Suspected Irving Bank Robbers Busted

By Andrea Lucia, CBS 11

IRVING (CBS 11) – Employees at a Bank of America in Irving are recovering, after their second robbery in just three days.

Police say two men ran inside early Saturday afternoon in a “takeover style” bank robbery. Officers say, the robbers had guns and ordered customers to the ground. They left with a bag of cash, but not before a witness caught their license plate number.

Police said, that piece of information allowed them to confirm they had spotted the same car leaving the scene. Officers chased it from Irving all the way to Oak Cliff, travelling up to 110 miles an hour, the driver eventually lost control and crashed into a telephone poll.

Officers say, at that point, the two were so disoriented from the impact of the air bags, they took off running leaving both their guns and the cash in the car.

Police say, one suspect then tried to carjack someone at a nearby business. Officer say he jumped into the man’s passenger seat and ordered him to drive. The victim reportedly said, ‘no’. Moments later, police tazed  and arrested their suspect. His alleged accomplice was also caught nearby.

“It’s just pretty crazy,” said Avery Bush, a bank customer. What’s even crazier for those who live and work near the bank is that this the third day in a row Irving has had a bank robbery. Two of those three days, it’s been at the same bank.

Thursday, Dontaye Faggins, the owner of a nearby Henderson Chicken restaurant, spotted another unsuccessful robber running through the parking lot. “Crazy. Just trying to escape as fast as he can,” said Faggins.

Neighbors say, they feel like crime is on the rise, but they do feel confident in the work police are doing.
“You come rob anything over here, you’re gonna get caught,” said Faggins.

So far, this week, that’s been true.


One Comment

  1. Bill says:

    “…the driver eventually lost control and crashed into a telephone poll.”

    He drove his car into someone conducting a phone survey?

    1. C Bauer says:

      LOL. I know – these reports are starting to write copy like the idiots over at The movie Idiocracy isn’t a comedy – it’s a prophecy.

  2. spookman5 says:

    Another crime solved by CITIZEN!

  3. Jose says:

    Now I suppose we’ll see the hero telephone pole on Leno.

  4. mike alerich says:

    Once again this shows BOA complete apathy for customer and staff safety, even after the first violent take-over, no mention of how the crackheads avoided bank security because there is none.
    BOA like most banks are more than happy to let citizens and LE handle bank security, it saves them money while they post Billion$ net profits.

  5. Reeper says:

    Luck, they hit a pole instead of a car after going 110 mph and armed they did need to be chased even if no one was hurt in the hold up since any perp stupid enough to pull a gun on someone is stupid enough to use it.
    Luck, air bags fogged their brains in not getting their weapons (very good for us and police).
    Luck, very good brave hero refused to give a ride..Just say no to drugs & rides (deserve a key to the city).
    Luck, we get to house, feed and dress them free for a long time since the car won’t be worth much now.
    Luck, BOA won’t increase fees due to a loss since they got the money back-yeah right.
    The real luck is no one got hurt in all of this. 2 down hundreds to go.

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