Friends Turn Detectives After Dallas Women Disappears

By Jay Gormley, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – It’s been nearly a year and a dear friend of three Dallas women is still missing.

Tina Wiley, Joni Shannon and Tammye Markle have taken 52-year-old Lisa Stone’s case into their own hands.

Stone was last seen on June 5, 2010 at her far east Dallas home where she lived with her life partner.

“She did not have a mean bone in her body. She was always good to me,” remembered friend, Joni Shannon.

“I just felt something had to be done,” said Wiley. “When doors were slammed in my face by the authorities and other people, that just made me want to try harder.”

The women have set up a Facebook page, put up billboards and held vigils in hopes of finding Stone. The three friends have been close to Stone ever since their days at mesquite high school in the mid 1970s.

Police have identified Stone’s partner Sherry Henry as a person of interest. Stone’s three friends are convinced Henry knows something.

“How does someone going missing who you’ve lived with for 16 years and you don’t have any clue,” asked Wiley.

For the first time, Henry is talking publicly and is lashing out at her accusers.

“You will not tear down my life. You will not point the finger at me, until you have verifiable proof that I have ever done anything other than support Lisa Stone in whatever she wanted to accomplish in her life,” said an emotional Henry. “Lisa and I love each other. End of discussion!”

Stone’s three friends continue to follow tips left on Facebook and have even searched creeks and dumpsters in East Dallas.

The CBS news magazine 48 Hours will dedicate an entire hour this Saturday night to the disappearance of Lisa Stone.  The program will run at at 9:00 on CBS 11.


One Comment

  1. brandon stansberry says:

    Why shouldn’t she be deported? It wasn’t important during 1997 for her to get legal before crossing the border. what part of illegal do people not understand? She is breaking the law by being here. do we not punish murders or bank robbers? What is the difference between crossing the border illegally? Under the constitution if you’re not under U.S. jurisdiction then it doesn’t make a person a citizen which means that if you are here illegally then that doesnt automatically make you a citizen of this country. For proof of the U.S. deporting kids born here look up Operation Wet Back under President Eisenhower.

  2. Cathy Dean Musgrave says:

    Sherry Henry states not to point a finger unless you have verifable proof? Are you kidding? She doesn’t even use the word innocent. She says verifiable. What does that mean to you? She doesn’t say anything about her missing lover or what she has done to find her partner.

  3. Renee says:

    Henry not only knows something, she’s guilty. She leaves town shortly after Lisa turns up missing and not once has even tried to cooperate with her friends in the search for her!! If she was innocent, she’d be trying to find her as hard as Lisa’s friends are, even more if she “loves” her like she claims!! Isn’t she the one who put Lisa’s personal belongings in the dumpster? That right there is a MAJOR red flag…….

  4. suzisays09 says:

    that kind of support we can all do without, since she supported Lisa by spending her inheritance, throwing away her belongings and not answering the inquitries of law enforcement or respond to Lisa’s friends with anything but anger and deception, Yes I can do without that kind of support!

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