TRE Train Kills Hurst Pedestrian

HURST (CBSDFW.COM) – A woman is dead after she was hit by a Trinity Railway Express train in Hurst Tuesday afternoon.

It happened in the 800 block of Hurst Boulevard, near Precinct Line Road.  Hurst Police Department Sgt. Craig Teague says the woman stepped in front of the train and was struck.  No one on the train was hurt.

The incident happened just after 4:30.  As of 6 p.m. the TRE line was still shut down as police investigated.


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  1. Mike says:

    I could not have happened in the 800 block of Hurst Blvd. as that street runs the same way as the track. It could have happened on Precint Line Road.

    1. damaris says:

      why should it matter were it happend? what should matter is that a woman was struked and draged for almost a mile and killed. how sad it was for me as we felt when we were draging this lady under neight us. if u only new and what made me even mor sad is how people can be so cold as we were waiting in the train for the investigation to be over people were more stress about we were gona be their for a wield they were making jokes laughfing askiing about was a limo gona come get us i dont know how can u be so mean there is a dead body under us and they had no respect i was just tinking if she had kids why did she had to die why was she on the train traks and i prayed to god that she rest in peace pls i cant get it out of my head how we felt everything under the train:(:(:(im sorry to the family of this woman im so so sorry.

      1. suzanne m. says:

        people have no respect for others lives..i am sure the people who made jokes are now going to bed wishing they would not have laughed about this..i live right by the tracks where the helicopters were flying today and we could not figure out what was the problem..there were 2 of the helicopters staying positioned for along long time..were there alot of people on the train– i am sure there was being the evening train..did anyone shut the people up that were making jokes about the situation?//shame on them..i would have had to speak my peace if i were on the train and people made fun of the situation..i would have made alot of them mad because that is not a laughing was a life..someones friend-sister-cousin-aunt=or even –mom.sorry for your pain ..praying for all the poor people who witnessed this terrible accident ..and for the woman–rest in peace —

      2. Janette says:

        What a heart felt posting Damaris. I will pray for your comfort as well. I am terribly sorry for all who were involved. God bless you dear.

  2. Ronda Hilton says:

    I was stranded in downtown Dallas with dozens of commuters, nowhere near this accident. TRE shut down the entire line. They didn’t send any buses or make any attempt to help their customers for hours.

    1. Sarah says:

      For hours? There was a train from Union Station at 6:25. Only five minutes late. If you ask me, that’s d-mn good crisis management on the part of the TRE.

    2. Mary says:

      Oh dear, POOR Ronda!
      A terrible tragedy occurs, and poor “It’s All About ME” Ronda is upset about being delayed on her evening commute.

    3. David Millton says:

      She is right. but really why should you get mad at ronda about a death when its from a suicidal girl that doesnt care about he life or her family or making every on that trains life hell for the time… so i say f*ck the girl that killed her self

      1. Donna French says:

        This woman was a homeless person and probably had mental problems. We have been reporting the homeless people that have been living down by the tracks and the police have been trying to find them. No matter who this person was it is a tragedy that you can be so obnoxious about this homeless person. Times are really tough right now with the economy, anyone can become homeless. My heart and prayers go out to this woman and her family and all of the EMT’s , law enforcement, the TRE workers and all the people that were affected by this tragedy. They did a very good job in this terrible tragedy.

  3. suzanne m. says:

    i live right in front of the train tracks and was wondering why the helicopters were staying positioned from around 5-7 the area..they are still flying around and it is almost 11’30 p.m…i can only hope this didnt cause alot of trauma for everyone involved..but i am sure it will.. praying for peace for all those involved.

  4. Cami Henslee Wiley says:

    my husband ,Jerry rides this train everyday to and from Riachland Hills TO tHE Union station and he is on the train right now goin to Dallas. there are more and more people riding the train since the oil prices have risen. My husband rides the TRE to Union Station and the gets on the Dart to go to work.

  5. Mark M. says:

    I don’t know where Ronda Hilton was stranded, but I was at Dallas Union Station for the 5:50 pm train when we heard about the accident. Many people around me expressed concern for the woman who was killed and her loved ones. I heard nothing inappropriate. TRE had us on a train at 6:20 pm to Hurst Bell Station, where busses were waiting to take us to Richland Hills Station. I was in my car at Richland Hills only 45 minutes behind schedule. Kudos to TRE for getting us home in a reasonable time. My condolences to the loved ones of the woman who was killed. The thing I love most about taking TRE to work is the people – I see consideration and kindness from the crew and the riders on a daily basis. You are truly a special group of people!

  6. David S says:

    Lets not forget the men and women that drive these trains day in and day out that have to live with with the tragedy and guilt of knowing that they weren’t able to stop in time! God bless them and the family of the lost women.

  7. Kim Dar says:

    Ronda, in case you have never noticed there is only ONE track for them to run on. There was no way for an eastbound train to get through. That train was westbound and it blocked the only track they have to use. Hopefully you can understand that. Some folks are so self centered and to them it was not that someone lost their life, but that someone had the nerve to make THEM late. There are a lot of people out here that think about someone besides ourselves. I feel really bad for the driver, because I know he or she did everything that they could, but when someone steps out in front of you. Pedestrain or car versus train is always a bad thing. Prayers for her family and for the train driver.

  8. Sweetntwisted says:

    It was a suicide. My son was on the train and saw her just jump in front of the train. He was pretty shook up.

    1. Alba Nicaulis Pichardo says:

      its kinda hard to believe that she would do that. But it might be true. A girl who lives a couple of house away from me said she saw her walk by (Which I don’t doubt cuz the kids were getting back from school) She said that she got to see her for a couple of min before the accident. It was at 4:30. The kids got back from school at 4;28ish. I was surprised I slept through the whole thing.

  9. Alba Nicaulis Pichardo says:

    Good Lord. I live in the houses by the train track and I was asleep the whole time. I went to the lake to check out what was going on, and I was pretty depressed when I got home. For the longest time I thought itw as a girl that lived in the neighborhood. I thought she got into the tracks through the gate infront of the lake. It still blows my mind.

  10. Jolene Johnson says:

    I waited at the Fort Worth station and I felt for the lady and all the passengers on the train. I did not mind waiting because it was beyon anyones control.
    TRE was very cooperative. The T on the other hand was not as supportive. The train arrived at Richland Hills stop and there was only 1 bus waiting to carry 100 + passengers to Hurst!. That was not fun………….

  11. Damaris says:

    God please always bless us all .

  12. Julie Schwaesdall Salinas says:

    We have become such a self-centered society. We want immediate results in this day and age and when we don’t get it we are irritated even in the presence of death. At some moment in time the people that heckled and were amused at death will be brought to judgment. All anyone can do is pray for mercy for all those poor souls and hope that the innocent will continue to have grace and empathy in the face of tragedy in the future. If it were me laying injured or killed on those tracks regardless of how I had come to be there I would hope that human compassion would reach out and take me in its arms….

  13. Tammy says:

    I live just across Trinity Blvd. from where the train stopped. I heard the helicopters and thought there was a bad accident, but then when we watched the news we were stunned. I have thought about this woman and her family all this time, not hearing another word on the news about it. I think all the people on that train, especially the conductor need to see a counselor. I would be devastated if I were on it. Ever day I hear the whistle and I remember what happened and say a prayer for all involved. For all you selfish people out there that was more concerned about getting home on time, I hope tragedy doesn’t strike you or your family and then you wonder why no one cares. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Kudos to the TRE for the way they handled the situation!

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