State House Passes Parking Lot Guns Bill

By Jason Allen, CBS 11 News

AUSTIN (CBSDFW.COM) – No company will be able to prevent an employee from keeping a gun in their car at work, under a new bill that was passed by the state House on Wednesday. That bill is now just a Senate vote and a signature away from becoming law.

This bill had passed in the state Senate twice before, but it had never made it through the House.

School parking lots as well as oil and gas leasing companies are exempted from the new requirements.

The vote was a big victory for Texas gun owners, who said that the workplace restrictions placed on employees left them vulnerable and unable to defend themselves. “We need to maintain our freedoms,” Paul Kanesky said Wednesday. “And one of those is the freedom for the weak to protect themselves from the strong.”

The Texas Association of Business opposed the bill, concerned about corporate liability if there is an incident, and higher insurance costs. The bill includes language which states that an employer cannot be held liable, but the assocation said that it is not as strong as they would have liked, and leaves open the chance that businesses could be held liable anyway, if a gun was ever removed from a vehicle.

Gun owner James Cooke said that companies should worry more about the liability if they continue to deny employees the right to keep a firearm with them. “They say you can’t defend yourself, then they are the ones who are in jeopardy,” Cooke said.

NRA Board member Charles Cotton spoke with 1080 KRLD and said he supports the bill.

The bill now goes back to the Senate for review and one last vote, before heading to the Governor’s office for his signature. If it signs the bill, it will take effect on September 1.


One Comment

  1. Rick McDaniel says:

    The country really has entered a whole new era of “wild, wild west” mentality.

    That is, of course, because the law makes zero effort to prevent crimes……..they only react after crimes are committed, and people have been killed or injured.

    The law knows that certain people are a danger to society, but the legal profession has tied their hands, until after a crime has been committed, and the law can prove, without question, who committed the crime, no matter how bad the criminal element becomes.

    Corruption of our judicial system, is one of our society’s most pressing problems.

    1. taxpayertexas says:

      Mostly, the legislature is a waste of time. Time for sure to vote in new people. Can’t address illegal immigration and the amont of money we waste on them and how many freebies we give them, can’t address schools and funding, but we can sure be moronic and spend this vast amount of time voting in something so stupid as carrying handguns. Just whatwe need, add the “big ego” to that and you have a disaster. The only people who should have or carry guns are the law enforcement officers, no one else.

      1. HMmom says:

        I am sure if their was a hold up in a store you were in and my husband just happened to be there “packing” and he saved your life – you would appreciate everyone that legally carries a gun.

      2. RussP says:

        Carrying handguns for personal defense is stupid? I’m sure that’s what a lot of people at the Killeen Luby’s believed just before the shooter drove in and killed 23 while wounding 20 others. And I’m sure all the police that showed up after it was over were armed, just too late to help.

      3. George says:

        Typical know it all liberal

  2. taxpayertexas says:

    Typical thinking from someone who thinks having a license to carry is great. Frankly, I think it’s more to support their ego. Unless you were in the military and actually had military type of training, you are worthless. It is absolutely stupid to have a gun where someone who doesn’t have good intentions can get it. I am glad that the legislators don’t have anything else to vote on. Keeping one in your car at work, what the H for? so you can shoo your way into your wokplace?

    1. Snitch-in-Time says:

      This individual reeks of either ignorance or stupidity. When it comes to the military, this person doesn’t know what he/she/it is talking about. Note that the military is prohibited from carrying on their own bases, a restriction which made the attack on Fort Hood possible. No, carry is the only sane approach to personal security in a free society. 38 states have CCL statutes on the books and 38 states have seen crimes against persons drop accordingly. News flash for taxpayertexas: CCL is here to stay. It is effective, safe, reasonable, and rational. The employee parking lot bill is a natural logical extension of this crucial law. Stay tuned! There are more improvements coming for CCL in the next couple of sessions. Taxpayertexas will not be happy, but sane and reasonable folks will rejoyce as they are doing today.

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