Dallas Considering Tax Hike To Cover State Funding Shortfall

By Bud Gillett, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The proposed state budget passed out of the House days ago in Austin leaves Dallas with a potential $24 million hole to fill in its own budget, causing city leaders to dredge up the sort of tax talks no resident likes hearing.

The words “property tax hike” even came up in legislative discussions during Wednesday’s City Council meeting.

“It’s not really funding and balancing a budget,” said Dallas lobbyist Larry Castro, who added that the state’s unwillingness to fund its own mandates while wanting a bigger share of local revenue put Dallas in this hole.

“Moving the burden of state government to cities has long-term effects,” he said.

The state needs additional revenue from cities. It wants a bigger share of red light camera revenues as well as a bigger cut out of what the cities get for sales tax and alcohol taxes.

And at the same time, it’s offering less money for what it requires states to fulfill. Educators have already been warned. It seems as if cities are next on the list.

“In reality, what we’re looking at is a tax increase, no question about it,” said Councilman Jerry Allen, finally addressing the elephant in the room Wednesday.

In an interview later in the day, Allen said the $24 million hole may represent a 2-cent property tax hike if the council had to go that direction.

“$24 million, it’s going to affect our libraries, it’s going to affect our cars, it’s going to affect the whole city,” he said.

And at least one Dallas resident is firmly opposed, especially after the city raised the property tax rate by 6.5 cents per $100 valuation last September.

“In order to make it up, I would be against any tax increase at this moment,” said resident Ralph Biloski. “Because of the situation we’ve just been through with more recent tax increases.”

The Senate will adapt a final version of the state budget, and Castro expects it to greatly differ from what was passed in the House.


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  1. LillyDayStar says:

    They need to cut spending. Look for the pork people. I cannot pay a single dime more in property taxes.

  2. concerned says:

    they need to re-coup the money from the mayor of Dallas and his wife for their little stunt and wasting all of the tax payers money for trying to keep their dirty laundry covered up. These people are supposed to be role models and they are far from that with thier horrible wasting of tax payer dollars. Cutting spending should require them to use their own vehicles to drive to work and pay for their parking just like all of the rest of the citizens of our city.

  3. Conky says:

    They need to sue MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration System) for not filing all the housing notes with Dallas County! FRAUD at its best- just GOOGLE MERS! This would provide Dallas County with millions!

  4. blue says:

    Are the homeowners the only people who fund the Cities? Why is it everytime the City of Dallas is short on funds, the homeowners tax rates go up?

  5. Curious says:

    The public wants more and more from the City of Dallas government and as long as someone else is paying the bill, why not. The city employees, like all government employees want more and more and they were given it because someone was paying the bill. Now that money is tight and no one else is paying the bill (just like when your parents were paying your high priced auto insurance, you were loving rent free at home and meals were free) but now you have to pay your own way. Suddenly, like all governments (federal, state, county, school district, townships, hospital districts, water districts, etc. etc. etc. et al) are learning that someone else is not going to pay the bills and it up to the people living in that governmental poitical subdivision to pay for all of the things they were so happy someone else (like your parents) were paying and the ungly truth hits home. Why, oh why, did I ask for so much. No that’s not the Ameerican way. Who the heck can I BLAME for this mess? I see him now, it’s that fellow in the mirror, but it has to be some one else because I wouldn’t have done that to me and my neighbors.

  6. marty griffin says:

    where has that gay blade Michael Irvin been?

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