Too Much Fear? Package Threat Forces Evacuation Of Dallas DART Station

Passengers Alert Authorities To Man Asking For Help Carrying Packages

By Andrea Lucia, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The Mockingbird DART station and the surrounding area, including the Angelika Theater, were evacuated Saturday after a police dog alerted authorities to a passenger onboard with two suspicious packages, a spokesman said.

Riders traveling through downtown stations reportedly expressed alarm after a man asked them for help carrying a duffel bag and a large box.

Bomb technicians with the Dallas Police Department determined the packages were not a threat about two hours after the evacuation, said DART spokesman Morgan Lyons.

“He was actually trying to pay people to help him get packages on and off the train,” Lyons said.

The man with the packages remained with DPD through the afternoon, though he was not arrested.

“Inconvenient for sure, but we’re all okay – and that’s what matters,” said Kim Speer, who was attempting to return home with her two children.

Red and Blue Lines were affected, and passengers were rerouted to other stops and connected with buses. The Mockingbird station was reopened around 5 p.m. Saturday.

Nationwide, transit systems have been on high alert because of fears al Quaeda could retaliate for the death of Osama Bin Laden. Here in North Texas, the NBA playoffs have had heightened security at the American Airlines Center.

The FBI is also investigating suspicious letters with a Dallas postmark found at Washington D.C. area schools. They are similar to other letters sent to D.C. schools this week containing a white powder.

One of them referenced al Qaeda .

“The customers are aware of what’s going on in the world. We’re aware of what’s going on in the world,” said Lyons.

Like the power laced letters, the package at Mockingbird station was found to be harmless.

Still, no one at all seemed to mind the dose of extra caution.

“We live in a major metroplex, so you never know what’s going to happen.  Better safe than sorry,” said Speer.


One Comment

  1. Richard says:

    Please include a picture of a “suspicious package” so I will be able to properly identify one in the future.

    1. jpeditor says:

      The U.S. Mexico border is a priority but your 911ASSHATsentials site is NO BETTER THAN THE BS MEDIA.

      Stop lying about 9/11 – MUSLIM TERRORISTS DID IT and you are helping them by saying they did not the same was the MSM is ignoring our border with Mexico.

    2. Richard Cappetto says:

      You are so right!!!!!

    3. jj says:

      one million illegal aliens enter the usa through the mexican border some of them are terrorist planning to kill innocent men women and our children and uncle scam not only doen nothing to stop them but actually encourages them and lures them with free government handouts,, its the same as our own government is helping terrorist kill us and helping illegal mexicans destroy our economy….whos side is washington one anyway??? it sure as he** is not our side.

    4. wri7913 says:

      Actually the news has been talking about the people being killed on the border. The states that need help have been SCREAMING for help these last two years. It’s just that the current sitting president refuse to do anything and won’t back up those states that do decide to do something.

      Remember when Arizona Gov decided to do something? What did Obama do? Sue them….. blame the “do nothing” on the hopey changey guy.

    5. Roberta says:

      Ande we have a pres who lavishly entertains the hispanics at the WH securing votes from them including the illegal ones that he will make certain will vote. This administration is spending more on them than the millions needed to secure our borders! Country was never first with him…

    6. A. Levy says:

      When OBL was killed, the media lost a chance to create their usual circus atmosphere with a trial, so they’re doing the next best thing. They’re using fear and hysteria to create a “terrorist around every corner” atmosphere. Soon, thanks to them, people will be afraid to go to the corner store. Wake-up America. The MSM is the REAL enemy!

    7. Spider says:

      Two facts about terrorism that everyone should know.
      a) There is no defense against terrorism.
      b) Your best protection is common sense.

      1. joshbot says:

        Freedom is dangerous. The Constitution is the threat. If you don’t surrender your rights you hate America. Do not watch Fabled Enemies at youtube or ask questions.

    8. daveb says:

      Probably has a dozen warm bagels in it or else maybe a six pack of Budweiser. You never know. Lets continue to have The Sexual Abusers monitor your travel. But as you said lets not worry about the Drug Dealers, the Thieves and The Gun Runners who cross the Borders illegally because as we all know these are all potential Obumma supporters and we must never, never do anything to upset the Unions, the illegals, the Unemployed and the felons. Because as we all know, these are the constituents of Obumma!! Not the working class, the business owners, the entrepreneurs and the employed evil money making tax payers!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Billy says:

        Ain’t it the truth

      2. Jordan J says:


      3. GO_FLYERS says:

        Just watch the ACORN videos and the news that Washington’s states ACORN Organization threatened a lawsuit if they didn’t accept 60,000 registrations. Problem is they checked and only 8 were valid. When called on it ACORN said they sat in th elibrary making up names . People go in and say they are who th are in those fraudelent registrations and those are OBUMMA”S constituency. The same in MN where 63,000 votes were registered by ACORN. Coleman lost by 275 votes. I wonder if that 63,00 was the difference. It was the difference in Obummacre or no Obummacre. He is evil!

    9. Hammer says:

      911 was an inside job, obvious unless your stupid or blind to the truth. Fire doesn’t melt steel, you stupid stupid people it takes a blast furnace or thermite or thermate. oh yes, there was melted steel under all three buildings that were taken down by demolitions on 911. even if your stupid enough to believe the crazy conspiracy story of the government, WTC 7 wasn’t hit by a plane but still had molten steel in the basement. With that fact alone it proves your conspiracy was fake.

      1. MDWhite says:

        Brush off the Dorito crumbs, take a bath, turn off the video game and get a life. You obviously have spent way too much time in your parent’s basement…

    10. David says:

      You are right Fanny

      9/11 just like pearl harbor..A False Flag operation to get the war going.

    11. Sandy Lester says:

      Hammer, you are truly an idiot. Your premiss has been rebuffed dozens of times. But even your statement, if fire cannot melt steel how it then forged into various shapes.

    12. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

      You’re in good company jpeditor ..

      “Naturally the common people don’t want war.

      But after all, it is the leaders of a country who determine the policy, and it’s always a simple matter to drag people along whether it is a democracy or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship.

      Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders.

      This is easy.

      All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and for exposing the country to danger.

      It works the same in every country.”

      ~ Hermann Görin —–

    13. Bob W says:

      Yes, nothing adds up does it? The war on terror has cost us a lot of lives and a lot of money, yet only 15% of the border with Mexico is truly secure, according to our own government. As for the ridicule Hammer has received, it’s unjustified according to well over 1,000 licensed engineers who say the temperature at which fire melts steel cannot be attained by jet fuel. If those of you who are ridiculing Hammer are indeed engineers, you need to go back to school. But, I doubt you’re engineers or even capable of critical thinking. It’s clear that you prefer to be spoon fed by the media.

    14. Hammer says:

      Sandy must be one of those stupid folks I was referring to. No, none of the facts I’ve talked about have been debunked. Fact: jet fuel burns at 900 degrees, fact: open air fire burns at a maximum 1200 degrees. Fact: steel melts at around 2800 degrees. Fact: even if the lie about the fire weakening the steel girders were true, then the top of the building would have fallen off and still had 80 stories of building sticking up. The building could not have fallen into the path of most resistance without slowing down, they want us to believe it fell at freefall speed. Idiots

    15. Privatouring says:

      About 38,000 killed throughout the Republic of Mexico during the past four years…..not the border, but throughout 31 States and the Federal District.
      During the same time period, over 110,000 people have been killed through some kind of felony murder or manslaughter. Let’s see, Mexico is one-third the sizee of the United States, and has one-third the number of felony killings.
      The press continuously covers the story about Mexico, and that is why you know nothing about it and understand less.
      I agree about the nanny-state box warning. The solution to the security problem is to require all able bodied people who can pass a rigourous psycho and physo exam to be armed.

