Texas Group Increasing Amount Of ‘Whites Only’ Scholarships

TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM/KRLD) – Applications are reportedly piling in for a controversial college scholarship that is available for white men only.

The founder of The Former Majority Association for Equality, Colby Bohannan, says the scholarship is not about race. “We just saw an opportunity to help a group that doesn’t have a specific scholarship base just for it and we decided to fill that gap.”

Bohannan says the whites only scholarship is, in part, about getting attention, but not the political kind. “I think it’s a great way to get attention. Especially whenever you’re getting attention to those people who are trying to afford $40,000 for college tuition,” he said. “I think those people need attention. I think they need attention and they need help.”

Many people think the scholarship is doing anything but help. Wayne Krauss, with the Texas Civil Rights Project, says it is in fact racist and regressive. “This is one person who’s trying to take it back to the Jim Crow era and that’s a shame. But, we shouldn’t be distracted by that.”

Krauss thinks the scholarship overshadows the progress this country has made in race relations. “This type of race baiting actually attacks that diversity and tries to create division where there should be none,” he said matter-of-factly.

Bohannan claims that the intent of the scholarship is clear. “Our organization attempts to find four people out there, who are trying to go the school and better their life by getting an education, and give them financial aid,” he said.

But Krauss questioned, “If it’s not about black and white then why is he preventing all people of color from receiving this scholarship?”

Bohannan says he purpose of The Former Majority Association for Equality is to draw focus to the high cost of tuition and the inability for people to pay for college without help.

Thursday night the board for the group voted to increase their goal for the fall of 2012 from scholarships of $500 per student to $5,000 per student.

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    […] Texas Group Increasing Amount Of ‘Whites Only’ Scholarships Applications are reportedly piling in for a controversial college scholarship available for white men only. The group, who says the money isn’t about race, hopes to increase scholarship amounts from $500 to $5,000. Go to News Source […]

  • Friendtoall

    Dear wayne Krauss and any other white people haters,

    Why is It ok to have the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (naacp) and any other organization, which I am sure there are many more, that are exclusive to promoting a race other than white, but as soon as white people try to advance themselves it becomes racist. Just remember, white people aren’t the only peole who are racist. I’ve known plenty of Black folks who are racist as well as mexicans. I get damn sick and tired of being a target because I am a white male. If you start to push people around to much they are going to start to push back. If you want to lower the amount of racism, quit making everything about race. There is some point in your life you have got to realize that though some people in this world will be against you because of your race, not everyone is, and that you have got to start taking personal responsibility for your life and stop trying to make others promote yours. Pretty soon we, “white devils”, will run out of “white guilt”. Stop pushing your anti white agenda so hard and maybe it will get you farther.

    • uncle

      You hit the nail on the head, its about time someone spoke up for us white devils. I am tired of being bashed by black people because of my skin color ! If black people dont stop hating on white people, white people will start to hate back. Its a good time to look to the future, not dwell in the past!

    • LEROY

      If you are white you will never understand the generational pain of slavery, Jim crow and the vicous racist of the south; moreover the institutionalized racism that the supreme “lilly white” courts agreed existed. We have a president that had to prove over and over that he is an american and you can not tell me that a lot of white people to this day still do not believe he is an amercan, Have you seen any black people attacking whites for this sillyness or ignorance? No we have for the most part been silent, but it’s people like you who destroy this country with your white Supremacist belief, We did not ask to come here, but we are here now DEAL WITH IT.

      • letsgetoverourselves

        You don’t understand slavery first hand because you were not one. I don”t understand slavery first hand because I have never had a slave. This has never been a silent issue.

        Maybe you could answer this…..If there is an AFRICAN AMERICAN HEALTH EXPO and I am white does that mean I am not welcome there! And just a news flash….if you are white I’ll bet you won’t be hired at WILLIAM’S CHICKEN! Wassup with that!
        All of this stems back to the “KIND” of person–NOT the COLOR! And as for the President …they need to leave him alone …and I am white! (And I never have received special consideration for it! Ihave had to work hard and make my way!) Live and let live! God doesn’t see us as a color…we are all his children! Let’s start acting like it!

      • uncle

        You sound like a real die hard racist who will never stop hating. Why do you continue to fan the fires of long ago ? You have never been a slave so stop acting like you are living in the pain of slavery!

