Quinlan Athlete Says He Was Choked By Track Coach

By Carol Cavazos, CBS 11 News

QUINLAN (CBSDFW.COM) – A North Texas high school student says his coach crossed the line, grabbing him around the throat.  The athlete from Quinlan ISD says it happened during a track meet in Caddo Mills.

But even if he can prove it, state law may prevent the coach from facing serious charges.

Coley Turbeville said, “I just remember one hand going right here and he just squeezed.”

Turbeville says the hand belonged to Virgil Crow, the Ford High School Athletic Director in Quinlan who is
also his track coach.

Turbeville’s mother, Crystal Devine, said, “I was shocked. Honestly I thought it was another coach.”

It happened when Ford was at Caddo Mills on the last day in March.  Witnesses say Coley was runnnig alongside his teammates, cheering them on when the coach grabbed him.

“That’s what I saw. He was shoving him back, about five steps back, like this,” a man said, showing the way it looked by placing his hands around his throat.

He and another witness, fearing retaliation, did not want to be identified.  “I turned around and sure enough. Coach Crow did have his hands around Coley’s neck.

“I didn’t know you could get disqualified for running along the track,” Coley said.

Coley filed with police who say the Coach and the coach’s witnesses never saw a choke hold.

According to the police, the coach says he grabbed Coley by the chin.  Police also say Coley didn’t include pain or injury in his statement.

“I mean my adrenaline was pumping so fast. I guess I wasn’t feeling any pain really,” Coley said.

Without a complaint of injury or pain, the incident could potentially be placed in a category called “local parentis.”

That’s when a coach or teacher in the role of a parent restrains a child. It also means charges could be dismissed altogether.

“I don’t think he has a right to put his hands around my throat and squeeze,” Coley said.

His mother said, “If he could do this to my son, you better believe he’s going to do it again.

Coley only wants to participate in sports again. He says he’s technically still in athletics but not allowed to participate. Quinlan ISD Superintendant Mike French denies Coley’s being kept from participating in sports.

We tried to reach the coach through his attorney but our call was never returned.

Meantime, police filed their report with the Hunt County Attorney today.  He said if the case does go to trial, the maximum sentence would be one year in jail and/or a four-thousand dollar fine.

The minimum would be probation.


One Comment

  1. KaiXan says:

    After reading the article, I’m not sure what has happened. A coach has no business grabbing a player around the throat. By the arm, by the uniform or jacket, yes, but by the throat, no. But there is no comment by the coach. I would like to hear that. I was assaulted by a track coach, that resulted in a fractured arm, and was told to “suck it up.” by him and my parents. While a lifelong athlete, I do not agree with this man-handling (male or female) of young athletes! What is going on?

  2. miranda says:

    why isnt this coach in jail i dont care whatever the child did ; he didnt do anything wrong

    1. Venus says:

      Because he did nothing wrong.

      1. allen says:

        Then lets have him do that to you, or your kids if it’s nothing! How stupid of you to think that!

    2. miranda says:

      well t here is more ppl that seen what happened coach crow is a coward 2 put his hands on a child and if ppl like you can post things like this well, that pretty much makes u one too at least he can stand up for his self if nothing happened why and the hell is the school tryin so hard to cover it up and lie about coley bein in ath, class

  3. LACY says:


    1. JLM says:

      yes it is true that he is not in athletics

  4. Jason says:

    For people who dont know Coach Crow, you have know reason to talk. This guy needs to be doing something else, he is not coach material. He is just a time bomb waiting to go off. He has always had anger issues

    1. LACY says:


    2. YEAH. says:

      . Okay for one, Coley is a brat. All he does is cause trouble. OBVIOUSLY none of you people know him personally. I go to school with this kid and he’s ALWAYS been a problem. He has major respect issues. He’ll mouth off to adults just as quick as he would a kid his age. He’s always been like this. And how would he not know that running along side the track would be a DQ? He’s been in track for how many years now? And that’s one of the first rules you learn at a meet. Yeah, maybe he should have thought out his lie more thoroughly before going to the news. Hmmm.

