By Armen Williams, 105.3 The Fan

DALLAS (105.3 THE FAN) – I was given less than two weeks to prepare for midget wrestling at Duke’s on Cinco de Mayo. Of course, I’ve realized that I can’t take any breaks and have to make every workout … unless I get half-court seats to the Mavs, right?

One of my buddies called me an hour before Monday’s Game 5 matchup against Portland and said, “I got great tickets, you have to come.” I made the call of shame to SGT H20 and told him I was choosing NBA playoffs over him kicking my ass – what was I thinking, right? He wasn’t happy and I knew I was going to get killed for it on Tuesday night at the Aquatic Boot Camp.

Luckily for my overweight self, SGT H20 only teaches the Monday and Wednesday classes, so last night I got to train with Amy – but she was tough, too! I definitely got, “Keep going!!” and “Why are we stopping?!” in my face a few times.

When I arrived at the boot camp, promptly 3 minutes late, the group was outside on land beginning their ‘warm up lap’. Seriously?! Can we cut out the whole quarter mile ‘warm up lap’?! I’m not ‘warm’ when I get back from the lap, I’m DEAD.

I fought through the warm up lap (didn’t need my inhaler!) and followed it up with some pushups and sit ups. We then hit the pool.

Amy started off by telling us that we were going to swim 10 laps (down to the end and back counts as one) in under 12 minutes. Amazingly, I pushed out 7 laps in that time frame, which I was pretty impressed with.

Completely out of breath and exhausted after the 7 laps, I was ready to go home and was satisfied with that night’s exercises when Amy uttered, “OK let’s start the workout!” … What … the … hell.

The next 30+ minutes was dominated with flipper exercises, laps, wall exercises, etc. We kept moving the whole time and never got a break. At one point I thought to myself, “I wonder if I could get away with wearing a life jacket next time. Think they would notice?”

At the end of the workout, Amy seemed satisfied with my mediocre performance so I felt good about it as well. There’s something about working out in the water that makes your body believe you can keep going and that you have a lot more left in the tank. I got a lot accomplished, man! I had a really good time and can see how working out two to three times a week at aquatic boot camp can be really helpful.

Since working out with SGT H20 on Saturday, I have lost two pounds. I don’t think I’ve actually lost weight since I was in middle school. Weird.

I got to keep my head down and stay focused on the prize: The friggin’ ankle biting bastard midgets.

Cinco de Mayo. Duke’s Roadhouse in Addison. Be there.


Come workout with me next time at Aquatic Boot Camp! Go to I’m telling ya – you’ll have a great time and get in shape simultaneously. It’s weird that way.

Here’s a little video from my stellar performance last night:

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