Texas State Senator Injured On 9/11 Talks About bin Laden’s Death

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM/KRLD) – State Senator Brian Birdwell (R – Granbury) burned more than 60 percent of his body in the Pentagon attack on September 11, 2001.

After word spread Sunday night that Osama bin Laden was dead, spontaneous celebrations sprung up across the nation.

But Birdwell says there is a huge difference in the celebrations he saw last night and the ones he saw shortly after September 11th by enemies of the US.

“We have done justice to a murderer who deserved the death he got,” he said. “And we were celebrating that justice was being done rather than our enemies celebrating the slaughter of innocent life.”

Birdwell was injured when American Airlines flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon, just yards away from his office. He says we, as a country, can’t worry about how our enemies will react to the death of bin Laden.

“The question isn’t whether we as a nation are making our enemies mad,” he said defiantly. “The question is what are we doing as a nation to make sure that our enemies learn never to make us mad. Last night’s operation answered that question.”

Birdwell went on to say that he noticed something while watching the celebrations Sunday night. “There’s a seminal difference between the jubilation that the Americans were feeling last night and the jubilation I saw in streets in the Middle East and the tapes I saw after September 11th.”

Hundreds of people joyously gathered outside the White House early Monday morning to mark the death of Osama bin Laden. Spontaneous, celebratory rallies also broke out in New York City at ground zero, where the World Trade Center towers fell nearly 10 years ago, and outside the Dallas home of former President George W. Bush.


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  1. YRofTexas says:

    I did not notice any American women in burka’s, standing with other Americans celebrating the long-overdue death of Bin Laden. It would show great solidarity if American Islams join with other Americans; standing up and celebrate the death of the monster Bin Laden with the rest of us.

    Do you hear us, our fellow Americans of the Islamic faith?

    Will you stand with us?

    1. TexaninDC says:

      I got to school in Washington DC and went down to the White House, there were plenty of Muslims down there celebrating

    2. NiteNurse says:

      Muslim women aren’t stupid you know. They would be a target for the loonies who still think all muslims are bad.

    1. YRofTexas says:

      Thank you for the clip!

  2. Reeper says:

    I don’t agree with Birdwell at all, it’s no different to celebrate the death of innocent people than it is to celebrate the death of guilty ones. What makes you better than bad people is being glad they are gone, yet not celebrating the death. Gathering waving flags without smiles or being joyous makes you the better beings, otherwise you are no better than they are.
    Death is a joyous time since you finally do get to meet your maker if there is one, yet it should remain a solemn time out of respect for those who have lost them. You can disown your own blood related family member for wrongs they have done, yet you will still grieve for the person they where before they went so wrong since it’s human nature.
    This world is so disrespectful of others it’s no wonder there are so many problems in it over that exact fact. Rich/poor/which faith or no faith/race/sex/me me/uNameIt-have no pity and you shall get no pity when the shoe is on the other foot.

    1. YrUsoClueLess? says:

      @ Reeper: You speak of Relativity

      The absence of standards of absolute and universal application.

      You believe that mankind’s human nature has no responsibility toward another. There is no Right no Wrong
      no Up no Down
      no Hate no Love
      no Rape no Murder
      no Poor no Rich
      no Sorrow no Joy

      Anotherwords, NO ACCOUNTABILITY.

      Get your head out of the sand.
      You’re on Planet Earth.
      It IS populated with people who believe they are not responsible to anyone; therefore, they are entitled to do as they wish, irregardless of the consequences.

      There ARE Rights and Wrongs of human behavior.
      Like it or not, standards HAVE TO EXIST, or we are relegated to ANARCHY.

      “Reeper” Is that what you are promoting?

  3. Reeper says:

    I believe pointing out celebrating the death of another human being no matter the cause does point out right from wrong. Just because you are on opposite sides in any matter does not mean being exactly as cold hearted as the other side is remains right. Does the location your born in make your side more right than the other-what you are saying is it does, yet it is the underlying true reasons that tell right from wrong (wearing their shoes) and even when your in the wrong you have to protect yourself for allowing it to happen.