    • tracey watts

      As far as the scholarship is concerned, it IS racist. True, it is no more racist than the others mentioned, but for/ with a different purpose. Those other mentioned groups/ societies/ scholarships were formed to help decendants of those who were/ are, at best, second-class citizens in a “White” society. The American Indians were killed/ died by disease/ driven off their land by who? The English/ Dutch/ Portugese, etc. slave traders who brought the majority of slaves to America(s) were…? The minorities previously mentioned have been given recent consideration because they are STILL at a disadvantage in this society. Example(s): Native Americans (in the US) are all but EXTINCT. Even those who remain dont look Asian, but White. US prisons are ~70% African American. Yet, African Americans make up 14% of the population. It’s not that whites don’t commit crimes, or that they are not caught, but that they dont suffer the persecution, proscecution, or the punishment of non-whites. It has been shown that “white” crimes (those committed by whites) recieve a lesser degree of punishment than those committed by non-whites. The face of the welfare system is a single, African American mother. Most recipients are actually white females. I could do this, all day. My point is that the “other” scholarships were intended to help “even” the playing field through education. The new “whites only” scholarship only serves to make the victimizer seem, somehow, like the victim. No, whites are not evil. But in the words of the great Charlie Sheen, Whites are “Winning”. In truth, ALL pointers to race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, etc… should be removed from ALL applications that seek “fairness”. There should be no personal interviews, no employer perusing of Facebook profiles, etc… nothing that would serve to help identify and classify a person with a particular group. Then “scholarships” could be based on “merit”.

      • Jason

        Im not sure when the last time you applied for scolarships was but when I did in ’03 there were plenty of scolarships that were for “African-American” students only in fact seemingly more than the ones available to the general public. But no cry of foul was shouted then….so please, with all due respect shut up. Its not racist…

      • trey

        You need to check your stats and apply those numbers per capita of the race. You can’t keep blaming someone else for all of a persons problems. Obama rose above it all so yes it acan be done. I agree with you in one area… all jobs , scolershipts, welfare, bank loans, grants and permits should be awarded on merit… should never be asked what race you are… no more naacp, lulac, or any organization who promotes one race above another… Until then, I see nothing wrong with this scholarship.

  • Finally.

    White are the minority now, so get over it everyone. About time.

  • bertha jones

    Thank God someone is taking the initiative to even out the playing field. You cannot say that there is an overbundance of priveleges and handouts available to blacks and hispanics. Not only that our universitites and colleges, courts, government entities and legiislatures all discriminate against whites one way or another. So, good for The Former Majority Association for Equality of encouraging white maies to pursue an education and to not be discouraged by the discrimination that they encounter when they apply assistance. If I had money I would contribute to the cause.

    • Bertha jones

      Wait, I spotted an error in my statement. Second sentence should say “You cannot say there is NOT an overabundance of priveleges and handouts available to blacks and hispanics”.

  • mrs.magee

    There are blacks-only scholarships available through the United Negro College Fund, correct? Are we still paying for an atrocity that ended 150 years ago? My daughters are of Native American descent and you can bet we’ll take advantage of the college money offered to them. If there are scholarships and grants available to blacks and Native Americans, why not whites? There are thousands of scholarships out there for everything under the sun. Get over it.

    • uncle

      Right on Mrs. Magee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep telling it like it is.

    • 2blue4u

      I could not agree with your more. You can not hold a country hostage forever because of the atrocities committed by our forefathers..

  • zanupf

    Now we want a group to fund shelters for abused husbands; marriage and benefit rights for heterosexuals who are suffering from the persecution of gays, and a group to advocate for white protestants who have been barred from the presidency of the United States by the Roman Chatolics.

    • william

      How about these Mormons and Muslims who dominate the presidency of the United States, that we only 43 of our 44 presidents are protestants. Protestants are suffering in the US.

  • Steve

    Racist?????? What the hell are the United Negro College Fund, the Black Caucus, the Mexican American Chamber of Commerce, the Black Chamber of Commerce, and on and on and on. I get sick of hearing every white person being called racist. And I’m sick of hearing that our government owes black people for slavery that occurred 150 years ago — there’s not a black person alive today who had to live through that period, so get over it!!!!!!!!!!!

    • uncle

      Steve, all i can say is you get a big Amen from me !

    • blondie


    • Sandee Jones

      you go Steve!!!!

  • Whwlf

    Finally. I’m tired of the “black” only and “hispanic” only scholarships that “whites” cannot apply for. What is wrong with this group filling a much needed gap. Get over it people.

    • David

      Actually, Hispanic scholarships go to both whites or blacks…since Hispanics can be of either white or black.

  • david

    Fair is Fair

  • underground_predator

    hmmmm, i am detecting a lot of panic going on, who cares who gets scholarship.

    • uncle

      Predator, its not panic its a very real and growing dislike about the way whites are being treated today.

  • Cavan Dierckman

    Finally! What’s the difference with all the specialist groups do this for there so called ” people “

  • RussP

    I doubt if we’ll ever have a totally equal society, whether based on race, class or nationality but as long as people continue to feel the need for identifiers as African American or Latin American; we’ll never get there. Every citizen needs to just consider themselves an American. Until then, the devisiveness of groups like LULAC, the NAACP and even the KKK will openly continue.

