TROPHY CLUB (CBSDFW.COM) – Some homeowners say a pirate ship has hijacked the scenic view they once had from their backyards and the city hasn’t stood by its own ordinances.

The ship is part of a water park that has residents staging a mutiny against their own town. The park comes right up to their homes in Trophy Club.

The city is responsible for a buffer between them, but residents say it’s not there.

“When we bought the property it was beautiful all we saw was the sky,” said Julie Folley, who lives on Lilyfield Drive.

Folley loves coming out to her backyard, but it’s the view she hates.

“I can see the top of the pirate ship,” points out Folley. “If I leave my windows open I see the entire pirate.”

Folley says she knew about the water park before they moved in a little more than a year ago.

Then the town added a splash pad with only a small buffer between their backyards and the parking lot that came with it.

“It is required to be a sound and visual barrier,” Folley said. “As you see there is nothing back there.”

According to the city ordinance there is supposed to be a 40-foot buffer zone between the homes and commercial property. However, the only space between homes and the parking lot is about 11 to 17 feet.

CBS 11 News asked city manager Michael Slye why the city didn’t follow its own ordinance. He said, “I can’t answer your question. Your question specifically? I wasn’t there. I don’t know what the thought process was.”

Slye says the city wants to work with the homeowners and add some larger trees between the subdivisions and the parking lot, but he says they will not tear it up to add a buffer zone.

“I did not buy my house knowing that I would have a parking lot behind me,” Folley said.

For those like Folley the ship has not sailed, and she’s not about to surrender.

She says her family is now moving forward with a possible lawsuit.

Some neighbors are also worried about 70-foot tall light poles for a nearby ballpark under construction, as well as the noise and traffic coming from those venues.