Former Miss USA Upset By TSA Pat Down

DALLAS (AP) – A former Miss USA says a security pat down at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport left her feeling molested and violated.

Susie Castillo, who was crowned in 2003, representing Massachusetts, was in tears following the April 21 experience. She did a video minutes later and posted it online.

Castillo was searched while preparing to fly home to Los Angeles.

The beauty queen turned actress says she decided against doing the body scanner over concerns about exposure to radiation. Castillo says a female Transportation Security Administration worker who checked her touched her crotch area several times.

Castillo later complained and was given a TSA comment card.

TSA spokesman Luis Casanova says the screener was questioned and did the pat down correctly. Casanova apologized for any discomfort to Castillo.

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One Comment

  1. Disgusted @ Diva says:

    Primadona Diva… WWWAAAAAAAAAA, go home to momma

    1. Disgusted at TSA says:

      This would be felony sexual assault anywhere else besides a TSA checkpoint.

  2. Vali says:

    Get over it! They are doing their job. Doesn’t look beautiful to me!

    1. Frederick Larrabee says:

      They do their job by fingerbanging women? Wake up, you dunce! These TSA Fourth-Reich Nazis routinely, on a daily basis, “legally” sexually assault women and children who could easily be your daughters, wives, mothers, etc., yet they WILL NOT do the same to a Muslim man in a turban or a muslim woman in a burka because this violates PC protocol. Meanwhile, we’re supposed to feel safe. What a laugh.

  3. Lemo says:

    I’d “pat” her down too!!!

    1. les says:

      i would hate to be her boyfriend !!!!!!! i just wonder if she reall liked it and this is just a srunt. wa wa wa wa

  4. Jason says:

    wow america is ugo now

  5. fantomnutt says:

    Want to help solve part of the debt crisis in the US? Do away with the TSA. It is absolute BS for our government to be able to ‘legaly’ commit sexual assault against it’s citizens in the name of ‘security’. Disband the TSA…..

  6. Carol says:

    When I read this I couldn’t believe how you described your experience was almost identical to the way I described my experience after being subjected to a pat down by a TSA agent. I had no earthly idea what would happen and I had NO CLUE it would make me cry. The agent went up both my legs from the front and from the back and touched my private parts between my legs FOUR TIMES!!! Unbelievable. I felt so violated. I was crying so bad they had to get a second TSA agent to come over as a witness. I was terribly upset. I asked to be able to go through the normal line like everybody else. They said I couldn’t. I had on leggings with a sweater and the agent groped me. She touched my breasts all over. Groping me everywhere. It was utterly humiliating. It is SICK SICK SICK!!!! When the experience was over I called a friend and was crying. I was molested. MOLESTED!!

    1. Gumby Rules says:


      I have gone through the pat down five times already, and always in Midland.

      The only molestation I feel is that i think the TSA man may be gay and he was checking me out.

      GET OVER IT!!

      You ain’t got nothing special there.

      1. C Bauer says:

        You’re a cretin who doesn’t realize that we as Americans have certain liberties and freedoms others don’t. If someone grabs my sack at the airport, I assure you I’ll be in Lew Sterrit within five minutes.

      2. les says:

        c bauer : itotally agree with you. he goes to the hospital and i go to jail !! i don’t mind pat downs as long as it’s a good looking woman .

    2. Daniel King says:

      There might be an organization where people can talk about or find some legal action to take against these pat downs.

  7. Ted Garrison says:

    Get over it. Go through the scanner then if you don’t want to be touched. How violated would you feel if the guy next to you blew up the plane? Duh!

    We could go to an eye scanner like they do in Europe and by pass TSA butr hey that’s a viiolation of my privacy is the complaint. People want security but don’t want to deal with it. Well Miss Universe – wow you are Miss Universie – but hate to tell you if I met you on the street I would not have realized that. Hey I served int he militaryt and had a securtiy clearance – I get checked too. The eye scan would change that but too many are against that too. So thank those people for your pat down.

    As a frequently traveler we all hate the inconvenience, but it sure beats getting blown up. Life are trade offs. So if you don’t want to do the body scanner or get patted down – then don’t fly or fly private jets. I’m sure you rate that since you are so important.

    1. Frederick Larrabee says:

      Hey Ted, you don’t get a pat-down flying private jets. Guess you didn’t know that for obvious reasons. Keep flying coach and rooting for the PC Nazis who are wrecking this country, We can fix this all with one strategy – racial profiling – but since it’s too obvious and is chock full of common sense, it will never happen here.

      1. j says:

        cuz timothy mcveigh was a arab muslim…yea I am sure profiling is the answer…

      2. Use Some Common Sense You Idiot Liberal says:

        TImothy McVeigh was an EXCEPTION to the rule, you idiot.

  8. MM says:

    And we wonder why so many others hate Americans. Suck it up and do the body scan. I am sure this was some ploy to boost her new acting career. We just Ned to quit whining and do our part to make America safe.

    1. C Bauer says:

      Racial profiling makes America safe. Probing the anus of an octogenarian nun or touching a child inappropriately makes NOBODY safe. Wake up and dump your PC Kool-Aid.

  9. PM says:

    Guess she’s not getting enough attention as a FORMER ms USA, go home and shut up.

  10. Daniel - South Florida says:

    This is why I no longer fly.
    Have your vehicle in top condition and just drive.
    Violation of her freedom, Violation of her person and Violation of the Constitution of The United States which prohibits unreasonable SEARCH and seizure.
    Good Luck to Everyone.

