Officer Pepper Sprays Squirrel At Mesquite School

MESQUITE (CBSDFW.COM) – Police in Mesquite are reviewing a case involving an officer who pepper sprayed a baby squirrel outside of Kimbrough Middle School. The incident happened Wednesday while several students watched in horror, and caught the situation on camera.

Video of the incident – posted here on YouTube – shows a man identified as Officer Davis standing over the squirrel and using pepper spray to subdue the baby animal. According to Sgt. Wes Talley of the Mesquite Police Department, the squirrel had been behaving erratically in the moments before what is shown in the video.

Police were concerned that the squirrel may have been rabid, and said that it chased down a few students before the pepper spray incident. Still, in the video, several shocked students can be heard screaming and pleading with the officer to show mercy on the animal.

A parent contacted CBS 11 News about this incident, saying that the officer and the school’s principal both took part in “causing injury to a baby squirrel, who posed no harm to the students, by kicking and spraying it with mace.”

The parent went on to say that the incident “caused some pain for these kids to see.”

“These adults should not get away with using mace like that around all those kids for no reason,” the upset parents told CBS 11 News. “The principal that kicked and injured this harmless animal should be ashamed of himself!”

Update: The squirrel is alive.  School administrators called Mesquite Animal Control, and a technician picked it up and cleaned the pepper spray off of it before returning it to the wild.


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  1. Jensen Linda says:

    I didn’t mean to reporty Trinity.

    1. justinoob says:

      baby squirrels are so SWEET!!! especially when marinated in honey barbecue sauce. How could he do such a thing. Its FOOD, people. If he’s sprayed a sandwich with mace, no one would care.

      1. Christina Watson says:


      2. Jefferson Paddington III says:

        if you , in this day and age, still eat squirrels then you are one lame ƒuckhead

      3. Nelson Courser says:

        The person (he is NOT an officer) should at least be placed on suspension.

      4. DTM says:

        Hey, Jefferson Paddington III
        “in this day and age” This day and age…?
        What is that supposed to mean? The age where whiney whiners with no life try to control others like children playing with dolls in a dolllhouse?
        Is that the age?
        Your age sucks!
        Lay Down!

      5. Phil says:

        This cop is a real tough guy! they really don’t make cops like they used to. No common sense whatsoever, A baby critter like that is a threat? he needs to get his job back at Walmart because this guy is a knucklehead. I see this more and more, cops that never want to get their hands dirty and rely on inappropriate use of force. Good job, You embarrased your department… showed um, yep, all those kids that cops are dopes!!
        signed by a former Police Officer

    2. jenny says:

      A 7th grader? Sounds like your teacher needs to do a better job with you in the spelling/grammer department! If you are going to dish out the some “smart mouth”, you should be ready to get it right back!

      1. Ima Tool says:

        How ironic… You misspelled grammar. Learn to spell before you start criticizing people

      2. Ima Tool says:

        How ironic… You misspelled grammar. Learn to spell before you start criticizing people

      3. Jenny says:

        Ima Tool needs to get a life. I spell better than most on here. BTW, I’m in the 2nd grade…Get a life, I wasn’t even talking to you moron!

      4. Ima Tool says:

        I have no life, that’s why I’m on here replying to the dumb comments. What’s your excuse? Oh yeah, you claim to be in the second grade, which I don’t believe for one second. Is this what most second graders do these days… Come into a public forum and criticize spelling mistakes when they can’t even spell “grammar” properly.

      5. Myob says:

        You are a tool! Go look at one of your posts…you spelled Oppossum without the O dipstick!

      6. Ima Tool says:

        What is an O dipstick?

      7. Agree with the 2nd grader says:

        You spelled Oppossum without the “o”, and you’re a DIPSTICK!

    3. Guest says:

      Some of you are pretty stupid.

    4. Christina Watson says:

      ohhh and think you Ima tool even though i dont know you because you are right she CANT SPELELL maybe she should go back to school maybe start at Kindergaden kuzz thats wherrre i learned to speell Grammar((:

    5. Jayson Reliford says:

      It’s been years and I can’t remember if it was in Mesquite or Seagoville but COPS was filming and they came across a huge snake in a parking lot. What COPS didn’t air was them hitting the snake with a 2×4 and cutting it’s head off with a pocket knife. True story.

    6. Holly says:

      So was the CDC informed or animal control? There are proper procedures to follow. One, quarantine the area by putting the school on lock down. two, Call animal control followed by CDC. Three, have animal control set live traps while you hold the parameter to prevent infection. This was just a cruel act on an animal probably to torture the kids. This officer should be fired and whoever concocted and backed the story of rabies punished severely.

  2. darrell says:

    im sorry, but this “baby” squirrel shows as many signs of rabies as this officer does intelligence. ZERO! yes, squirrels can get rabies but it is extremely rare. symptoms are lethargy, slowness, disorientation and sometimes extreme aggression. normal squirrels are active, curious, and occasionaly territorial when they have young.

    i would like to see this officer officialy and publicly rewarded for his brave actions by defending the children at risk of his own life while beating off the vicious attack of this curiosity deprived baby squirrel. its the intelligent, fast acting, critical decisions like this that make us citizens proud of our officers.

    1. jason says:

      “occasionaly”, “officialy” ,”curiosity deprived” , Oh Darrell, you are displaying signs of slowness and disorientation.

      1. Jefferson Paddington III says:

        what a cruisy name ~ Jason
        tell me you are a waiter

    2. Keerie says:

      You are right. No case of rabies from a squirrel has been reported in the US. As a wildlife rehabilitator, squirrels are my specialty. This little guy is looking for companionship.

      I also would like to see the officer rewarded for his bravery. I mean the squirrel could have had the school put on lock down or even worse…held some hostages.

    3. william says:

      If the officer “davis” was worried about rabies ?.? pepper spray is not meant to stop an animal / or dis orient it . . . and to do so would do what ?.? scare it off – or cause it to accakt as the pepper spray attacks it . . . . tthe Officer Davis showed poor judgement
      . . We had a family of squirrels at work – never were friendly – except for the baby exploring – he would eat peanuts out of our hands if we stayed still . . in season I ‘ld get some sherstnus and line up four ofr five . . he would come dfown and you should see him trying to decide which one to take first . . . or when walking accross one of the beams and dropping it . . . it was priceless -.- that was two year ago and we still talk abot him

      1. brian says:

        Pepper spray is not meant to stop, or disorient an animal? Pepper spray, bear spray, mace, they are all designed to stop or disorientate. Google things before you put thing like this on the internet. You look like an ass!

