State Warns Against Fake Antibiotics

By Robert Wood, 1080 KRLD

AUSTIN (1080 KRLD) – If you have bought some over-the-counter pills that claim to be antibiotics, the Department of State Health Services says they’re not.

The supplements are sold under several different names, including Amoxilina, Citricillin, and others.  The bottles look like they should be antibiotics, and the state says the labels suggest they are.

Even the names are similar to actual antibiotics: the name Amoxilina, one of the supplements in question, is very similar to Amoxicillin, which is a real antibiotic.

But Carrie Williams with the Department of State Health Services says they aren’t the real thing.

She says you can’t get antibiotics over the counter.  They require a doctor’s prescription.

Williams adds if you feel like you’re sick enough to need them you should go to your doctor immediately — not depend on an unproven, over the counter, supplement that she says won’t have the same effect.


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  1. ABS says:

    Over the counter antibiotics? OMG, if you’re that stupid, caveat emptor is probably falling on deaf ears.

  2. 2sister says:

    I agree that people should know better. There are people who take all kinds of supplements that promise to help certain health issues. Some of these might have been proven to work, but many probably have not. The people who make these substances probably pray on desperate people who can’t afford to go to the doctor or ones who are into homeopathic medicine. The FDA needs to tell these people that can’t imply that there supplements will work unless that can be proven. I think supplements need to be regulated just like medicines. This would help put a stop to false and / or unethical claims about the supplements.

    Also, people need to read all of the small print on items. Sometimes the small print is contradictory to the rest of the statements

  3. mars says:

    best health care system in the world!!! LOL!!! it really isn’t funny though : (

  4. Lee Richardson says:

    But you can go to mexico buy antibotics otc,USA should do that,but they would’nt make there money

    1. C Bauer says:

      THEIR money, dufus, and too many antibiotics floating around leads to resistant strains of “super bugs”, so I’m actually glad they’re not OTC here.

  5. Reeper says:

    I’d never believe antibiotics can be bought over the counter, but to say these do not work without any proof they don’t is idiotic too. Past doctors handed out sugar pills that worked in cases where it was mind over matter. Some foods, etc. have natural antibiotic traits that work in minor problems.

    My only concern about OT medications and supplements not being regulated is the fact they may have more or less of the ingredients in them that should be used or interact with other things taken (yet even regulated stuff has recalls, etc.). Less ingredients your ripped, more you could be harmed.

    Homeopathic has been around a very long time, thus it’s pretty well proven on the old single doses. I’ve used a couple of them that have worked for me and after that given when animals had problems and it worked for them as well. Yet none of us have ever over-taken prescription or over the counter meds.

    4 years I Never tried homeopathic due to the press and those who should know putting them down, yet I finally realized that just like everyone else they can’t be 100% trusted. Once they could be highly respected and trusted, but today everyone seems to have sold out so there is no one you can trust. Even doctors have cheated on tests to get a job or prescribed things just to make a buck.

  6. InjuredPatient says:

    Pfizer Drugs has been federally prosecuted for fradulent marketing of their drugs. Last year they left thousands permanently crippled with the clinical trial of Tanezumab, falsified medical records, and lied to both patients and the media. Who do you think would be behind such a story?

    Reeper is RIGHT. Propolis is a fabulous natural antibiotic to ward off minor infections and viruses. It would be nice if such OTC products were regulated to the extent that content strength is consistent, but then the price would be off the charts. Propolis comes from the bee hive. It is major pharma companies who want people to fear anything but their over-priced chemicals that often do more harm than good!

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