pretty pointless as well. But I guess according to your standards, he wasn’t a real fan.

    2. Steve says:

      There is a time and place for fighting in PROFESSIONAL hockey. It keeps players honest and ensures that dirty plays are kept to a minimum. However, there is never a reason for fighting at the high school level. These are kids, not professional players.

      1. nilochsaloob@yahoo.com says:

        If I want to see a fight…I’ll watch boxing.

        Hockey maybe a contact sport but fighting is not what people came there to see…..

    3. ricardo maxwell says:

      You are a moron Will And probably will never understand the game of hockey. I am willing to bet you lack understanding in quite a few other areas as well. Kids are not pros and should not be doing what pros do. Pros are not kids and should not be restricted by kids rules. I played the game my whole life, coached, and refereed. What do you know about Will? That’s what I thought.

    4. ricardo maxwell says:

      Lawrence a buttinski like you just screams liberal. How about? You like the community organizer as President huh Larry?

    5. swis says:

      I agree

    6. Steve Johnson says:

      I hate to burst your bubble Will, but your shocking naivete compels me to respond. I’ve been playing hockey for 30 years, I hope I’ll be playing when I’m 80 and I have seen a whole lot of hockey in my time. The international (Olympic) game has it’s share of fights as well. The fact the fights are less frequent in my humble opinion revolves around the fact the playing surface is larger. The width is expanded by slightly over 9 feet and if you know the game, most altercations have their origins in play along the boards. The wider ice surface offers the speedier wingers a better opportunity to get past the “rub out” on the boards where the elbows come up sometimes and get the blood boiling. You can throw out as many goons as you want in the league and the fights will still be there. I’ve seen fights in Baseball, Football, Basketball…. just not as frequently. But hockey is a unique sport. You have big, strong, highly motivated guys going 110% for 60 or 90 seconds at VERY high speed. Some of these guys can skate 25 to 30 MPH so imagine the impact when 2 guys come together.. tempers flare. Simply saying penalize players like they do in the International game is ridiculous, the penalties are already pretty severe already. It’s the nature of the game and personally, I love it.

    7. Walrus says:

      Fighting is manly. Hockey is a manly sport. Fighting for stupid reasons or wrong reasons is stupid. It is better to not fight and win than lose and fight.

      But this is an issue that goes beyond hockey. America is being wussified by schmucks who are afraid to stick their neck out for any reason, much less a good one. At the same time, we have thugs and other nutters who throw hissy fits when they don’t get their way, and for instance, bring a gun to a fist fight.

      I can’t tell if this game was getting dirty before the fight, but it looks like somebody was just upset they was getting their rear handed to them.

      On the other hand, if you can’t take playing a contact sport, as previous posters suggested, play tennis. Having rarely played the sport myself, I can only go off of relatives who have commented on how remarkable it was they they never lost any teeth playing hockey growing up.

    8. Steve Johnson says:

      Hey Lawrence, go plant a tree or something and leave commenting on men’s sports to men. How DARE you presume to tell ANYBODY what’s acceptable and what isn’t. If you are too squeamish to watch it… change the channel to Dancing With The Stars or some other form of entertainment your Liberal sensitivities are not offended by.. and leave the men’s sports for those men with the mettle, maturity and ability to recognize that competition is not always pretty. I’ve played hockey for 30 years and there’s nothing like the exhilaration of being on the ice competing, and if someone drops the gloves over an on ice incident or to protect a fellow player from a bigger, rougher player.. then I’m right there to back my teammate up. I’m sorry you’ll never have that experience.

    9. MissKitty says:

      we should just make them wear dresses… then would you would be happy…

    10. ricardo maxwell says:

      To the pansy with the Wayne Gretzky didn’t want fighting comment: Wayne never had to defend himself. There was always someone else on his team ready to do it for him. Kind of like today’s Democrats.

  4. yo says:

    maybe president obama can have a beer with the kids and work it all out

    1. Greg says:

      Some of those kids may be “flickers of Al Qaeda.” We have to be cautious.

  5. Don Young says:

    Many have been working hard to get high school hockey recognized in Texas thorugh the Uninversity Interscholastic League (UIL). The UIL claims it’s too violent and this helps make their case. Previously us hockey parents could blame the football coaches and athletic directors who do not want to share athletes or budgets. Texas has some of the best youth hockey players in North America. Too bad this helps tarnish their image.

    1. Hugo Fargo says:

      Don Young said, “Texas has some of the best youth hockey players in North America”

      Don, you are clueless. The best U.S. hockey players come from feeder colleges in the Northeast and Midwest.

      Way to go, Keller and Arlington Martin: you bring great shame to N. TX

      1. Donal Jolley says:

        Hugo… that was “some of,” not “Every Single Good Player.” And feeder colleges? The discussion is on “youth hockey,” of which the vast majority of youth players are younger than college age. Once one is in college one generally is looking towards the northern states if one wishes to play truly great hockey.

      2. Jah says:

        Really? Hockey sucks.

    2. Minnesota IS Hockey says:

      Don Young -“Texas has some of the best youth hockey players in North America.”
      WOW! You cannot be serious! I’m assuming you said this as a joke, but I’ll bite anyways. Texas has NONE of the best hockey players in North America, I can assure you of that. As was posted earlier, check out USCHO’s high school rankings. Your 2 Texas teams that were in your state championship game are ranked in the 500’s and 800’s. Nearly EVERY small town team across the state of Minnesota has a better team than these 2 pathetic goon squads. I invite you to come up to St. Paul for the MN State High School tournament next March. You will see the highest level high school hockey in the world. Every team has several players that have already committed to Division 1 hockey programs. It’s unknowledgeable rubes like you Mr. Young that encourage these idiotic high-schoolers to goon it up because you don’t even understand the basic rules of the game, you only try to copy what you see on tv in the NHL. Trust me, your Texas state champs would get destroyed by 95% of MN high school teams, and by destroyed I mean skill-wise (skating, passing, shooting, etc.) not fighting.

