By Larry Mowry, CBS 11 Weather

My earliest memories of my mother are sitting on her lap and having her read stories to me.  I actually remember reading “Go Dog Go” when I was very little.  That memory came back to me when I was reading it to my own daughters and I recognized the pictures.  The dogs climbing up the tree to a “dog party” always struck me as odd.  I think I had a very literal personality even as a toddler.

Mom would always spend time with my sister and I reading books.  It was such a treat to snuggle up with her and read a book.  Books weren’t always my friends.  I remember when I was starting to learn to read.  Mom would force me to sit down and read from Dr. Suess books.  I hated it.  I would squirm and try to wiggle away.  But she persisted and forced me to learn to read.

Mom was always active like that in my education.  She would volunteer in my class and help with homework.  She was always there for me to help me get thru the tough moments.

But I think what I am most grateful for, is how my mom helped mold me into a good person.  She expected me to be a gentleman.  And she expected me to try my hardest at everything.  Hard work and a supportive person behind me allowed me to become the person I am now.

Now that I live nearly 1,000 miles away from my mother, I treasure those times we get to spend together.  The anticipation leading up to when you get to see your mother after not seeing her for months is just like that moment after kindergarten when you get to go home after a long day at school and spend some time with your mommy.

My mom still tears up when we have to say goodbye.  To me, I will always be her little boy.  Now that I have kids of my own, I understand that connection and love you have for your children.  I thank God every day, that I was blessed with a wonderful mother and the love she has for me.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!
I love you!