Officer Pepper Sprays Squirrel At Mesquite School

MESQUITE (CBSDFW.COM) – Police in Mesquite are reviewing a case involving an officer who pepper sprayed a baby squirrel outside of Kimbrough Middle School. The incident happened Wednesday while several students watched in horror, and caught the situation on camera.

Video of the incident – posted here on YouTube – shows a man identified as Officer Davis standing over the squirrel and using pepper spray to subdue the baby animal. According to Sgt. Wes Talley of the Mesquite Police Department, the squirrel had been behaving erratically in the moments before what is shown in the video.

Police were concerned that the squirrel may have been rabid, and said that it chased down a few students before the pepper spray incident. Still, in the video, several shocked students can be heard screaming and pleading with the officer to show mercy on the animal.

A parent contacted CBS 11 News about this incident, saying that the officer and the school’s principal both took part in “causing injury to a baby squirrel, who posed no harm to the students, by kicking and spraying it with mace.”

The parent went on to say that the incident “caused some pain for these kids to see.”

“These adults should not get away with using mace like that around all those kids for no reason,” the upset parents told CBS 11 News. “The principal that kicked and injured this harmless animal should be ashamed of himself!”

Update: The squirrel is alive.  School administrators called Mesquite Animal Control, and a technician picked it up and cleaned the pepper spray off of it before returning it to the wild.

  • Jensen Linda

    I didn’t mean to reporty Trinity.

    • justinoob

      baby squirrels are so SWEET!!! especially when marinated in honey barbecue sauce. How could he do such a thing. Its FOOD, people. If he’s sprayed a sandwich with mace, no one would care.

      • Christina Watson


      • Nelson Courser

        The person (he is NOT an officer) should at least be placed on suspension.

      • DTM

        Hey, Jefferson Paddington III
        “in this day and age” This day and age…?
        What is that supposed to mean? The age where whiney whiners with no life try to control others like children playing with dolls in a dolllhouse?
        Is that the age?
        Your age sucks!
        Lay Down!

      • Jefferson Paddington III

        if you , in this day and age, still eat squirrels then you are one lame ƒuckhead

      • Phil

        This cop is a real tough guy! they really don’t make cops like they used to. No common sense whatsoever, A baby critter like that is a threat? he needs to get his job back at Walmart because this guy is a knucklehead. I see this more and more, cops that never want to get their hands dirty and rely on inappropriate use of force. Good job, You embarrased your department… showed um, yep, all those kids that cops are dopes!!
        signed by a former Police Officer

    • Christina Watson

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    • jenny

      A 7th grader? Sounds like your teacher needs to do a better job with you in the spelling/grammer department! If you are going to dish out the some “smart mouth”, you should be ready to get it right back!

      • Ima Tool

        How ironic… You misspelled grammar. Learn to spell before you start criticizing people

      • Ima Tool

        How ironic… You misspelled grammar. Learn to spell before you start criticizing people

      • Jenny

        Ima Tool needs to get a life. I spell better than most on here. BTW, I’m in the 2nd grade…Get a life, I wasn’t even talking to you moron!

      • Ima Tool

        I have no life, that’s why I’m on here replying to the dumb comments. What’s your excuse? Oh yeah, you claim to be in the second grade, which I don’t believe for one second. Is this what most second graders do these days… Come into a public forum and criticize spelling mistakes when they can’t even spell “grammar” properly.

      • Myob

        You are a tool! Go look at one of your posts…you spelled Oppossum without the O dipstick!

      • Ima Tool

        What is an O dipstick?

      • Agree with the 2nd grader

        You spelled Oppossum without the “o”, and you’re a DIPSTICK!

    • Guest

      Some of you are pretty stupid.

    • Jayson Reliford

      It’s been years and I can’t remember if it was in Mesquite or Seagoville but COPS was filming and they came across a huge snake in a parking lot. What COPS didn’t air was them hitting the snake with a 2×4 and cutting it’s head off with a pocket knife. True story.

