Pain At The Pump Extends To Gas Station Owners

By Matt Thomas, NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

DALLAS (KRLD 1080) – It pains John Benda of Fuel City Wash on Riverfront Blvd. to constantly have to raise his prices.

The owner of the popular fueling station near downtown estimates a between 10 and 15 percent drop from this time last year in the amount of fuel purchased.

Benda said many of his customers are being forced to buy only as much gasoline as they need, which has resulted in declining sales at the pump. He reports having some customers only getting about $5 worth of gas because that is all they can afford.

“So you see people spending $5, we even saw someone put in .70 cents the other day, which is like a fourth or a fifth of a gallon,” Benda said.

Some station owners have reported a drop in sales of items inside the store, including snacks and cigarettes, but Benda says he has not seen much of that during the current spike in fuel prices.

The hope is that pump prices will level off soon because station owners generally take a hit when it costs drivers more to fill up.

After surviving the surge in gasoline prices in 2008, Benda said he’s now considering putting in natural gas pumps and electric vehicle charging stations.

KRLD’s Matt Thomas Reports


One Comment

  1. Elmer says:

    The Shell station owner near me just traded in his Lamborgini for a Bentley.

  2. SocialStrain says:

    Wouldn’t it be novel for accurate data on all value transactions be readily available for anyone to disseminate?

    Perhaps a Valero one mile away from another wouldn’t readily charge 16 cents per gallon higher because they’re “hurting too”. And let’s not mention openly published data on every profit ratio from source to consumer. No, we wouldn’t want to jolt an apathetic parasite like the US into another revolution now, would we?

  3. togh says:

    Give me a break! These people are gouging us and we put up with it

    1. SomeoneWithABrain says:

      @togh, check your facts. Most of these station owners are getting “gouged” just like we are by the oil companies. Who, by the way, reported their highest profits ever last quarter.

      1. Todd says:

        you must choose a different screen name because it doesn’t ring true.

  4. Kim Dar says:

    It is not the station owners that are making the money. It is the oil companies and their very large profit margins that are gouging the American public and they do it because they are greasing pockets in Washington to look the other way. Darn right I am buying less gas. I am not buying it unless I have to. My running around is held to a minimum and if I am running errands that is a plan as to where I am going and it ends at my house. We have pared down and don’t go anywhere except work and church.

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