Arlington Girl Hit & Killed By Car In Parking Lot

ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – A 7-year-old girl is dead after being hit by a car int he parking lot of an apartment complex.

The accident happened at the Polo Run apartments off Road to Six Flags near Cooper Street in Arlington around 6:30 Friday night.

Arlington Police spokeswoman Tiara Ellis Richard says the girl was hit by a car.  The girl was taken to Arlington Memorial Hospital nearby where she later died from her injuries.

The driver of the car remained at the scene and is working with police on the accident investigation.

Richard says this is the second child hit by a vehicle in Arlington in the past two days.  On Thursday, an 11-year-old boy was hit by a pickup truck after stepping out into the road.  That accident happened on New York Avenue near Park Row.  The boy, who was said to be looking at his cell phone when he walked out into the road, was not killed.

Arlington Police says because of the improving weather children are more likely to be outside during twilight hours, and ask drivers to watch for children.  They also encourage parents to remind their children of their surroundings.


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  1. Lynette Ann Bunch says:

    drivers need to be more careful and look in all directions when driving at all times

    1. megs says:

      Drivers do need to be cautious, but children shouldn’t be allowed to play in parking lots & roadways! Unattended children are a menace. It’s unfortunate this child died, but you can’t immediately cast blame to the driver.

      1. mar says:

        yes drivers should also be aware of there surroundings, children are not a menace unattended or other wise whats menace are people who think parking lots and neighbor hoods are a good time to speed. instead of following the posted speed limit……!!!!!

      2. Pasch says:

        Yes, “mar”, unattended children ARE a menace!!! Parents should not allow them out to play in the parking lots and streets UNATTENDED!!!! I certainly do not allow my 8 year old daughter do it!

  2. doug says:

    Just horrible….
    I’m sure the driver feels miserable and will have regrets for the rest of their life.
    I’m sure it was just an accident and hope the best for both families.

  3. Darwinneedstoweedouttheidots says:

    Who said it was a mexican you racist bigot.

  4. Kim Dar says:

    I am very sorry for both the driver and the girl’s family, but even if the driver was going the posted speed limit the girl would have died anyway. 7 year old girl versus a car is not good odds. The speed limit in most residential areas is 30 miles an hour. Even at that speed the odds are not good for the child to survive. I am very mindful when driving in my neighborhood because it is full of kids and kids do not think before they take off chasing a ball.

  5. austin says:

    That’s really unfortunate, and I have sympathy for all involved. However, in the apartment complex where I live there is a family that has 3 young kids and it’s as if the parents told them to “go play in the street.” It’s an accident waiting to happen, and I have emailed apartment management alerting them to this and nothing has been done. When a 3 year old is on a tricycle and you’re backing up there’s not much you can do. Parents need to teach their kids that parking lots are not playgrounds.

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