    • Holly

      So was the CDC informed or animal control? There are proper procedures to follow. One, quarantine the area by putting the school on lock down. two, Call animal control followed by CDC. Three, have animal control set live traps while you hold the parameter to prevent infection. This was just a cruel act on an animal probably to torture the kids. This officer should be fired and whoever concocted and backed the story of rabies punished severely.

  • darrell

    im sorry, but this “baby” squirrel shows as many signs of rabies as this officer does intelligence. ZERO! yes, squirrels can get rabies but it is extremely rare. symptoms are lethargy, slowness, disorientation and sometimes extreme aggression. normal squirrels are active, curious, and occasionaly territorial when they have young.

    i would like to see this officer officialy and publicly rewarded for his brave actions by defending the children at risk of his own life while beating off the vicious attack of this curiosity deprived baby squirrel. its the intelligent, fast acting, critical decisions like this that make us citizens proud of our officers.

    • jason

      “occasionaly”, “officialy” ,”curiosity deprived” , Oh Darrell, you are displaying signs of slowness and disorientation.

      • Jefferson Paddington III

        what a cruisy name ~ Jason
        tell me you are a waiter

    • Keerie

      You are right. No case of rabies from a squirrel has been reported in the US. As a wildlife rehabilitator, squirrels are my specialty. This little guy is looking for companionship.

      I also would like to see the officer rewarded for his bravery. I mean the squirrel could have had the school put on lock down or even worse…held some hostages.

    • william

      If the officer “davis” was worried about rabies ?.? pepper spray is not meant to stop an animal / or dis orient it . . . and to do so would do what ?.? scare it off – or cause it to accakt as the pepper spray attacks it . . . . tthe Officer Davis showed poor judgement
      . . We had a family of squirrels at work – never were friendly – except for the baby exploring – he would eat peanuts out of our hands if we stayed still . . in season I ‘ld get some sherstnus and line up four ofr five . . he would come dfown and you should see him trying to decide which one to take first . . . or when walking accross one of the beams and dropping it . . . it was priceless -.- that was two year ago and we still talk abot him

      • brian

        Pepper spray is not meant to stop, or disorient an animal? Pepper spray, bear spray, mace, they are all designed to stop or disorientate. Google things before you put thing like this on the internet. You look like an ass!

  • just a squirrel

    Oh my goodness, it was a squirrel. What is the big deal? We have too many of them as it is and they ruin our trees and yards. And if a kid can’t deal with this? How will they deal with life? Stop babying the kids.
    I am so tired of my back yard having holes from them and having to pull out the new growth from what they planted.

    • Cheryl Jackson

      Look. If your daughter/son was to get bitten then what would you have done? I don’t blame Officer Davis. I am a 7th grader from Kimbrough Middle School. Officer Davis has done what was right. He cares about us and show us too. I am not giving you my name. I am going to say my name is Cheryl Jackson.

      P.S. Fake email too.

      • christina

        ohhh gurrl yuhh nowss itt kuzz umm i goes tuhh that skuull 2
        P.S. My namme is Christina Watson

      • Maya Pierce

        Cheryl Jackson is me Maya PIerce, Mia Pierce, Josey Mendoza , and Christina Watson.

      • Doug Jordan

        Rabid animals should be humanely put down and disposed of, not tortured. This is disgusting. If he was really threatened by this thing, why were there even children still in the vicinity? This is a damn squirrel we are talking about, not a cape buffalo. You’d think the squirrel was about to start a school shooting for crying out loud.

      • Leann

        Ignorance breeds ignorance

      • Squirrel man

        ^ Officer Davis

    • zach

      guess what? we have overpopulated the earth and forced ourselves onto the squirrels habitats (and removed many of their natural predators). is your backyard that big of a deal? we aren’t supposed to be making nature conform to us to the extent that we do.

      if it’s possible to avoid a kid seeing something traumatic, um, well, let’s take that route. :) if you think that’s babying a kid, then you are out of touch. times have changed, and for the better.