  5. chrissy says:

    it would really look bad on the hunt county attorney office doesnt file charges qisd it seems like they are in alot of trouble already

  6. Robert says:

    So I guess its ok for school staff to assault students since QUINLAN ISD has done nothing about this. I dont know this so called coach but this is my good friend that I have known for 17 years and I know he is not a trouble maker and does very well in school and in sports. I went to Ford High School back in 2003 and I will be the first to say that is the worst school for kids to attend.

    1. Nancy says:

      You are exactly right. I had an instance with QISD with my child in 2007 and was told that QISD is an internal city and the police did not get involved. I had to get a hold of the county sheriff to take a report. NOTHING was done and my son was retaliated against. We had no help. It was a hellish senior year for him. Good luck Coley. They will stick together and turn it on you.

    2. YEAH. says:

      Yeah, if you’ve known Coley for so long…. you would know that he IS a troublemaker, and has extreme disrespect issues.

  7. Anon says:

    for anyone who is a student at Quinlan you know first, the kid has serious issues with authority and has been like that since I have known him. Most coaches would have already kicked a kid out for some of the things this kid has done but they have continually given him second chances. Coach Crow got here and immediately things changed for the better. He not only cares about winning, but cares about the kids. Even the student that is saying this stuff. I was at the track meet, Coach Crow was pulling the kids of the track because it is against the rules, the student completely over reacted, even to the point that he stripped off his track uniform in front of everyone. Coach Crow may have over reacted a little by pulling the kids off the side of the track but there defiantly wasn’t any chocking going on.

    1. Devra Engen Hunter says:

      I don’t believe that these kids should be “man-handled” BUT I get tired of seeing parents who support their child when they break rules, disrespect authority, act rudely, and then cry wolf! This kid felt NO pain because there was no pain. He
      claims innocence for any wrong doing….bet ya that his past behavior speaks volumes about this incident as well.

      Another parent who’s child is innocent and does know wrong. I know one just like this. Likes to start the ball rolling and then sit back and watch the adults poke each other’s eyes out! We give these kids too much control…wait until his parents tick him off and the lies will be on them. Wait til he falsely accuses them and the whole town believes the kid. I am not saying that the coach didn’t make a bad decision but there are 2 sides to every story. Also, if soooooo many parents thought this coach was such a hot head why haven’t y’all intervened before now. Why haven’t you protected your kids before now. There is probably enough blame to go around….take your share. Teach your kids honesty not blowing things out of proportion just to get out of trouble for not following the rules. How long has this kid been in track not to know that he could be disqualified for his actions. Make your children be accountable for their actions…..remember you could be the next victim of their untruths.

      1. Anon says:

        Maybe you should learn your facts. This coach was fired 10 years ago for having relations with a high school girl. This coach is crazy, and he did grab his neck, and he deserves to be punished. Also this student was cheering on the COACHES son…..

      2. Monica says:

        Here is a rational thought, lets gather YOUR facts….when exactly did this happen and whats the girls name and did you witness this first hand? NO you did not and you need to consider every thing you say has consequences for this man and his family. what your saying is slander and without proof he should come after you in litigation, I would. But being that i know a lot of these said athletes you claim say he cusses and states he is “hung like a horse” I will personally investigate myself.

      3. mandy says:

        maybe u should realize that this coach needs to be accountable for his actions and its parents like u that gives other parents a bad name this isnt even about his parents it is about this child this coach was fired 10 years ago from the same district u must really be ashamed / guess u teach your kids this is how parents should be have

    2. GeoHot says:

      Anon you are very uneducated because coach crow did anything any other coach would of. New stadium wow new uniforms. new helmets anyone who is best friends with Mr french can get anything. You say he also cares about winning, first off, sports are made to have fun its not all about winning. Coming off a 6-4 football team and only beating emory in district. He is a good coach but very short temp…You dont put your hand on another kid no matter what he’s doing. He didnt know you could get D-Q for being on the track. Everyone who says he didnt see coach crow choke him is flat out lieing for a man built with lies. How are you going to sleep at night knowing that your sticking up for a coach who abuses his power. i played football for him and seen him grab his own son Kyle Crow by the throat. This needs to be put to a end. Why should he be kicked out of sports maybe Virgil crow needs to be suspended. If he knew he was’nt guilty why wouldnt he answer there phone calls? Seems like someone has somthing to hide. Well Have fun with that So called Coach

      1. GeoWarm(; says:

        The reason the team got new uniforms was because we are not aloud to wear red as it is not our school color, the helmets are not new, they are just pained….