  3. just a squirrel says:

    Oh my goodness, it was a squirrel. What is the big deal? We have too many of them as it is and they ruin our trees and yards. And if a kid can’t deal with this? How will they deal with life? Stop babying the kids.
    I am so tired of my back yard having holes from them and having to pull out the new growth from what they planted.

    1. JanineC says:

      Squirells are God’s creatures too. Well, it was JUST a person… so what? I am sorry, but I cannot stand it when people think that other life is not important at all.

      1. AK907 says:

        uhhh. If people behave erratically they get maced too…just sayin

    2. Cheryl Jackson says:

      Look. If your daughter/son was to get bitten then what would you have done? I don’t blame Officer Davis. I am a 7th grader from Kimbrough Middle School. Officer Davis has done what was right. He cares about us and show us too. I am not giving you my name. I am going to say my name is Cheryl Jackson.

      P.S. Fake email too.

      1. christina says:

        ohhh gurrl yuhh nowss itt kuzz umm i goes tuhh that skuull 2
        P.S. My namme is Christina Watson

      2. Maya Pierce says:

        Cheryl Jackson is me Maya PIerce, Mia Pierce, Josey Mendoza , and Christina Watson.

      3. Squirrel man says:

        ^ Officer Davis

      4. Leann says:

        Ignorance breeds ignorance

      5. Doug Jordan says:

        Rabid animals should be humanely put down and disposed of, not tortured. This is disgusting. If he was really threatened by this thing, why were there even children still in the vicinity? This is a damn squirrel we are talking about, not a cape buffalo. You’d think the squirrel was about to start a school shooting for crying out loud.

    3. zach says:

      guess what? we have overpopulated the earth and forced ourselves onto the squirrels habitats (and removed many of their natural predators). is your backyard that big of a deal? we aren’t supposed to be making nature conform to us to the extent that we do.

      if it’s possible to avoid a kid seeing something traumatic, um, well, let’s take that route. 🙂 if you think that’s babying a kid, then you are out of touch. times have changed, and for the better.

    4. Josh says:

      I agree with you. I’m sorry it may be sad to some people but it’s a squirrel, really? It’s not any worse than when they get hit by a car and when that happens they die the squirrel is still alive people get over it

      1. Pat G says:

        When an animal get hit by a car it is an ACCIDENT, not intentional. Most serial killers started out torturing small animals.

    5. peppereyes says:

      The EARTH is the LORD’s and the FULLNESS there of
      Ir’s not YOUR Back Yard… it was there before you were born and will be there affter you die.. We build our homes in their forest…so what do you expect.

    6. Phoebie says:

      Perhaps you should be a part of congress. They do not care about the enviornment or wildlife. Do your self a favor, if you do not like your yard ruined or holes in your grass or pulling weeds….move to a big city apartment, on the top floor, get astroturf and plastic trees. The only thing you will have to worry about is bird poo. That is easy for you to hose down.

    7. patty says:

      “just a squirrel” Grow up!! Your discusting!! They have hearts & feelings like your supposed to have! Your not humane! You need to go down the yellow brick road & get a hear & some brains while your at it! Teach your children to love & respect life all of it! That officer needs to be fired!!!!! He”s a poor excuse for an officer, a very bad example, not somebody i want walking around with a gun!

  4. Jensen Linda says:

    Sorry Trinity, didn’t mean to report your comment….but was trying to say that had the squirrel bit a kid we’d all complain about the lack of attention paid to it…..!

  5. 94harleyrider says:

    Oh good grief!! Get a grip – – it’s a squirrel – it may well have rabies – now how would ya feel if it had bitten a kid and they had to take all those shots – humh??

    The officer was correct in his actions – obviously he didn’t have anything else he could use to subdue the animal and keep the kids safe. The only thing different that I can see that may have been done was to send ALL the students inside. The kids these days are way too sensative for such stuff!! When I was in school the janitor picked up a snake that was on campus and snapped its head off with one quick flip of the wrist.

    1. dr. police says:

      Empathy is a sign of connection to others and living things. Lack of empathy has been tied to animal abuse and child abuse. This is not to imply that this guy does either, but he does need some training. He is NOT very smart and a poor role model.

      1. Jenny says:

        Agree! Big dumb cop vs. Baby squirrel. Guess who’s winning!

    2. jennifer says:

      Harley dude-yo can google rabies info.-you would see that there has never been a case of a squirrel having rabies in the U.S.!

      1. AK907 says:

        actually there have been confirmed cases…here is a link as reported by USA Today from Dec. 12th, 2003.

    3. Keerie21 says:

      They do not give “all those shots” anymore. I have been bitten several times. I worry more about a feral cats, which I have been bitten by, then a squirrel.

    4. JOM says:

      “94” I’m sure represents ur IQ & harleyrider..says it all, sheer blissful ignorance; however in ur case, ecstasy.

  6. jack y says:

    Must be a VERY slow newes day

  7. Squirrels are out to getcha says:

    I’m surprised he didn’t pull his weapon and blast the attacking beast into oblivion. He might qualify for a psychiatric evaluation from the trama of being attacked.

    1. Teacher in waiting says:

      TRY SPELL CHECK “trama”



    1. MMJ says:


      1. GUTSY PO says:

        MMJ I WOULD PUT YOU IN MY ARMS WAY! (with a hug you sexy thing)

      2. Ed says:

        MMJ…I wanted to be a police officer but I was overwhelmed with the vicious, squirrel training.

    2. mary smith says:

      i have raised baby squirrels for years ,and your right, im glad hes not protecting my loved ones to!

      1. w says:

        Mary, I also have raised baby squirrels. They are so sweet at that age.

  9. Hoo says:

    Leave it to the media to make something out of nothing. I’m sure channel 11 can get Katie Courec down here to do a liberal special on Mesquite’s squirrel brutality.

  10. Karl Gleim says:

    Okay we see a baby squirrel move toward Officer Davis who subsequently pepper sprays the animal in front of a number of children. SO if it was as dangerous as all of that, then why did the ADULTS not remove the children from the area (back inside) out of any perceived danger until Animal Control could have arrived to properly subdue the animal? It did not appear to behave ERRATICALLY. It hopped toward Officer Davis who backed up and pepper sprayed it. With the number of adults around someone could have brought a net, blanket, towel or some such to throw over it and then a box atop that to keep it from getting away until Animal Control officers arrived to handle the baby squirrel in a more humane manner. If as the story says, but was not shown in the video, that the principal then kicked the animal after it was down does not show good judgement on the part of this school administrator. Taking the children inside out of harms way would have been the proper course of action while awaiting Animal Control to handle it rather than “calling
    out the ‘Artillery’ ” to deal with such a small creature. If in fact it was not rabid or otherwise sick but just frightened by so many large predators (adults and kids around it) that it moved toward them to scare them away so it could go about it’s own business, pepper spraying and kicking it to cause it injury was not called for.
    Did Animal Control come and take the animal away to check and see if it was in fact sick or just injured after being sprayed and kicked by the humans? If not, what happened to the baby squirrel after the fact? Acting in this manner in front of children does not show good judgement nor does it show how animals should be treated regardless of whether it is a wild or a domesticated (pet) animal. This incident should be investigated completely to determine who’s actions were correct, who’s not, what happened to the animal and whether or not it was actually sick/rabid in the 1st place or if not sidk/rabid how much injury was cased by the actions taken in dealing with it.

