By Andrea Lucia, CBS 11 News & Austin York, NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Those thunderstorms that started in North Texas this week morphed into over 100 tornadoes that have spiraled across the Deep South. Towns are devastated and over 200 people have died in Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, Virginia – and Alabama.

Now a day after a swirling mass of destruction swept across the southeast, local relief workers headed out to areas ravaged by tornadoes.

“This has got to be one of the worst tornado outbreaks that we’ve seen,” said Anita Foster, a spokesperson for the Dallas chapter of the American Red Cross

North Texas volunteers with the organization will help feed, cloth, and house those affected by the storms.

Already, they say, there are more than 2700 people in Red Cross shelters, and the organization expects that number to grow exponentially.

“Last night was really pretty horrifiying when we saw was going on,” said Foster.  “As we were speaking with Birmingham this morning, with our Red Cross counterparts there, they just said, as far as the eye can see, they used the world ‘obliterated’.  Part of their city is just simply not there anymore.”

Dan Halyburton says the Red Cross is sending help in the form of a Emergency Response Vehicle and a team to the area. He says they will provide food and shelter as well as medical and psychological aid to those in need.

At least 60 Oncor workers also rolled out today, headed for Little Rock, Arkansas, which has yet to recover from last week’s tornado.

“Just basically getting the lights back on,” said Shawn Allen.

With a few hours notice, the group of technicians and dispathcers packed up for a week long trip.

They’ll be working 16 hours days, rebuilding power lines and repairing pot holes.

“Do something for your community. Help out. It’s a good feeling,” said Allen.

At least a million people are without power.  The Red Cross is taking donations on its website,