  • rick

    It’s about time someone stuck up for us! I’m sick and tired of all the oppressive institutions and centuries of inequality. We have been kicked around and left out in the cold. Sure we’ve had every single president until this one but what if it happens again? We CANNOT let it happen again! I’m seeing more and more corporations (surely through affirmative action) hire more minority executives and leaving more and more of our kind out in the cold. I’m seeing all these “minorities” whining and complaining about their government representatives supposedly not “reflecting” the actual communities they serve. Whatever! I can’t wait for more heroes to emerge like this guy to help lead our disenfranchised and horribly underrepresented people into the promised land! And don’t get me started on illegals!

  • JimBob

    ~ Any Black only event is OK” But turn it around & it’s racist” You can CRAM your racist double standard there Black Folks or whatever you demand to be called this year ~

    • uncle

      JimBob, your ok !

  • Komer

    Get a grip and grow up.This is a free country is it not,tired of all the drying .Good God ,is this all you have to worry over.!

  • JimT

    For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16

    When we stand before God in the judgement, will we be able to say we loved one another…..simply, loved one another.

    It is a trick of the devil for us to see race and the devil uses race to keep us divided. Show your neighbor that you love him/her and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how infectious it can be and in your neighborhood at least, you will defeat the devil’s schemes and plots that keep you divided.

  • Coconut

    I’m Hispanic (of Mexican descent) and I am all for this scholarship! I hear of black this, Hispanic that, Asian this, etc., but there is not one set for white Americans. And no its not racist!! Call me a sell-out but I’ve had enough of non-whites pulling out the race card every time! Its racist when you have an only black, Hispanic, asian, Yellow, brown group and not allow the whites to have their white only group. Get over it and be an adult about it!

  • Hawk11B

    I goggled ” college scholarships for blacks” resulting in 69 pages covering scholarships for blacks in every condition imaginable. Blacks, black men black women, black Caribbeans, etc.

  • tracey watts


    Im not sure when the last time you applied for scolarships was but when I did in ’03 there were plenty of scolarships that were for “African-American” students only in fact seemingly more than the ones available to the general public. But no cry of foul was shouted then….so please, with all due respect shut up. Its not racist…”

    Jason, calm down. Your response was rude. I don’t mind discussing anything with you, but the conversation will be respectful. Again, it IS racist. Please see the definition below:

    ” 2. racist – discriminatory especially on the basis of race or religion”

    It is racist because it is discriminatory, based on race.

  • Rick McDaniel

    Nice to see something being done, about equalizing things again.

  • darrell

    Great ideal. now if we can just get a holiday that celebrates a white guys birthday and a national honky month all that leaves is reversal of affirmative action.

  • TXmama

    Although it appears the scholarship is only for 4 white men, at least it’s a start, and I’m glad to see most of the comments here are in favor of this. As someone stated previously, fair is fair. College is expensive for everyone, not just minorities.

    I’d also like to reach out to Mr. Krauss…and slap the spit out of him. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black (no pun intended). :)

  • Mr. Blue

    Based on the definition you posted, all scholarships that are only available to Africans, Hispanics, Asians, etc would also, in fact be racist. Because they are discriminatory to caucasians!! So please continue arguing that this new scholarship is racist, just makes you sound like more a hypocrite.

    • tracey watts

      wow. did you read the second sentence of my original post? i stated what you just wrote. let’s not hurl insults, but have an intelligent conversation. i am anything but a hypocrite.

      April 29, 2011 at 3:30 pm
      “True, it is no more racist than the others mentioned, but for/ with a different purpose.”

      • tracey watts

        Better, yet, below is the last portion of my original post.

        “In truth, ALL pointers to race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, etc… should be removed from ALL applications that seek “fairness”. There should be no personal interviews, no employer perusing of Facebook profiles, etc… nothing that would serve to help identify and classify a person with a particular group. Then “scholarships” could be based on “merit”.”

  • HooDatIS?


  • Reeper

    Not much help towards the tuition thus it is only racist founded statement or it would pay a lot more for tuitions. Top that it excludes some whites because they are not the right sex? How many whammies does that make on people of their same race?
    Just because there are others out there doing the same thing does not make it right for any other good human being to repeat it. I do find humor in the fact for years on end those in the minority’s were left not helped (women, races) and now I guess the shoe is on the other foot and your screaming foul? Those other organizations formed for a reason back when it was their only way to get in.
    It was never right in the first place either way in current times after there was a balance.
    When society gets to the point all people can apply for tuition without any discrimination no matter what their grades where like (they will bomb out if they don’t get help or bring them up fast) then it will be news worthy. Aught to be a law everyone that wants to go gets to go or nobody does. Anyone providing tuition must be willing to give it to anyone or not be allowed to give it to anyone. That is how you end stupidity, not by he did this or they did that. Can’t change the past, only the present and the future.

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