    As far as a head stuck in the sand, many of our own are since they never understood everything that was behind 9/11. Some whose children (direct or relatives) where killed by money made in America where glad to see it happen, and what is the first thing America froze before/after it-money, so they know it is a cause of problems, yet they still to this day let it go to a Nation that uses it to cause problems in the Middle East and relentlessly kill with it-more than an eye for an eye to keep the fight/money pouring in. Think of their continent the same way as you see your own, because we live with relatives in other States and back people in other States as our brothers, on their continent it’s a matter of different Nations instead of States but the same brotherhood/relatives mixed all over.

    My head has always been on Planet Earth with my eyes wide open since birth. I was born into a career military family and I have served in it. I very well know it’s a world in which you have to kill or be killed in even if you feel the person has a valid reason for wanting you dead or not, when it comes to other Nations/people or within your own Nation. And yes I have seen plenty of blood and guts in both.

    In our homeland we have serial or killers that are put to death, yet it’s not televised, 8×10 death pictures shown of their bodies, and celebrated by everyone-why not? Because you never felt you where in harms way over the person or because eventually you become tired of so much celebration? Old days that is exactly what happened-public executions/pictures.
    Do onto others as you would have done unto yourself (in this sense in your Nation vs. the Nations of others), you don’t have to be religious to know good values. You celebrate Laden’s death because you think you have cause to and they celebrate ours because they think they have cause to, what part of lead by example do you not understand and being born in 1 place vs. another?
    Do you really think televising the death of others, 8 x 10 glossy pictures of the body after is really going to deter others from doing it or give you any satisfaction? What should give you satisfaction is preventing people from ever getting to the point of killing others in which many can be avoided by having respect for their way of life in foreign Nations or reaching them in our own unless it’s due to mental problems.
    Continued due to some postings do not go through.

  4. Reeper says:

    As far as disrespectful of other people in other lands look at these pictures if they are still up:
    Shocking Hazing In Kabul Pictures – CBS News
    No I was not shocked, that kind of stuff has gone on by our oil men, CIA, etc. on foreign soil for years. Add the cases of where our own soldiers raped/killed a girl and her family while others did sport killings and did one of them die by our laws for this? Not that I have read. While we may lock up murderers/law breakers in our mist with never killing them or letting them back on the streets, others are not so tolerant of such people for good reasons.

    I can easily kill someone out of defense, yet I’m not going to jump up and down with joy because I had to kill them. I will not feel sad for them even if the worlds failing them or doing wrong to them was their cause since we have to live in a inhumane disrespectful world until people finally look in the mirror and see the cause that drives a lot of these people, yet I will not rejoice in their or anyone’s death publicly, yes privately I will rejoice when some monsters meet their fate.

    Standards do have to exist and the way they are in America today, it’s hard to pity those who directly or indirectly (going with the flow, living with blinders, falling for any lies) who end up reaping what they have sowed or allowed others to sow for them. Allow the pollution, tainted food, etc. all in the name of making a buck and what do you have in the end? The same with no where else to run/hide, thus you have reaped what you have let be sowed even if you fought to prevent it.
    Allow others to be disrespectful to those whose Nations they are in, try to influence them to wanting our way of life or backing corrupt leaders thinking that will make you safe, it will never happen. Only when the majority want change does change come to any Nation and they will only honor those who have only been in the right when that change comes or helped them to make the change. The world is not your problem just like the problems in your own Nation are not yours until it hits home, time to prevent problems is way before they ever reach your door-often too little too late for some.

  5. AgainYrUsoClueLess? says:

    Thou speakest Waaaaaaayyyyy too much.
    As Henry David Thoreau once said
    “Simplify! Simplify!”

    Evil is as Evil does.
    Osama did Evil. His death is a triumph over Evil.
    Celebrate that.
    Enough said.

  6. jen says:

    I had my vagina sewed somewhere between the age of 4-6 by muslims. I told a lady in granbury after a rape. I noticed the strings (not tampon) in my vaginal and took them up to the office in granbury high school. The people who put these vaginal sewtures in work in bedford texas. I am not crazy, and I never got anyone to help me.
    I felt happiness after I found out that Bin Laden died, but I also want him known as a child rapist who was a muslim. Extremist or not, if your not with Jesus, then your with the complete opposite.
    I would swear this to be true and take a polygraph if I didnt believe it is against the bible to swear.

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