Education Protest Outside Perry’s Dallas Appearance

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Some North Texas parents held a demonstration Tuesday to get the attention of Governor Rick Perry while he was in Dallas.

As Perry held a book signing at the Galleria Dallas, parents and teachers rallied outside in support of education funding.

Parents of kids at Booker T. Washington High School in Dallas say the governor should be busy working on the state budget and putting education first.

One mother said, “Our children need a good education for every reason imaginable, including the future of our state.”

Rallying parents said their demonstration was designed to remind the governor of the real business of the state.

Booker T. Washington PTSA president, Patricia Arvanitis, says the governor needs to be fighting for more money for education.

“I think that every time our governor comes to Dallas we want to take the opportunity to bring awareness to public education and the local funding that we’re getting right now,” she said.

After leaving North Texas Perry is scheduled to fly to west Texas to survey wildfire damage.

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One Comment

  1. Lou says:

    Why is Dutch boy Perry wasting time signing books when the state is facing a budget crises? YO voted for him, I didn’t.

    1. Lou says:

      Correction: You, not YO.

  2. Ann Willingham says:

    This bunch must be taking a page from Wisconsin — although there are no teachers’ unions in Texas, the teachers are the same — lazy with entitlement syndrome and far better benefits and paid retirement (at 55) about which private sector employees who pay taxes to pay teacher salaries can only dream! This is the age of working harder and not griping about cutbacks. We, in the private sector, do what it takes (and put in the hours, etc.) to just survive in these hard times and are glad to have jobs. Teachers, do the same! Those parents protesting — you can pay higher taxes to have babysitters for your children instead of me kicking in

    1. Ann Willingham needs to wake up says:

      Really Ann? Seriously? What world are you living in? I guess your Walmart cashier job is making you bitter.

    2. DallasFan says:

      These comments by Ann make me sick! Lazy teachers? Really?

    3. jay says:

      Ann some teachers do not care what kind of job they do, but most do. Teachers are not lazy and extremely hard workers. I couldn’t do it. Please stop acting like all of us in the private sector bust our butts.

    4. Self Sufficient says:

      Public school takes too long, doesn’t truly educate, wastes tax payer money, and inhibits maturity.

      Do a search for John Taylor Gatto. This man truly gets it right. What a joy to know someone out there gets it!

    5. Just 4 SDG says:

      Ann, you seem to be one mad & bitter individual. I taught for 10 years in tx and have since moved on due to the extremely low pay and unbelievably hard working schedule. I taught high school math, everything from Algebra 2 down to remedial math for special education students. I had never and have never since worked as hard as those 10 years. Staying late every afternoon, by usually 2 hours after the bell to release the students from their last class, working with students who wanted and needed further tutoring. I did not get as much as a thank you for any of that additional time. Those working weeks were always 65+ hour work weeks. Then, when I finally went home for the day, I’d spend at least 3 more hours each evening of the week at home grading the students’ work to return to them the next class day! I still know many teachers whose schedule is very similar to what I just explained to you. You have no position trying to tell a teacher to work harder or stop whining. Your anger needs to be focused on lowering the costs for administration in education. All high schools in the larger districts have no fewer than 5 “principals”, some as many as 7, with each one bringing in a salary that is, at a minimum, 30% higher than the teachers in the classroom.

  3. Melanie says:

    Why isn’t the obvious being pointed out? Stimulus money worked short term (imagine that) now the money is gone and there is a budget shortfall. The Democrat idea of throwing money at a problem to fix it isn’t helping the economy. It is only a short term fix like a bandaid for a broken arm.

    1. jay says:

      I bet you voted for Perry, You care nothing about education. Stimulus money has nothing to do with this problem. It is about 16 years of bad state administration, that will continue to happen because people continue to blindly vote the same party year after year.

      1. Melanie says:

        It has everything to do with stimulus money given to the state by the Federal Government. You can’t spend what you no longer have. A lesson to be learned in DC.

    2. Mike says:

      In addition to the other replies, Melanie, you neglected to mention that PERRY refused the stimulus funding because he’s an idiot. Another antiestablishment moron who preys on the you, and depends on you for a vote. You and all your conservative, blind, friends who like nothing more than to keep us all in the dark ages. Shut up already.

    3. Just 4 SDG says:

      Melanie, the obvious is that when the tx legislature, at perry’s guidance, “revamped” the tx business tax, it was not revenue neutral! The state comptroller at the time, Carol Keeton, said so at the time, but Perry forced her to stay quiet and lied to the citizens of tx and said it would be revenue neutral. The comptroller said it would leave the state of tx short almost $12 billion within 5 years. Now almost 6 years later, the state is $19 biillion short! This was projected by the comptroller 5 years ago! It has nothing to do with stimulus money. Do real research before you post!

    4. LJ says:

      Melanie- You have no idea what you are talking about! Governor Perry refused to take the stimulus money for education.

      And before you say “good for him”, understand that the reason why he refused the money was because there was a requirement that if you took the money you had to add it to the state’s education budget and not use the money for something else. Why was that requirement put in there? Because Rick Perry and friends have several times pulled the old bait and switch. For instance, the lottery was suppossed to go to fund education but what really happened is that they put that money into education and took an equal amount out of the education budget and spent it on other things (like $50 million to give to Hollywood producers to make films here that they were already going to make here). Quit drinking the Hannity-Limbaugh Kool-aid.

  4. Hope says:

    Why can’t we have a recall election for Governor Good Hair?
    We have a budget problem that he dienied consistently during his campaign, we are paying 15,000 a month for his rent on his Austin residence and he spends $900k of TAXPAYER money to take his family on a trip to Israel.
    I am not the only one that wished his plane had crashed over the Atlantic.