    1. Kevin says:

      wow. most of my term papers in school weren’t that long. you wrote all that about a squirrel? im afraid to ask how you feel about world hunger.

      1. goforit says:

        I passed his comment because I dont have time for a novel.

      2. J says:

        you should read more

      3. JOM says:

        As of u give a squirrel’s butt about world hunger you pompous ass

    2. w says:

      Thank you for taking the time to explain that kindness should have been shown to the baby squirrel…..we need more people like you….please continue to write in behalf of animals…..

    3. pg says:

      Maybe the should have brought out the AK47 and machine gunned it to. You are telling me there was not way to contain this squirell. Get real, I have worked with a variety of wild animals, drop a box over it.

  11. Dallas says:

    It’s a freakin’ squirrel Who cares?

    1. les says:

      i just wonder why the swat team wasn’t called .

    2. LordBear says:

      The point is not what type of animal it is. Of course, the average Merikun cannot think beyond the obvious. The point is the the police officer shows a mix of bad judgment, ignorance and a willingness to use weapons too quickly. The principal is just an outright ass.

  12. Joe says:

    Why didn’t the cop just put his hat over the baby squirrel and take it to animal control? Too many cops these days are idiots. I’m surprised he didn’t shoot the squirrel.
    This whole thing reminds me of Jimmy Carter clubbing the “attack rabbit”.

    1. A Mom says:

      Putting his hat over the squirrel would have required him to get within possible biting range of a possibly rabid animal. If an animal IS rabid, it is usually killed, sometimes by shooting. So, if the officer HAD shot the squirrel he would have done the right thing as far as dealing with a rabid animal.

    2. mal says:

      As you can or should see he was not wearing a hat. Who do you call when your family is in danger? Really are you that stupid

  13. Jennifer says:

    It was a little baby squirrel that was writhing in pain from that disgusting officer. Why are their so many cold uncaring people posting here? Is that what lives in this area? How can any one be so sick and so cold. Imagine what he is like to people if this is how he treats a baby squirrel. I feel sick now. He should be kicked off of the force as he shows more than enough antisocial tendencies in this clip. Rabies my @ss. Why would you also kick a baby animal, or any animal?

    1. Mac says:

      Jeez, Jennifer: If it had been rabid, and he refused to spray the ‘baby squirrel’ and it bit someone, you’d be screaming that he had a job to do, didn’t do it, and should be ‘kicked off the force’. And advocating a Mesquite police officer be fired for this? It’s obvious you don’t live in Mesquite. Most people enjoy the safety and security of the police. If you don’t like police, head south to Mexico.

      1. Officer Mom says:


      2. I dont even? says:

        This is so confusing.

      3. Jennifer says:

        I wouldn’t be screaming that the cop didn’t do his job, so stop putting words in my mouth. Even if the baby squirrel had rabies (which it 99.99% didn’t) and bit somebody (which it 99.99% wouldn’t) rabies is curable. Why didn’t they all just either stay inside and wait for animal control, or go out another door. How do you know if I am from Mesquite or not? Some police officers make me feel safer but this one DOES NOT.

    2. A Mom says:

      I don’t think the officer was disgusting at all–he was subduing a possibly rabid animal which was displaying completely abnormal behavior consistent with possible rabies. If the squirrel had bitten someone and it was rabid, I’m sure you would feel very different-especially if it was you.

      1. unknown says:

        It is PROVEN that there hasn’t been a report of SQUIRRELS having RABIES in Dallas, in YEARS.
        the officer put us kids in more danger, than tht squirrel did. The squirrel was TWO WEEKS OLD!. IT HAD NO TEETH. NO TEETH. Seriously, what was it going to do.

      2. @unknown says:

        Where are your facts if you say it has been proven? Oh yeah, it’s the internet, we can say whatever we want on a forum.

      3. chocotasticrabbit says:

        who the heck is supposed to know that baby squirrels don’t have teeth! Not the average person

      4. Kat Wuman says:

        Unknow? Do you not know, if you break the skin (and you can do this without teeth by clamping on and making a “tearing” motion, you can pass rabies from the saliva! I wonder how you would feel if this animal ripped into a kid and the officer just stood there!? What would you complain about then? IDIOT!

      5. Alura says:

        If they were honestly concerned about the safety of the students they would not have allowed them to be there.

        Instead the allowed the students to be close enough to the situation to be exposed to pepper spray.

    3. Kat Wuman says:

      it is a wild animal and possibly rabid. The officer was acting in the best interest of the children there. Sometimes life is hard, get over it. Those children should have been taken inside. This whole thing is a bid to do over nothing. As far as your ass having rabies, I would consult with a DR!

  14. mecdag says:

    Oh my gosh!! You people need to get a life! First, it’s not possible to sit back and have a debate over proper actions against a squirrel when you have 800 plus students who were just dismissed from school. The squirrel was being aggressive and continually charged the students. Of course, this cause screaming and students running around to see what was happening. Squirrels are not normally aggressive so it is safe to assume that something was wrong with it. If the squirrel had bitten a student or caused one to run out in front of a car then the officer and administrator would have been rediculed for not protecting the students. It’s easy to say what should have been done when you were not around for the chaos. I’m sure it was difficult to quickly move the students in the building and find a net that would obviously be easy to find at a school. I guess the schools and officers should have a something prepared for “squirrels who may have rabies or scared kit”.

  15. Rick McDaniel says:

    It really is beginning to look like cops today, are basically cowards. They don’t have an ounce of courage to confront anything…..not even a squirrel.

    1. A Mom says:

      I do not think that the officer showed cowardice here. He pepper-sprayed a possibly rabid squirrel that had been chasing children, which is very abnormal behavior for a squirrel and is consistent with possible rabies. In case you have forgotten, rabies is 100% fatal. What do you want him to do, pick it up and let it bite him to show his bravery? I think the officer acted properly.

    2. Jenny says:

      Thank you Rick for being one of the few “men” that said something intelligent! I don’t know why a lot of men/boys think being caring towards a small animal may make them look like less than a man??? Some of the women on here posting are pretty lame as well. I know it’s just a squirrel, but the officer is just a sissy! And as far as the squirrel charging people? Wow! Really? Give me a break!