    16. GaryB says:

      to Bob W

      I AM an engineer. Fire doesn’t have to “melt” steel, it only has to soften it enough that the pressure that is applied from the above weight of the building deforms it enough that it breaks. Most people don’t realize that the weight of the building above it plus the extra heat from the flame would cause it to break. Send your other engineers back to school for a class in Thermodynamics and/or Applied Materials!

      1. laughnmatter says:


        Please inform me as to what you have built, because I want to stay as far away from any structure you had a hand in building.

        Please go to

        You will find 1,500 architects and engineers that have signed their names to a partition stating that the governments version of what happened on 9/11 is a physical impossibility and they prove it.

    17. Hammer says:

      Hey Gary,
      Congrats on the engineer degree, apparently they are easier to get these days.
      Your B.S. about softening metal doesn’t explain THE MOLTEN STEEL IN THE BASEMENT. I hate it when people want to debate facts but completely ignore what you say, to just spout out the same lies that are obviously false. Please reread my posts then come back with at a least believable conspiracy theory. Have you seen the pics of the giant balls of molten steel, or the satellite images? engineer, ha!

      1. laughnmatter says:

        They only see and hear what they want to see and hear. The molten metal doesn’t fit because they don’t have an answer for it.

        Plus do not be fooled into thinking that this forum isn’t filled with professional misinfo agents. After all, this is CBS. What do you think would happen to their credibility if they allowed those that comment expose what they themselves are paid to expose?

        The good news is most people that read these comments aren’t as easily fooled as the sy-op propagandists think they are. They can see that questions aren’t being answered. And there’s plenty of 9/11 truth sites with enough evidence to convince anyone that isn’t in denial that there’s a horrible group of people that have gained control of our government. It’s the people both Eisenhower and Kennedy warned us against, the MIIC and the Shadow Government.

    18. Buzz says:

      To Hammer: fire certainly does melt steel and the steel didn’t have to melt in the WTC towers to give way. The fire was hot enough to soften it enough. You conspiracy nut cases are a real piece of work. You ran around calling Bush the stupidest person on the planet, then you claim he was smart enough to pull off what would be one huge hoax involving thousand of people. You need to get out in the real world every now and then and face reality.

    19. Hammer says:

      Buzz your the conspiracy nutcase. Way to go on repeating the same thing that I already slapped down as a stupid argument. Just like all you conspiracy nutcases that believe hijackers with box cutters made NORAD stand down, you have no facts. All you can do is attack the messenger. Insult me all you like nut job, the critical thinkers know your full of it.

      1. Chris says:

        So, do you believe there were no hijackers?

    20. heatherfeather says:

      They lost credibility a long time ago. Cut them out of your life and watch out for your own best interests. The funny money circus sideshow is a dead end for all involved in it. Sort of like a cult or a drug addiction, dependence on the GINO and their bankster owners will not end well.

    21. Whatever says:

      “Critical thinkers” that can’t figure out the difference between your and you’re. Makes whatever else YOU’RE carrying on about kind of irrelevant….mr. engineer.

      1. Hammer says:

        Thats all you got whatever? That was weak.

        You are an idiot. how bout that, is that better for you? or would you rather me say you’re an idiot.
        Because spelling and grammer are important on an internet chat bd.
        lets argue the points, oh you can’t. or better yet let me guess “The fire was hot enough to soften it” weak very weak.
        The issue is MOLTEN STEEL not soft steel.
        I never said I was an engineer, i just play one on T.V.

    22. Winston says:

      I bet you guys still believe that Osama is alive? That Kennedy was shot by multiple shooters? That Elvis still lives? Sad Really….

    23. Gardentoolnumber5 says:

      Underlying theme in all these scare stories; “Better safe than sorry.” “It is a scary world.” “Just doing what they have to do to keep us safe.” The stories never fail to contain a submission message.

      KEEP QUIET! SUBMIT! THE STATE WILL SAVE YOU! They just need a bit more of your tax dollars to pay for your safety.

    24. steve says:

      Look on the address label. Do you see any shifty I’s?

    25. Silhouette says:

      At Hammer: You should not be calling people stupid when you yourself are showing your lack of knowledge. As it so happens, aviation fuel, jet fuel (which is akin to kerosene) can melt steel, especially when the flames are fanned by wind (created by the cool air rushing into the open sides of the building as the hot air rises). It does not take a blast furnace to melt steel, but anyone with an engineering degree will tell you, the heat from jet fuel can reach over 2000 centigrade. Quit reading conspiracy comics and get a grip

      1. Dynamo says:

        THREE (not two) buildings, two hit by jets, majority of the fuel of which burned off with the initial fireballs, falling to the ground at freefall speed. Multiple still and video images reveal horizontal blasts.Concrete was powderized, human body parts found on roofs of buildings all around blast zone. Obviously, those who were not told what to think by msm play-by-play could see that what we were all witnessing was the explosion of these bldgs, from the inside. Tower 7 (never covered by msm) buckled in the center, a characteristic of controlled demolition, fell at the speed of a billiard ball. This event was reported as already having occurred a full 20 minutes before it actually happened by BBC reporter. Physically impossible for this speed to be achieved without moving all thie mass out of the way via explosion. MOLTEN metal in basement for weeks after explosions. LIquid metal seen pouring out of windows before fall. Dust of 911 filled with micro-spheres of atomized steel, and red thermate chips. Most members of 911 commision did not believe official report. Firefighters warned to stand back, on video. Firefighters report, firsthand, about explosions in basement, backing up Rodriguez’ (WTC employee) testimony.

        Deniers: This a fraction of the inconsistencies presented by the official story. Before we go calling each other stupid, let’s just have these issues addressed by deniers in a reasonable manner. It hasn’t happened yet.

      2. Bumper Press says:

        Absolutely. Arguing with deniers is a waste of time. Most “deniers” are trolls paid to keep the lies alive.

      3. Hammer says:

        no it can’t. 1200 degrees max. you better read some basic science and physics. the fires were clearly smoldering long before the colapse. indicating an oxygen starved fire. not a 2000 degree fire.

      4. Hammer says:

        To you,
        your funny, really? 2000 dgrees celsius. OMG you either put that wrong or you are intentionally misleading folks.
        wiki says 287.5 °C (549.5 °F) for open air burn. I’ll even five ya 1200 F. but 2000 C (3600 F) I don’t think so. Silhouette is silly, or a Troll. or maybe you were just mistaken. still takes 2800 to melt steel. molten steel in basement… nuff said

      5. InTheBubble says:

        Jet fuel plus a blast of air can melt steel – right. I’ve been ducking those melting jet engines for years as molten metal falls out of the sky 24/7. Look out below!

      6. mike says:

        damn you are one uninformed bozo.

    26. mepatri says:

      Yup. They’ve done a great job instilling fear into the American psyche. It’s a plan designed to gain control. That’s why they ignore real threats, and build up nonsense in the eyes of the people so that they’re afraid to breathe. It’s sad that people are so controllable.

    27. teaisstronger says:


      Ben Laden is more dangerous now than before Obama murdered him. Ben Laden was also seen in Moscow, Berlin and London.

  2. 2sister says:

    The news media probably doesn’t have a picture or at least a clear one. I doubt that they were allowed to get that close.

    1. teaisstronger says:


      The Oval Office can quickly make up a fake copy using some Microsoft photo editor. Did you see what a good job they did on Obama’s fake birth certificate?

