State Senate Votes To Ban Synthetic Marijuana

AUSTIN (AP) – The Texas Senate has voted to ban the production, sale and possession of several new forms of synthetic marijuana.

The bill by Sen. Florence Shapiro of Plano bans new chemical compounds that mimic the main active ingredient in marijuana. The chemicals are often sprayed on herbs and sold to be burned as incense or smoked. Some popular names include K2, Spice, Genie and Fire & Ice.

The drugs have become popular with teens, particularly in North Texas. Shapiro says taking them can create severe problems, including hallucinations, elevated heart rates, chest pains and seizures. The Texas Poison Center Network received more than 550 calls related to the drugs in 2010.

A bill now goes to the House, where a similar bill is pending.

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    […] State Senate Votes To Ban Synthetic Marijuana The Texas Senate has voted to ban the production, sale and possession of several new forms of synthetic marijuana. Go to News Source […]

  • Larry

    Then they should legalize for medical purposes…

    • Hemroidious

      Heck Yea.

  • Tiffany Higgins Barnes

    Really?? Why do we need to wonder what to do? BAN IT! These kinds of substances just teach kids that it is acceptable to find a way to get blitzed. It’s stupid that people have to wonder what to do about this.

    • Jason

      Is there a problem with what an adult does in their own home if it harms no one else? K2 is way less problematic than alcohol

      • M White

        EXCEPT when you drive and kill someone!! Just about as bad as the drunks driving around! IF YOU STAYED in your home ok,but SOME will get out and cause additional havoc on the streets. We don’t need any more impaired people driving!!

      • Hemroidious

        I know what you mean. I was almost in a collision with a person high on K2. I know that he was by the look in his eyes. I hope I never see that look again.

  • Jason

    I’m am disappointed in Sen. Florence Shapiro :(

    Her husband is a cool guy…not sure why she’s such a nazi about this…

  • cavan

    Alcohol, prescription pain pills should be banned then too! There far worse than this stuff…..

  • AgentSmith

    More Nanny state.
    Don’t they have more ‘pressing’ issues to deal with?
    How much ‘Havoc’ does alcohol cause vs marijuana? If you went by that, alcohol should be banned far sooner then pot.
    What someone does is ‘their’ business! If use hurts someone, ‘then’ a crime is committed and be dealt with.
    Should we outlaw bull riding, fat people from purchasing fast food, people from driving… it can go on and on. Adults have choices. These so called adults pick and choose what ‘they’ deem harmful. Give me a break.

  • Reeper

    Agreed it should be legalized for medical purposes once the side effects mentioned are toned down. Glaucoma meds have sky-rocketed recently and while I can put my dog to sleep if the cheaper method doesn’t work, you can’t do that with a human. So the real thing should be legalized for that and put in a form that will do more good than harm for these people/pets.

    As for taking everything kids can get high off of out of the market-get rid of everything then including alcohol sales. Spray paint definately since it will cause brain damage.
    Agree with AgentSmith on banning too. Either completely protect the public or get off your high horse, that goes with protecting our air, ground water and food supplies too yahoo’s.

  • billy

    Idiots in the senate want to ban K-2….AND want to legalize the mexicans smuggling over the real thing…….

  • Halle

    It is absurd that marijuana is still pretty much illegal in this day and age. Now they are chasing down this K2 herbal incense stuff. Where will it end?? It won’t. Do you know why? It’s a never ending freaking cycle! There are constantly new formulations of K2 incense coming out to get around these ridiculous bans which are trying to get around the ban on marijuana in the first place. Why do we have to be up in each other’s business? This is supposed to be the land of the free and it is hardly that! If someone wants to buy k2 they will. After all the effort they have been putting into banning this stuff, is still able to offer legal k2 incense products. I told you. Wasted money. Wasted efforts.

  • KeithStone

    whats next K3? or K4?, K5? Oh god! Where does this insanity end? Like Lucie in the sky? Just wondering.

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