      1. 2sister says:

        If the squirrel had bitten someone, they would have to kill the squirrel anyway to check for rabies. Squirrels do bite. The way he handled it protect the children, they didn’t have to kill the squirrel.

      2. Paul says:

        Do you understand what rabies is? It’s a fatal disease that can be transmitted through bites. Even if squirrels ALMOST never transmit the rabies virus, there is no reason to take a chance especially around children. Please read the article before insulting people

    3. lee says:

      OH Really maybe you should put your own life out there for any crazy person to attack. Look in a mirror you are the coward. Maybe you should do a ride along to see some of the situations that other force them into to protect your family i reckon you feel that way about our service men you are such a moron

      1. jenny says:

        I still think it’s funny watching a grown ass man afraid of a baby squirrel! And, that’s regardless of him being a service man! Has nothing to do with him wearing a badge!

      2. Wannabe Cop says:

        I can attest to that Mesquite PD has a rough beat. I did a ride along with them a few years ago. 2! speeding tickets one was for 7 over! They also had to help someone open their car when they locked their keys inside. It was too much for me, I had to leave early.

  16. erin says:

    Oh look. school kids making a huge deal out of nothing. Way to turn into bunny hugging California, people.

    It’s a SQUIRREL. Most of the time people would just club it with a shovel and hurl it into the trash can. This is a huge deal about nothing.

  17. Tignor says:

    Maybe if the squirrel had some money to pay off the Police Officer, he wouldn’t of been sprayed

  18. billy says:


    1. BILLY THE TOOL says:


  19. MouthyGirl says:

    Ever hear of a basket? Put a basket over it and call animal control. Geez.

    1. Shelby says:

      Um hello? Have you ever seen how fast a squirrel moves??

      1. A Mom says:

        And, in order to put a basket over it, the officer would have had to get within “biting range” of a possibly rabid squirrel. In case Mouthy Girl missed it, rabies is FATAL!

  20. Shelly says:

    Obviously the “animal control” officer needs training in rabies, squirrels, etc. The principle who called “animal control” , if really worried about student safety should have placed the children back inside the school. The whole area could probably use a class on wild animals, city dwelling squirrels, etc.

  21. Ryndell says:

    this is yet anoter example of the man keepin down rodents of colour!

  22. Mr Black says:

    Give the officer a break! This was the first and only chance to draw out his pepperspray and use it in self-defense. Now he has something to brag about with the boys back at the station.
    He should be awarded a medal for saving the chillun’s from the dangerous squirrel. I mean, that squirrel coudl’ve bit someone’s head off!

    1. A Mom says:

      The squirrel also could have bitten one of the children. In case you missed it, rabies is spread by bites and is 100% fatal.

      1. Rabies Survivor says:

        Rabies is fatal in Texas? wow more backwards than I thought. Rest of the country has had a Rabies cure for decades.

      2. RE: A Mom says:

        A Mom, please stop repeating the same comment over and over again. The police officer mishandled this. If this was a squirrel with rabies then he should not have approached the squirrel. He put himself in biting range.

        He should have moved the kids inside and let Animal Control take care of the situation.

      3. Jellobunny says:

        If you check the CDC for information regarding rabies and squirrels, you will see that there has never been a case of a squirrel with rabies infecting a human in the United States. It isn’t that it is rare, it hasn’t happened. Also, your information is incorrect regarding a rabies bite being 100 percent fatal…it’s treatable. People in the other countries may die, but we are fortunate to have what we call “shots”! Educate yourself before you spread your propaganda!

  23. Malcolm Wallace says:

    lol i go to kimbrough and all i have to say is wow..this made the news. there are way way more important things to be talking about. i just wish everybody would stop talking about it its freaking dumb. T

  24. Sigh says:

    I fail to see the problem here. Whether it was the best decision to make or not, the officer was doing his job of protecting the students.
    I see squirrels lying dead in the road all the time, but no one complains then. Sure, they’re cute, but student safety is more important, and if the officer had reason to believe that this creature was in any way harmful, then he did the right thing.

    Go argue about something that actually matters.

    1. goforit says:

      what people dont understand is that squirrel could have had a knife or gun hidden in his fur. and as for the dead one on the road*** ROGUE COPS ***

  25. JanineC says:

    The squirell suffers too. It DOES matter. Even if it was rabid, there are more humane ways of dealing with it. People who have no humanity toward other living creatures have no humanity at all.

    1. Clarification says:

      I’m not saying that the squirrel itself doesn’t matter, just that this whole situation is completely blown out of proportion.
      Pepper spray is not inhumane. It isn’t deadly. It accomplished its purpose of incapacitating the squirrel so that it could be picked up by Animal Services.

      Now, if the reports of the officer and the administrators kicking the squirrel after getting maced is true, I agree, that is wrong, but I don’t feel like the pepper spray is the issue here.

      1. Tiffany Higgins Barnes says:

        All those student standing out there on a windy day and pepper spray isn’t an issue?? Sorry, I disagree…

  26. Kim Dar says:

    Nothing like making a mountain out of a molehill. Squirrels are nothing but bushy tailed rats. They will also jump on you if they get a chance, along with throwing things from the tree branches at you and playing chicken with you in the road. It must be a really SLOW news day.

    1. Lordbear says:

      It doesn’t really matter what species of animal was involved. The real issue is the poor judgment and ignorance of the officer. I would also say he needs more training. Animal problems are the purvey of animal control. Proper police training would have taught him that.

      My concern is that this guy is just a vicious person and felt justified in acting it out on a defenseless creature. What’s next?

  27. BabySquirrel1 says:

    Look,I was looking for a peanut. Those kids were feeding me and I do like spicy things so the pepper spray didn’t bother me too much. As for the cop kicking me..he better watch out or I will drop an acorn on his pumpkin head!!! Duces!!

  28. Nick Dauphin says:

    I have a few friends who were witnesses to this terrible animal cruelty. Even though it was not stated in the article a few principals and the cop kicked the squirrel after it had been maced. Also the Animal Services were not called until after the macing.

  29. - says:

    Boy. Aren’t -you- a smart one.

  30. darrell says:

    Update @12:27 p.m. The squirrel is alive. School administrators called Mesquite Animal Control, and a technician picked it up and cleaned the pepper spray off of it.

    i dont believe it. one public official attacked the terrorist squirrel then another comes along and treats and shows kindness to the terrorist squirrel.
    its no wonder these terrorist squirrels dont know how to act.

