Ferrell Portrays Bush In Bin Laden Response Video

NEW YORK (AP) – Will Ferrell has returned to his President George W. Bush impression, this time to respond to the death of Osama bin Laden.

In a Web video posted Wednesday on Funny Or Die, Ferrell’s Bush sends his remarks from a Sizzler steak house in Texas. His message? He has personally overseen a “strategic and covert operation,” killing a gopher that had been terrorizing his backyard.

The parody ends with the Bush character getting the news that bin Laden has been killed. That makes “two good things,” he says.

>> Click Here To See The Video <<

Ferrell’s impression of Bush was popular on “Saturday Night Live.” He resurrected it in a 2009 Broadway show, as well as in sporadic videos.

Watched by more than 110,000 by Wednesday afternoon, the video was rapidly gaining viewers.

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One Comment

  1. No Slack says:

    The question is Why? Why attempt to parody and ridicule President Bush at a time when we should celebrating a great victory? Is the left not satisfied that President Obama, “leading from the rear” was able to claim that bin Laden was taken on Obama’s watch? No, the left must continue to tear down President Bush at every opportunity lest he receive any credit for putting in place the intelligence analysts and setting in place the policies (including enhanced interrogation) that gave us the leads that led us to bin Laden. Lest we forget, that Obama’s justice department is currently trying to prosecute those very CIA agents who were involved in the interrogations that produced that evidence. Ferrell is pathetic, hateful, and not amusing. Change the channel when you see him, and complain to program sponsors.

    1. YRofTexas says:

      Very Well Said !
      You made excellent points. A Liberal feels unsatisfied with solidarity, so they must slander for humor. Below the belt (again). Ferrell, if you were on my parole, you’d be digging ditches today.

  2. ManiacMudd says:

    @ no slack….oh my, what a sad pathetic little bushy you are. You crying like a little girl warms ones heart.

    1. CabDriverinDallas says:

      @ ManiacMuddyWaters…or whatever your name.
      It takes a pathetic pansy to know one, huh?
      Ferrell needs to do a parody on you; let’s see how you’d sing!

  3. helen says:

    Now I remember why I never liked Ferrell, He is such a jerk, maybe can run on the ticket with Trump

  4. Reeper says:

    Laughter makes the world go round, as you can tell by current affairs love sure doesn’t.
    You may not need a laugh today, but others do. Stop thinking of only yourself.
    We know Bush has humor, he laughed at the shoes thrown at him.
    I found what I read very funny, not because of Bush since any important retired person impersonated in this would have been just as funny.
    Just walked in my backyard today and it’s a holy city, yet it’s not a gopher problem, tis a skunk or raccoon. No kill mission set though since I live in the country.
    BTW I can even laugh at things I do myself.
    Nobody’s fan btw.

  5. TexaSux says:

    The video was funny; at least some people have a sense of humor. My, my: you can’t laugh at anything unless it is two fat men making fun of Meghan McCain or Michelle Obama.

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