NEW ORLEANS (1080 KRLD) – Here in Texas, there’s a huge problem with feral hogs tearing up neighborhoods.

In New Orleans, ever since Hurricane Katrina, they’ve been dealing with roving gangs of feral chickens.

New Orleans is often described as a large village with many folksy traditions and a somewhat country atmosphere, especially in its swampy outer areas.

Keeping chickens in backyards as a means to improving mealtimes was far from unheard of before Hurricane Katrina. Once the storm came and destroyed many of the fences that contained them, few residents had the time or energy to even contemplate the fate of the farm animals.

Now, however, feral chickens are running rampant in New Orleans, especially around its famous 9th Ward neighborhood, reports the Times-Picayune.

“We don’t have stray dogs anymore,” 9th Ward resident Ruby Melton, 68, told the Times-Picayune. “But everyone I talk to has stray chickens.”

The SPCA there says it’s had to send out police officers weekly to catch these wild chickens because of the noise complaints from the neighbors.

Some people even report a few chicken attacks and lots of chicken droppings. The wild birds are believed to be descendants of chickens that flew their coops during and after hurricane Katrina.

New Orleans is far from alone in having a feral chicken problem. The matter was brought up recently at a Phoenix city council meeting. The Bronx, Philadelphia, Miami, Los Angeles, Key West and the entire island of Kauai, Hawaii, also have had relatively recent issues with wild packs of chickens clucking around town.