    • JanineC

      Squirells are God’s creatures too. Well, it was JUST a person… so what? I am sorry, but I cannot stand it when people think that other life is not important at all.

      • AK907

        uhhh. If people behave erratically they get maced too…just sayin

    • Phoebie

      Perhaps you should be a part of congress. They do not care about the enviornment or wildlife. Do your self a favor, if you do not like your yard ruined or holes in your grass or pulling weeds….move to a big city apartment, on the top floor, get astroturf and plastic trees. The only thing you will have to worry about is bird poo. That is easy for you to hose down.

    • peppereyes

      The EARTH is the LORD’s and the FULLNESS there of
      Ir’s not YOUR Back Yard… it was there before you were born and will be there affter you die.. We build our homes in their forest…so what do you expect.

    • Josh

      I agree with you. I’m sorry it may be sad to some people but it’s a squirrel, really? It’s not any worse than when they get hit by a car and when that happens they die the squirrel is still alive people get over it

      • Pat G

        When an animal get hit by a car it is an ACCIDENT, not intentional. Most serial killers started out torturing small animals.

    • patty

      “just a squirrel” Grow up!! Your discusting!! They have hearts & feelings like your supposed to have! Your not humane! You need to go down the yellow brick road & get a hear & some brains while your at it! Teach your children to love & respect life all of it! That officer needs to be fired!!!!! He”s a poor excuse for an officer, a very bad example, not somebody i want walking around with a gun!

  • Jensen Linda

    Sorry Trinity, didn’t mean to report your comment….but was trying to say that had the squirrel bit a kid we’d all complain about the lack of attention paid to it…..!

  • 94harleyrider

    Oh good grief!! Get a grip – – it’s a squirrel – it may well have rabies – now how would ya feel if it had bitten a kid and they had to take all those shots – humh??

    The officer was correct in his actions – obviously he didn’t have anything else he could use to subdue the animal and keep the kids safe. The only thing different that I can see that may have been done was to send ALL the students inside. The kids these days are way too sensative for such stuff!! When I was in school the janitor picked up a snake that was on campus and snapped its head off with one quick flip of the wrist.

    • Keerie21

      They do not give “all those shots” anymore. I have been bitten several times. I worry more about a feral cats, which I have been bitten by, then a squirrel.

    • dr. police

      Empathy is a sign of connection to others and living things. Lack of empathy has been tied to animal abuse and child abuse. This is not to imply that this guy does either, but he does need some training. He is NOT very smart and a poor role model.

      • Jenny

        Agree! Big dumb cop vs. Baby squirrel. Guess who’s winning!

    • jennifer

      Harley dude-yo can google rabies info.-you would see that there has never been a case of a squirrel having rabies in the U.S.!

    • JOM

      “94” I’m sure represents ur IQ & harleyrider..says it all, sheer blissful ignorance; however in ur case, ecstasy.

  • jack y

    Must be a VERY slow newes day

  • Squirrels are out to getcha

    I’m surprised he didn’t pull his weapon and blast the attacking beast into oblivion. He might qualify for a psychiatric evaluation from the trama of being attacked.

    • Teacher in waiting

      TRY SPELL CHECK “trama”

  • Officer Pepper Sprays Squirrel At Mesquite School « Fort Worth News Feeds

    […] Officer Pepper Sprays Squirrel At Mesquite School Police in Mesquite are reviewing a case involving an officer who pepper sprayed a squirrel at Kimbrough Middle School. Go to News Source […]



    • mary smith

      i have raised baby squirrels for years ,and your right, im glad hes not protecting my loved ones to!

      • w

        Mary, I also have raised baby squirrels. They are so sweet at that age.

    • MMJ


      • GUTSY PO

        MMJ I WOULD PUT YOU IN MY ARMS WAY! (with a hug you sexy thing)

      • Ed

        MMJ…I wanted to be a police officer but I was overwhelmed with the vicious, squirrel training.

