By Armen Williams, 105.3 The Fan

DALLAS (105.3 THE FAN) – Today marked the first day of my workouts with SGT H20. I must say, when it comes to my performance – EPIC FAIL.

Coming into it, I knew that I would struggle but promised myself that I wouldn’t quit. After all, I hadn’t done a push-up since last August. So the expectations were super low on Saturday and what I delivered was even lower.

To start off, SGT H20 had us jog a lap around the park. On any other day, this is called my “workout for the week/month/year”. On this morning, SGT H20 categorized it as a “warm-up jog”. One lap around the park, I came back breathing heavy and already reaching for my inhaler.

While trying to recover from the warmup, we did several minutes of jogs to a tree and back where you bring your feet back and kick your butt and also where you elevate your knees.

In total, it was a grueling 55 minute cardio workout that got your arms, legs and abs burning that included several didn’t kinds of push-ups, squats, sprints, etc. So how long did I last? Nine minutes. No, not a joke. Within nine minutes, I was on the ground in the fetal position, uttering the words, “I’m dizzy”. SGT H20 came over with a look of disbelief on his face and asked, “Remind me, when was the last time you worked out?” When I told him, “last fall”, his eyes popped out of his head and he uttered, “Uh, yeah. You should sit down.”

For the next 46 minutes, I tried to observe the others (mostly females, whom were kicking my ass) although had a hard time keeping my head up while occasionally drinking in some water. I squeezed in a push-up of two every once in a while before the workout was complete and realized two things:

#1. I’m 10 times more out of shape than I ever thought. Holy. *wheezing* Heck.

#2. If there was ever anyone put on this earth to get an individual in shape – it’s SGT H20. This guy knows his stuff and I’m confident I’m in good hands.

There’s no doubt that I’m off to a rough start but SGT H20 has sent me info on how to keep a healthy diet and continuing to work on some of the exercises before my next workout session on Monday, when it’s aquatic boot camp time and I’ll be getting in the water!

Don’t worry, I’ll be ready by Cinco de Mayo (with inhaler in hand).

Bring on the midge.