    1. LJ says:


  5. Leona says:

    Seriously???What do you think would happen to the private sector if teachers were not working hard on society’s behalf, making it possible for you to go to your job and helping your children to qualify for jobs in the future.. I find it fascinating that after the largest wealth trasfer in American history to the banker and corporate class as a reward to their greed and indifference….now who do we blame? Not them, not both sold out political parties, not poor management or even outsourcing….instead we are blaming teachers with their barely middle class incomes (well below what we would be paid in the private sector based on our education.) I am sure soon we will be blaming those greedy police officers and firefighters as well. Just so we don’t mention that GE MADE 14 BILLION IN PROFITS LAST YEAR AND OWED ZERO DOLLARS IN TAXES.

    1. lowtolerance says:

      Wow Leona, I like your style. I’m not so sure there are jobs to qualify for in the future, specifically for the reasons you mentioned.

    2. CH says:

      @ Leona,
      GE was perfectly leagl in not payng any taxes. You can thank the current tax codes for that. Other corporations do the same thing. Until the tax codes are re-written, this will continue….

      1. Leona says:

        Agreed…but be certain should we speak of it we will hear how these corporations are already overburdened what with the cost of slave labor overseas and transporting things back across the globe to …lets face it… a faltering consumer market populated by educated people who still manage to vote based on propaganda and 30 second sound bites and of course those lazy teachers and other greedy public servants…why they may move the remaining corporate offices and then where would we be???

        I am so sick of the whole thing…returning to my original point…I am offended that now that things have run their course since 2000 we are now going to try to balance budgets on the backs of our most vulnerable, while demanding no accountability from those who have profited from our demise as a nation.

    3. Marlene says:

      The world is our teacher. You know, nature, life experience.


  6. Matt Vega says:

    How arrogant can people be toward Gov. Perry,the man is trying and working hard to rescue our messed up economy,the man is a saint…Please get off his back and let our governor do his work!

    1. lowtolerance says:

      This is why I’m really starting to hate corporagasland, I mean my fair state.

    2. jay says:

      The guy is a company man, and has sold out to corporate america. He isn’t a saint, He is judas, and has sold out Texas. You don’t care, continue to vote for good old rick

    3. jake34 says:

      Matt – are you kidding me? The man has been the Gov. of Texas longer than any person in history. The only place to blame what is wrong with Texas and the Texas eccomony is laid squarely on him.

      1. Melanie says:

        Ironically, Texas is NOT the only state facing these budget shortfalls? Take the blinders off people, this country is in deep, thanks to the anti-leader Obama.

  7. Jay says:

    You get what you vote for, Bill White said he would maintain education

    1. Melanie says:

      Bill White is a hack, one that is highly unqualified. Best thing to happen, he didn’t get elected.

  8. texashammer says:

    No child left behind

  9. texashammer says:

    Connect the dots children……….pension plans invest in sub primes…… someone must fund these foolish mistakes of Wall Street……….Its no secret that pension plans/insurance companies were hit hard by the sub prime toxic investments and we all know that all of this will be passed on to the consumer. Besides children don’t vote and thereby are fair game for politicos.

  10. Kim Dar says:

    Matt, are you crazy. If he was doing his job he would not be in Dallas signing the book on which he is making money. He would be in Austin doing his job or in West Texas making sure those folks are taken care of with a disaster declaration. No I didn’t vote for him and never will, but I hope those who did like the bang up job he is doing for the state of Texas. Hope there is something left of Texas when he gets tired of using it for his personal gain and moves on to greener pastures.

    1. Melanei says:

      Kim, open your eyes, you’re closed minded. This same exact scenario is happening all over the country, not just in Texas. Stimulus was a short term fix to hire new teachers, fireman and policemen. It cannot be maintained in the current economic conditions.

      1. texashammer says:

        There is no one as blind as he or she, who will not open their eyes and or turn on the lights.

  11. texashammer says:

    The Wall Street/bankers folks repaid the TARP money by floating new issues (stock) and thereby diluted shareholder value. A big no no in a capitalist society. They did this to get their paws on those unearned bonuses. Speak about the welfare entitlement mentality of the bankers and Wall Street. So where is the risk and reward in this capitalist system? Why do the taxpayers have to pay for arenas/stadiums for the filthy rich?

  12. NoMoreGov says:

    Shut it down!

    No more tax funded public waste. Narrow minded public schooling is an insult, a sham, and a contradiction to the unalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

    1. texashammer says:

      Then Jerry and Ross need to fund their own stadium/arenas too?

  13. Maniacmudd says:

    rick the plick, what a evil little man.

    1. Melanie says:

      Maniacmudd, you must be a liberal. They stoop so low to kindergarten name calling because they have no other argument or facts to support their thinking, or lack thereof.

  14. NoMoreGov says:

    [audio src="" /]

  15. Sokoyah says:

    Everyone whining had a chance to vote Perry out of office; blame yourselves for not choosing the right man again and again to lead Texas.

  16. Fred in Dallas says:

    Rick Perry was elected and re-elected by ignorant people. No wonder he’s anti-education!

  17. libby says:

    Everyone has to bite the bullet. My main problem with the school system is this-kids are only taught how to take a test. The children aren’t learning anything else. Teachers are merely Test Administrators!!! And yes, the stimulus money is part of the problem and the other problem is that no one wants to pay higher taxes. I’m retired and I still pay school taxes without any representation.

  18. FedUpTxn says:

    1) ENFORCE our immigration laws.
    2) STOP benefits to anchor babies.

    Budget crisis and education funding RESOLVED!

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