      2. GeoWarm(; says:

        Also, the stadium isn’t new, it has been redone, and only because of all the injuries that happened on the field before he came to this school.

      3. gail says:

        so bc he help the school get new stuff its ok for him to assault a student no i dont thank so if this was ur child would u sit back and let him do this to ur chidren

  8. qtown says:

    Fire the coach and Austin needs to step up amd do something about QISD…

  9. Venus says:

    This story is a buunch of lies, there is no way that a coach is gonna choke anouther srudent, quinlan might have a bad rep but its only cause the quinlan crack heaed parents that make their kids do things like this, how could he choke coley if he pulled back two students at one time one in each hand and running at the same time no less, i live here nad go to the high school and it make me mad that people like this cant get off their butts and do something better with thier lifes. cant we all just enjoy what time we have in high school instead of worrying about drama. If you dont like to coach get over it, hes helped change our school, and i respect him for that. Thank You Coach Crow1

    1. Nancy says:

      Learn how to spell and then leave a comment on their behalf. Is this what QISD school is teaching you? Rethink your stand.

      1. Monica says:

        I’m a resident of Quinlan and i have children in this district, and i CAN spell…. Coach Crow has turned things around in this town of people that are afraid of change and discipline, not only does he promote our lord in the public eye and touched the lives of a lot of kids in the high school he has also touched the lives of my children in the other schools in this town he is a good man and these hoodlums that don’t like change are trying to run him out of this town.

      2. Devra Engen Hunter says:

        attack this kid for spelling in a public forum….very mature….NOT! You rethink! And QISD school….maybe you could re think that Quinlan Independent School District school….wow that made sense! Speak on the issue instead of attack a
        student that wasn’t involved.

      3. Anon says:

        Yes, he promotes the lord of the public, but he also goes around telling the athletes he’s hung like a horse, had relations with a high school student 10 years ago, at QISD! He also swears a lot around the athletes. Yes the Athletes pray before everygame, and after every game and practice, but because its our tradition, we were doing it before he was here.

      4. Richard says:

        Sounds to me like you have a personal vendetta against coach crow, and your dragging unconfirmed accusations out against this man, that has absolutely nothing to do with this incident and has absolutely no merit.

  10. Venus & Autumn says:

    Coley needs to get off his hgh horse and chill out , dont be a baby grow up this is high school not day care(:

    1. gail says:

      what would u do if this happen 2 u ; or 2 ur child

  11. les says:

    did this kid think what his school life is going to be after this !!!! what a candya##

    1. Eric says:

      Are you the teacher? Atleast he is not a coward and is standing up for himself. It’s not like he is a pathetic grown man calling a child a candyass!

      1. Venus says:

        lieing makes him a oward, if he want to be a man then he needs to act like one, there aint enough evidence to put coach crow in jial, he wont go, coley needs to man up and get over himself, he messed up and got embarrased by it, like i said he needs to get off his high horse and chill out, he needs to stop being a baby and grow up, aint he in high school , this aint no day care.

      2. les says:

        yes he stood up for himself but that’s not going to help his school life now !!!!!!!

      3. anon says:

        Venus, if he pushed a kid out of the way and grabbed coley, and had witnesses, how is it lying? Just because you want to be a suck up, and don’t know what happened because you were not there, how is he lying? exactly, get your facts straight, most of the athletes that were at the track meet saw it happening, and came to the school the next day and were discussing about it.

  12. SLC says:

    hes a good student and has done a lot for school and community. but ya he does get fired up and stuff like that. but i don’t agree with him putting his hands on a good friend of mine. now i was not at the track meet so i have no clue if it really happened or not.

  13. SLC says:

    round 2?

  14. SLC says:

    why hasn’t the coach been sent to death row yet?

