Loose Bull Gives Grand Prairie Animal Control The Slip

By Robbie Owens, CBS 11 News

GRAND PRAIRIE (CBSDFW.COM) – A bull on the loose in Grand Prairie is proving to be a ‘bear’ of a problem. Drivers spotted the runaway bull in the HOV lane Friday morning, near Lone Star Park.

As of Friday afternoon, the bull continued to give animal control officers the slip.

“This is just what I need this morning,” said Tuck Whitaker with Master Made Feeds.

Whitaker makes a living off of livestock but a loose bull in his parking lot is an entirely different matter. “It’s kind of interrupted the day, to say the least,” he said.

The bull was first spotted in the I-30 HOV lane, during which time it was almost hit by an 18-wheeler.

But, when officers gave chase, the bull gave them the slip. The animal dashed into the feed store parking lot and pretty much had the run of things.

“Give him the right of way… that’d be the thing to do. Get out of his way,” suggested Jerry Horn with Grand Prairie Animal Enforcement. “He’s going to do a whole lot more damage to you than you can do to him, that’s for sure.”

It’s a lesson officer Horn learned the hard way. “He [the bull] actually stroked his feet on the ground and at that time, I started to back up, but he was so fast and aggressive, he just ran me right over,” recalled Horn.

The situation might have been funny in a Saturday morning cartoon, not so much if a 1,000-pound angry bull is bearing down on you.

“He charged me, kind of threw me for a summersault and I landed on the ground and the bull darted to the back of the parking lot,” said horn. And at that time, we left him alone and tried to get more help.”

Thankfully, Horn wasn’t hurt and the hunt was on.

While officers continue to follow the bull’s tracks and other ‘hot tips’ so far the bull’s getting the best of them.

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One Comment

  1. darrell says:

    contact officer davis with the mesquite police department. he has vast experience with charging animals using only his trusty can of mace. he will have that bull on the hoof ready for the BBQ pit in no time.

  2. Wes Schlenker says:

    I saw an animal that looked just like this bull about six months ago, hiding in the forest on the south side of I-30 just west of Loop 12. I was riding a trail bike along the rivers and lakes there. He was not very scared of me when I drove past, which was not a good sign, so I didn’t stop. I haven’t seen him since. I told my wife someone ought to make some steak out of him, if no one owned him. Just my farm roots, coming through.

  3. P REDGRAVE says:

    It’s amazing to me that Jerry Horn would get on TV, and admit he was trying to stand down a bull. This is yet another reason why GP’s animal services is the worst municipality service team in the state of Texas. They force out all of there top Officers, and hang on to the goof balls that CHASE a bull. I am surprised he didn’t try to put a control pole around his neck…

    Bull 1 GP 0

    1. Crystal says:

      I think that GP animal enforcement is doing a fine job. Instead of trying to be such jerk about people and things you don’t know anything about, you should volunteer your time and get a bird’s eye view of how hard these folks work every day. It’s easy to be a jerk when you are clueless and lazy.

    2. M. Webster says:

      THEIR top officers, goof ball.

  4. Chik-fil-la Cows says:

    Here’s a hot tip, cows are in the meadows eating buttercups.

  5. Walter says:

    Well, I simpatize with the bull…
    Most moving things the bull has ever seen are cars, and behind such things are people whom in most cases behave like an “animal on wheels”, so he behaves agresively too. That is a natural response and what wrong with that? Most unfortunate for the bull’s bad luck is that his life depends on the common opinion of fat bellies.
    Sorry bull… You are stock in muddy Grand Prairie… Go west and do not even think on stopping in Fort Worth… Just keep going!

  6. C BAUER says:

    That’s a steer, not a bull.

  7. Chris Hansen says:

    Great post, Walter. How’s Pappy’s moonshine today?

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