  • Hoo

    Leave it to the media to make something out of nothing. I’m sure channel 11 can get Katie Courec down here to do a liberal special on Mesquite’s squirrel brutality.

  • Karl Gleim

    Okay we see a baby squirrel move toward Officer Davis who subsequently pepper sprays the animal in front of a number of children. SO if it was as dangerous as all of that, then why did the ADULTS not remove the children from the area (back inside) out of any perceived danger until Animal Control could have arrived to properly subdue the animal? It did not appear to behave ERRATICALLY. It hopped toward Officer Davis who backed up and pepper sprayed it. With the number of adults around someone could have brought a net, blanket, towel or some such to throw over it and then a box atop that to keep it from getting away until Animal Control officers arrived to handle the baby squirrel in a more humane manner. If as the story says, but was not shown in the video, that the principal then kicked the animal after it was down does not show good judgement on the part of this school administrator. Taking the children inside out of harms way would have been the proper course of action while awaiting Animal Control to handle it rather than “calling
    out the ‘Artillery’ ” to deal with such a small creature. If in fact it was not rabid or otherwise sick but just frightened by so many large predators (adults and kids around it) that it moved toward them to scare them away so it could go about it’s own business, pepper spraying and kicking it to cause it injury was not called for.
    Did Animal Control come and take the animal away to check and see if it was in fact sick or just injured after being sprayed and kicked by the humans? If not, what happened to the baby squirrel after the fact? Acting in this manner in front of children does not show good judgement nor does it show how animals should be treated regardless of whether it is a wild or a domesticated (pet) animal. This incident should be investigated completely to determine who’s actions were correct, who’s not, what happened to the animal and whether or not it was actually sick/rabid in the 1st place or if not sidk/rabid how much injury was cased by the actions taken in dealing with it.

    • Kevin

      wow. most of my term papers in school weren’t that long. you wrote all that about a squirrel? im afraid to ask how you feel about world hunger.

      • goforit

        I passed his comment because I dont have time for a novel.

      • J

        you should read more

      • JOM

        As of u give a squirrel’s butt about world hunger you pompous ass

    • w

      Thank you for taking the time to explain that kindness should have been shown to the baby squirrel…..we need more people like you….please continue to write in behalf of animals…..

    • pg

      Maybe the should have brought out the AK47 and machine gunned it to. You are telling me there was not way to contain this squirell. Get real, I have worked with a variety of wild animals, drop a box over it.

  • Dallas

    It’s a freakin’ squirrel Who cares?

    • les

      i just wonder why the swat team wasn’t called .

    • LordBear

      The point is not what type of animal it is. Of course, the average Merikun cannot think beyond the obvious. The point is the the police officer shows a mix of bad judgment, ignorance and a willingness to use weapons too quickly. The principal is just an outright ass.

  • Joe

    Why didn’t the cop just put his hat over the baby squirrel and take it to animal control? Too many cops these days are idiots. I’m surprised he didn’t shoot the squirrel.
    This whole thing reminds me of Jimmy Carter clubbing the “attack rabbit”.

    • A Mom

      Putting his hat over the squirrel would have required him to get within possible biting range of a possibly rabid animal. If an animal IS rabid, it is usually killed, sometimes by shooting. So, if the officer HAD shot the squirrel he would have done the right thing as far as dealing with a rabid animal.

    • mal

      As you can or should see he was not wearing a hat. Who do you call when your family is in danger? Really are you that stupid

  • Jennifer

    It was a little baby squirrel that was writhing in pain from that disgusting officer. Why are their so many cold uncaring people posting here? Is that what lives in this area? How can any one be so sick and so cold. Imagine what he is like to people if this is how he treats a baby squirrel. I feel sick now. He should be kicked off of the force as he shows more than enough antisocial tendencies in this clip. Rabies my @ss. Why would you also kick a baby animal, or any animal?