  15. SLC says:

    what happens in ath class? 🙂

  16. SLC says:

    i think that kid might have had a gun anyways sooo….

  17. SLC says:

    Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

  18. SLC says:

    well t here is more ppl that seen what happened coley is a coward 2 put his hands on a coach and if ppl like you can post things like this well, that pretty much makes u one too at least he can stand up for his self if nothing happened why and the hell is the school tryin so hard to cover it up and lie about coach bein in ath, class

  19. jack daniels says:

    it was wrong for a teacher to put his hands on another parents child

  20. SLC says:

    This story is a buunch of lies, there is no way that coley is gonna choke anouther srudent, quinlan might have a bad rep but its only cause the quinlan crack heaed parents that make their kids do things like this, how could he choke coach if he pulled back two students at one time one in each hand and running at the same time no less, i live here nad go to the high school and it make me mad that people like this cant get off their butts and do something better with thier lifes. cant we all just enjoy what time we have in high school instead of worrying about drama. If you dont like being a student get over it, hes helped change our school, and i respect him for that. Thank You Coley

    1. Venus says:

      dude read the article again it never said that coley was outin his hands on another student it says that he is filing a charge that coach crow choked him which he clearlly did not, dont call me a coward because u dont know me, i havent done one thing but tell coley to grow up, so you chill out as well do you not have anything to do better with your life then sit here and bad mouth a girl you dont know, did caoch touch him maybe yeah he did but did he choke him no he didnt, and im not a suck up i dont even go to frod right now dont have any contact with coach nothing, so tell me to get my facts straight, when you should be the one to get yours straight dude.

  21. Allen says:

    Nothing will happen. My son has been hit with a football in the chest on purpose from one of the coachs, and slammed down by another coach. They are allowed to do things like that there in Quinlan it seems! Good luck on anything happening to him!!!!!!!

  22. ANN says:


    1. Autumn says:

      If that was my child i’d have busted his butt a long time ago!!!!!

  23. Anon says:

    This is the USA and we have a court of laws. Now we know where the limited vocabulary and negative attention comes from. Step up parents you can do better. You may be costing a God fearing man his career with your acusations and half-truths.

    1. tax payer of qtown says:

      well the kid isnt a liar there are alot more wittness and if everyone wants to put this child and his family down well its un called for maybe u parents should teach your kids right from wrong and teach them to stand up for them selves and not to let a coach assualt a student

      1. Venus says:

        if he listened to the rules when they are explained to him then he would have known not to go over the rope, saying he didnt know was a lie… dude he just needs to grow up

      2. GeoWarm(; says:

        Venus, you’re not in guys athletics, the rules aren’t explained. Learn your facts bro.

  24. Richard says:

    This CHILD in question is the very one who led a bunch of other kids to go to Farmersville and fight a group of kids there over being called a name. He is also a child that thinks it is appropriate to spit in peoples faces, offer our other children alcohol and when adults correct him he feels it appropriate to tell them to go F themselves. So YOU tell me he is a good student and contributes to our community. Yes this is exactly the CHILD with an abundance of morals you are all supporting in trying to run a good coach and role model out of our town.

    1. God don't like ugly! says:

      Amen….there is my answer! I knew that his behavior was probably going to tell the TRUE story and it did! This no little angel….this kid needs help and the seat of the pants might be a better place to start. Just like I stated earlier….no RESPECT…no MORALS….no CHARACTER….no INTEGRITY! If the parent doesn’t defend him then that will probably incriminate them, too! Fruit still doesn’t fall far from the tree!

      1. Elizabeth Seargeant says:

        GOD also does not like others to judge! That is not your answer,you are simply going buy what others are saying. Coley is a CHILD!!!! NO matter what ANY CHILD does it does NOT give any adult the right to put their hands on a child in such a way.

    2. gail says:

      this kid doesnt drank , smoke , do drugs so ur saying its ok 4 a teacher , coach to put their hands on this childs neck no i dont thank so get a life

      1. Richard says:

        Gail i know for a fact coley drinks he was caught giving alcohol to another kid and when he was confronted he replied he was a minor and the adult couldnt touch him so go F yourself, so u dont know what your talking about

      2. Venus says:

        dude ” this kid doesnt drank” sounds like you need to get a life, hes in high school its bull to say he dont party, he talks about it all the time.