      1. dave b says:

        Actually The birth certificate is as good as any 3 dollar bill!!
        To think that they has such contempt for this country that they send out a poorly made fake birth certificate and the lap dog liberal media says it is good ! I think any high school student with even the most basic photoshop experience can do a better job.

        I am completely SHOCKED that this country has accepted Oboomba birth certificate. It is not even close to being real!! Even the short form birth certificate is fake. Did anyone else notice it was created on the hawaii form that wasn’t evenused until the 1980’s!!!

  3. C. Blake says:

    A suspicious package is any package carried by said suspicious person

    1. 2sister says:

      It can also be any package that looks unusual or out of place. They really can’t tell you for sure what a suspicious package looks like.

      1. C. Blake says:

        You missed the sarcasm

      2. Ben Dover says:

        OK. Then just show us what a non-suspicious package looks like.

    2. Renee says:

      And a suspicious person is anyone standing with their hands in their pockets, or with a Ron Paul sticker on their forehead.

      1. G-Jean says:

        Good Grief!!! Listen to all of you! If you asked the majority of Texas, all of them would tell you that they believed in the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. If you do, then why don’t you trust him to protect you? Better to trust him to protect you than this feeble, feeble, corrupt government who needs you to be scared to death so they can control you!!!!

      2. Robert Estlinbaum says:

        XD totally

      3. InTheBubble says:

        G-Jean: thanks, Doll, but I’d rather trust my own .357 Magnum for protection than the commie government OR your old, bearded man in the clouds. There are 100 million armed Americans just like me, so don’t worry about so-called “threat,” we’ve got it covered.

    3. Buttie Chewhouse says:

      you didn’t say suspicious person you said suspicious package so it can’t
      be a ‘ said ‘ supspicious person just a said person, see (how it works) ‘

    4. Towel Observer says:

      A suspicious package is one carried by a Towelish adherent of the Religion ‘O Peace ™.

      1. Detex says:

        The towel heads you speak of are not Muslims, they are hindu. Last I checked they were a true religion of peace

      2. Truth Hurts says:

        Neither Islam nor Hindus have shown much peace lately. Just ask the Christians being persecuted to the death all over the middle east and in in India.

  4. Miller Henley says:

    Really? Doesn’t like every twentieth person or so with a package look inordinately suspect on DART? Maybe it is just my imagination.

    1. C. Blake says:

      Miller got it

  5. Elmer says:

    There was no bomb threat, maybe a bomb scare. You should know the difference.

    1. OBAMA = FRAUD says:

      I submit that Jerome Corsi’s book release next week, will hit the political class in DC like a “bomb” with lasting fallout. Sneek Peek:

      1. Bob W says:

        As long as it’s the truth — I’m all for it. Truth will make the roaches scatter. Maybe we can get our democracy back. I don’t want to live in a police state with a government-controlled news media that shapes public opinion like Pravda did in the USSR. We need the truth to come out about nearly everything that’s going on behind closed doors. I also believe that there are still too many Americans who are so naive they cannot accept the fact that sometimes governments do some very, very bad things to their own people. I look forward to Corsi’s book and more people coming forward with the truth. Our Republic is handing by a thread because we have too many cowards with important information who are too gutless to spill it.

  6. Todd says:

    There was no bomb threat and these people are morons.

    1. YES WE CON! YES WE CON! says:

      We Are The Birthers We’ve Been Waiting For –

  7. sammyP says:

    Sarcasm duly noted. Thing is, unattended package = suspicious package. This ain’t Mayberry anymore.

    1. If we would not have over reacted to every whiff of their stench by creating a climate of fear in America, then they would not have won.

      Unfortunately, they have succeeded in terrorizing America. We are afraid of our shadow. So they have won by default.

    2. Goober says:

      Pay attention, Barn! Thet thar package tweren’t unattended! The man was
      asking for help totin’.

  8. GorgeousGeorge says:

    Why didn’t they just shoot him in the back and execute him per SOP??

    1. Mike S. says:

      Then bury him at sea?

      1. D Franklin says:


        It’s funny now……

  9. Gibbs Bentley says:

    “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” ~ H. L. Mencken


    1. muhama says:

      imaginary??? you mean like the three muslims who went crazy on the three different us flights yesterday?? wow ya thats carzy alright..

      1. Dr. Carslon says:

        Shill. Bought and paid for and not very bright are you.

  10. Srping Mountainerr says:

    So much for my new line of Suspicious brand travel accessories. On a serious note, I’d love to see what does make a package look suspcious…

    1. GS says:

      If you’re serious, here’s a list of things to look for. It’s geared more for mailroom clerks though.

  11. psadie says:

    If anyone spreads fear it is the media. Of course, we expect the threat to rise, but we don’t freak out. We are aware and calm.

    1. JM in San Diego CA says:

      If it sells papers (or whatever media), it will be published. Truth? — hey, don’t bug me, sister!

  12. Rupert says:

    “Still, no one at all seemed to mind the dose of extra caution.”

    Except maybe the poor guy schlepping all the bags who had to spend his day at the police station.

  13. sam kndle says:

    I disagree, a suspicious person may not be interesting so his or her bags will not be suspicious, however if you have an interesting person his/her bags are interesting and suspicious. He/she can now be detained and held as an interesting person and the bags are both interesting and suspicious.

    1. Mad Max says:

      Round up the “Ususal Suspects”

    2. marvinlzinn says:

      Hmmm. If I look suspicious I can also become well-known, even popular, especially if I carry something I want to advertise.

      And if I am afraid of being suspicious, I can avoid that by being dead.

      Are those my best options?

  14. Bryan S says:

    This is just the CIA wanting to keep their budget up….the evidently sent their agents to work this weekend causing all these little incidents to keep the sheep scared.

    We spent $1T a year on you criminals for the last 10 years and its still not enough, eh?

  15. Greg says:

    Dear Govt,
    Stop trying to keep us safe. It’s not your job. Your job is to keep us free.


    1. Rockland Rebel says:

      Stop interfering with the Second Amendment. We will keep ourselves safe.

    2. jen says:

      Actually, it is their job to keep us safe, LOL. It’s part of our constitutional rights. BUT~~ they are only supposed to protect us militarily in the event we are attacked. Not carrying our baggage onto a train.

      1. NavyBuckeye says:

        No, Jen, it’s not their job to keep us “safe”.

        Which part of the Constitution does it say the government will keep us safe? What section? What Amendment? Which branch of government does that responsibility fall under?

        It’s not the governments job to keep us safe. It is as Greg points out, to keep us free.

        Being “safe” is different for different people.

        I define safe as being able to make the choices and then the actions needed to protect myself and my family. That is it. Not be told what is safe or how to be safe.

        Now safe for a Democrat is having the government tell them what safe is and then letting them “make” you “safe”. And some Democrat voters don’t feel safe unless government is also telling them what to eat and wear.

    3. D Franklin says:

      Amen to that

  16. natb1 says:

    “Inconvenient for sure, but we’re all okay – and that’s what matters,”

    This rationale can justify anything, as does, “If it saves just one life, its all worth it”

    1. Tate says:

      How right you are. I can’t believe all those people were amenable to being delayed and detained. I would have been irate. You sheeple should just stay at home with the curtains drawn and the doors locked. If you’re that damned scared of other people’s “suspicious” packages then do the rest of us a favor and stay home.

      1. NavyBuckeye says:


        Some of them already do that and take our tax dollars to boot.

