NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A North Texas man and woman are both the picture of health and wellness. Some would even say the senior citizens look as if they’ve found the fountain of youth.

Emelina Edwards used to weigh 140 pounds. Now the scales even out at 115. And Bob Gale trimmed his 38-inch waist to just 30 inches.

The pair has something in common – both decided to start weightlifting more than 20 years ago. Now they defy most of the stereotypes associated with senior citizens. “I just made 70 [years old] January the 8th,” explained Emelina.

After a second divorce Emelina was a single mother of two. With parenting pressures and no job she says she became depressed. To combat the problem, Emelina decided that getting healthy was a good place to begin healing.

“When I turned to the side my stomach came out farther than my chest,” she said laughing. “I thought ‘I have to do something’.”

Getting fit became Emelina’s career. Today she is a personal trainer, is working on a book and writes fitness articles.

Bob Gale is 73 years old but says it was decades before he really became health conscious. “I have never felt better. I’m stronger, I’m happier, I am just passionate about what I do more than I was even 10 years ago,” he explained.

Bob says even though he coached high school athletics and did some exercise earlier in his life, everything changed when he started building muscle by lifting weights. “My weight dropped. I lost about 35 pounds. I’m living a good life because I feel healthy.”

Studies show the commitment Bob and Emelina made to work out and eat properly changes lives.

With a healthy lifestyle the immune system of senior citizens is stronger. They’re likelihood to fall, get osteoporosis, arthritis or Alzheimer’s also decreases. The results could mean that many won’t have to spend their final years in a nursing home.

Emelina’s new book, “70 the New 40”, is in production and is expected to be available alter this year.