Reward Offered For Information In Dallas Cat Mutilations

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Dallas police are hoping a $5,000 reward will help them catch a cat killer. They’re looking into two recent cat mutilations.

The first incident happened on Cedar Springs near downtown, the more recent on Revere Place near Mockingbird Station.

“Someone actually cut the cat in half,” said Dallas Police Sergeant Warren Mitchell.

The most recent mutilation took place in late March when a resident on Revere Place was out of town.

A neighbor was taking care of the tabby and all seemed well. Suddenly, it was dead, the unfortunate cat found a block away by another Revere Place resident.

The animal was taken to a local vet who determined it was not another animal that killed the cat, but a human.

“I would like to say this was a one-time incident but unfortunately it’s been going on [for] some time,” Mitchell relayed, because as police were sorting out that crime, they discovered it led to another. “That same veterinarian has reported that a week prior to that another cat was brought to him and it suffered the same mutilation.”

In the second crime, no one claimed ownership of the cat.

Officer’s say they have little to go on and no suspect information. The SPCA is offering a $5,000 reward to help break the Revere Place case. Anyone with information about the crimes should contact the Dallas Police Department Central Divisions Investigators at (214) 670-5045.

“This is a horrific thing that’s happened…just a tragic situation,” said Maura Davies with the SPCA. “Crimes of this sort can escalate. There’s a proven link between animal cruelty and human violence.”

Police say cat mutilations occur all over the city and it will take citizens to break the cycle. “What’s really going to be critical,” says DPD Lt. Scott Walton, the acting director of Dallas Animal Services, “are the people that are out in the community who’s watching this or listening to this, who sees something that they know is not right and making sure they report it to the police department.”

Animal cruelty is considered a state jail felony. Punishment can range up to two years in prison and a $10,000 fine.


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  1. NiteNurse says:

    I have owned cats for many years. My last cat lived 22 years because I always kept it indoors and he wasn’t allowed to roam outdoors without supervision. Cat owners who allow their cats to wander their neighborhood can expect injury and an occasional wacko like this to hurt their cats. If you are a resposible cat or dog owner always keep them under supervision like you would a young child or they will almost certainly get into danger. I have sympathy only for these cats whose owners obviously don’t care enough to protect them from dangerous situations.

  2. Felicity says:

    I agree with Nitenurse. Keep cats indoors and don’t have one if you’re unable to do that. I think Dallas should have stricter spay/neuter laws so there aren’t free felines floating around. I have three indoors and I’m their pet. The person that did this when caught should go to jail and also get counseling.

  3. Someone says:

    I’d dearly *love* to get my hands on the person doing this.

  4. Reeper says:

    Protection is one thing, keeping them locked up in jail is another when it comes to animals.
    While your away from home your house could burn down, thus killing your protected animals.
    I know of both worlds, one stray cat is locked up inside due to fighting my cats which cost me over $1,000 to keep one alive (fluid on lungs), $80 for his and another cats wounds. He was neutered after I could handle him, but it was to late to change his ways. The rest are either outside solely or both indoor/outdoor cats. All my animals except the mule and 1 rabbit are spayed/neutered.

    Counseling and jail isn’t the right solution for people or kids like this, reaping what they have sowed is. I’m not mean spirited, but after seeing the evidence showing he is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and the pictures of his victims several times at the time of their execution, I could easily chop the perp in half if the law allowed it. Why? Because we are 2 legged animals that they often will have no regard for life in and the expense it takes to have animals today (food/medical). I don’t recall serial killers getting counseling and let loose on the public again, which is exactly what this person had done or inspired others to do. Not long ago a lady in NY was chopped up with a sword by her son. So slap their little wrists, they will be back among us.

    1. NiteNurse says:

      My cats never thought they were in jail. A fire is a rare event in a household so that’s a ridiculous arguement. Cats and dogs are domesticated animals and are going to get into trouble if allowed to roam without supervision.If you can’t properly supervise your pets then don’t own them. Cats are constantly injuried from fights and cars hitting them. To me that is just as cruel as getting mutulated. Take care of your feline friends as you would your own children and you won’t have to worry about wackos hurting them.

  5. Amy says:

    My heart goes out to the owner/guardian who lost their precious kitty like this. I pray the person will be caught and brought to justice.

  6. Death Penalty to Animal Abusers and Drug Dealers. says:

    I would start by looking at the homeless men that are lingering around the train stations. The city lets these people out of jail to torture upstanding citizens. There is no excuse for a middle age, drug addicted or alcoholic male. Go get clean and get a job. The police do nothing to protect us in this city. New York City used to be overwhelmed with bums like Dallas is now. They took a zero tolerance. They were given a choice to leave, get clean and employed or go to jail. It worked. Our Chief of Police is such a disgrace. He has done nothing to protect us. Animal torture and rape is up with him. Criminals aren’t scared of him.

    Behavior like this is of a serial killer in the making.

  7. Jane says:

    I agree with the gentleman who wants to chop the crazy psycho in half. Seems like a fair deal. I don’t want to understand people who kill like that, and it is very true, this kind of violence will only escalate. It is a sad day in America.

    1. Reeper says:

      Glad you do, but fact is I’m a lady (if you can still be that having been in the military).
      The homeless and druggies would be ones I least expect of doing this unless it was out of revenge on those that they had dealings with. Fear will not make people like that change, jail or help won’t either unless they have decided for themselves they really want to change. Running them off only makes them someone else’s problem (jail fees) or having to be around them. It’s not true they are only hurting themselves since we have to pay for them being put in jail and they have to come up with money somehow for their addiction. Many might decide to change if they had the choice of doing cleaning up or death (death on 3rd strike messing up after getting clean) and then they would be no ones problem. At least gives them a chance unlike other Nations where it is automatic death.
      One vagrant was hoping trains and killing people, yet I doubt he started with animals and his motive was robbery and death.
      Leaving behind only the front end so it can be ID’d means they must have some use for the back end or they would leave it too. Message or whatever their cause is, ye should reap what ye sow.

  8. Something in the mist... says:

    Research this phenomenon, it has been going on for many years. Unfortunately
    i highly doubt it is a person. Sure…there are sick people in this world. What is happening here is precise surgery work on the cats. They are not being hacked up as some people are speculating. Happens to cattle especially, and both wild and domestic animals as well as sealife. I know it sounds crazy, but
    check it out for yourself. Everything said on tv should not be believed. There is
    something else going on and nobody is ever caught. The web has a weatlh of info, however think for yourself and read read read. When your done…read some more. Knowledge is power, i can’t stress that enough.

  9. Kay says:

    Will have to agree what your describing was done in the past, and your right it wasn’t done by a person but a group of people. When they stopped reporting it, it stopped happening so either they wanted a claim to fame or grew up realizing they would pay a heavy price if caught. Satonic people wouldn’t have stopped, college perps would have. Remember Bush was part of the Skull N Bones, groups like that are capable of anything. In none of those cases was half the body missing, so this is different and also all the facts where reported in the past so I doubt they are missing now. Once people know to be on the look out for this type thing it will probably go unreported by the press and only by people so they can close in on such nut baskets.

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