        These people need to wake up and smell the coffee. If a terrorist wants you dead….it’s going to happen no matter how many freedom you let the government take away.

      2. David says:

        Gvmt has got them scared. that’s where the Gvmt wants them.

  17. nuisance says:

    Sheep. Stop letting the government scare you out of your freedoms and believing some Imam is coming to get you in the night. The US government equates “terrorists” to boogeymen. To me, this is a terrifying state of affairs when no one questions anything anymore.

  18. patriot4life says:


  19. Timmy says:

    Only in Texas.

    1. Ib_Snooker says:

      No, not only in TX. It’s going on all over the country. Look at the rash of terror scare headlines today. Datelines include NY, Chicago, Detroit, San Diego, Denver, TN, San Francisco…

  20. DaveM says:

    Wow that’s why Barney now carries a sub machine gun!!! I was wondering why they let him have more than one bullet.

    People gotta stop being so paranoid or they have already won. Remember the definition of terrorism is the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes. Key words threats to intimidate.

  21. Danged Fool says:

    Everything is suspicious! LOL! You look suspicious so we will have a TSA agent pull your pants down and give you a good groping.

    1. Bob W says:

      This cannot be a good thing for remarkably attractive people. I’m not trying to be funny. This has reportedly happened at airports.

    2. Chris Ness says:

      Land of the once free;
      Home of the trembling in fright.

  22. boB says:

    Greg, read your constituion. Keeping this country safe is the Federal government’s PRIMARY concern and job.

    1. DaveM says:

      I wish they would do that then and stop worrying about what food I eat.

    2. Barry loves you says:

      Gee, I thought it was making sure foreign and domestic banks steal trillions while the population is distracted by fake wars, fake terror, sports and Hollyweird. USA! USA!

      1. D Franklin says:

        That’s because you think for yourself. Just stop that and turn your TV on.

    3. Greg says:

      a strong national defense, yes. taking away someone’s right to carry a box without suspicion, no.

    4. JMWinPR says:

      Dear boB:
      Where exactly does it say that? What branch or agency does this fall under, Consumer Protection? Below is the oath, I don’t see the “s” word anywhere
      “I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic”

  23. Barry loves you says:

    “…but we’re all okay – and that’s what matters,”

    As long as that attitude prevails the security state will expand and expand make your life more difficult with the possibility of being swept up into something nightmarish. Now would be a good time to buy some land overseas as any fool can see where this is all headed. Just waiting for them to conjure up another 911 event and we’re all done for.

  24. wobbly-1 says:

    They had a suspicious package but, in keeping with tradition, had it dropped into the sea. They had video of one….but then it turns out that was incorrect and that in fact the video was off when they approached the package. But, we did find lots of video of the package watching itself on the television….

    1. DaveM says:

      LMAO and I have pictures of me sending that check in last week… but I am not going to show them to you… because you need to uhhh… trust me…..

    2. Bob W says:

      But we got a treasure trove of evidence! How many times have we heard that since going into Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan? As if this misadventure has been somehow worth it. Let’s see, the bad guys kill a little over 3,000 of us in terrorist attacks on US soil and then we spend a few trillion going after the bad guys and lose about 4,000 American lives, not to mention all of the maimed and psychologically damaged vets, which probably number around 20,000 conservatively. And now we’ve got martial law courtesy of the Patriot Act that our peace-loving, “freedom-loving” President insisted on extending. Yup, BUT WE GOT BIN LADEN! USA, USA, USA!!! — Nevermind the lack of any proof. If we’ve not become the dumbest country in the world, please tell me which country is stupider.

  25. sam kindle says:

    TSA agent to a frequent flyer : ” Is that a gun in your pocket? “

  26. sid says:

    a police dog alerted authorities to a passenger onboard with two suspicious packages, a spokesman said.


  27. dom says:

    The Federal Govt wants us to be in FEAR constantly, so that the TSA can start fondling our genitals for TRAIN rides now… Next , it’s Shopping Malls, and Libraries, Grocery Stores…

    ENOUGH!!!! The media is focusing our attentions on this now until they achieve their goal.

    1. checkin in says:

      “Next , it’s Shopping Malls, and Libraries, Grocery Stores…”

      Don’t forget baseball games, football, basketball, hockey – professional and college. And your driveway and sidewalk and car.

  28. R U Kidding Me! says:

    Are You Kidding Me! USA, Keep the 3 billion you send to Pakistan and buy a spine!

  29. Sad says:

    This is totally getting to be stupidly insane. The damn terrorists totally won in the war against terrorism. If we’re all going to live in fear every single day; everywhere we go, then terrorism have won. And we all are … we are all being groped at the airport; and I suspect coming soon to train stations, malls and groceries stores. The basics and basis of an American, helping others with luggages or needs have pretty much gone with the question (Has anyone else handled your luggage?) at the check in counter at the airport. The fear has turned Americans from a helpful society to a fearful one.
    This is a sad day for America … that’s all I got to say.

  30. mique says:

    And then some idiot finds a new constitutional right to safety , to many babies in this country.

  31. John Norcross says:

    Terrorism = Fear

    Being fearful = cowerdes

    cowerdes = being afraid of one’s own shadow

    being afraid of one’s own shadow = America

    America = Terrorized

    It appears that they won

  32. DRAKE says:

    America has become stupid!

  33. Spirit of 1776 says:

    Achtung! Machen zie schnell! Dis ist der Gestapo und you are all unda arrest fer crimez against der Stadt!

  34. LindaB says:

    lol…the media said..”the US is freaking Out” . That reporter is a liar. NO American is “freaking Out”. The muslims are the ones freaking out.

  35. rharris47 says:

    I think anyone discussing a suspicious package is suspicious. Can anyone besides myself see where this is going? Its time for Americans to stop being afraid and start getting angry. Enough is enough! Lets declare a real war and fight real wars! Bomb Bomb Bomb. Deport the Muslims here back to where they came from. Eliminate the threat! Government is suppose to stand up for Americans not Foreigners. War is Coming if our government doesn’t change its ways. Americans will only take this for so long. You can only kick a dog so many times before it bites you. This is nature! This is what will Happen!

    1. wddb says:

      Are you willfully stupid? Do you NOT know we ARE bombing Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan?

      Oh, yes; the United States is some sort of underdog.

      1. sgf says:

        hey dimwit – we are not bombing Pakistan -I know that’s hard to tell with your head in your arse

    2. Hammer says:

      Nothing in the world is more dangerous than a sincere ignorance and a conscientious stupidity. -Martin Luther King

  36. jabusse says:

    Dallas where a Boy scout offering a woman escort across the street is suspicious.
    Inconvient but at least we are all safe? F-ing idiot! Not with you around. Go home lock yourself in a closet and stay there. We’d all be better off with nurotic accusers off the planet and that includes the entire TSA.

    1. AmericanRightWingPatriot says:

      Obama Youth= Hitler Youth
      Obama Brownshirts= Hitler Brownshirts
      TSA= Gestapo
      FEMA= Waffen-SS
      SWAT= Waffen-SS Polizei
      In other words, America has become Nazi America. Thanks to Heinrich Biden and Adolf Obama..

  37. Brad Skidmore says:

    If Obama really wanted to maximize the intelligence value after taking out Osama… why the hell did He broadcast the fact that He was dead?

    Think of the element of surprise our forces could have on the rest of ALLCIADUH

    Oh yeah that’s right… there is no such thing as ALLCIADUH

    This was all a propaganda stunt.