    • Mac

      Jeez, Jennifer: If it had been rabid, and he refused to spray the ‘baby squirrel’ and it bit someone, you’d be screaming that he had a job to do, didn’t do it, and should be ‘kicked off the force’. And advocating a Mesquite police officer be fired for this? It’s obvious you don’t live in Mesquite. Most people enjoy the safety and security of the police. If you don’t like police, head south to Mexico.

      • Officer Mom


      • I dont even?

        This is so confusing.

      • Jennifer

        I wouldn’t be screaming that the cop didn’t do his job, so stop putting words in my mouth. Even if the baby squirrel had rabies (which it 99.99% didn’t) and bit somebody (which it 99.99% wouldn’t) rabies is curable. Why didn’t they all just either stay inside and wait for animal control, or go out another door. How do you know if I am from Mesquite or not? Some police officers make me feel safer but this one DOES NOT.

    • Kat Wuman

      it is a wild animal and possibly rabid. The officer was acting in the best interest of the children there. Sometimes life is hard, get over it. Those children should have been taken inside. This whole thing is a bid to do over nothing. As far as your ass having rabies, I would consult with a DR!

    • A Mom

      I don’t think the officer was disgusting at all–he was subduing a possibly rabid animal which was displaying completely abnormal behavior consistent with possible rabies. If the squirrel had bitten someone and it was rabid, I’m sure you would feel very different-especially if it was you.

      • unknown

        It is PROVEN that there hasn’t been a report of SQUIRRELS having RABIES in Dallas, in YEARS.
        the officer put us kids in more danger, than tht squirrel did. The squirrel was TWO WEEKS OLD!. IT HAD NO TEETH. NO TEETH. Seriously, what was it going to do.

      • Kat Wuman

        Unknow? Do you not know, if you break the skin (and you can do this without teeth by clamping on and making a “tearing” motion, you can pass rabies from the saliva! I wonder how you would feel if this animal ripped into a kid and the officer just stood there!? What would you complain about then? IDIOT!

      • Alura

        If they were honestly concerned about the safety of the students they would not have allowed them to be there.

        Instead the allowed the students to be close enough to the situation to be exposed to pepper spray.

      • @unknown

        Where are your facts if you say it has been proven? Oh yeah, it’s the internet, we can say whatever we want on a forum.

      • chocotasticrabbit

        who the heck is supposed to know that baby squirrels don’t have teeth! Not the average person

  • mecdag

    Oh my gosh!! You people need to get a life! First, it’s not possible to sit back and have a debate over proper actions against a squirrel when you have 800 plus students who were just dismissed from school. The squirrel was being aggressive and continually charged the students. Of course, this cause screaming and students running around to see what was happening. Squirrels are not normally aggressive so it is safe to assume that something was wrong with it. If the squirrel had bitten a student or caused one to run out in front of a car then the officer and administrator would have been rediculed for not protecting the students. It’s easy to say what should have been done when you were not around for the chaos. I’m sure it was difficult to quickly move the students in the building and find a net that would obviously be easy to find at a school. I guess the schools and officers should have a something prepared for “squirrels who may have rabies or scared kit”.

  • Rick McDaniel

    It really is beginning to look like cops today, are basically cowards. They don’t have an ounce of courage to confront anything…..not even a squirrel.

    • A Mom

      I do not think that the officer showed cowardice here. He pepper-sprayed a possibly rabid squirrel that had been chasing children, which is very abnormal behavior for a squirrel and is consistent with possible rabies. In case you have forgotten, rabies is 100% fatal. What do you want him to do, pick it up and let it bite him to show his bravery? I think the officer acted properly.

    • Jenny

      Thank you Rick for being one of the few “men” that said something intelligent! I don’t know why a lot of men/boys think being caring towards a small animal may make them look like less than a man??? Some of the women on here posting are pretty lame as well. I know it’s just a squirrel, but the officer is just a sissy! And as far as the squirrel charging people? Wow! Really? Give me a break!

