North Texas Muslims React To Bin Laden’s Death

By Bud Gillett, CBS 11 News

RICHARDSON (CBSDFW.COM) – At the Dallas Central Mosque, General Counsel Asad Rahman said he felt his faith was “hijacked” when the World Trade Center towers crumbled on September 11, 2001.

So when President Barack Obama announced Sunday that Osama bin Laden, the al Qaeda leader and orchestrator of those attacks that left thousands dead, had finally been killed by U.S. forces, he said his community was relieved.

“Because, just like every American, we suffered that day. We had people who lost lives and who have lost lives subsequently in the Armed Forces,” Rahman said. “We certainly salute our troops and are proud of the work they do and our intelligence agencies.”

At Richardson-based Fun Asia Radio 104.9 FM, Shabnam Modgil was up all night giving breaking news to her North Texas audience.

Fun Asia FM Radio listeners are primarily from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

“I’m really happy, and I’m happy for all the people around the world. We had been suffering from that man until yesterday,” one caller said.

“Osama bin Laden’s death…. A few steps taken by the U.S Army but a giant leap for mankind all around the world,” another remarked.

“It was huge; it was like big, big news that it happened,” Modgil said.

“I’m sure people began to say, ‘Well, why can’t we go ahead and catch him, and why can’t we do something about it?’ Well, finally it was done. So it was very exciting; amazing,” she added.

General Counsel Rahman reiterated that the community “welcomed the news” and hoped it would further the healing process for all those who were affected by the tragedies.

He said he is especially grateful that President Barack Obama, like President George W. Bush before him, made it clear “that this was never a war on Islam.”

“We appreciate that and respect that and urge people to remember that,” he said.


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  1. Louann Smith says:

    As an American and a Christian, I never felt it was war on Islam. I was insulted and at times embarrassed for those that are narrow minded that made this about Muslims. I know many Muslims who are all soft spoken, caring and patriotic Americans just as I am. Many years ago there was an abortion activist that went around the country holding vigils at different clinics, several physicians were killed by these individuals that labels themselves as Christians and killing the physicians due to Christian law. Again, what these people were doing was not part of the Christian doctrine, they were radicals in the Christian religion. Every religion has its own radicals as well as fundamentalists. The important thing is not to jump to conclusions because a person is Christian or Jewish or Muslim or other religion. As a Christian, brought up in the chruch, I was taught to not hate, not kill, not hold grudges and to be open to others and their own way of celebrating their God. We must all work together to bring unity form Christians, Catholics, Jews, Muslims etc. Until then, we will all remain misunderstood by the other religions.

  2. Sahul Najib says:

    Obama is a jackwagon for permitting Osama a proper Islamic burial. Osama was the #1 most wanted terrorist on the FBI list. Osama did not represent Islam. Osama represented terrorists.

    There would not have been outrage if Osama was unceremoniously dumped into the Arabian Sea. There would not have been outrage if Osama’s body was brought back to the USA.

    Pathologist with no ties to the USA government could have performed an autopsy and provided the full unedited report to US citizens. This would have proven whether or not this alleged body was actually Osama, who allegedly suffered from kidney disease.

    Brainwashed citizens believe Osama was given proper Islamic burial to help prevent retaliation from Al Qaeda terrorists. If there was actually some concern by the US government, then US Navy SEALs could have captured a slightly wounded Osama. US Navy SEALs double tapped Osama with kill shots, one in the head and one in the chest. They could have shot Osama in one shoulder and one knee, instead.

    Remember how many automobiles had American Flags during the first 365 days following September 11, 2001? Most of those American Flags disappeared by the beginning of 2003. Patriotism and unity increased immediately after 9-11 but faded quickly. How quickly will patriotism and unity fade after Osama was killed?

    How long will Obama keep US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan? Americans can no longer blame Bush for US troops remaining in Iraq and Afghanistan. Osama has been confirmed dead by Obama. Will the same Americans who protested against Bush now protest against Obama? Or will they see Obama as a hero and not protest for keeping US soldiers in harms way?

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