  38. Joey Schmoey says:

    Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

    [Benjamin Franklin]

  39. LindaB says:

    Everybody has always known that Pakistanis are liars. They are not, and never have been our friend. STOP sending money to these freaks. I believe that ANY and ALL funds, sent to various countries, SHOULD BE VOTED ON BY WE THE PEOPLE! NOT DECIDED BY POLITICIANS,CONGRESS, OR President.

    1. JMWinPR says:

      Not just Pakistanis, but all muhammadans. It is completely within their ideology to to lie to, steal from, cheat, kill, or defame a non-muhammadan. Read Nonie Darwish book.

  40. Paul Hennessy says:

    Please correct: “Like the power laced letters, the package at Mockingbird station was found to be harmless.” I think the editor missed “powder”.

  41. RodgerRabbit says:

    Female TSA Agent to young hunk with suspicious buldge …: “Is that a gun or, are you just happy to see me?” 🙂 Yeah, dream on!

  42. Bob W says:

    Welcome to incremental totalitarianism and the police state.

  43. MARIO KENNY says:

    So the king of terror is working us from his water grave forever, we all forgot about the fact that we have no jobs and no homes and no money. Who believes this anymore

    1. Bob W says:

      You know, there for a few moments I too stopped thinking about the fact that our country is bankrupt, cannot or will not create decent paying jobs, is still transferring wealth to the top .01 percent at a dizzying rate, won’t punish the big banksters for destroying our economy, is facing an impending dollar collapse, and that we as a nation are slowly but surely slipping into third-world status. What will they do for an encore? Maybe we can bomb Pakistan for having harbored the No. 1 terrorist who was reported dead nine years ago by most intelligence agencies around the world. No wonder there are no photos of a dead bin Laden, no helmet cam video, no DNA lab report, no video of the alleged burial at sea, no corpse, no witnesses — and a bunch of “facts” that conflict with one another.

  44. Frank Zentura says:

    This is Satan’s Army at work. He will make you swear allegiance to him for “protection”.

  45. WDDB says:

    Let’s have everyone be given an ID to scan, in a government-installed scanner, IN ORDER TO LEAVE OUR HOMES.

    Put the actual homeless in “Homeless Zones” and give them ID’s to leave (but only to shop or attend church).

    Make sure the Authorized “Freedom of Domicile Egress” ID scanners have fingerprint-, iris-, and voice-recognition capabilities.


  46. Joe says:

    If we had someone with ba*ls running the country in the 90’s we wouldn’t be in this place, right Bill ? . Today we still have no one running the country . We better start cavity searches….

  47. Neil Stegall says:

    Idiots. Sheep.

  48. Fleabert says:

    Look at how Al Qaeda can control us without even trying! All it takes is one gutless American like this “Kim Speer” and sorry, you will all have to be inconvenienced because I am afraid for my children! The enemy laughs at us. It is shameful for today’s Americans to act this way. She probably has a “Baby on Board!” sign in her car, too. As if that means something to other drivers!

  49. Dee Dee says:

    let’s hope with all these “false alarms” going on lately, that incase there is a real emergency we dont let our Guard down.

  50. Hank Warren says:

    Fake terror, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  51. Bob W says:

    I’ve not seen a single shed of evidence that would indicate bin Laden was assassinated. In fact, I doubt that he was. The fact that so-called bin Laden threats against the US would be found — and that a crackdown on Americans would follow — was however predictable. They never miss an opportunity to rob decent people of their rights. If they were serious about the alleged war on terror they would seal the southern border and investigate what happened to “Building 7” rather than cover it up.

    1. D Franklin says:


  52. greyfox says:


  53. Pip says:

    This is all hyped up fear to bring the sheep into a Police State. !/2 of Americans are aware of the Globalist Parasitic Elite Class working to bring us into tyranny by “a thousand little cuts”… And the other 1/2 believe everything the mainstream media throws at them. They worship at the alter of mainstream reality and like any religious fanatic, won’t look at the evidence and won’t hear anything that might contradict their little house of cards known as the Mainstream Reality.

    What gets me is that, with most people..regardless of how illegal the activity of the Govt. is, they can just pass a law.. and, people seeing the “L” word will simply shut down and say “well, the law says you can’t grow vegetables on your property anymore” or “the law says you can’t question the govt.” etc..And they will go along with it.

    Meanwhile, those of us who are awake, are pounding our heads against the wall, wondering what separates those of us who see the truth and the rest of the public lost in a fast food, GMO nightmare complete with poison tap water.

    Keeping us “safe” is not the job of the govt. They should be worried about keeping the US alive Financially and stopping Illegal Immigrants on the southern border.

    1. DemocratsSuck4Ever says:

      So, in other words. America has become Nazi America? Because, “police state” means saluting President Barack Hitler, killing thousands of innocent people, and targeting Jews, Catholics, Muslims, Gays, Gypsies, and Republicans. I have a question for you. Has, America become Nazi America?

  54. Kelly Anderson says:

    It’s on RECORD that Al Qaeda is a CIA creation and the Elite are using this nonsence to bring the US into Tyranny. If you don’t understand this, you will be a victim of it.

  55. Henry says:

    Government wants coplete control over all forms of transportation. The patriots from Amtrak have banned the controvercial TSA. Now the establishment hacks in the government want to fearmonger. The government wants to control transportation so they know where everyone is and to guard aginst people throwing them out of their offices. I find it suspicous that the country is on economic life support and the adminstration can only get points by flag waving a dead terrorist that we funded in the 80’s and 90’s. When there are no jobs, high priced gas, and the dollar is toilet paper, the government will try to rally the people against another boogey man to take the blaim.

  56. pfwag says:

    While it could be tragic for a few people in the station or on a train, this isn’t the stuff we have to be too concerned about. Cargo container security is the week link. Every year millions of 40′ long cargo containers arrive and are quickly delivered all over the USA. None are searched. Security is mostly an assurance from the sending port that the container is safe. A container could contain 60,000 pounds of PETN, or a nuke, and be trucked to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, or the middle of your city, and detonated.

  57. Grunch says:

    All of you complaing about the guy who got detained for a while, if there was actually a bomb and it exploded, you would be complaing that they weren’t watching closely enough. Either way, nobody is happy about anything. Personally, I’d rather have it inconvenient for one man than a whole bunch of people be affected for life because nobody bothered checking for a bomb when it looked alittle suspicious.

    God Bless our Police and Soldiers! We thank you.

    1. Hammer says:

      If it were actually a bomb he would have been a patsy for the military industrial complex that is taking control of our country. So, he wouldn’t have gotten caught since he would have been escorted onto the bus by an operative. Just look into the shoe bomber or the underwear bomber fiasco’s. Both false flag ops that were probably intended to fail. No amount of security protects you when the CIA walks the terrorists onto the plane.

  58. Billy says:

    The nanny state loves it when the general population is filled with wimps and loser-it justifies their existence.

  59. phx says:

    The DrudgeReport links to this page with his headline “US Freakout: Terror Alert; False Alarms”. How can this in any way be called a “Freak Out”? People are being cautious, they’re a little edgy. Why try to make Americans seem like they’re in panic when they clearly aren’t?

    1. D Franklin says:

      Because Drudge gets paid whenever anyone clicks on one of his links. He’s corrupt like the rest of them.

      1. tgc says:

        Making money is your idea of being corrupt?

    2. Joe says:

      The US should have thought about terrorist threats coming from real killer terrorist and not aim arrows at President Bush as being chief terrorist of the world. President Bush was trying to solve the terrorist problem happening in US towns and cities and democrats were trying to win an election. Remember, President Bush inherited the terrorist from President Clinton.
      Had the slogan been “We support the troops” instead of “We support the troops but not the mission” we may be going through airports with ease. You get what you vote for..