      1. Ken James says:

        Your comments are equally ignorant because it is unlikely you have any more experience with Texas hockey than Mr. Young has with Minnesota hockey. I can’t hold your state pride against you but it is a lot of hot air…

        I experienced my share of goon squads in Minnesota as well. Minnesota hockey players are no more pure and innocent than they players you’ll find anywhere else. Florida turns out some of the best hockey players in North America too. So does New York… and Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, North Dakota. Don Young is no more of an idiot than you are.

      2. A Hockey and Football Mom says:

        Please note this was the SIlver division title game, not the gold. Lower level.

      3. Steven Noah Seaholm says:

        The Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament is currently the largest state sports tournament in the United States in terms of viewing and attendance, beating both the Texas and Florida’s State High School Football Tournament and the Indiana State High School Basketball Tournament.

    3. Don Young is an Idiot says:

      “Texas has some of the best youth hockey players in North America.” —————————————————————————————————–This is the single most idiotic statement I have ever read. You are an idiot Don Young.

  6. Lance says:

    It’s Bush’s fault!

    1. Calonzap says:

      Lance, I am with you. I believe that Bush caused all of this.

  7. garth says:

    Hockey is a sensless violent sport where rules matter little.

    1. Richard says:

      You have no clue what you’re talking about. Just the ramblings of someone who’s probably a fan of something totally boring like baseball or football. Try playing the game and then run your mouth.

      1. Curious says:

        Then enlighten us o wise Richard. Why don’t you consider hockey senseless and violent?

      2. Donal Jolley says:

        Richard is correct, Oh ignorant and demeaning Curious.

        Hockey requires intricate teamwork, timing and athletic skill. There are an awful lot of rules that people like Garth haven’t taken the time to look at, and there are a lot of unwritten rules amongst the players themselves that make the game faster, harder and cleaner. Players are skating on blades that have the surface area of perhaps a dime at most touching the ice at any one time. I became a fan at 42, having grown up in a desert, knowing as much about the game as Garth obviously does. (As an aside, here in Atlanta it is the THRASHERS who visit Children’s Hospital and work with kids the most, and it’s not even close.)

    2. GKH says:

      “Hockey is a senseless violent sport”

      Garth, I’m sure playing with your cats and sewing is exciting to you, but I’d rather watch Hockey.

      1. Oog the Goalie says:

        Me like hokkey cuz it let me hit guys with sticks. Ha ha so good to punch people. Extra y kromasome come in handy. I no like football cuz no big fights. Reel men like hokkey and fights and drinking a lot and hitting peepul.

    3. John Barnett says:

      I guest Garth plays Tennis.

    4. Jah says:

      Any sport where ties are a regular thing sucks. Socialist drivel infects the mind of the hockey fan.

      1. CapitalSpirit says:

        Have you any idea how hard it is to score in ice hockey? Yes, you’re trying to put a very small puck into a very big net, but the goalie is going to have other ideas. Ties at the end of regulation are commonplace in hockey. As of this writing, there have been 1,144 games played in the NHL this season, and 280 of them have needed more than sixty minutes to settle the score. That’s about 1 out of every 4 games, give or take.

        The reason the NHL even permitted ties, historically, was a logistical one. Back before air travel–yes, the game does go back that far–teams would have to take trains between cities. And if, say, the Boston Bruins had to catch one specific train to get to Detroit or Chicago on time, they couldn’t be skating and skating until one of the goalies blinked. So ties were part of the game, because one team or the other–perhaps both–would have a train to catch, and that train wasn’t going to hold just because the hockey game was going long. That’s why ties were part of the NHL game for so long.

        And the recent regular-season tie breaker that the NHL has adopted–the shootout–is not without controversy, but that’s a whole other matter.

        Hockey is not a socialist game. In every single game, every skater on the roster is going to be out there on the ice at some point. The backup goalie might be on the bench for the whole game, but on the other hand, he might have to go out there cold with the team trailing by a bunch, and have to stand on his head if he hopes to get the win. And ALL of your forwards and defensemen will be out there at some point. And they ALL need to contribute.

        Put plainly, you can’t be a welfare case in hockey: you’ve GOT to work hard, because there will always be somebody below you on the depth chart who’s got an eye on your spot.

        Hockey isn’t socialist. You could argue that it’s actually one of the more conservative of the major North American sports.

    5. Connor says:

      you obviously don’t knows what you are talking about. first off the NHL has many rules and the players in the NHL have a code of when and when not to fight. I did a report on it and they have many rules to make hockey clean. Fighting is used to keep the fans entertained and make the sport unique and for teams to gain momentum. The kid didn’t get a broken jaw because he was in a fight, he got one because he jumped off the bench to fight and before he could he was hit by a player who hit him cheaply and from behind. He should have confronted him to his face instead. And in many other sports there are brawls. Football, baseball, and basketball have the occasional brawls just like hockey. This incident was just reported more publicly than the rest

    6. ? says:

      Would anyone of you please explain why, in ANY other sport, a player would be ejected for fighting except for hockey?

  8. keith rutsky says:

    its obvious that Sarah Palin’s violent rhetoric has led us to this!!!

    1. Calonzap says:

      Keith, I’m just not sure that Sarah Palin’s violent rhetoric caused all of this or not. It could have been George Bush who caused all of it.

  9. Long Live Bob Probert says:

    Fighting is part of the game and it shoud remain that way. The only thing wrong with this situation is that a player left the bench and hit another player from behind. Other than that, there is absolutly nothing wrong with fighting in High School hockey, or any level of HOCKEY for that matter…especially the pros. I, for one, would never attend another NHL game if fighting was eliminated.

  10. Steve says:

    Easy to tell when Drudge links a story, isn’t it

    1. Donal Jolley says:

      Yeah. Holier than thou comments like yours pop up everywhere.

      1. Steve says:

        I feel left out that I didn’t get the multi-paragraph reply that you left on every other comment. Also, please kill yourself.

      2. Donal Jolley says:

        Oooooo. You told me. That was absolutely some stunning brain work, there, Capericus.

    2. Whodattabe says:

      I’m just surprised Drudge linked to a brawl that did NOT involve minorities at a dining establishment…

  11. Aaron says:

    This is NOT how you fight in hockey. This is not how you defend your teammates and this is not how you lose graciously.