  31. Ms. M says:

    Obviously there are a lot of uncaring animal haters reading this. They probably get their kicks watching animals being tortured. The baby squirrel was obviously very confused. Probably fell out of it’s nest and looking for it’s mama. It’s a harmless BABY squirrel for Christ’s sake!

    1. Lordbear says:

      You are sort of right. If it weren’t so likely that some jerkwad of a parent could possibly see an opportunity to try to make some free money off of ‘the system’ by suing people, then the cop wouldn’t have been able to justify his poor judgment, ignorance and bad training to cover his cruelty.

      1. Lordbear says:

        comment landed on the wrong post,,, sorry

  32. Tools, all of you says:

    And if the squirrel was rabid and actually bit one of these students, you would be complaining that the officer should have protected the students! You can’t win around here with all of armchair quarterbacks…

    1. LordBear says:

      You are sort of right. If it weren’t so likely that some jerkwad of a parent could possibly see an opportunity to try to make some free money off of ‘the system’ by suing people, then the cop wouldn’t have been able to justify his poor judgment, ignorance and bad training to cover his cruelty.

  33. Angela Marien says:

    FYI, the squirrel was taken to a Squirrel Refuge- so take a chill pill- it wasn’t killed and buried (like some of these stupid comments should be).

  34. ananomas says:

    i was there it was horrable to see the little guy be in pain he was rubbing his eyes ;9

  35. Ima Tool says:

    Just the other day a stupid squirrel jumped off a power line and bounced off my windshield. Scared the hell out of me. I looked in my rear view mirror and saw him sitting there stunned in the middle of the road so I went back and picked him up. I ate like a king that night.

    1. Mmmmmmm says:

      Did it taste like chicken?

      1. Ima Tool says:

        Nah, it tasted more like house cat. I’ll tell you what’s good though, day old possum. You have to look for them first thing in the morning so they’re not covered up with flies.

    2. Mmmmmmm says:

      You don’t really want to eat the grown Opossums. What you want to do is look for a momma opossum that’s got babies in her pouch. Those are tender little morsels—-mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, good!

      1. Ima Tool says:

        Wow, good idea. I think I’ll market them as Opossum Nuggets. Who wants to help me corner the market on this new delicacy?

  36. Wayne says:

    Wow…it looks like half the people commenting here are cop-hating half-wits! The police have a tough enough job as it is. They’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t. In almost fifty years, I’ve never once seen a squirrel approach people – they always run FROM them. I’m no veterinarian, and I’ll bet most of the commenters here aren’t either. Who’s to say whether the squirrel was rabid or not? The officer used less-than-deadly force to eliminate any possible threat to the health of those kids.

    And why the h*** does a kid have a video recording device at school anyway? This isn’t film school, they have no business trying to be the next Spike Lee or Michael Moore by filming propaganda movies. I don’t care if it’s a camera in a cell phone. Cell phones don’t belong in school either. I say leave them at home, or confiscate them at the beginning of the school day and return them after class. This is beyond ridiculous. I’m sure there will be a lot of mush-brained morons who disagree with me. So here’s a bit of advice…don’t bother. Just watch your favorite brain-dead TV show and vegetate like you usually do. Don’t “dumb down” the rest of us with any of your inane input. Thank you.

  37. Kelcie says:

    Officer Tally was not even on the campus when this occured.
    I was there from the time the baby squirrel was discovered, till the time the Mesquite Animal Services picked it up. At NO point was Officer Tally there. He has NO say in this…

    1. Ima Tool says:

      I don’t think you have a say in it either do you?

  38. Officer Mom says:

    And, the wimpy moms who were whining about their child having a “bad experience” at school. Put on your big girl panties, for crying out loud.
    With all the violence on television and everywhere else…sheesh, lady.

    That officer probably saved a child from getting rabies…could’ve been YOURS.

  39. Officer Mom says:

    I thought when I hit “reply” under a person’s comment, my post would be connected to that one.

    My “EXACTLY” was for MAC.

  40. Mariana Castaneda says:

    omg wat did ever do to him

  41. darrell says:

    considering all the concern about rabid squirrels i guess we need to fire three or four dozen teachers so we can pay for more school security personel armed with mace to protect our children from the epidemic of rabid squirrels on or near our school grounds. child safety has to come before education.

  42. moyer says:

    squirrels do not get rabies,it was a baby looking for its mother,it was scared its a baby.

  43. Fred Witzell says:

    Give me a break.. If the squirrel had BIT someone, the poor little students would have been horrified… A squirrel is nothing more than a RAT with *curb appeal*…

    1. Ima Tool says:

      Amen brother. The only reason I won’t eat a rat is because it doesn’t have a fluffy tail.

  44. Josh S. says:

    I was there and they did over do it but it really didnt bother me. Is it really that bad? But look at this side if he didn’t do anything and it would have bit someone then you all would be asking, “Why didnt he do anything to stop that?!”

  45. exo says:

    Horrible this is exactly the way officers use force. Super exaggerated non-sense. Please explain to me how a mammal that is about 3-4 inches long poses a threat to 6 foot tall man. He is a coward, just like most cops. Real hard to take a cloth put it over the squirrel and take it away or to the vet if you think its rabid. Sickening.

    1. Ima Tool says:

      I tell you what.. Why don’t you go get a case of rabies and then we’ll talk about this exaggerated force. He should have given it a curb stomp.

    2. kevin says:

      There was a fellow named Steve Irwin a while back who tried to convince us most animals were essentially harmless as long as we left them alone. I think he’s currently 6 foot under with a gift from a friendly fish embedded in his chest cavity.

  46. BIGD says:

    PUT A SADDLE ON IT……………………………..LET’S RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. 2sister says:

    If this squirrel was really charging at people, they were wise to suspect that it might have rabies. If it had bitten someone, they would have had to kill it to check for rabies. At least this way, they were able to catch and release it back into the wild.

  48. Joy Carlock says:

    I Think officer Davis did the right thing.! As a 7th grader at Kimbrough Middle school, a lot of students over exaggerated on this. Many kids would have gotten mad if Officer Davis didn’t do anything and just let it happen but when he protects the students LIKE HE IS SUPPOSED TO FOR HIS JOB they still get mad. Many people have changed up the story and it’s time for people to either forget about it or know the truth.!!

    1. Christina Watson says:

      Ohhh Joy you tell em xD its Christina((: im borred haa

  49. Happy Ent says:

    That sure was “brave” officer Davis. You should get a medal for being the biggest D-Bag of the force. Also, @ ” A Mom” that the office was subduing the squirrel. Really lady get a freaking grip. Baby squirrels are SO dangerous. Moron.

  50. Jenny says:

    It’s fun watching everyone lose their minds!