  11. Rick McDaniel says:

    No sympathy from me. It was her choice, and she took it. Complaining later, is not acceptable.

    If you don’t like it……don’t fly. It is that simple.

    1. You Are Also A Moron says:

      Yeah, don’t fly. What a reasonable alternative vs. giving up your civil rights.

  12. Lynn says:

    Stop trying to make a mountain out of a molehill. Geeeze people, if you have nothing to hide, or if you don’t like it, find another way to get where you want to go. I can’t walk and have been patted down several times and never felt violated. And this is coming from a DV and Rape survivor. Seriously, GET OVER IT!

  13. CSI says:

    Oh, well, a gimpy rape victim trumps all. Let’s all listen to this “expert”. Get lost, you idiot hack.

  14. goforit says:

    next time she flies she should wear a burka.

    1. The Great One says:

      Yep. That’s a sure fire way to never get patted down. If a woman in burkha ever got patted down, the rest of the violent Muslim extremists would be coming over to try to blow us up, and of course, this would prompt Obama’s Apology Tour, Part 2. Oh, did I just say all that? THAT’S RIGHT, I SAID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Larry Flintstone says:

    She’s HOT! In a tough street girl kind of way. She’d be perfect for a revenge affair. I hope her career ends up in a lot of posts on Mr. Skin’s website. I bet she shags like a minx!

  16. Quit Ur Crying says:

    Suck it up! You guys are so pathetic. If you don’t wanna get the pat down, walk through the scanner! I love how former Miss USA (whats her name again?) didn’t wanna walk through the scanner due to all the “radiation” she deals with on a daily basis. ROFL. With an answer like that, there’s no doubt that she’s Miss USA material.

    I’ve been pat down several times, I have yet to have a traumatic experience. It’s always a quick professional pat down. It takes what…2 minutes maybe? I’ll gladly sacrifice 2 minutes of my life for peace of mind.

    Which is better, a 2 minute pat down or thousands of people dying from a hijacked plane? Apparently thousands of people dying is worth it for you guys, a little bit of convenience is more valuable than human lives.

    And to all the cry-babies out there, what do you propose? No security? Lets just allow anybody to walk onboard. Hell, let a guy walk onboard the plane with an assault rifle, we don’t wanna hurt anybody’s feelings. Terrorism is a right! This is America!

  17. Lynn says:

    Well said “Quit Ur Crying” Guess several in here don’t want their “rights trampled on” for the safety of their self or others. I go through it every time I fly because I cannot walk.. My mom also does because she has a pacemaker. Neither of us or people I know have ever felt like they were assaulted or molested when patted down. You hit it right on when you called them cry-babies! Peace of mind is what I always think, plus safely getting from point A to point B!

    If you don’t like TSA, either drive, take a boat, walk or swim to where you want to go. We don’t need cry babies on board. Grow up is all I have to say. Nobody’s rights are being taken away, period!

  18. helen says:

    you chose this over the scanner, so please get it together. I bet you do the nest time. One more way to get attention.

  19. Reeper says:

    Well you can definitely tell this women has never been molested or violated-that gets a lot more aggressive.
    Let’s see you had the option of radiation, pat down, driving, bus or train. You get what you pick.
    I admit it is pretty uncomfortable to get pat down, yet if it protects my life on a plane I’m not going to gripe about it. Not getting them everyday really makes it seem worse, yet remember these people do it all the time so they won’t be as embarrassed about it. Also add the fact if they fail to do their jobs correctly and harm comes to all passengers over it they have to live it down the rest of their lives, you won’t cause you’ll be dead.
    They don’t hire people who get off on doing this to another human being, if that happens then you have a good complaint. Otherwise they where just doing their job.
    It won’t solve the debt crisis, have you already forgotten the huge sums the government paid to families of 911 just because insurance will not cover those kinds of deaths? Was it the airlines fault or the governments for that day?
    People scream foul when planes hit buildings, well with no holes barred the next target will be those nuke plants that can’t stand up to earthquakes or tidal waves. So no this problem is no longer only one of your death or some in a building, it’s hundreds of times larger now. Either stop flying or put up with it.
    Remember those on the battlefields are putting up with far more inconveniences than you are just by getting a pat down sometimes, their problems come daily, by the hour/minutes/seconds. Try going without a bath for days on end like they have had to do. Dirty socks/clothes, gee it can always be much worse in life and your whining?

  20. Aurora says:

    I am not being hateful by saying I dislike this, but I do not agree with the opinion that is being expressed.
    Saying you feel ‘molested’ because of a security pat down, is very upsetting to someone who has actually been molested and has had to deal with all of the lifelong issues that are often part of that.
    You also are probably correct when you say that a security pat down would not protect us from people putting bombs etc into their anal cavity.  That is more reason to make passengers use a full body scanner.
    You are not being forced to have a Security pat down or to go through a full body scanner.  You do not have to do either if you don’t fly on a commercial flight.
    I am also an American, and I, as well as many people of other nationalities, do not want anyone’s rights violated.  But you violate people’s rights by trying to get on a public, commercial airline flight without being as thoroughly checked by Security as possible.
    I too have a right to life and freedom.  I freely choose to fly on a commercial airline and I take part in a Security check for the life (safety) of myself and others.  You violate my rights by trying to take away the precautions that are in place to make traveling by commercial airlines less dangerous.
    Use your freedom of choice and choose another way to travel.

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