    3. Jeremiah says:

      Fear is ya, Fear is ya, Fear is ya ONLY GOD!

  60. James Deangelis says:

    The DPD held him most of the entire afternoon?!? Why?!? Once they looked inside the packages and ascertain there was nothing dangerous in them, they should had let him go on his way!! I see people nowadays pretty much everywhere, young and old, carrying backups at movie theaters (why do you need a backpack when you go to a movie and the ushers can’t keep you from entering the theater with it or search it), shopping malls, restaurants, etc etc So technically, wouldn’t that make everyone suspicious now? Furthermore, many of these back-packers are kids, from high school age to FIRST GRADE; therefore, if we take a minute and apply TSA’s warped mentality of who is a potential “Terrorist”, THEY ARE ALL TERRORISTS!! Finally, BASED on this NEWS ARTICLE, everyone going in and out of a Post Office or a Package/Postal Shipping Store like Kinko’s and UPS Store is SUSPICIOUS and a TERRORIST THREAT!

  61. Kevin says:

    Susipcious packages created by the rothchild zionists!

  62. James Deangelis says:

    I meant backpacks, not backups, at movie theater….

  63. Innocent Bystander says:

    Terrorism is working!!!! They have us scared to death!!!

  64. iamasian says:

    I wonder why he was offering money to put the packages on and off the train…He may have been a foreigner. In some countries you do not expect people to help a stranger unless they are paid…

  65. Him says:

    How many thousand black Americans were slaughtered in inner cities in the last 5 years? With minimal attention or worry?

    1. sgdf says:

      gee I don’t know – ask the other black inner city Americans that killed them. Or maybe we should give them even more money becasue that fixes everything right? You mooch

  66. adolf eiccman says:

    The terrorist have won….well the supposed terrorist…the authors of the police state have suceeded at least

  67. 14401 says:

    Where is Harry Truman when we need him. Instead we get “Achmed the puppet” for a president. What’s wrong with 50% of us? The handwriting is on the wall everyone and the people who turned the guy in with the packages is right. They are still on this earth with everyone else that might have gotten on that train.

  68. cmal says:

    Looks like profiling. Thought that was not permitted.

  69. Eric P Turner says:

    oh my have we become a scared bunch of little girls, they shut down a whole mall here in Burlington ma over an umbrella in a back pack. help me there’s a dark shadow fallowing every where i go i think its a terrorist i cant seem to lose him send the swat team and the national guard quick im scared. so so sad what we have become its so embarrassing the home of the brave yeah right its now the home of the paralyzed with fear. man up america , we once defeated England to claim this land we live on , we kicked right to the shore and won if that happen today we would just text them i surrender can i keep my cell phone please. sick man real sick

    1. masssuxdik says:

      a yes Ma. cancerous polyp on the world’s arse. It’s the Ma. mentality and their insistence on sucking so bad that started the circling around the drain.

  70. D Franklin says:

    I would just like anyone that believes this garbage to ask themselves a few questions.

    Where are you getting your information? Main stream media? One channel, or do you watch more than one channel? Do you read? Have you ever done any independent research? Do you only associate with people that agree with you? Do you think mainly in terms of Democrat/Republican or do you think of yourself as an American first and foremost? Have you ever traveled to other countries and stayed long enough to realize the impact/control that governments have over the life for their citizens? Do you believe that you are smart enough to think for yourself and come to your own conclusions? Just wondering….

  71. August Dunning says:

    Tiberuis Franklin 3minutes ago

    Well, now that the TSA is squeezing your balls looking for terrorists let’s look at the evidence of an al queda 911

    Is there any repetitive events on that date?

    yes there is!

    september 11 1776 – Franklin tells British adm. Howe, we will not rescind our declaration of independence on Staten Island, 4 days later Howe attacks Gen Washington BY SURPRISE on manhattan island at the battle of Manhattan. a year later we take staten island from the british at the battle of fresh kills.

    september 11 1812 – British sink american ships and start the war of 1812, raid our coastlines, burned the whitehouse

    september 11 1864 – british financed union troops burn atlanta to the ground – the capital of the american merchantile trade – their global competitor

    september 11 1912 – british rhodes scholar Edward House, meets with JP Morgan, Sam Chase and Goldman to plan the jekyll island secret meeting to put wilson in the whitehouse, and bring in graduated income tax, a right to work, a demand for cataloging all the living resources animal and human.

    september 11 2001 another SURPRISE ATTACK on trade buldings on top of the location of the battle of manhattan in 1776, and the dead are buried at fresh-kills garbage dump on top of the location of the battle of Fresh-kills in 1777

    now really people, copy and paste this and spread it around. We are at war with a banking RICO orchestrated out of the central banks and the Bank of London, the majority share holder of the Federal REserve Bank of New York.

    It seems clear to me that we should now start paying attention to the fact that 50,000 FEMA officers have been hired, the entire military is out of the country, concentration camps have been built by Halliburton – are empty but manned with guards, the fox is in the hen house

    and the fat 40 something TSA guy just put his fingers up your daughters vagina looking for terrorists…

    Now America; now is the time to act, we may never get a better chance to bring back our republic for our ancestors; Franklin, Adams, Jefferson, Washington…and all those that died to protect our freedoms from the likes of TSA, the Banks and the Democracy turd we have as a ruler, not a government.

    1. D Franklin says:

      People here are too weak, brainwashed, doped up on prescription meds, etc. to do anything. I knew it was over when people volunteered to let the government molest their children. America is dead. It’s over.

      1. Eric P Turner says:

        as i said its a huge barrier to over come reaching people that still believe the government is their friend and would never hurt them.

    2. Eric P Turner says:

      so when are we gonna do this? based on the population we need at least 50 million people or should i say angry motivated people that will stay focused on the mission at hand. my belief is the other 250 million will fallow suit not long after cause that’s what they do they fallow what ever is popular and the celebrities are doing or wearing.
      so lets say that by some massive miracle that all
      happens and we win our country back then what?.
      what do we do with our selves after that , who do we trust how do we keep it all from just going back to what we have now.
      theses are the tough questions and it obvious we would need a extended thought out plan. never mind how do we get 50 million people to help make it happen, just saying ya know!

  72. Chi Town Nick says:

    This is just them overexploiting America’s pathetic PC over kill that actually shields our real enemies from scrutiny while they rape everyone else to give the ‘impression’ of security without coming close to actually providing it.

    These die hards know all they have to do is get on a plane, start chanting, twirling their hairyassed mustache’s and beards and we have to react because they’re there in the first place. All male Muslim immigration should be halted for a decade while we kill off the generation of terrorists already here waiting for their clarion call to arms which could come at any freaking day now.

    It’s ridiculous when you have idiots on MSNBC declaring ‘the war on terror is now over’ and other equally ignorant arguments like waterboarding it torture but sneaking 70 armed Special forces in the middle of the night into their lair and shoot one in the head and their woman isn’t torture….Idiots and nothing more who would rather see America attacked again than face the truth and admit they were wrong. That simple.

    Meanwhile you’d think the lefties were all Chuck Norris fans and FOID card carrying armed 2nd Amendment lefties all of a sudden wrapping themselves in the flag and the whacking of Bin laden which supposedly goes against everything they’ve been fighting us on since 911.

