Texas Senate Approves Sonogram Bill

AUSTIN (AP/KRLD) – The Texas Senate has given its final approval to a bill requiring doctors to perform a sonogram before performing an abortion.

The measure requires a doctor to perform the sonogram at least 24 hours in advance, unless the woman lives more than 100 miles away from the closest abortion clinic. It requires the doctor to give the woman the option to see the sonogram and hear the fetal heartbeat.

There are exemptions if the woman is a victim of rape or incest or if the fetus has fatal abnormalities.

Sen. Wendy Davis of Arlington added one change to the bill.  The change has to do with the time a woman has to wait between sonogram and abortion. If she lives more than 100 miles away from a facility, the wait is 2 hours.  If not, the wait is 24 hours.

KRLD’s Robert Wood reports from the capitol

Sen. Dan Patrick, a Houston Republican, says he hopes the bill will reduce the number of abortions. Critics say the measure is designed to intimidate women.

“All this does is say if a surgical center does 50 or more abortions a year they would not be exempt from that.” says Patrick.

In a release Tuesday, Governor Perry said “the Texas Senate has taken admirable action today by passing this significant sonogram legislation, and I want to thank Rep. Sid Miller and Sen. Dan Patrick for their work on this issue. Ensuring Texans have access to all the information when making such an important decision is a critical step in our efforts to protect life, and I look forward to this legislation reaching my desk very soon.”

The bill now goes back to the House, which has already passed its own version.

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One Comment

  1. Patrick Duncan says:

    Conservative legislators in Texas get between a doctor and their patient. Proving they are hypocrites when it comes to less government interfering with our lives. A tragedy for women rights to privacy with their doctor.

  2. Jason says:

    It sucks to be a Texan during times of so called leardership such as this 😦

  3. Bee says:

    I feel Rick Perry and Dan Patrick need to mind their uteri. Oh…they don’t have a uterus.

    More than 100 miles from a care provider? What about 83 miles? I find that a plan to keep rural women poor, barefoot and pregnant. And maybe on welfare.

    Did you know two of the stipulations they WANTED to add to this bill were: If the woman sees the sonogram and decides not abort, The State of Texas would pay all medical expenses of that child until age 18. Also, should the woman change her mind, The State of Texas would pay for the childs’ tuition to a four-year state college. Just an example of an anti-choice agendas attempt at bribery to say, “we won”!

    1. Mouse says:

      How different it would be for you if your mother had decided to do what you feel is a “right” for women. As a woman, it is shameful to be placed in the position where you feel that an abortion is the “viable” choice. Adoption is slightly less traumatic for mother and child, yet it provides an opportunity for life rather than death or do you fully support capital punishment for those that haven’t even drawn breath like you or I?

      1. Realist says:

        My mother did. After being held down by my father so his brother could rape her.

        I am very thankful to my mother for making a very hard choice.

      2. Lynn says:

        There aren’t enough people who want to adopt these children. We have an abundance of children who are in need of a good home and haven’t beenn adopted. What makes you think this new crop will be adopted?

  4. Rachel Gregory says:

    Another way to control a woman’s thoughts and body.

  5. Lynn says:

    This law may cause more deaths to women due to back street procedures or home remedies. I hope my senator will hold my hand through whichever decision I make.

  6. Rachael A Gregory says:

    Another way to control a Womans Body. Women think about thses issue’s before they show up at a clinic. We all know what happens to some children who are not wanted, in foster care or adopted. I am defending the Right to Chose. Not someone or a Society to Choose for a woman. I’m sure someone will say something about this on FB. This is not about saving lives, this is about protecting the Right to Choose. If anyone is interested in saving lives. Lets start with the whole world dismanteling their Militaries and Execution Chamber’s. Then letl’s talk.

  7. Joann Galich says:

    At least women will not be able to say that the decision to murder their baby was not an informed decision. They should see the life they are ending. Their rights over their body ended with having unprotected sex. Abortion is not birth control, it is murder.

    1. chhris says:

      Just for that mindset Ill be sure to make taunts at the screen. Maybe after people start making crude comments to the sonogram screen like…”hey little guy, i’d reccomend not touching that hangar” maybe the docs will get fed up enough to want to repeal the law

  8. Diana says:

    If I never existed, no one would be the wiser. I hate that argument. It’s so arrogant to assume that the world would have lost out on something great if any one of us had never existed. And yes… I include myself in this statement.

  9. Tracy says:

    People leave your ProChoice or ProLife opinions out of this and look at the Bill for what it is. Wether you like it or not, abortion isn’t illegal and so the State needs to stay out of it. When a woman gets an abortion, she already has to have an exam because they need to know how far along she is. The do a sonogram at that time and there’s no need to hear a heartbeat or a “detailed description of what has formed” like this bill is requiring. The State doesn’t need to harrass, embarrass and guilt a woman because she has chosen this as her decision which is what the bill truly is. How does it help anyone or any situation? It doesn’t! Leave your emotions out and look at this logically!

  10. dobbie says:

    Repukitans like small gov’t ? What about red light cameras? Wiretapping Americans? Telling women what to think? The arrogance…

  11. Don says:

    How many unwed or even married mothers are living in these Senators/Governor home that they are willing to use their own money in supporting the parent and child until they are 18? NONE?
    Why not? Why isn’t spending your own money first and then making the general public do it when your broke more appropriate? When all of those for this bill are flat broke trying to keep the unborn alive then you will have a righteous voice, not before then.
    Face it, the only reason you want unwanted children born is so you can make a buck off of them all the way from the birth to their death.
    Aren’t you voting/supporting the bills which reduces their health care after birth if poor, the ones that will pollute their air and ground water, cutting education costs, and the ones which won’t stop drinking so they can be injured for life or killed?
    When you have created a totally safe world for them to live in, spent every last dime of your own on their welfare in group homes and left no child behind or unloved, then yes you would be very good in making such a bill.
    Exactly why is it right to not kill the unborn and okay to kill the born (pollution, lack of affordable health care, etc.). When you have protected all of the born, then worry about the unborn.

    If God really wants the child born no one will be able to make it not so. Absolutely nothing happens in this world that God does not allow to be done since He can prevent anything.
    Didn’t God allow His people to stone an unwed mother to death thus also killing an unborn child? I guess that calls God a murderer also since He allowed unborn children to be killed. Jesus, your only way to salvation is what prevented this from happening since no one is without sin by the time they are big enough to kill with a rock.
    I don’t think God is coming to you people and telling you to make legislation to prevent the unborn from being born, thus forcing His will on those He gave free will to. If God wanted that done all His laws would be force on everyone on the face of this Earth by their rulers starting back when God was directly communicating with people and up to today.
    One on one is how God intended for change to come, yet your unhappy with sacrificing your time or money to do that? Yes I have tried to talk people out of getting abortions and failed, yet that is all God intended for me to do since I had no way to support them at the time nor do I now. Others may have never considered it because of my views given to them.
    I would much rather die before I was ever born than I had to slowly be drained to death of every dime I ever had for health care caused needed by your pollution while your making your buck. The world would have been better off without me, because I will always remain a thorn in your side even when I finally talk to God.

    Rep. Sid Miller is my un-representative representative.

  12. Coretta says:


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