      3. anon says:

        Don’t you all get it? “Gail” is Crystal, his mother!!!

    3. Venus says:

      thank you richard, atleast someone can see where im comin from, he just waisting everyones time with this bull.

  25. GeoWarm(; says:

    Coach Alford would have never of done this….

    1. mandy says:

      no he woulnt have never done this i thought he was a great coach

  26. Jeremy says:

    Geo warm coach Alford was let go for several reasons and being a good coach was not one of them, it was a good decision to replace him and coach crow is definitely a better choice this whole mess is just a big ugly lie most of the people commenting was not even at this event he did not choke that idiot, that kid didn’t like crow in the first place all this was is retaliation and nothing more!

    1. GeoWarm(; says:

      oh really? Coach Crow, is a better choice than Alford? Who was fired for having relations with a high school girl 10 years ago? And to GeoHot, Peavy was here a year before… But everything else you said is right.and how come there is more than the 2 witnesses that were on the news clip? How come he pushed another kid out of the way to get to coley, if all this is a lie? and how come he’ll admit that he “Grabbed his Chin,” cause he isn’t INNOCENT! i hope they take it to trial. and then what reason was Coach Alford let go for? He was let go so Mr French’s bestfriend could come to his school.

      1. GeoHot says:

        GeoWarm:) is Right and coach Pvy was Coached By crow remember? He had a Role coach pvy Had coach Lewis Fired because he knew if he was still here we wouldnt be all in to coach crows god and Coaching cause we can see past the bull. this was all planned out from the start jeremy good luck in life.

      2. GeoWarm(; says:

        Actually, Coach Peavy is not going to be coaching, maybe not even teaching next year, he is going back to school to be a Priest. And lewis was fired for slamming a kid into a locker…..

    2. GeoHot says:

      Idiot? Well Maybe Your a coward who likes coach Crow and for many people who dont like him. Is because they see pass all the lies and Fake hes selling. Maybe your to dumb To realize it? Maybe its that Qisd Education?

      1. Jeremy says:

        I’m no coward I’m highly educated and as far as crow being diff around athletes your lying through your teeth and anyone who isn’t an idiot knows who the two blurred out faces were and they are no accounts too people like you give quinlan a bad name. God belongs back in our schools you need Jesus and may he have mercy on your soul for what u say you need to do some research into your accusations before you put this man on blast for things you know nothing about. By the way you are publishing under a pseudonym, so who is the coward. I did not graduate from quinlan but I’ve been here for many years and I see good things from this man

    3. gail says:

      just 2 say coley did like crow be 4 this happened 2 him maybe if he had crabed ur ass u wouldnt be saying that coley is a liar well let the truth be told if coley was a liar then why is these parents sayin hes not ; not just his parents but other parents as well

      1. GeoHot says:

        Once again Jeremy You are a coward and far from a Follower of god. You can Google Anything that coach crow was accused of and ask the students from the class of 2000-2002. Your Completely wrong he coached me i seen him coach hes no better then anyone else. If coley was liying why would he randomly lie about this now. if he wanted him fired he could of got him fired along time ago. All this god bull is a cover up for a coward all this Jesus stuff is all illegal. Turning our school into a church on weekends is illegal. Even though its not during school Hours its still not permitted because its in a public educational place. It is illegal my dad works for the biggest law firm in the State and top 3 in nation. This Jesus Freak wanna be is no Christian man. what Christian Man say hes hung like a horse in front of students some role model.. I herd hes gonna be in part 2

  27. Sally Trew says:

    I am not surprised by this story. We have had our own issues with the Quinlan School District. My grandson is a special needs child and was pushed from behind by a child who is known to be voilent. The school come up with a different verison. The doctor at Childrens said because of the way my grandson’s arm was broken he had to have been pushed hard from behind and not tripped from the front like the school and thier police said. Our solution was to remove him from the school for his safety and to home school him. Bullying is a serious problem no matter if it is done by another student or a coach or teacher. It is still illegal and something should be done to stop it. Even if it is a coach who was the bully. The mother of this boy should file a complaint with the TEA.