  73. toledofan says:

    I think that one thing is for sure, this administration will use the threats and possible attacks as leverage to take away more freedoms and to expand the tenacles of the TSA or Homeland Security departments. Don’tt get me wrong, a threat or a possible threat has to be handled but I think because of the distinct political correctness of the day, everyone will have to undergo the wrath of J. Napalitano. It’s almost comical to listen to those on the left, who were so against the enhanced interrogation, it’s like they have glue on their tongues, now trying to support what Obama did.

  74. harry says:

    No doubt the suspicious package was the Muslim carrying the bag. Americans no what the threat is.

  75. fussellfan says:

    It’s official: The stupidest people in America are now in TOTAL control of EVERYTHING…

    1. Eric P Turner says:

      apparently they are not that stupid they are getting away with it and there’s no end in sight, your statement in its self says you surrender and they can do what ever they wont you wont resist.

      1. mrsharfer says:

        Good point Eric! One way to get the attention of EVERYBODY is to STOP paying your taxes! Government ONLY responds to money. If we did this there would be too many to put in prison. Then it would be the people’s turn to call the shots.

    2. marvinlzinn says:

      And they were all elected by ignorant citizens (some probably paid for it).

  76. mrsharfer says:

    It seems that 99% of the anxiety and panic could be prevented by profiling. I always knew political correctness would get us all killed. Next time you make a new year’s resolution, let it be to be “less tolerant”. We can live up to that and it would help put an end to this being over run by illegals, muslims and liberals who are turning our country into a third world sh!t hole.

  77. Long Live the Republic says:

    Another tactic so big sis napolitano can put her scanners and tsa agents on the trains so they can continue molesting citizens and get rid of new laws that are being created to make it a felony to molest passengers. Funny how a lot of “scary stuff” is happening in Texas where the bill is trying to be implemented. Things that make you go hmmmmm.

    1. Eric P Turner says:

      and this is just the beginning next all buses, ships, soon a program like tsa will be at every public school searching your kids everyday when they go to school. you will be forced to have a tracking devise on your car so they clearly know where everyone is and if you resist they have wonderful accommodations for you out in the western states built by Halliburton just for you and your kind that will not comply with government standards. go ahead laugh and say that wont happen. you did 3 months ago when i said trains are next to have tsa standards implemented at train stations, oh here we are .

      1. marvinlzinn says:

        In other words, we have a communist government.

      2. Power4ThePeople says:

        This is Nazi America… I HATE IT! Adolf Hitler is our President… WHY?! WHY DO WE HAVE BARACK HUSSEIN ADOLF HITLER OBAMA AS AN PRESIDENT! Somebody, impeach this fool.

  78. Karen says:

    This is probably a govt. program performed by govt. agents, designed to justify stricter security for the safety of all.

  79. BlownfuelCoupe says:

    There is an extremely “Suspicious” package now in Washington D.C. It is believed to like BasketBall and fly Air Force 1 for unending vacations.

  80. Barry Bin Inhalin says:


    Can anyone else draw a line from the PC societythe Dems have created for us to this episode? IF we were hauling the truly suspicious LOOKING into custody and not pretending they aren’t there, a guy asking for help with a package wouldn’t be stopping a train.

  81. Buddy says:

    Never forget the interview with Madoff when he said “Sure, I took 65 billion dollars but I am the little guy. The government is the big ponzi that stole 14 trillion dollars.

  82. Brand X says:


  83. kelli says:

    Uh… didnt President Obama say that getting rid of binLAdin had made us aafer?

  84. Disgusted by Political Correctness says:

    Good Lord has this country been turning into a bunch of Pansies? Get a grip people, let’s quit sniffing diapers and gropping 8 and 88 year olds and get some courage to confront what the true threat is: 18-36 year old middle-easterners with ties to radical/jihad organizations. Go after them with the same zeal we went after the White Supremacistsin the 1980’s. Find our national courage and make them so miserable and uncomfortable that they leave to go find easier targets to intimidate.

    1. Buzz says:

      Time to start racial profiling in a big way. Four year old kids and grandmas on their way to see four year old grandkids aren’t the problem. Time to stop all illegals from crossing our southern boarder. Time to make everyone prove that they are a U.S. citizen before they can vote, or get any sort of government assistance. Time to stop this candyassed craziness about offending someone who isn’t in the country legally. PC correctness is killilng this country. Time to impeach this incompetent fool we have for a president.

      1. DemocratsSuck4Ever says:

        Agreed. I hate President Hitler. Do you like this puppet? I don’t really like President Hitler and his goons.

  85. jeff says:

    The CONSTITUTION is not for “We the People” and AMERICA is a Matrix of
    misinformation. In the eyes of those in control, America is nothing more than a
    large Plantation and “We the People” are the Slaves. In many U. S. and World
    Treaties, the term “high contracting powers” is used to define your Masters;
    everyone else is considered by them to be their Slaves.

  86. ADM says:

    I am surrounded by a nation of indoctrinated, liberal wussies.

    1. NavyBuckeye says:

      Yes, but they are safe. ; o)

  87. Obey US or else says:

    A suspicious person as defined by the DHS. Any American who does not agree 100 % with the current administration.
    A suspicious package is anything that contains money that can be confiscated by the current administration.
    I hope this clarifies the situation.
    Janet Nepolidumbo

  88. NoFreedom says:

    We have become a nation oif cowards. Our government is now at the final stages of totally controlling the American people. We are fools and we are stupid. The greatest people in the world are told by our government to be “afraid” of bombs at the mall, airport, trains and they will protect us by taking away our freedom of speech, privacy and even our property. I am ashamed of us because “We the People will give up (give to our government) everything that our ancestors have fought and died for! For God’s sake! We have our youth fighting, dying and being mutilated over seas for what??? To protect us from what??? Bin Laden, a former CIA freedom fighter that we trained, gave weapons and money to, to fight the Russans? Now Bin Laden is dead!!! You fools, he has been dead for years and the US government is using this joke to scare us into submission and control.

    Now if a person videotapes the TSA then they get arrested??? What the hell?? People should be going in groups to airports with their cellphones and videotaping EVERY person being searched in security. What is the government going to do? Arest every American and throw them in jail?

    I will never post again….I am ashamed of the cowards we’ve become. We have the Constitution to stand with us. Peacefully standing up and saying you can’t and won’t do this to us. If you think our government cares about us and would never lie to us then google “Operation Northwoods”. This was a false flag that the military did in the 60’s to have an excuse to invade Cuba. Thankfully Kennedy said “NO! You guys are insane!” Then later he was killed.

    Don’t play into this….stand together as Americans…our children deserve to be free rather than a future of chains.

  89. Cybertooth says:

    Let’s divide the country….those who fear brown-skinned people hiding suspicious packages under their bed and then those who want to take their chances with Lady Liberty.

  90. Rocco Henderson says:

    Imagine how much money the security industry can make if people are irrationally fearful enough.

    1. Rocco Henderson says:

      My point is that people are getting beyond ridiculous.

  91. David says:

    Ya know If you go back a bit in history you will see why the Muslims and most everybody else hates the so called military powers so much.

    I am not on violence’s side but If you look at what England, France, the U.S.A. etc did over the past 200 years to all the Arab countries plus India, Pakistan, Africa, to everybody from Mexico South to South America. Etc.

    There were also the Crusades. That’s when a blood soaked bunch of Christian fanatics went to the so called Holy land and lopped heads off men, women, and children if they were Muslim. The Crusaders made Dresden in WWll look like a party.

    If you take everything away from someone they have no reason not to fight.

  92. Brian says:

    Nothing is going to happen. I am afraid of nothing.

  93. smokehouse56 says:

    “Inconvenient for sure, but we’re all okay – and that’s what matters,” said Kim Speer………I sure as hell wouldn’t want her to protect me. The liberal high road.