    I don’t blame the parents or hockey, I blame the coaches for not holding the kids on the bench. I blame USA Hockey for not INSTANTLY stepping in and crying foul.

    There’s a lot of things wrong here, and hockey isn’t one of them.

    1. MisterHowdy says:

      They can’t “fight” because they are required to wear a full face shield/cage. Throwing punches isn’t going to do any good.

    2. Donal Jolley says:

      Uh…. yeah. USA Hockey?

      This is the same USA Hockey that is considering taking CHECKING out of pee-wee, instead teaching it at an older age when kids can get seriously hurt by not doing it correctly? The same USA Hockey that already has stringent fighting rules? Are you saying USA Hockey condones this type of action by not immediately jumping up and down in hysteria from an incomplete and deliberately warped story painting the sport with a broad brush?

  12. MisterHowdy says:

    Wow, this is some BS. CBS once again trying to absolve the guilty party of blame. The unedited video is here:http://deadspin.com/#!5786905
    The kid that got leveled got what he deserved. He’s the one that went for the dirty hit on someone near the boards that wasn’t aware of what was about to happen. The guy in white stood up for his team mate, and rightfully so.

  13. jaded says:

    Lol, if they were black the tone of the comments and news would have been so different. Whatever.

    1. Donal Jolley says:

      Yeah, and if they were Jewish cannibals dyed green with blue gills it would be different as well. Why interject race here? Get over it. Most of us are trying to, but folks like you just need to carry it on.

  14. Peter says:

    boys will be boys….I kicked many a ass as a young’un

  15. Ray says:

    Texas should stick to rodeos and beer drinking contests, not hockey, if they want to act this way.

  16. 00Billy says:

    Seems sensational….

    left the bench, hit someone from behind into the boards. payback is a biatch

  17. GHD says:

    I’m 72 when I was in HS fights in hockey were rare if ever and we had a championship team To say fighting is a legitimite part of any sport besides boxing does not display overwhelming intelligence on the part of the writer

  18. happyjourneys says:

    teen boys fighting like that after a full game….. has to be a girl involved somehow….

    for those that do not know… there are even rules for fights at the pro level…

  19. Alex says:

    Umm, the person who blindsided the person and broke his jaw should be facing criminal charges. Who cares if this was a game. If I bring a gun to a game and shoot somebody its not just a game. He basically attacked someone who was in a defenseless position.

  20. ragu4u says:

    Boys will be boys. If this happened in Detroit they’d all be dead from gunshots.

  21. Sports_Just_Suck says:

    Meanwhile our schools keep pumping money into sports and dumping music, art, gifted and talented education to keep a bunch of testosterone-fueled idiots in fresh helmets.

    1. john says:

      wow, someone is a little butt hurt about their high school experience. There is nothing wrong in funding sports that promote teamwork, hardwork and dedication through competition. Yeah, there should be a balance, but Suzy clarinet isn’t going to bring in the big crowds thats going to raise funds for the school. Getting rid of sports in youth education is no way to combat child hood obesity, which is a major problem in America.

      1. Alan says:

        Too bad only the jocks can attend PE at my children’s public high school because the coaches won’t practice after school….. Howz THAT help childhood obeisity?

  22. A hockey and football mom says:

    Watch the full video in another post, not the CBS 11 short one. You will see a scrum against the boards, a stoppage of play, a player in black come flying into this scrum and hit the group ( a cheap shot if ever there was one) . Then the player in black skates away, having done his dirty work. That is when a player in white hits him. Now player in black is hurt. Had he NEVER chosen to go in and hit that group into the boards after play had stopped, no one would ever have hit him. He was not in the play against the boards at all, but CHOSE to go and deliver a big hit which could be intent to injure after a stoppage of play. He then gets hit and he gets hurt. . So……………………..do you then hold him blameless as he got hurt in the long run, or do you say wait a minute, he broke the rule, came in to a fight ( automatic suspension in highschool to be 3rd man in) and unfortunately ended up paying a price. You need to look at the whole video before you just cast blame on the kid who retailiated. The kid in black was an agitator, not an innocent player skating back to his bench to get a drink of water. Sorry he got hurt, should he play hockey beyond highschool, I can guarantee he will play the exact same way.

  23. hoot87 says:

    Want to set a standard that will reduce this kind of incident in High School Hockey? Fire both sets of coaching staffs and ban them for life as hockey coaches in the state. Suspend both teams for a year and give both teams a forfeit for the game. Force the winning team to forfeit the State Championship – name no champion for this season.

    1. Donal Jolley says:

      While we’re at it we should ban Texas, shoot longhorns, and remove every single cube of ice from every single school in the state.

      Overreact much?

      1. hoot87 says:

        No, there is no need to accept fighting in any High School level sport (except Boxing – if it is a sport at any HS).
        If you want to send a message, send it loud and clear.
        Banning players and Coaches and forfeiting the Championship wil send a clear message to everyone that the State/League is serious about stopping the fighting.

      2. Donal Jolley says:

        Banning coaches for life is completely ridiculous. The coach having to serve the suspension is completely in line. The reason this is a story is because it is so unusual in its severity. This is an exception. That shows the rules actually do work, otherwise this would be an everyday event.

        Forfeiting the state championship is form over reality. Sure, it’s a reasonable suggestion but everyone knows who won the championship. It was played and there was a clear outcome. So there’s no trophy. Ooooo. That will teach them.

        If you’re going to have an effect you need to stay reasonable and not punish the wrong people. If a coach has a pattern of this behavior on his team, ban him. For a one time incident? You’re robbing future players and very possibly punishing the very people who might control this the most.