  28. Alicia Murley says:

    It Doesn’t matter if its a child or a coach..To choke another person is pure wrong. For an Educator to dare do that to a kid who clearly isn’t his size or his age is pure wrong. He should not be allowed near other kids clearly he is a danger. He should be in jail for assault! You can blame the kid all you want but truth of the matter is that is a child kids will be kids and adults should know better then choke a child! What message is that abusive coach sending to our youth? How can he sleep at night knowing what he just did? How can any grown adult sit there and protect the coach not the kid?

  29. Jane says:

    Coach Crow has always loved to boast how “Christian” he is.Unfortunately for him, people learn more from your actions than your words.
    Coach Crow has ALWAYS been “trouble”. You should ask him how he met Kyle’s mother… she was his student- he dated her while she was in high school. Some people NEVER change.
    Bad temper with the boys and TOO friendly with the girls.

  30. Elizabeth Seargeant says:

    What if this was YOUR child? Whould you be so quick to speak and as quick to NOT listen? Where is the humanity and heart that GOD has gave to us all? What his mothers teeth looks like has nothing to do with this,dont be so immature,you don’t know her story. This took guts,they should get a standing ovation for what they are doing,sticking up for themselves and shining light on a situation that needs attention so this does NOT happen again. I pray GOD opens your eyes,ears and HEARTS,this is a CHILD he needs support NOT judgment and ACCUSATIONS. NO CHILD I repeat NO CHILD deserves to have ANY adult put hands on them.! Thank you Coley,you are a verybrave young man.

  31. stacy says:

    Coach Lewis was fired?? I just saw him at a track meet a few weeks ago. He is a great guy, a Quinlan boy and I know all the kids love him. can’t believe he would do something like that!!!

    1. GeoWarm(; says:

      Different Coach Lewis, This was the big black coach lewis.

  32. Cliff says:

    I personally do not think Coach Crow did strangle this child. I fell he did restrain him to act in a respectable way. Coach Crow is a disciplinarian and some peope dont like it. I personally trust him with my child or he would not be in athletics in QISD.

  33. WT says:

    Looks like there is a serious lack of education in and around this school. Lack of facts to support allegations, grammar and spelling indicate a total lack of regard for correctness.

    1. YEAH. says:

      Yeah, pretty much… but not everyone from Quinlan are like that…. just the people that choose to be.

  34. Jayne says:

    Most of you I go to school with and it’s very sad to see you talk about Quinlan ISD like this. You go here! The best advice I can give is Jeremey if your going to say you have a better education than most parents around here, that may be true but your mom needs to teach you a lesson you will need beyond your school education and that is respect. You have no right to go around acting like you are properly educated by calling people cowards. We all have our views on Coach Crow. If indeed this did happen then no it was not right, and he should take full responsibility. But even when help was given to this athlete he wanted nothing more than to be a hellian. He runs down the hall yelling smoke weed. Thats immature and shows his true personality. He is constantly in ISS for referrals, and always the “light” of the party. A “good” boy doesn’t get wasted, do drugs, and lies. This commenting back in forth about Coach Crows mistakes are ridiculous, as if you have never done anything wrong. The student never brings anything positive and home morals are obvisouly not present.

    1. JEREMY says:


  35. QUINLAN says:

    I am a parent..and I have seen the Coach put his hand on his son..i have heard he had relations with a young girl..i think he should have been in ISS..and yes he does use the word GOD alot and yes it is against the LAW but if the kids dont go along he gets ANGRY…thank god i dont have anymore boys in high school cus if he is still around I WOULDNT TRUST HIM……….GOODBYE HE NEEDS TO BE FIRED…..

  36. Katie says:

    Arguing about something IMMATURE isn;t getting anyone anywhere lol.
    It makes me laugh, because the law is the law and no matter WHAT anyone
    says, the judge makes the decisions, and no one can change it, no matter who
    was wrong or right. Everyone has there own opinions. If I was Coley and a coach touched me in any way shape or form, I would have been the one in jail.

  37. anon says:

    The above comment was for Crystal aka “Gail”

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