McKinney Homeowner Shot During Home Invasion

McKINNEY (KRLD/CBSDFW.COM) – A McKinney man is in critical condition after police say an intruder shot him with his own gun.

The house on Surry Lane, between Hardin Boulevard and Lake Forest Drive, is for sale. The homeowner was there Wednesday morning when police say he heard noises, grabbed his gun, and was confronted by three would be burglars.

One of the intruders took the gun away from the homeowner and shot him. The suspects then ran from the scene.

“When the officers arrived on scene they began to check the residence. They were able to locate the homeowner at the back of the residence, on the patio,” explained Lt. Mark Moyle, with the McKinney Police Department. “The homeowner had been shot one time through the upper left torso.”

The house where the shooting occurred is valued at half a million dollars, but Lt. Moyle says that makes little difference. “I think the reality about it is that these kind of things can occur in any neighborhood, regardless of the cost of the neighborhood.”

The condition of the homeowner has actually deteriorated since the 3:45 a.m. shooting.

The robbers are still on the loose.


One Comment

  1. NoObamaIn2012 says:

    If only he knew how to use it against 3 attackers he could have killed all 3. That’s why those who carry should practice weekly.

    1. Ziggy says:

      U would figure people would think for themselves, but anonymous at the top has no clue what he is saying and I am sure he is an Obama voter.

  2. Ziggy says:

    So a guy has a gun and gets shot with it, he wasn’t trained well enough. Do you think he would have been better off calling 911? Ur a freaking idiot anonymous

    1. Gumby Rules says:

      I have a gun, I have trained with it. I also have years experience with two totally different martial arts. I voted for Obanma, just couldn’t see “Bomb Iran” John and “Moose Barbie” Palion as the POTUS and VPTOUS.

      Does that sound like I have most of the baselesses covered?

      While I agree with you Ziggy; who I vote for has nothing to do with it.

      1. blest says:

        doesnt matter if your trained or not- its a gamble, but if there was no gun- in this instance, there would of been no shots fired period…..

      2. Gumby Rules says:

        And blest you know this how?

        Are you sure none of the criminals had a gun? You have first hand knowledge of this? You were/are one of the criminals so you can speak first hand about this?

    2. Anonymous says:

      Ziggy, how do we know that he didn’t practice shooting every week? According to the story he had the weapon taken from him and it was used on him. It seems that in this situation the gun is the reason he is in the hospital. I do believe that a gun can serve as a deterrent however this is a perfect example of how a gun can also make the situation worse. P.S. please explain why you believe I voted for Obama. Comments like that make you seem very ignorant and angry.

  3. Blest says:


  4. Dawn says:

    That the burglars were unarmed is an assumption.

  5. blest2 says:

    Actually being trained has a lot to do with it. Just like anything in life you need proper training. It’s like being educated and then honing that education. Don’t hate on what you don’t know.

  6. JE says:

    Problem was he didn’t USE the gun!

  7. Angela Elisabeth Nolan says:

    IT seems that if the burglars were armed, they wouldn’t have the need to take his gun to shoot him; they would have just used their own. It also seems like a man who knew how to use his firearm would have “taken them down,” but that is a risky assumption to make. Blessedly, those of us who are not war time vets have probably never been faced with three men wanting to harm us. We can go to the range 3 times a week, that doesn’t mean that the forgotten third brother of the fight/flight/freeze response wouldn’t rear it’s head. What we need to focus on here is that a man was shot in his home and is in critical and deteriorating condition. It isn’t time to bicker about gun control and an election so long ago it’s almost time for another one. What we need to do is pray for this man and that his attackers are brought to justice.

    1. Gumby Rules says:

      “IT seems that if the burglars were armed, they wouldn’t have the need to take his gun to shoot him; they would have just used their own”

      Not necessarily, you are making an asumption. If I am a criminal and I come upon the owner by suprise and I attack then I see the gun and take it and shoot. Not at all an unliklely scenario.

