Owner Of Mutilated Cat Talks With CBS 11

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A Dallas pet owner whose cat was brutally mutilated says he’s happy Dallas police and the Dallas SPCA are actively seeking the person or persons who killed his Tabby.

Rob Parker’s pet cat, Antoinette – nicknamed Toni,  was killed while he was out of town.

“She was a special and unique cat. She had a great personality,” Rob said sadly. “When she was outside she was pretty wild… but on the inside she would jump in your lap, she was a very friendly cat.”

A neighbor caring for 16-year-old Toni while Rob was away broke the news to him that the cat had been killed and later taken to a local vet. That’s when Rob’s loss went from tragic to ugly. “He [the veterinarian] said this is an intentional thing… ‘this cat was cut in half’,” Rob said recalling the conversation. “And the unique thing about it was they’d had another cat from our neighborhood brought to them exactly a week before.”

The vet couldn’t go on camera, but told CBS 11 News that in both cases the animals were cleanly cut and only their front halves were found.

Rob lost another cat to a pack of wild dogs and he says while that incident hurt at least it was nature at work — animal on animal. The situation with Toni was completely different. “Toni had a really great life for 16 years; I’m sure whoever did this doesn’t have a great life. So even though I’d like to be vindictive and evil and mad at them, I’m not… I’m just sad at the loss.” He adds, “It’s been heartbreaking.”

Rob now has a new cat, Samantha, a grey tiger-striped female. The cat will be company for him and his other venerable pet, 15-year-old Casey, a brown Lab.

Rob is surprised but pleased to learn the Dallas SPCA is offering a $5,000 reward for information that leads to Toni’s killer. “It was probably the best feeling I’ve had since this happened,” he says, and good feelings are more treasured these days.

Anyone with information about the cat mutilations is urged to call Dallas police at (214) 670-5045.


One Comment

  1. Beanz says:

    Oh my god thats terrible! I hope they catch this sicko and cut them in half! Rest in peace little fuzzy face. 😦

  2. CB says:

    What the hell kind of small-pricked-I-hate-life loser psycho does this kind of thing? I think I actually answered that in my own question. I hope this sick f–k is caught before he moves on to people.

    1. Lisa Richards says:

      I’m a cat lover. I agree with you CB,
      He needs to get caught before people are next.
      This person NO!!! This “ANIMAL” needs to be taught a lesson.

  3. SK says:

    This sicko is a serial murderer in the making. Toni had an unusuallly long life for an outdoor cat. So tragic she met such a horrible end.

  4. UGH! says:

    “Rob lost another cat to a pack of wild dogs and he says while that incident hurt at least it was nature at work — animal on animal”. ROB, is an IDIOT! Do not allow your animals to run around outside unattended. They get hurt, abused by non-animal lovers, or even worse killed by whoever/whatever/motor vehicles/psycopaths who cut them in half! When will people learn? “Rescuing” an animal from a shelter or any bad situation, does not mean you allow the animal to roam and fend for itself out of doors. I love my animals, I would never allow them free rein to roam around out of doors. There are many ways an animal can have access out of doors without roaming where it could be killed. Get an animal door (home depot has one that fits right in a sliding glass door), and only allow the animals access to the outdoors with a screend in encloser, or fenced in backyard (a fence that a cat cannot jump over, and bigger animals cannot get into). If you have a fenced backyard, chicken wire attached to the top of it keeps a cat from jumping over. Take care of what you, so-call, “rescue”! And… ALWAYS HAVE YOUR PETS SPAYED AND NEUTERED!! My heart truly hearts evertime I hear that animal shelters have to euthanize 1000 pets a week! Don’t believe me?!?, call your local animal shelter, they have the numbers on record. Be responsible for your pets!

  5. Carole says:

    There’s nothing wrong with getting mad but Rob should be aware an old cat can’t protect itself from things outside her home. I hope he keeps his old dog inside or at least in a securely fenced back yard when he’s not at home.

  6. Amy says:

    Rob I am very sorry for your horrible, tragic loss of your precious kitty, Toni. My heart breaks for her and you.

    May I please suggest that Samantha be an indoor only kitty, or you take some steps to allow her access to the outdoors where she is protected. Unfortunately little animals are vulnerable to so many things when they run loose.

    I am praying this predator will be caught soon and for the safety of all of our beloved animal friends.

  7. NiteNurse says:

    Leave your cats indoors people and never allow them outdoors without your supervision. All the cats I have owned have lived very long healthy lives by living only indoors. My last cat never got ill or injuried and he lived 22 years. If you truely care about your cat leave it indoors!

  8. Mr Black says:

    What? Wait a minute! The irresponsible owner had already lost one poor cat for letting it run stray and still did not learn his lesson? he should be fined for that. Cat werenot born to be “wild and free”. They were meant for people to care for them and decide what is best for their pets. Keep you cat indoors terrible things like this would not happen. stray animals fall victim to sickos and animal abusers, they get attacked by other animals, they diseases from otther animals they come into contact with, they can get hit by a car or picked up by the city animal control agency. That poor cat died because of it’s idiot owner!

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