      3. hoot87 says:

        Banning sets the tone that these action will not be tolerated at all. Coaches set the tone for a team – they need to be held accountable – banning those two or so sends the message to everyone else. Zero tolerance.
        Taking the trophy establishes that the Championship can not be gained through fighting – and after a few years, only those who played will remember the “winner” of the game – the record books will not. The School flies no banner, the players get no ring or jackets, etc…

      4. Donal Jolley says:

        Zero tolerance means zero opportunity. The unexpected, unanticipated results of zero tolerance have always had the worst impact on the least deserving. Again, your overreaction would have very serious results and are not well thought through. (For example, I just heard a story two days ago of an A-student expelled and her mother charged with a felony for providing her with ibuprofin tablets to take at school.)

        Your proposals are simply hysterical reaction to an event that was unacceptable and unusual. Your solutions are destructive to individuals in particular and the sport as a whole. Banning people FOR LIFE is simply a dumb thing to consider for single-time events. That’s exactly why we have different categories and degrees of murder/manslaughter.

        I’ve well considered your points and you’re not going to change my mind based upon anything you’ve said. You’re obviously not able to expand beyond pure reactionary action or nuclear buttons launching missiles at offenders and anyone who happens to be standing near them at the time, so it appears we’re done. Any last words?

      5. hoot87 says:

        “…I’ve well considered your points and you’re not going to change my mind based upon anything you’ve said. You’re obviously not able to expand beyond pure reactionary action or nuclear buttons launching missiles at offenders and anyone who happens to be standing near them at the time…”

        And you appear to be nothing more than an apologist for those who cannot control themselves, their players, or their students during athletic competition – it is your kind of non-action that perpetuates the lack of sportsmanship that has become so prevalent today. You have not changed my mind either – everyone associated with this black eye for high school sports should be removed from the sport and no one should gain the championship that participated in that game.

  24. bloodaxe says:

    I see they have some basic rules n all these fights, which are part of the game and the only reason anyone would watch this stuff. They don’t hit each other with their sticks and they don’t kick or stomp each other with the ice skates. Other than that, anything goes!

  25. Newenglander says:

    You people in Texas should stick to football. Hockey is obviously a bit too intricate for you. And a New Yorker as a coach to boot…..

  26. rc33 says:

    Yeah jaded, it’s a racial thing, the comments would be different if they were black.

    Cleveland, TX

  27. fireboy says:

    Born in Kenya?>!
    Help post and email this everywhere.

    Then call and ask your congressman to ask Obama
    “Where the real birth certificate”?

    If he is not qualified so is everything he
    singed from day one!/!

    “Where is the real birth certificate”?

    1. Donal Jolley says:

      Go away.

  28. Bully says:

    Fighting in “Pro” hockey is way different than in college or high school. The pro’s use fighting as an outlet to police incidents the Refs miss. On ice, when players take dives or mouth off out of ear shot of the Refs, the hockey fight has a way of evening things out. The fighting in Pro hockey years ago was part of the entertainment package and had nothing to do with policing the game. Now with tighter fighting, holding, hooking and checking rules, hockey has allowed the small and smart players the ability to compete. Hockey fight still exist, but if you watch a lot of hockey you will see player smile at each other or give their opponent a pat on the shoulder as a gesture of mutual respect after a fight. In the Pros, fights are used 80% of the time as a motivator.
    High school hockey is different, fighting should not be allowed, period. 20 years ago you didn’t see fights or “in-your-face lipping-off after every play; now it common in football at all levels of all sports. Respect and honor is missing in today’s society; players dance and intimidate each other after every play, The showboating and “its all about me” attitude of the individual players instead of team orientated goals has ruined sports at all levels.

    1. Donal Jolley says:

      High five.

  29. Ken says:

    Dang – that was disappointing. I’ve seen better fights in Steelhead/Las Vegas games.

    I suppose they aren’t pro though.

  30. Ken James says:

    Both my kids have played hockey for years. I played hockey. In each and every case of this type of fighting/violence, the events leading up to it are the key cause.

    In my experience, it is the officials who are to blame when this occurs. It results from officials who are not in control of the game and fail to penalize players and teams who break the rules. When the cheaps shots aren’t called by refs, emotions take over and the desire for payback leads to an escalation. The officials set the tone for what will be tolerated on the ice. After that, the coaches play a role and should bench kids who take cheap shots and commit penalties.

    I agree, there is no place for fighting in youth sports but I’ve seen it often enough to tell you with a fair amount of certainty the officials and the coaches are responsible for allowing it to occur. It’s their job to settle things down when they get out of hand. I can almost guarantee you this fight started in the first and second periods with poor officiating. The whole thing boiled over in the third period when Alrington Martin was behind by 6 goals with nothing left to lose and frustration setting in.

    1. 94harleyrider says:

      Sense there appears to be no adult supervision going on from the officials or the coaches then shut it down!!

      1. Anthony says:

        This is an exception. Nearly all games are officiated adequately and the coaches know they are there to help mold youth players into, not just good hockey players, but good future citizens. Calling to shut the game down due to this incident is uncalled for. Punish the guilty and not everyone. USA Hockey should ban some of the more egregious players for a long time so they are not allowed to play in organized leagues post graduation to set an example, particularly the hit from behind.

    2. Anthony says:

      Having played and coached, I am in complete agreement. Officials and coaches have a lot to answer for.

  31. Floyd Bridges says:

    OK, what ls the difference between figure skating and hockey? The fights, of course. So, Hockey players and even more so, hockey fans, like the fights because they think if makes them seem less gay.

  32. hoot87 says:

    I went to a Fight once and a Hockey Game broke out!

  33. Kevin says:

    I mean, if you blatantly hit someone from behind, you probably deserve to get your a$$ beat

  34. Retch T. Budtender says:

    “There’s news – and then there’s Disturbing News.”


  35. Purple Rain says:

    What a bunch of animals! They need to go back to the jungle where they belong. Ignorant hillbilly sport.

    1. 94harleyrider says:

      Sorry dude – – hilbillies don’t play hocky – – they have more sense than that!!

  36. 94harleyrider says:

    There is no reason for fighting in any sport except for boxing or martial arts.

    Stupid people who don’t have the maturity to play a game without fighting over something they don’t like.

    I hope that the parents of the injured player sue the pants off the player who made the hit – plus the league should place severe fines – in the thousands of dollars at least – against the coaches and players. That’s the only way this foolishness will stop.