  51. Julie says:

    The officer should be charged with animal cruelty.

  52. JImmy D. says:

    People need to get a life!!! Its a squirrel for crying out loud!!!! You know people still eat them! I am disappointed in KTVT, surely you have something better to report on than this story. If not then you are in the wrong business!!!!!

  53. sheesh says:

    Angry squirrels unite and take over the world!

  54. Phil Ator says:

    This is not even news worthy! Your news director needs to be fired.

    1. Andrew says:

      I beg to differ. Animal lovers would find it very newsworthy.

  55. Jerry Davis says:

    Oh, my gosh! They didn’t really do that?

    Uh, yes, they did.

    What if a 2-3 foot long rat had come to the front of the school, appeared to be coming in, darted toward the students and the officer stopped it with the Pepper Spray? A hero, the screaming young girls would have proclaimed, because they were saved from that nasty rat or maybe a nutria. (You’ve seen those with the big, ugly, buck teeth.

    So, what is the difference between the buck tooth squirrel and the rat and nutria? After all, they are all rodents, right?

    As the joke among journalists goes, “The difference between a rat and a squirrel (both rodents) is the squirrel has a better PR Man (or woman), or a cuter tail and ears. But still a rodent. No, what this so-called story has is a cute squirrel -vs- an armed police officer and some immature young ladies who took a compelling video (made for modern TV journalism) and a culpable editor.

  56. TIBBAY JIBBAY says:



    p.s. poor baby squirrel, he was clearly on the prowl ready to attack innocent 7th graders. God knows you can’t treat rabies either. Thank god this officer clearly on a power trip, was there to save everyone from the squirrel sniffing around leaves looking for some food.

  57. Terry D. Yates says:

    Once again the news people at Channel 11 squirreled out when it comes to providing, professional, informative news. It would seem that there is more important news in the world, state and cities that you could be reporting on. Yes, it may be sad for the little squirrel that got sprayed, but it is better than having a student bitten and going through a series of shots. As for the student who took the photo and posted it on the net, she violated Mesquite ISD policy. Students are not allowed to have phones on or in use while school is going on. She should have her phone taken up by school administrators and pay a $15.00 fine to get the phone back as stated in policy. If the scene was as dramatic for the students as reported, the students should have turned their backs to the event and minded their own business. I tend to know students pretty well, and I can testify that the majority of them don’t mind flocking by the dozens to watch two fellow students beat the living daylights out of each other in a fight. So don’t believe for a minute that what you reported is news, it’s nuts. Once again, it appears that Channel 11 has some vendetta against police officers.

    1. Alura says:

      So you wanted all of those students to turn their backs to the abuse of a baby squirrel by grown adults?

      Oh it’s ok kids we are just kicking and pepper spraying a baby squirrel -turn your backs and dont watch.

      Very disturbing! All abusers start with something small that can’t fight back. Most start with animals and once animals just don’t do it for them anymore they move on to children.

      I can see that the screams and tears of girls have no effect on this man. Is this because he has already moved past animals and is abusing the kids?

      A squirrel is not a threat to children but a grown man with mace and a thirst for abuse is. I would keep an eye on him.

      The girl that put this out for all to see should be rewarded for her bravery.

  58. Jason says:

    um yeah this is an OUTRAGE!!! Whatever, the news needs to be concerned about all the bullying that goes on at that school and about the kids they let back in after giving illegal drugs to students to get them high during school hours. A baby squirrel is the least of Kimbrough Middle School’s problems!! Get a life and be concerned with our kids real safety!!! IDIOTS!

  59. Renee says:

    Onlookers are to blame also. Nobody physically tried to stop or help that squirrel. Someone could have thrown a towel over it. The poor baby probably fell out if his nest during the stormy weather this week and was looking for someone to take of it. The students may have even been feeding it making it more tame. It seemed so cruel and brutal to spray it several times like that. Further, the students could have been removed from the situation if that was the concern. Hopefully everyone can learn about what are real threats versus hysteria and think in more depth about nature. Also maybe the students will learn not to trust that people in authority know what they are doing and step up and defend animals or others when they need to.

  60. kevin says:

    As a taxpayer, i wish he would have just stepped on it. Ill bet that pepperspray is expensive.

  61. darrell says:

    EASTER BUNNIES may carry rabies. being a very close cousin of the squirrel. so we are canceling all easter egg hunts because the eggs could carry rabies. cant trust those chocolate ones either. if you have an easter bunny, kill it. if you have easter eggs, destroy them. this also means that Peter Cottentail, Thumper, Buggs, and countless others must go. we have to protect the children from these threats.

    1. Andrew says:

      Darrell, I admire your sarcasm, but I must correct you in that bunnies are not very close cousins of squirrels. Rabbits are classified in the order Lagomorpha, while squirrels are in Rodentia.

      1. darrell says:

        lol andrew, now we are just splitting hares. : )

  62. Tommy Chapman says:

    1st of all this is not a story! 2nd, the parents that are complaining, are the same parents that run over squirrels 3rd The officer could have shot the squirrel, I know you Mesquite residents would have been thrilled with that 4th, it’s a squirrel!

    1. Pam Andrews says:

      Wrong, it is illegal to discharge a fire arm in a school place around children especially at a baby squirrel. They could miss or the bullet could ricochet and hit a human.

  63. Tom Joad says:

    I am sure the officer put in his report that “He feared for his life” and that the squirrel was threatening and took “A bladed stance” and appeared aggressive, as so many bogus police reports say.

    The officer and his department are idiots, as rodents have NEVER transmitted rabies to humans.

    According to the CDC: “Small rodents like squirrels, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, chipmunks, rats, and mice) and lagomorphs including rabbits and hares are almost never found to be infected with rabies and have not been known to transmit rabies to humans.”

    So justification for pepper spraying the squirrel on these grounds are baseless and just an excuse for improper behavior on the part of he officer.

  64. Andrew says:

    What the cop did was clearly an act of animal cruelty. In addition, squirrels do not carry rabies. I raised two baby squirrels last fall and released them into my yard a couple months ago.

    1. Ima Tool says:

      And now yer damn squirrels are pooping all over my yard. Thanks a lot Andrew.

