Plano Doctor Offering Free Colorectal Screenings

By Sharrie Williams, CBS 11 News

PLANO (CBSDFW.COM) –  Dr. Naresh Gupta is on a mission to fight a deadly disease.

“Colorectal cancer is the second largest amongst the cancer killers,” Gupta said.

Gupta said the mortality rate from colorectal cancer in Texas is highest among black men and women and people without insurance.

Gupta and the G-DAS Cancer Clinic in Plano are now providing free colorectal screenings to uninsured North Texans between the ages of 50 and 65.

He and his staff are mostly volunteers who lend their time and expertise for free.

Blanca Negrete is uninsured and already battling breast cancer. She’s planning to have the free screening.

“I think it’s very important now that I’m 52. Because when you’re 50, that’s when you’re supposed to do that exam, to save lives, to save mine,” Negrete said.

The first step in the free screening is to pick up a special patient’s kit. After filling out a brief survey, pick it up at the clinic in Plano or have it mailed.

The kit explains how to take stool samples. The samples are tested, and if there are any concerns, the patient is asked to come in to take a free Colonoscopy.

Gupta said early detection for cancer is the key to saving lives.

“Majority of it can be treated right there, so they don’t have to have big surgeries or big chemotherapy,” he said. “We detect it at early stage and they can be cured.”

For more information about the free colorectal cancer screenings call the GDAS Cancer Clinic at 972.635.3680 or visit it at
1200 Medical Avenue, Ste #102 in Plano.


One Comment

  1. Cheryl Scroggins says:


    I am a teacher on extended leave without medical coverage.
    I would like to receive the kit for colorectal screening.

  2. Darla Trevino Smith says:

    I would like to receive the kit for colorectal screening, please.

  3. Karen says:

    I can’t believe people do this. I’ll go ahead and die when it’s my time, as nature intended…with dignity.

    1. Ken Hughes says:

      Karen… as a 9 year colon cancer survivor..I ask you reconsider. There is nothing dignified about dying from colon cancer. It is a terrible disease..curable with early detection. This may not be the testing route for you..but I hope you will get tested if you have symptoms or a history in your family. I respect your decision and wish you the best…

    2. CC says:

      Karen, you sound like so many smaokers I have known over the years, only to have them BEG you to save them, when it is too late. Maybe you should re-think. Talking big and actually doing are two very different things.

      1. Karen says:

        Maybe I already have gastric cancer and choose to remain untreated, did you ever think of that?

        Some of us, albeit few, actually find it undignified to go around acting like monsters insisting we live on artificially then tell the young they should limit the number of children they have.

        If you’re so worried about cancer stop utilizing the very industry that causes it to see if you have it.

        Keep your comments directed at the article not my posts. I am not your business.

    3. Paul says:

      I agrtee .. All they want to do is chop you up, cut off parts, burn off parts, etc. and then pronounce you a “survivor” and cured .. Who wants to live like that, if you could even call it that .. You’d think after 100+ years of medical research they should have come up with the cure by now, but it’s still just “slash and burn” as usual .. WE NEED TO FIND THE CURE!

    4. David says:

      Wow! Stupidity rewards its self. In your case with: disease and death. The gene pool will be better off without you. Only the strong and smart survive.

  4. olpap says:

    must be a butt man

  5. Randy Morris says:

    as a cancer suvivor i would tak advantage of this offer. could save your life

  6. dona van buren says:

    would you consider a person of 80 years?

    1. gdas says:

      screening is for asymptomatic uninsured individuals
      you can go to our web site and register

  7. Michael says:

    Karen, there is nothing dignified about cancer of any kind. Dying from colorectal cancer is painful and agonizing. The thing intended by nature is to care for yourself and this is an excellent way to start.

  8. Avanti says:

    Located in the same building is Primary Care Clinic where you can go if you don’t have any health insurance. Opens 5 days a week. Again, run by volunteers. Call 972-596-6005 to make appointment.

  9. Lana Simmons McKinzie says:

    This is for Karen. Have you ever had a relative or friend with colon cancer? My mother died from it when she was only 66 and believe me you don’t die with much “dignity”. It is one of the most painful deaths one can experience and that is after receiving pain medications. The only way pain can be alleviated is to keep one sedated, or at least that is the way it was in 1988. And Thank You to Michael for your comment

  10. Paul says:

    Good idea, but just b/c the stool test is negative doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have it, so just taking that test can sometimes be misleading and give a false sense of good health. If the cancer has not advanced to the point where it is actually causing bleeding, it will be negative. You really need the colonoscopy to know for sure whether anything is amiss. Still, kudos to Dr. Gupta for helping make a huge dent in what is a growing problem in N TX.

  11. Klb says:

    My son did this in the East Texas area as part of his eagle scout project. Sounds like a great plan to me.

  12. naresh says:

    Please paste the following link in your browser to register

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