    Do I appreciate hocky – – nope – – stupid sport as I see it – – why – – as stated earlier immature people.

  37. Rico says:

    Reading all these posts in defense of, and justification for, fighting in hockey, it is easy to see how the term “hockey dad” has evolved into such a pejorative term.

    It is one thing to tolerate a certain level of spontaneous fighting, as a predicable by-product of full contact sport. It is another to laud it as a necessary, calculated and desirable element of the sport’s conduct.

    1. MisterHowdy says:

      You sure your name isn’t Nancy?
      Jesus, how many sheltered panty wearers do we have here?
      Hockey and fighting is like Cookies and Milk. They go together. Don’t like it, go watch golf.
      Or better yet, go watch the pansies in the NFL complain about having to play an extra game a year and getting turf toe.

      1. just fyi says:

        turf toe is actually somewhat equal to the feeling of a broken foot, just fyi. and I’ve played football and had turf toe. i utterly lost the ability to use my left foot.

  38. Experienced Coach says:

    Whether you are “for” or “against” hockey fights, this is about poor quality coaching. It is the Coaches responsibility to contain his players on the bench in order to ensure a fight does not escalate to a brawl. Knowing this is the last game of the season and Seniors are not held accountable for thier actions, as no discipline can carry forward to their next season, it is the coaches responsibility prior to a game, during a game, and especially near the end of a blow out game, to control his players and remind them to act accordingly. A coach knows his players and who would instigate and retaliate, and it is their responsibility to ensure they are not on the ice late in a blow out game. If and when a fight breaks out, the first action of a coach is to ensure no one leaves the bench, And don’t tell me the coach cannot contain this action. Absolutely, he has total control of his team. If he does not, then he should not be coaching. He is the authority on the bench and sets the tone for the game. The coaches are to blame for all actions that occurred.

    1. MisterHowdy says:

      Sure, let me know how you, one person, is going to contain a group of hot headed 18-19 year olds. You’re not going to.
      Even in us old fart games, a fight breaks out every once in awhile. That’s what happens when the players are passionate about their game.

      1. hoot87 says:

        “…a fight breaks out every once in awhile. That’s what happens when the players are passionate about their game…”

        So, are you saying players on Football teams and Basketball teams are not “passionate” about their game because fights are not a normal occurrance? How about Rugby and Lacrosse?

        What a moronic statement.

  39. bill murphy says:

    Ken James is the only one who got it right. Fight s like this occur when the refs have let the game get totally out of hand. I’m sure this was brewing for the entire game. It would not surprise me at all if the coaches were also mouthing off during the game about the officiating, which can make the players feel like they have to take things into their own hands. I’ve seen things get out of hand in youth hockey on too many occasions, and any time I’ve witnessed an entire game where this occurred it was because the refs lost control of the game.

  40. John says:

    This is a classic example of the trickle down insanity that I’ve spoken against for several years that started in the “NBL”, the National Bettman League, affectionately referred to as the NHL for which jewboy Bettman has ramped up the violence via the thug factor for years to the expansion cities and their gomer fans who think it’s all so much about the cheap shots, head shots – always followed by ignorant applause, uber violence and the like. Pure Coliseum. Ya, it sells. Thanx Gary. You *#@!% shylock.
    It has only been in the past year that Bettman and his cronies are finally getting it and reversing the thug factor. Nevertheless, the damage has been done and be it at the NCAA level or high school, it’s alive and well in many regions, conferences throughout the country, least of which not being in emerging regions, thus-in-turn various teams – in toto – and the fans that wouldn’t know snow and ice if they tried, or hockey, but they think they know hockey, such as is the case here.

    Communicating to you all from my native “Land of 10,000 Lakes” state, of which I am a 4th generation native and, in a former life, no stranger to hockey.

    1. TonguesTooShortToFelchWithGod says:

      It’s easy to see that you should have worn a helmet instead of a kkk hood when you played in your former life moron.

  41. mike says:

    That was a cheap shot…..should never happen

  42. SCM 1973 says:

    This article fails to mention that there are two seperate issues at play here: fighting and illegal hits, especially to the head, that receive little to no punishment.

    As for fighting, I dislike it in hockey but I will not down play the argument that it is used as tool for policing. I think this is a weak argument, and that 5 min offsetting majors is an inadeate penaly, but this is not the NHL of the Broad Street Bullies.

    As for the hit in question at the end of the video, this is the NHL’s real problem and it has not done enough to deal with it. The hit in this video looks very similar to the hit Patrice Cormier delivered to Mlkael Tam. Tam went into convulsions on the ice and was hospitalized for several days. Cormier was suspended for the remainded of the minor league season and then went off to play for the thrashers. Pro Hockey really missed an opportunity to end this sort of behavior. The hit in this video and Cormier’s hit on Tam are totalty devoid of any sporting merit. As far as I am concerned, they constitute a criminal act and should be treated as such. Cormier should have been suspended indefinitely from pro hockey if not banned for life from playing in North America. Like wise, those involved should be treated the same. In hockey, fights come and fights go but dangerous hits have to stop. If you want to engage in an activity where you get to hurt people, man up and join the Army.

  43. Hank Warren says:

    Dumbed down kids in dumbed down schools acting like dumbed down jocks, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  44. TonguesTooShortToFelchWithGod says:

    At every level of hockey, it’s an automatic suspension for a coach who allows a player(s) to leave the bench to join an altercation. End of.

  45. Anthony says:

    That hit from behind is nothing short of assault and battery. Forget hockey, that kid should be suspended from school and not allowed to graduate.

  46. Steven says:

    The 1976 Philadelphia Flyers called and said stop calling these wussie gatherings “hockey brawls.”

  47. hoot87 says:

    “…I’ve well considered your points and you’re not going to change my mind based upon anything you’ve said. You’re obviously not able to expand beyond pure reactionary action or nuclear buttons launching missiles at offenders and anyone who happens to be standing near them at the time…”

    And you appear to be nothing more than an apologist for those who cannot control themselves, their players, or their students during athletic competition – it is your kind of non-action that perpetuates the lack of sportsmanship that has become so prevalent today. You have not changed my mind either – everyone associated with this black eye for high school sports should be removed from the sport and no one should gain the championship that participated in that game.