  65. chocotasticrabbit says:

    …so if this baby squirrel would have bitten one of the students it was chasing before being pepper sprayed or maced, it would have been justified? I’m sorry, as cute as a squirrel may seem just remember they are wild animals. They can climb bricks, just think if this curious baby squirrel would have gotten one of the students, then it’s very angry (non precocious) mom would have been in “protect my baby” mode and then the incident would have escalated. Then those same parents who are whining about this officer would have been saying “ The officers and school officials are supposed to protect our kids.” Sometimes as adults we have to err on the side of caution, if I were him I probably would have done the same thing if it were my kids being chased

    1. Pam Andrews says:

      well shows your ignorance……That was a BABY squirrel. Baby squirrel that size would not have been out of nest unless something had happened to its Momma there by leaving it to starve to death. This baby was desperate for help that there by would approach any thing animal or human for help. Second its teeth were to soft yet to hurt anyone if it had tried to bite. It couldn’t have broken the skin. Last but not the least They DO NOT CARRY RABIES. /the only way a squirrel is going to get rabies is the same way you will get it….by being bitten by another rabid animal and with a squirrel by the time it gets sick it will be dead if not actually kill already by what ever bites it.
      Last but not least the big couragious law officer could have simply thrown something over the baby or put a bucket over it and call the local fish and game/wildlife services to come pick it up. Even calling a vet who has experience with exotic pets would have been preferable to the animal control. Maybe they did actually treat the animal for the mace but turning around and releasing a baby squirrel who was apparently not yet weaned then its teeth were to underdeveloped to eat solids and is by now dead from starvation. They should have turned it over to wild life services or a rehaber.

  66. lizzymain says:

    Nice example for all of those kids on how to treat a creature who is 1000 times SMALLER than you… and by a person of authority 😡 Pathetic. At least it sounds like the kids had some sense… that’s hopeful.

  67. Diane says:

    What a moron. oooo big bad cop….jerk.

  68. Brad Allen says:

    people complain about a security officer keeping their kids safe from a wild animal. If an animal that is acting out of the ordinary, like a squirrel not running away from humans, or a nocturnal animal out in the day, than it has a possibility of being sick. I would rather have the school security kill a baby squirrel than have to take my kid into the emergency room to receive 7 rounds of anti rabies injections, which are usually administered into ones abdomen,

  69. LadyShifter says:

    ok, so think about it, if he’s willing to spray a baby squirrel, which heck, is pretty harmless and can be subdued with an overturned wastebasket, what else would he be willing to spray? a child riding a bike? “he was riding toward me, i felt threatened so i sprayed him”? jeez. if it was rabid looking, why’d he leave it at the school? really, i think he was a big sissy afraid of a small animal!

  70. rlm says:

    This is stupid. All he had to do was put a trashcan on the squirrel upside down at then slip card board under it and voila he can turn it over and give it to animal control. this is a cop too dumb to carry pepper spray.

  71. Kitty Katz says:

    There is NO excuse for this type of treatment to occur and those that did it need to be locked in a cage and fed only kibble and water! The outpouring of support to this little fellow is amazing and shows to me that there still are decent humans left wandering the earth!

  72. Daste says:

    I think people are seriously failing to see the one main point in this article. The school officials and officers thought the squirrel might have rabies. Do you know what happens if you get rabies? If treated fast enough you go through a series of shots over a month long period. If that doesn’t work or you’re not treated fast enough, you suffer a painful gruesome death. If you are truly dumb enough to put your life or the life of your children at stake like that because the animal is cute, then you have some serious priority issues.

  73. Jerry Davis says:

    Oh, my gosh! The officer really do that?

    Uh, yeah, he did.

    What if a 2-3 foot long rat had come to the front of the school, appeared to be coming in, darted toward the students and the officer stopped it with the Pepper Spray? A hero, the screaming young girls would have proclaimed, because they were saved from that nasty rat or maybe a nutria. (You’ve seen those with the big, ugly, buck teeth.

    So, what is the difference between the buck tooth squirrel and the rat or nutria? They are all rodents, right? As the joke among journalists goes, “The difference between a rat and a squirrel (both rodents) is the squirrel has a better PR Man (or woman).” But both are rodents, folks.

    No, what this so-called story has is a cute squirrel -vs- an armed police officer and some immature young ladies who took a compelling (made for modern TV journalism) video and a culpable editor.

  74. Jerry C. Davis says:

    Oh, my gosh! The officer really do that?

    Uh, yeah, he did.

    What if a 2-3 foot long rat had come to the front of the school, appeared to be coming in, darted toward the students and the officer stopped it with the Pepper Spray? A hero, the screaming young girls would have proclaimed, because they were saved from that nasty rat or maybe a nutria. (You’ve seen those with the big, ugly, buck teeth.

    So, what is the difference between the buck tooth squirrel and the rat or nutria? They are all rodents, right? As the joke among journalists goes, “The difference between a rat and a squirrel (both rodents) is the squirrel has a better PR Man (or woman).” But both are rodents, folks.

    No, what this so-called story has is a cute squirrel -vs- an armed police officer and some immature young ladies who took a compelling (made for modern TV journalism) video and a culpable editor.

  75. Intelligence Is Fading says:

    WTH? i’m from the country. i have a neighbor who has tamed wild squirrels with peanuts. Could the kids have been feeding this squirrel and God forbid this animal actually started to trust humans. Bad mistake on the squirrels part. Did anybody stop and think. hmmm, i bet if we throw this little, curious squirrel some bread, nuts, or anything it would like to snack on. it would have took off to eat it? If you have ever seen a squirrel in nature, you would have noticed they dont find a nut on the ground and eat it there. they take it up a tree, get away from preditors(ms, for all you college english pros) and then eat their reward. This is a prime example of the intelligence it takes now-a-days to become a police officer, rent-a-cop, or elected into office. People Need To Wake Up. We Live In The Land Of The Wicked. Crookediness and Corruption rule this nation.

  76. Irish says:

    I used to have a baby squirrel and the way it was acting was normal,it was being playful,seems some of ye wankers on here need to grow a brain seeing it’s obvious ye dont have one at the moment.

  77. Daniel says:

    Vanston should be worried about bulling, not a squirrel. This school staff was given a fight video and done NOTHING about it and just swept in under the rug. I will be posting the videos on line to try to get the school to wake up and not avoid the problems thats in there face. VANSTON DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR KIDS.

  78. jaredl. says:

    Start digging in this guy’s backyard and check his basement. They always start with small animals and work their way up…

  79. nomza says:

    I am from Australia and when I visited Austin I was mistakenly sprayed with pepper spray by a police officer. It is extremely painful. I am SHOCKED and absolutely disgusted by this behaviour, the animal posed little to no threat of harm. Officer Davis, your actions are being shown around the world, and you should be ashamed of yourself. Nothing like this would happen in Australia. I must say, I fell in love with Texas – but the abuse of pepper spray by officials that I see in the state makes me never want to go back

    It really seems like the officer is grandstanding – demonstrating his authority – by doing this infront of the children, not comforting them, not reasoning with them why this has to be done, and then standing back and watching the baby squirrel endure the agony of pepper spray. I am sick to my stomach.