  8. Jason Simpkins says:

    To bad that happened. Never pull a gun unless you plan to use it. Hope he makes it.

  9. john says:

    Are some of you people serious?There are thousands of kids between the ages of 10 to 15 in America who know how to fire a handgun and they dont go training every week lol!The focus of this story should be the victims health not whether a gun should or should not be kept in your homes.I hope this man pulls through without any longterm effects from this event.Another thing is you people need to realize you are not safe anywhere in this country.I dont care if you live in million dollar homes or the hood you have to be prepared for anything and everything.Im afraid the condiction of the economy will not help matters any time soon.When there are no jobs and no financial assistance for some people to obtain these are the things some eople will resort to.Right now in the Dallas area there arent many jobs and alot of people have run out of benefits or some people cant even apply for a job because they might have a criminal record but the fact of the matter is people still need to eat and feed their families so people get desparate.I dd not believe the people who commit these crimes are born bad and I think sometimes what they see growing up and the places they live help to create how people act or think.Some people just do not care what they do or who they hurt.Personally I would never harm a person for money even if I knew I was 100 percent assured to get away with it but alot of others would.I hope this man ends uo okay and lives a long healthy life.Watch your backs people its a crazy world we live in.

  10. Reeper says:

    It makes no difference if the burglars where armed or not, 3 against one could beat a person to death and yes it has happened.
    Actually training has nothing to do with it, kids constantly shoot kids with no training.
    What has everything to do with it is never have a weapon you are not willing to use immediately upon seeing someone who is in the wrong place. In your home you don’t have to ask questions first, it’s dead men tell no lies.
    Some beat me to the draw on these thoughts.
    An assumption even the police will probably agree with is if he had just called 911 unless a patrol car was a block away he would have probably been beaten to death since he would be a witness and given they would shoot him it’s very likely they would leave no witness.
    I hope the homeowner makes it and these sorry people are caught.

  11. Heretic says:

    This why tactical shotguns were invented. Take out all 3 in one shot.

  12. Safe@home says:

    Training has EVERYTHING to do with this situation.

    I train weekly and with a goal in mind. Protect my family from harm.

    Invade my home; get shot. I ask questions later.

    Training is the muscle-memory part.

    The mind must also be trained to respond in appropriate fashion. .
    Focus your mind and your actions will follow.

    You must make the decision that no one will harm you in an attack and follow through.

    The homeowner (victim) must not be blamed here. The criminals are at fault and deserve no grace or shelter from anyone.

    The homeowner did not escalate the situation, the criminals did. They’ll get what’s coming to them soon enough…they’ll run into a well-regulated (well-trained) individual who’ll tag and bag them for the cops.

  13. john says:

    Training has nothing to do with this at all.The kids who play xbox know how to pickup gun and pull the trigger lol!

  14. HooDatIS? says:


  15. LadyTag says:

    McKinney needs to be on high alert, the economy is getting worse and that puts all of us at risk. There are many stay at home Mom’s in McKinney. Husbands who leave their wives and children home alone and vulnerable. Mom’s never answer your door during the day if you are not expecting company. Never let your children go for walks alone. Many of us work hard for what we have and we enjoy our community, but do not be fooled. There are those who are desperate or feel they are entitled and they are willing to take without regard for human life. I agree, never take out a gun unless you plan to use it. Always be aware of your surroundings, even in grocery stores, or while you’re walking your dog. Don’t live in fear, live smart- prepare for the worst and hope for the best and watch your neighbor’s back. Who knows how bad things will get or where the economy is headed.? We all need to stand together and keep the predators at bay. In fact, I would prefer they feared us.

  16. Jd says:

    Knucklheads…what is wrong with voting for Obama or Democrat…just becuz he is bLack, educated and democrat. None of you know the situation on how the homeowner was shot so how can everyone assume….Haters are hippocrits Most likely the guy shot himself by accident. remember every terrorist on 911 was a Saudi…go to NYC and tell families of the dead and 1st responders how great GW was in his 8 years. He did nothing. Name 1 successful thing that made GW a great prez?

