By Bud Gillett, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A West Dallas resident is taking a neighborhood gripe to city hall after getting no satisfaction over issues with neighbors across the fence.

The problem is it’s not just any fence, the neighbor is a large apartment complex that backs up to her house on Pueblo Street.

It’s said “good fences make good neighbors.”  But Annie Lee Parr says the fence isn’t good enough.   She claims problems come over it—including vandals who scare and frustrate her.

The rock thrown through the 87-year-old widow’s window earlier this year could hardly come at a more unwelcome time.   “My husband had just passed away and I was getting ready to have his funeral the next day when they broke my window out,” she says.

It was the proverbial “last straw.”  For years she’s unsuccessfully fought vandalism she says comes from tenants in apartments across her fence.  This week she boldly confronted each and every member of the Dallas City council.  “Nobody would do nothin’ until I went to city hall,” she said.

Parr listed her grievances.  Garbage bins dumped in her yard.  Trash allowed to blow over the fence.  Sprinkler runoff washing under it. But the worst, she says, is the people coming over the fence and scaring her in her home.  “They throw rocks all up against my house,” she told CBS 11 News. “One day I heard a rock hit my house last week and I come out here and see the rock was in the yard.”

Parr says she gave up trying to talk to the managers of the Rosemont at Lake West Apartments.  But her councilman took up her cause went to them himself.  “The hope is the property manager will visit with some of the tenants and communicate what are the standards of being a good neighbor,” said Dave Neumann. “And I simply said to the property manager, let’s be good neighbors.'”

Rosemont’s manager told CBS 11 she is unsure if the troublemakers are all her tenants, but she’ll send out warnings to renters and bring up the issue at a monthly crime watch meeting.   And if someone’s actually caught, appropriate action will be taken.

“I would think if someone violates the rules that they could evict the tenant,” said Neumann, adding, “Now, you wouldn’t do that unless you had probable cause.'”

Police tell CBS 11 they think the problem is kids playing around.  There have been lots of police calls out here and they’re stepping up patrols.  Parr feels the apartment needs to provide its own 24-hour security.