  80. nomza says:

    AK907 – so if people behave erratically they get maced too? Is this ok? Especially when they might not be posing any kind of physical threat?

    To mace now and ask questions later?

    I was moving to get out of the way of a falling fence, afraid I might get hurt, some people were trying to get past the fence and enter a forbidden area. I was not. I work for the police in Australia, I do not break laws. And a police officer maced me in the face. I was blinded and fell and hit my head on the curb of the road. I could have had a serious head or brain injury. The use of pepper spray on this squirrel isnt just about animal cruelty….its about YOUR rights as americans to not be subject to police brutality. And pepper spray, once you’ve experienced its painful effects, is brutal. It was like being hit in the face with a baton only it didnt break any bones….but it left just as much of a painful psychological scars.

    If you who are ignoring this incident do not see the impact on your own civil liberties, shame on you. The land of the free? Looks like Australia is much more free and we dont even have a bill of rights.

  81. MIKE says:

    why don’t you go arrest a drug dealer or something, and let the little squirrel be ok jerk.

  82. JOM says:

    It’s Mesquite already. What did u expect? Clear, rational thinking? Someplace that up until a few yrs ago had a policy in place re: the length of boys’ hair in school. Brave officer, but he should’ve waited for SWAT back-up.

  83. Jimmy Drinnon says:

    There has never been a recorded case of a squirrel having rabies, never! The cop was an IDIOT!

  84. patty says:

    I think its Horrible what he did to that poor litle defenseless squirrel! He should be fired & peppersprayed himself! Also, what kind of example is he setting for the kids in school, if they think its ok for an officer to torture poor little defenseless creatures. I think he”s a poor excuse for a humane!

  85. fmw says:

    iF YOU HAVE A NON -VIOLENT SOLUTION, i’m listening.

  86. Karen Santangelo says:

    This is a sad commentary on how poorly informed the public and it’s employees actually are. Adult wildlife normally will flee humans when approached. Looking at the video it is obviously a baby squirrel that doesn’t know any better and to remain safe it should flee humans. How about logical thinking? Get a box or trash can, grab a hand towel, scoop up the tiny orphan, call wildlife rescue and have the orphan released into the wild once mature. Once again, it is amazing at the LACK of common sense that humans are supposed to possess.

  87. Kat Wuman says:

    As one who has been attacked by a squirrel, I HATE them. Had one claw up my leg leaving a trail of blood while I was biking!!! They are nasty, unpredictable and unafraid of anything or anyone. If this squirrel was “rabid” the officer did the right thing. The folks allowing the children to watch were stupid. They were actually putting the kids at risk. Squirrels are NOT cute or cuddly they are disgusting, germ infested invaders who are smart as whips and organizing! Beware the coming hoard. They will show no mercy!

  88. Max McCoy says:

    What a self centered egotistical POS, he did not have the tools, is not trained to recognize a disease such as rabies (Used it as an excuse), and should have done nothing but call the proper authorities and keep people inside and away if he thought they were in danger. Instead how does blinding an animal while people are in range even become an alternative or solution? Just in the mind of someone that would probably pepper spray you, or TASER you, or maybe even shoot you and then say they felt threatened for their life or safety of others..How often do you hear that one… i.e. Officer responds to domestic violence call, shoots and kills husband who yells at him and looked like he had a weapon.

  89. darrell says:

    officer davis has solved one of my major problems while taking the bus to work. a woman, not from this planet, constantly fails to control her small toddler which has a habit of attacking leaving deposits of various liquids and solids upon my kneecaps. knowing that humans do carry and transmit rabies, by the officers fine example; i am now clearly allowed to pepper spray this dangerous creature to protect myself and others at the bus stop from this vicious creature. thank you officer davis.

  90. JulieB says:

    What to do with a bunch of idiots? Idiot police officer and idiot principal. I’m surprised the officer didn’t shoot it or taze it. What a tough dude. They should have just walked away and left it alone or waited for Animal Control to handle the situation if it even was a “situation”. It’s a little, curious animal for goodness sake. We rescued a baby squirrel one time and gave it to a wildlife rehabilitator. It’s not that hard to do the right thing.

  91. darrell says:

    the officer was upset and feeling inferior to the baby squirrel and felt he had to lash out at it after it showed the officer that it was swaying a bigger pair than the officer had.

  92. Brandon says:

    All I have to say is this..

    I know Officer Davis as I went to Kimbrough Middle School there around 2001-2002. This officer is one of the most respectful officers I have ever met. SRO’s (Senior Resource Officers) are at these campuses for a reason, to protect the students in any means neccessary and to be the “go to guy” if a student is experiencing any issues. I believe this Officer was in the right!! And will back him in any means neccessary. Squirrels dont chase people just for the heck of it. Even if this was a “baby” he still could have been a rabid baby. I have seen the video and just from the parts that I have seen he was coming at the officer and possibly the kids before this video started. If the kids there or anyone else was there that felt the officer was in the wrong then they should have ran and picked up the squirrel. OH WAIIT!! If the squirrel would have bitten a person then the cop still would have been at fault for just “standing there”.

    I swear people are always out to get cops. I dont understand it. Dont do stupid stuff and you wont be put in the situations to think the cops are wrong when really YOUR in the wrong. They are there to protect you, which some people think they are there to hurt you and demoralize you.

    On a side note, squirrels, birds, possums, skunks, turtles, deer, etc. are hit every day, every hour, every minute: BUT NO ONE GETS IN TROUBLE FOR THAT!!! But if a cop does it, ALL HELL breaks loose.

  93. Wendi says:

    I’m disgusted at the actions by the officer and principal! They both have major issues and need help and should be held accountable for their actions!

  94. Joe Blow says:




  95. F. Johnny Law says:

    What a p*ssy! This punk a$$ cop is scared of a baby squirrel?! LMAO Put your big girl panties on OFFICER DAVIS! I bet he got beat up alot as a kid, so he decided to become a b!tch a$$ cop.

  96. TravelnutTexas says:

    As a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, I have to say that what this officer did is unconscionable. At this time of year baby squirrels are venturing out of their nests – a squirrel this size that approaches humans has most likely lost its mother and is desperate for food and shelter. This animal was in no way being aggressive but merely inquisitive. The proper course of action would have been to contain the squirrel in a box or basket and contact a rehabber in the area.

  97. simon says:

    it’s a shame!

  98. Guest says:

    Cops aren’t animal experts. If he thought the squirrel had rabies and there were kids around, why shouldn’t he stop it? Because its tiny and cute? If he did nothing and a kid got bit, he would also be a bad guy. Like many have said, its a damn squirrel, it lived, the kids are safe.

Comments are closed.

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