  48. beegee17 says:

    Since they think they have the best players in N.A. maybe they wouldn’t mind going up to Minnesota, Michigan or Mass. and playing some kids up there. They’d get pounded!

  49. hoot87 says:

    The more I watch that video, the more I believe that NR 3 from the white jersey team needs to be charged and taken to court by the DA and sued by the other players family.

    1. MisterHowdy says:

      Watch my earlier link and see the whole thing. The kid laying on the ice with a broken jaw is the one that started the wheels in motion to get his ass handed to him.

      The kid in the dark uniform tried to blind side someone against the boards, he missed and tried to skate it off like nothing happened. He paid the price for HIS cowardice.

      1. hoot87 says:

        I never said he was innocent, but he was then viciously attacked by NR 3 – who does need to be held accountable.

  50. Ron Reale says:

    Ban the NHL from television, and boycott their advertisers, until they learn how to play hockey, like Olympic hockey, without violence.
    As to what to do with the participants of the brawl? If the police do not arrest them for assault based on the tape, the police chief should be forced to step down! What, because they were playing a game, they don’t get charged with felonious assault?
    If I want to kick someones rear outside in the street, am I immune from prosecution if I wear a hockey uniform? Is that some magic get out of jail free card?
    Charge them all with assault, and ban the NHL!
    Ron Reale

    1. Sal Chip Saccoccio Jr says:

      What the hell does the NHL have to do with this incident? These were HIGH SCHOOL KIDS. Maybe you were watching a different video? As a former player I can tell you that what some of these punks did was an absolute act of cowardice and yes, I would bring in the police to investigate. But to blame the NHL?? If you want to ban something try looking at ultimate cage fighting. Or, maybe not because that probably is more condusive to your level of intelligence.

      1. Ron Reale says:

        “What the hell does the NHL have to do with this incident?”
        You’re kidding, right? Go down any street and see kids emulating the NFL, dropping their gloves and fighting, like their heros in the NHL, THAT’s what the NHL has to do with it!
        You could not possibly have picked a more ignorant analogy! Ultimate Cage Fighting! Let’s see, which sport has fighting in its rules…come on now, I think you can get this…I know it might be above your level of intelligence, but the one that should have fighting, and this is a big hint, so pay attention, or get someone to help you, the one that should have fighting, actually mentions it IN THE NAME OF THE SPORT!
        Show me the hockey rules that allow fist fighting…I’m waiting, oh you great intellectual. Talk about “not conducive to your level of intelligence, who helps you chew your food, or reminds you when to breath? I believe from your incredibly ignorant remarks that both of those are beyond your intelligence level.
        (How’s that, wanna keep insulting each other? I’m game, but from your response, it seems I’m in a battle of wits with an unarmed man!)
        Ultimate cage fighting is a place where violence is supposed to occur, and as soon as I see kids getting in cages at school or anywhere else, and beating each others brains out, I “ll worry about it!
        How come Olympic hockey, some of the greatest games ever played, doesn’t allow the participants to beat their brains out?
        Because it is not in the rules of the game, that’s why. Hockey violence is a disgrace. They should be arrested every time they throw a punch, that’s called assault, and it goes for any sports figure, baseball, football or any sport where throwing punches is not in the rules.
        Or is that too hard to at your level of intelligence?
        Be well, or get help,
        Ron Reale

    2. Someone who knows of the game of hockey says:

      You’ve got to be kidding me, please tell me you’re a massive troll. Yes fighting is part of the sport, the same way passing, shooting, skating, position, strategy, hitting, lines, chemistry, practice, and coaching are. Maybe not down as this level but certianly in juinor and pro leagues. Also, do you know how rare these kind of things are? Do you see 3 a week? Because there are stories about sad and violent things on the news, WE SHOULD BAN NEW STATIONS. They are too violent and sad.
      If I want to make everyone sad and see violent things should I go out in a suit with a microphone and make everyone around me sad and do violent things and it would be fine right?
      I’m trying to show you how ridiculous your claims are.
      Try to put more thought into it next time, and if you’re trolling, I hope you can do better than that.

  51. hiway280z says:

    If fighting is a big part of hockey then hockey should be done away with. sports is about playing a game, lose or winit should not end in fights. The people that enjoy that would also be sitting in an arena watching hungary lions eating people.

    1. danny christensen says:

      your and idiot stay home and play badminton in the backyard there has always been fightjng in hockey hey i know lets tie boxers hands behind their backs and watch duuuuuuas

  52. Elmer says:

    Does it bother any of you to drop bombs on Lybia?

  53. brothersg says:

    Try a real sport…like golf

    1. E.Els says:


  54. Cebes says:

    What do you expect when everyone associated with this sport encourages fighting. Even hockey moms think they are tough. They are nothing more than partially evolved humans. Live by the sword die by the sword.

  55. UncleCharley says:

    How about assault and battery charges. Alittle time behind bars might set these punks straight. Fighting is not part of the game. In fact it is a criminal act and should be prosecuted as such. This should be true for professional athletes also.

  56. Hockey Dad says:

    There’s no violence in hockey…

    It’s all in the fights!

  57. swis says:

    @Master Shake – Why cant the teams just do thier talking in the rink. You ever seen, “The Express”? Earnie Davis gets a huge late hit by his teammate in practice while out of bounds and Earnie’s friend says to him, “awe man you gona let him do you like that?”, to which Earnie Davis replies, ” I do my talking on the field” and he did. I agree with hoot87.

  58. nickc1969 says:

    “That starts with some good communication between him and I.” But not good grammar.