      • 2sister

        If the squirrel had bitten someone, they would have to kill the squirrel anyway to check for rabies. Squirrels do bite. The way he handled it protect the children, they didn’t have to kill the squirrel.

      • Paul

        Do you understand what rabies is? It’s a fatal disease that can be transmitted through bites. Even if squirrels ALMOST never transmit the rabies virus, there is no reason to take a chance especially around children. Please read the article before insulting people

    • lee

      OH Really maybe you should put your own life out there for any crazy person to attack. Look in a mirror you are the coward. Maybe you should do a ride along to see some of the situations that other force them into to protect your family i reckon you feel that way about our service men you are such a moron

      • jenny

        I still think it’s funny watching a grown ass man afraid of a baby squirrel! And, that’s regardless of him being a service man! Has nothing to do with him wearing a badge!

      • Wannabe Cop

        I can attest to that Mesquite PD has a rough beat. I did a ride along with them a few years ago. 2! speeding tickets one was for 7 over! They also had to help someone open their car when they locked their keys inside. It was too much for me, I had to leave early.

  • erin

    Oh look. school kids making a huge deal out of nothing. Way to turn into bunny hugging California, people.

    It’s a SQUIRREL. Most of the time people would just club it with a shovel and hurl it into the trash can. This is a huge deal about nothing.

  • Tignor

    Maybe if the squirrel had some money to pay off the Police Officer, he wouldn’t of been sprayed

  • billy




  • MouthyGirl

    Ever hear of a basket? Put a basket over it and call animal control. Geez.

    • Shelby

      Um hello? Have you ever seen how fast a squirrel moves??

      • A Mom

        And, in order to put a basket over it, the officer would have had to get within “biting range” of a possibly rabid squirrel. In case Mouthy Girl missed it, rabies is FATAL!

  • Shelly

    Obviously the “animal control” officer needs training in rabies, squirrels, etc. The principle who called “animal control” , if really worried about student safety should have placed the children back inside the school. The whole area could probably use a class on wild animals, city dwelling squirrels, etc.

  • Ryndell

    this is yet anoter example of the man keepin down rodents of colour!

  • Mr Black

    Give the officer a break! This was the first and only chance to draw out his pepperspray and use it in self-defense. Now he has something to brag about with the boys back at the station.
    He should be awarded a medal for saving the chillun’s from the dangerous squirrel. I mean, that squirrel coudl’ve bit someone’s head off!

    • A Mom

      The squirrel also could have bitten one of the children. In case you missed it, rabies is spread by bites and is 100% fatal.

      • Rabies Survivor

        Rabies is fatal in Texas? wow more backwards than I thought. Rest of the country has had a Rabies cure for decades.

      • RE: A Mom

        A Mom, please stop repeating the same comment over and over again. The police officer mishandled this. If this was a squirrel with rabies then he should not have approached the squirrel. He put himself in biting range.

        He should have moved the kids inside and let Animal Control take care of the situation.

      • Jellobunny

        If you check the CDC for information regarding rabies and squirrels, you will see that there has never been a case of a squirrel with rabies infecting a human in the United States. It isn’t that it is rare, it hasn’t happened. Also, your information is incorrect regarding a rabies bite being 100 percent fatal…it’s treatable. People in the other countries may die, but we are fortunate to have what we call “shots”! Educate yourself before you spread your propaganda!

  • Malcolm Wallace

    lol i go to kimbrough and all i have to say is wow..this made the news. there are way way more important things to be talking about. i just wish everybody would stop talking about it its freaking dumb. T

  • Sigh

    I fail to see the problem here. Whether it was the best decision to make or not, the officer was doing his job of protecting the students.
    I see squirrels lying dead in the road all the time, but no one complains then. Sure, they’re cute, but student safety is more important, and if the officer had reason to believe that this creature was in any way harmful, then he did the right thing.

    Go argue about something that actually matters.

    • goforit

      what people dont understand is that squirrel could have had a knife or gun hidden in his fur. and as for the dead one on the road*** ROGUE COPS ***

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