  17. McKinney says:

    He was a Colonel in the Air Force. He was well trained in self defense and is still in critical condition. Comments respectful to the family would be appropriate.

  18. Reeper says:

    Only thing I see missing from LadyTag’s good advice is to also watch out for others and report anything that doesn’t look or seem normal. Neighborhood watches do a lot of good and gives you the phone numbers of neighbors to call and see if what is happening is off before calling the police. I suspect they are more interested in hitting neighborhoods where it’s every person for themselves than one in which everyone is looking out for everyone. They often work in groups for a reason, alone they are more vulnerable without lookouts.
    McKinney my thoughts have remained with him and I hope you will report back that he is out of critical condition since this won’t make the news line probably. A friend walked into his apartment being ripped off and was shot with his own 12-gauge just far enough away it didn’t cut him in half. Nearly didn’t make it with 3 set backs in the hospital, but he finally did. So no matter how bad it is there is always a chance they will make it and beat the odds given. A cousin also beat the odds given after his face actually hit the back of a semi-truck that pulled out in front of him on a highway.

  19. TS says:

    I’m sick of the bad guys winning. Homeowners have no business holding crooks at gunpoint. Pull the gun and pull the trigger. Way too many variables to wait on the police while the crook begs for mercy. Add the variable of “I will likely die when I break into this residence” to the criminals decision to go ahead.

    I agree with both sides of the conversation. If you’re not completely comfortable actually turning a weapon on? Buy a big dog and run.

    Obviously this man, a retired colnel, thought he was doing the right thing. And, yes the Air Force is weapon trained. Something unexpected happened during his choice to spare the lives of those who attaked him.

    JE is 100% correct.

    Put big leaks in the crook then call 911. Texas wants you to defend your castle.

  20. NoObamaIn2012 says:

    LadyTag has it right. The continued nose diving economy is driving crime up. Criminals are getting bolder and venturing further from their base. They look for easy prey. Criminals know that even if they get caught cops are afraid to mis-handle them for fear of being fired, liberal judges will go light on them just because they are liberal and the jails are so over crowded there is no where to put them. When a criminal invades your home, confronts you in a grocery store parking lot, terrorizes a work place or goes on a rampage in a school they will kill you, your family and whoever else stands in their way.

    Arm yourself, train with your weapons, know how to keep your weapons from being taken from you in a deadly force confrontation and get it clear in your mind that you are able to kill one or more bad guys if the time comes.

    Don’t be a victim.

  21. Reeper says:

    One thought some haven’t mentioned on firing which has happened is the fact sometimes you recognize one of the intruders as your kids friend or your friend. Fact is kids/friends have done these type things. That causes delayed reaction time that sometimes leads to no harm and others it does. It’s easy to say shoot first and ask questions later, yet many may hold off to make sure they don’t shoot their kids coming home late night or even as a surprise after they left home. In this case everyone is jumping the gun since they have no ideal why he didn’t use the weapon.
    In my case I’m 100% no one should be on my property at any time, yet before dark I have had police come through a unlocked gate that says “No Trespassing” and it took me by surprise when they knocked on the door. Yes I got my gun, but I did ID who it was before shooting which I would even do at night since police do search for suspects even after dark. If your really trained you don’t just shoot anyone, you wait to see the whites of their eyes thus know if or if not they should be there.
    So let’s just hope this man makes it so we can find out the facts of what went down. Remember when things go down you have no ideal how many there are, they hear you coming and they will hide. If one can grab you from behind and lock your arms down, the others can get it. They aren’t like your targets that just stand there waiting to be shot.

  22. JRD says:

    Heard from a neighbor of his tha this WASN’t a home invasion. He apparently staged it and was trying to commit suicide. Haven’t seen anything about this in the news though….

  23. Shawn Albert says:

    Those of you that say training has nothing to do with it, show your ignorance. Training and planning have everything to do with success in any situation!

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