  59. rollind24 says:

    I dont understand the problem with fighting in hockey. Its perfectly acceptable in the UFC or Boxing. So whats the problem with having fighting being part of hockey? If you dont like it dont play

  60. HockeyMom2 says:

    It wasn’t the brawl that was the problem. Matter of fact there was no brawl. The kid who got his jaw broken took a cheap shot at another player while trying to get involved in a fight that he was no part of to begin with. His jaw was broken by a cowardly act from a kid that jumped off the bench and had already been given a 10 minute misconduct earlier. This is the kid that should never be allowed to play organized hockey again. His coach tried to defend him as a good kid that had never done anything like this before. So what. He skated almost the lengeth of the ice to get as much speed as he could and took the cheapeast shot at a guy I have ever seen following hockey for over 30 years.

  61. ranch111 says:

    Idiots. Prosecute these losers.

  62. Kevin says:

    Women need to be immediately put into boys hockey. It is only fair. And they should “feel” what it is like to be the man they think they are….F.U. US it’s all over soon….

  63. Tom M says:

    Master Shake – and others who support fighting in hockey… Sorry folks but you are terribly, terribly wrong.
    Fighting in hocky has nothing – NOTHING to do with any other aspect fo the game. Your arguments fail on so many levels.
    I am now in my 40’s and played both high school and college hockey – and have been an avid fan since my early teens.
    Fighting in hockey is what keeps it a 3rd-rate sport in the eyes of many.
    No other professional sport – that isn’t directly fighting oriented – allows such conduct.
    And to say that fighting should be allowed at the high school level… Man – the message you are teaching children… Sad – very sad

    If the Olympics are the pinnacle of the sport – and the best of the best want to play at that level – and fighting is not tolerated at all at that level – then why would one think it should be allowed at other levels / in other leagues? Do we not want to promote and watch what are the best aspects of the sport?

  64. AK says:

    It’s that ref Lee who should DEFINITELY be held accountable. Yes, there is no guarantee the brawl wouldn’t have escalated to the point it had should he had stepped in at the beginning. But MY GAWD, his inaction is absolutely deplorable and a disgrace. He looked like some infant deer in the headlights. Do something…ANYTHING. If it were up to me, he would be sus

  65. pjf says:

    So what?! Kids got into a fight, now a bunch of crybaby adults whose sensibilities were offended are demanding action. It’s a rough sport and fighting is part of it, get over yourselves

    1. John Boy says:

      AMEN BROTHER!!!!!!

  66. Matt Abel says:

    This is about morality. Both hits on the ice were disgusting. If this happened outside the rink, these boys could face prosecution.

    What is more disgusting and disturbing are the people actually trying to make moral arguments to justify either – or both! – actions. There is no justification for treating another human being in the manner we’ve witnessed. Likewise, there is no justification for checking morality at the door when engaging in discussions about athletics.
    The logic is laughable; one could rationalize racism, illegal use of drugs or physical abuse by saying “this is the way this sport is”.
    “Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you” is a rule for all times and all places – as is the ethic that huamns do not assault each other but rather respect human health and life.
    I’m not a pacifist, don’t try that line. Also, don’t try the “violence in defense of justice” argument in this case…neither of those dogs will hunt.
    I’d like to read an actual argument trying to justify this as moral…not an appeal to hockey professionals’ books. If you do that, you can really show your toughness and courage by posting your entire name with your argument that defends humans attacking each other.

    1. pjf says:

      Don’t speak about morality, do you speed, fudge your taxes, have a couple of drinks and drive, character assassinate etc. Nobody likes to see children fight but they fight because they are not mature enough to handle problems differently you correct them but I see no need to destroy their lives with criminal charges because of a fight. As far as posting a full name their are alot of so called moral humans who take things out of context and character assassinate

  67. Jim C says:

    Why do we try to stop fights (hockey or otherwise)? If two (+) people want to fight, LET THEM DO IT. Please, do not interfere. Why is this an issue?

    1. Tom M says:

      Were you dropped on your head as a child?
      It’s called Assult

  68. El says:

    The country which permits its citizens to behave like that is a SICK COUNTRY. This sick behavior seems to be condoned in the NHL – the garbage collector I don’t even bother watching any more. Simple statistical analysis indicates that the next step in these escalations will be fire arms usage, and clearly no one wants that. You need someone who is not wimpy to stop this ANIMAL BEHAVIOR. Then these animals go to a house of worship on a Sunday, right?

  69. 4thhansonbrother says:

    Old Time Hockey…

    Eddie Shore..

    Toe Blake…

    a goal an assist and a fight a Gordie Howe hat trick

  70. David says:

    These are the type of people who kill innocent kids in Afghanistan – a bunch of sociopaths with no regard for the well-being of other humans.

    1. pjf says:

      Have you been to Afghanistan and seen what goes on or do you rely strictly on CNN for your info

  71. Cave Man says:

    Uggggh!! Me like meat. kill animal. find lady….make sex…. sleep uggggh!

    Knuckle-dragger. Yeah, fighting is good for high-school sports. Like it wasn’t bad enough that our school system has been completely demolished by the teachers’ unions, we have parents who are rationalize the benefits of fighting…Nice.

    Please put as much thought into developing their thinkig capability so we can slow our descent into a 3rd world nation.

    Or is the next chapter one by terrorists….”Why beheading people is good for the cause…”?

    1. pjf says:

      Can’t blame the teachers union for everything when you have students that want to fight at hockey games. Oh by the way we are a third world nation.

  72. rebar9 says:

    The hockey arena should be silent also . The players can get distracted and this causes anger. The offended player should get a free hit into the crowd. After all, the baby in the stands cried. Lets turn the hockey players into golf and tennis girls. OR maybe knock the golf and tennis players teeth out so they look like hockey players. Do you get it? All sports suck and are a waste of time

  73. Steve says:

    Texas hockey..haha…what?? Bring all these punks up north and we would mop the floor with them.

