DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A Dallas pet owner whose cat was brutally mutilated says he’s happy Dallas police and the Dallas SPCA are actively seeking the person or persons who killed his Tabby.

Rob Parker’s pet cat, Antoinette – nicknamed Toni,  was killed while he was out of town.

“She was a special and unique cat. She had a great personality,” Rob said sadly. “When she was outside she was pretty wild… but on the inside she would jump in your lap, she was a very friendly cat.”

A neighbor caring for 16-year-old Toni while Rob was away broke the news to him that the cat had been killed and later taken to a local vet. That’s when Rob’s loss went from tragic to ugly. “He [the veterinarian] said this is an intentional thing… ‘this cat was cut in half’,” Rob said recalling the conversation. “And the unique thing about it was they’d had another cat from our neighborhood brought to them exactly a week before.”

The vet couldn’t go on camera, but told CBS 11 News that in both cases the animals were cleanly cut and only their front halves were found.

Rob lost another cat to a pack of wild dogs and he says while that incident hurt at least it was nature at work — animal on animal. The situation with Toni was completely different. “Toni had a really great life for 16 years; I’m sure whoever did this doesn’t have a great life. So even though I’d like to be vindictive and evil and mad at them, I’m not… I’m just sad at the loss.” He adds, “It’s been heartbreaking.”

Rob now has a new cat, Samantha, a grey tiger-striped female. The cat will be company for him and his other venerable pet, 15-year-old Casey, a brown Lab.

Rob is surprised but pleased to learn the Dallas SPCA is offering a $5,000 reward for information that leads to Toni’s killer. “It was probably the best feeling I’ve had since this happened,” he says, and good feelings are more treasured these days.

Anyone with information about the cat mutilations is urged to call Dallas police at (214) 670-5045.