By Selena Hernandez, CBS 11

FORT WORTH (CBS 11) – Fort Worth Police are on the hunt for four men they say shot and killed a man inside his own home.

Police say 32-year old Ponpet Vongkhamchanh was watching television in his living room late Friday night when the suspects came into his home, located on the 4600 block of Vista Meadows in North Fort Worth, and shot him.

“He was just a great all around guy,” Thai Souvanna recalled of his cousin. Vongkhamchanh is remembered as a kind, caring and devoted family man. His closest friends and family would have never expe3cted his life to end so tragically. “For this to happen, it is just a great loss to t community and friends he’s made,” Souvanna said.

Family members say it appears there was a struggle and electronic items were stolen from the house. Police believe it was during that time, Vongkhamchanh was shot and killed. “I believe it’s an isolated incident,” Sgt. Pedro Criado with Fort Worth Police said. “It’s also possible he may known the suspects.”

Neighbors in this quiet, family community are shocked and saddened by this crime. “He never said a cross word, he was mild mannered and treated people with great respect,” Robyn Winter-Sky said. “I cant imagine living anywhere else – I’m not going to pick up and leave because this happened – this is a good neighborhood.”

Family members wait for justice and closure.  “We’re just wondering why – why?”

Fort Worth police say four Asian men were seen leaving Vongkhamchanh’s home shortly after the crime. Anyone with information is asked to call Fort Worth police.