  74. Don Young says:

    In responese to the Minnesota person and others questioniing my statement that “Texas has some of the best youth hockey players in North America,” You know nothing about Texas hockey. Dallas has a Stanley Cup winning NHL team and many Dallas Stars and Dr. Pepper ice centers. I previously noted that Texas’ UIL does not recognize hockey as a varisity sport. The best players on the Texas high school teams also pay for AA and AAA travel hockey teams. THese travel teams play in tournaments throughout Canada and the USA. Teams from Dallas have won the USA Hockey National Championships. Last year, a team from Houston won the bronze metal. The oil industry brings people from the northern part of the USA and Canada to Texas. There also are players from Norway, Scotland and Russion. Texans can be found in the NHL, in Division I hockey at the college level, in the USHL, Briitish Columbia Hockey League and in the USA Hockeyis development camps and national teams. In youth hockey in Texas, two of my son’s coaches have been former NHL players. And, by the way, most Texas yoiuth hockey players also are vetereans of various Minnesota summer hockey camps. The population of Texas is nearly that of Canada and there is a strong connection. Do your homeowrk before you comment.

  75. Carl says:

    Sissy Texans can’t fight a man toe to toe, always has to be a cheap haymacker from behind.


  76. Mac says:

    Even special ed kids don’t act like this

  77. Allen Niere says:

    I live in Minnesota and high school hockey players are nothing but a bunch of punks. It’s not all their fault though, the parents, coaches and schools put them on pedestals and make them this way. I’ve witnessed hockey players bullying other kids, only to get a pass while the kid they bullied gets black-balled by the school and parents in the community. It’s sad.

    All the players on both teams should be suspended for the whole next season and the seniors should be suspended from college play for a year.

    Fighting is part of hockey and when you’re making 500K+ a year, you’re expected to fight. These are high school kids. How much are they getting paid to get hurt for possibly a life time?

    I have to laugh at the kid who tries the cheap-shoot and misses. Leaving the ice with a broken jaw is what he deserves.

  78. John Boy says:

    White Jersey #3. —- you are a coward and probably a spoiled little brat that has always had your mommy to shield you. If the boy you suckered was my son… I’d be waiting for you on your 18th birthday. Just sayin.

  79. Austin says:

    Okay lets get one thing straight, no one deserves to get blindsided and have a broken jaw. Even though the guy blindsided another player, he still does not deserve it. Anyone who has followed hockey in that last 2 years knows ALL levels of hockey are trying to eliminate blindside hitting.
    As a former hockey player and coach (in Minnesota not Texas) I have a few people to blame:
    1) The Ref. I know it absolutely sucks to ref any high school sports, heaven forbid you flag a kid for holding. Then his dad will meet you out in the parking lot with a bat.
    I am not saying all parents are like that, but some live through their children. Not healthy.
    Even with that said, as a ref you are in charge of controlling the game. If you start seeing cheep stuff, you call the penalty, send the kid to the box. Then skate over to the coaches and let them know it is getting ugly and you will not let it happen on your watch.
    2) The Coach. Umm dude why wasn’t that player in the locker room when he should have been? Or at least the box. He was serving a penalty, those are the two places he should have been, either case he should not have been in control to get back on to the ice.
    3) The parents. I have heard conflicting reports that parents were cheering this on. Shame on you. Your son just broke some kids jaw, and skated away from another player who was willing to throw down (you can see the other kid drop his gloves). All your child thought about sports for this brief 10 second laps was suckerpunching a kid.
    Please punishing him more then just taking his cell phone or xbox away. Though you are the parent and you know your child best. Just say they disappointed you, when I heard that from my mom, it crushed me. But you may discipline your child however you feel, you know them best. Best of luck.

    I do NOT blame fighting in hockey. It does not belong at this level of competition however (according to hockeyfightsstats.com) last year there were 37.77% of NHL games with fights. In the last 10 years it has stayed around 40%. The NHL is taking steps towards limiting the amount of fights in hockey.

    One idea to make players less careless, and play with more class is remove the facemasks and go with half-shields. When players know there is nothing protecting their faces, they won’t go charging in head first into a fray.

    My thoughts. Have a lovely day Dallas!

  80. Dennis says:

    I don’t go to hockey games any more. Yeh there would be one or two fights but not like it is today.
    IMost of you are too young to remember but back in the 50s and 60s great hockey. I grew up in St. Louis and we got the Black Hawks on TV. The 70s began the time of the goons. Dave Shultz was called an enforcer. Nice name for a goon. these kids see their favorite player out on the ice duking it out with someone and they want to be just him toothless and brain dead for all the hits he took in fights.. Time to change. Hope the parents talk to these kids.

  81. Junior Coach says:

    I’d like point out some things that havn’t been stated. First, everyone is saying there is “no place in high school sports for fighting.” Well, the rules state the penalties for fighting. It isn’t allowed, period. Does that mean it never happens? Of course not. The penalties will be paid by the guilty parties, because the rules state that. People are acting like this behavior is condoned.

    That being said, I coach a junior level hockey team. At that level, you are allowed 2 fights in a game before you are ejected. In the last 5 minutes of a game it is a 2 game suspension. Youth rules typically state that if you fight it is an automatic game misconduct.

    Now, watching the video, there seemed to be a pretty vicious hit from behind. The kind of hit that some kids don’t get up from and potentially never walk away from. I know, I have seen it happen as a player. Someone above commented that it is a contact sport so why isn’t it allowed in football and basketball. Two comments really, it isn’t allowed in hockey but it happens. It isn’t allowed in football or basketball, but it happens. Doesn’t make it right, but it does happen. Second, in those sports, players aren’t on the field of play wielding weapons. What will inevitably happen is, at the junior level, someone will go out to settle the score for the dirty hit. I have seen more times that not, a good, face-to-face, even up fight will settle the game down. Again, does that make it right? Not necessarily.

    What you saw was nothing more than cowardice. Fights should always be between two willing combatants, face-to-face, even up. By the way, the team I coach rarely has more than 5 fights a season in a 60 game schedule. Sadly, this type of behavior is bad for everyone involved in the sport because it really isn’t commonplace among youth, high school and most levels of American junior hockey.

  82. BillF says:

    Fighting is against the rules in Texas high school hockey, more illegal than the the *wink, wink* 5 minute major and for a good reason.
    For all those who say Texas has no good hockey players. What about the Farmers Branch kid that play on Team USA in the World Juniors or the Texas kids currently playing Division 1 hockey? Sure not as many in number, but the northern states have had a huge head start

  83. George says:

    I went to a fight and saw a hockey game

Comments are closed.

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