1 In 4 Kids Raised In Single-Parent Homes

By Carol Cavazos, CBS 11 News

PLANO (CBSDFW.COM) – Take a look around and count the number of children you know who are being raised in single parent households.

A new study from an international research group says it’s one out of every four
and that no country has more kids raised in single parent households than the United States.

A North Texas church is one of the many looking to meet their needs.

Eric Guillot leads a group of single dads every Wednesday.  “When we started this ministry at Prestonwood, just in these two counties alone, Collin and Dallas, the divorce rate was astronomical,” Guillot said.

According to US Census 2000 figures,  the number of single fathers in Dallas/Fort Worth is more than 65,000.  The number of single mothers is more than 240,000.

Guillot called it ‘sad.’ “We know what it does, the financial devestation, the lonlieness aspect of it, just everything that comes, comes with it. It’s tough,” Guillot said.

Experts say the single parent phenomenon has been growing for decades with more an acceptance of it in our culture.

Shelly McCart, a single mother who also attends Prestonwood Baptist church said,
“Unfortunately our society has taken relationships and just think they can be thrown away.  They don’t work for them anymore.”

Single Parent groups like those at Prestonwood Baptist hope to help parents and their children.

Reed Harp is 11 years old. “I do wish I had two parents but if I didn’t then I never would’ve met this group,” she said.

Experts say other factors contributing to the increase in single parent households include changing gender roles and high incarceration rates.

Churches throughout the metroplex offer classes and meeting groups geared toward the single parent.

And internet websites like Metroplexbaby.com provide helpful articles for all parents.


One Comment

  1. David Shelton says:

    Carol Cavazos, CBS 11 News
    It is good to know that the number of men raising their children in single parent homes has increased. However. the number of women with the children in single parent homes will contenue to climb until the Federal Government stops encuouraging mothers to leave their husbands and go on welfare. The states play a part in this also. Since they get paid for puting people on welfare. the state, by way of the Atorney Gemeral’s Office, is aiding the feds in this process.

    1. Megan says:

      You are an idiot. The higher number of single mothers than single fathers reflects a whole lotta deadbeat dads.

      1. Gwen Bowens says:

        grow up and see the real picture.a man would rather go to jail then take his kids ,it is what .

  2. HooDatIS? says:


  3. InTheKnow says:

    So Carol, how about a REAL story? The one about how Fathers For (un)Equal Rights pays off the legal system and government, placing these stories in the media just before Mother’s Day to push their agenda and diminish the role of mothers around the country? Shame on you for falling for their tripe! Notice this church is ministering to the MEN? What is killing marriage and bankrupting parents is the DIVORCE INDUSTRY! A domestic violence victim will be told they must pay a minimum of $5,000 to fight to protect her children, then more is demanded immediately. Can we all spell RANSOM? Everything she ever owned or will own will be taken including her children. While men and the lawyers are laughing all the way to the bank!

    1. Smitty says:

      Good story….not!!!

  4. Sandi says:

    Unfortunately, not all churches are as welcoming to single parents as Prestonwood Baptist. Prestonwood saw an opportunity for ministry & ran with it. Their Single Parent ministry is incredible.

    On the other end of the spectrum, I was greeted with the comment that single moms don’t belong in church – this by a Deacon’s wife at another church.

    @ In the Know – the Prestonwood Single Parnet minstry does NOT minster to just men – they minister to the single dads, the single moms & the kids.

  5. J David Franklin says:

    Just as with Internet security software and Definition Updates for Windows Defender, the definition of family needs to be updated and make clear as to just what constitutes a family. Without a clear sustainable definition of what the term family means, anything goes because there are many perspectives, if not definitions as to what a family is. And when it comes to defining what a family is what is/are the reference (s) source (s)?

    Another thought is this: Some who meet, greet and have sex before conception realize post conception and post birth that the one whom they met, that they aren’t able, nor are they capable and able to live with after the birth of a child and that is the problem. Having sex with a person is much, much different than having to live life with a person under one roof 365 days a year for decades.

    And because of each’ different spiritual-psycho-social-financial makeup and mindset in additions to one of these or both not being properly equipped with good communication-family-life skills which leads to realistic bonding. Thus these aren’t carefully considered and weighed before the sexual activity-copulation and that is why the mother is left with having to raise the child.
    So if you lay with her and or he lays with you it is best that each be sure that they can live together with each other in harmony under one roof for decades in an arrangement labeled “marriage;” because the welfare and the wholesomeness of the child is dependent upon this, which may and or might become the child’s model later in life, repeat the cycle.

    1. Megan says:

      I agree one must be prudent about with whom we choose to lie in bed. However, life changes and people change and one person cannot control what another person does. It is not always the fault of the single parent left behind to raise the children. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. The cultural environment we live in plays a much larger role in what happens to families than the individuals do themselves. In America, the values are loose and anything goes. People are using one another for their own gratification – emotional, sexual, whateve. We have lost the real meaning of love and what it means to live in society together and to help one another.

      1. Gwen Bowens says:

        i like what you said

  6. Gwen Bowens says:

    my mother work hard took 5 kids, thing is haveing is what you choose , keep your legs close and stay in school, on the other hand if were rape ,then i understand,mens boys will tell you anything .

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