  94. Notbuyingit says:

    Anybody notice how it said police dog alerted to his packages? Police dogs are only trained on specific smells- drug dogs don’t smell bombs, bomb dogs don’t smell corpses etc. So if the dog alerted then the package had to contain drugs, explosives, or bodies. Unless they have dogs that smell “suspicious activity”? I’m not buying it. Meaningless pretext to search people.

    INFOWARS.COM – Because there is a war on for your mind!

  95. bearucratitis says:

    All terrorists will now need to use the following package.
    They will need to fill out a form with their name etc.
    Also, there is a $2.00 terro tax on these.

  96. JMWinPR says:

    Dear Hammer, ’bout a thousand years ago Japanese, Brits and a few others made these things called swords pronounced sords. Guess what they used to forge them? In the the good ‘ole USA their was their was this 19th century guy named Carnegie. Same spelling as the concert hall in NYC, also like the bank. The guy really got around. Know why? They had these thingies called trains (rhymes with brains) at any rate this Carnegie guy used guess what? (clue: same as above) to make steel. He made steel rails for the train thingies so he could go around and naming things after himself. I didn’t make this up, you can check it on Google, You can also watch History Channel on weekends, sometimes they have a guy in Williamsburg, VA or Mystic, CT doing much the same thing. If you’re really good and never post your stupid ideas again, I’ll clue you in to the guy who recreates sord thingies using guess what? ( Clue:all three answers are the same, and if you count like our VP it is a 3 letter word.)

  97. Kyle says:

    I just woke up from a nap and apparently the whole country is freaked out about some imaginary terrorist attacks. I think I will do another hit, go back to the couch, and sleep until the manufactured hysteria is over.

  98. HPS says:

    ENOUGH with OBL.. did the war in LIBYA end??? what’s going on in the middle EAST other than OBL.. and his empty THREATS..

  99. John says:

    LOL…it’s morons like Hammer and his conspiracy theory ilk that keep me laughing. Thanks dimwits…you’re doing a great job!

  100. james says:

    i wonder why Hammer feels the need to include pety name calling in just about every single one of his posts. it seems like hes more out to slam people than to have a discussion. Sounds to me like he’s got some good points to make but with all the childish name calling I really just move right past his comments, dismissing them as juvenile. The name calling just negates anything intelligent he may be trying to say. it certainly doesnt help reenforce his point. he just sounds like a hothead know it all.

    1. Buzz says:

      Have you ever met a conspiracy nut case that could make sane comments?

    2. Hammer says:

      Actually James, I did not instigate the name calling. I was called an idiot and a nutcase first. You are right about one thing though, I do make good points. You’d be wise to ignore the fact that I said people who don’t know the facts by now are stupid (they are), and concentrate on the facts that Buzz wishes he could debunk. Of course he can’t cause it’s all true. Whether I’m stupid or crazy or just having fun cuz i’m bored, everything i said is factually correct. Buzz and Sandy called names first you didn’t chastize them? whats up with that? Peace my friends

      1. Buzz says:

        Please name one person involved with the destruction of the WTC towers or the damage to the Pentagon that was involved with this so-called U.S. government conspiracy. Name one person that has or will come forward and state under oath that they were involved in either the planning or in the actual destruction as part of a Unites States government conspiracy. Just one.

  101. GozieBoy says:

    If Bush was pres, or the Seals were protecting us, then everyone would be cool. Unfortunately, everyone saw how inept the Obama regime has been in running and coordinating THEIR side of the Bin Ladin mission — along with the infamous Big Sis at Homeland to watch over things here at home — and yes, we are all scared shirtless.

  102. Buzz says:

    This is what happens when you elect a totally incompetent fool as president of the U.S.

  103. james says:

    the 911 conspiracy believers and the birthers are two sides of the same looney coin. both theories are plausable but very highly unprobable. That coin however has something to latch onto and believe in for both sides, depending on which President you hate. Get over it. President Obama"s mother was American so he's American. Metal melts with heat. Deal with it.

    1. Hammer says:

      Nice James,
      I see the only aurgument you have is insults. I laugh at your pathetic non-aurgument. Birthers? what the heck does that have to do with the MOLTEN STEEL found in the basement and satellite images show the hot spots.
      explain please… I know you can’t.

  104. 1reasonable1 says:

    “Land of the free and home of the brave…”

    No longer the former because we appear to no longer be the latter…

  105. JonSE says:

    No, the USA isn’t freaking out or living in fear; it is our dysfunctional government which is overreacting. Americans, at least the ones I am around, are not afraid, are prepared to handle any threats to themselves or their families, and are going about their lives. Our government, however, either through a desire to use any excuse to expand its power and control, or else through ignorance, is way overreacting.

  106. Mark says:

    Gosh, I seem to remember something about some godless, atheistic, commie liberal hippie names Jesus saying something about some Marxist parable about a Good Samaritan, and giving to everyone who asks you without asking them to give back, and telling people that as we would like people to do to us, do exactly to them, and doing good and helping others without expecting anything back for our reward would be great in Heaven.

    Then again, Jesus was a Middle Easterner and not a True American and certainly not a Christian – so what does HE know about anything?

  107. Buck Keely says:

    The purpose of terrorism is to terrorise, sounds like it is working… We are living in fear of an unseen enemy.. until we live our lives ready to kill or be killed we will live in the shadow of terror. Let us live and let us die free in our pursuit of life and liberty.
    Heirloom Seed, “How God plants His garden.”

  108. John says:

    Hey Mark, send me a thousand dollars. I need it. Don’t ask why, just do it, ya arsehole.

  109. Terry Knows Moore says:

    They are at our boarders….crossing over from Mexico…there are most likely 1000 agents from Iran sittting and waiting on the go ahead….Hamas who gave millions to Obama when running for president are being allowed into this country, leagally.

  110. tdrag says:

    Don’t pick on Hammer, he has an engineering degree from Rosie O’Donnell U.

  111. John says:

    LOL@hammer. That dolt thinks jet fuel was the only thing burning in the twin towers. What an imbecile!

  112. John says:

    Try…paper, carpets, rugs, wood, plastics, curtains. It wasn’t only jet fuel.

  113. greenkangaroo says:

    Ridiculous article. The media just doesn’t have any credibility anymore … and goes to great lengths to prove it with nonsense like this, which is designed to create ‘hysteria’ where is doesn’t exist.

  114. Buzz says:

    So tell us Hammer, if it were all just a government inside job that took down the WTC towers and blew up part of the Pentagon, that would takes hundreds of people to be in on it to accomplish it. So just how do you get that many people involved and no one ever comes fourth with the “truth” or information gets leaked? What happened to all the crew and passengers aboard the aircraft that crashed? I suppose you are going to tell us that all the aircraft and people on board were whisked away to some secrete government site where they are still being held. Oh, I know… there never were any aircraft, that was just mass hypnosis caused by the government that made people believe they saw planes hitting the WTC and the Pentagon, it was cruse missiles, and of course they managed to fool the cameras as well. So please explain in detail how so many would have to be involved to pull off such a conspiracy and yet no one that was involved has come fourth with the “truth”. You seem to know all the answers so give us the exact details.

    1. laughnmatter says:


      Your ridicule adds nothing to the argument. And you obviously have done zero research into 9/11.

      The Nazi’s had hundreds of death camps with tens-of-thousands of workers, guards, delivery people, yet the German people were so much in the dark about them that even after they were discovered by Allied Nations and the German people were forced marched through the camps there was a percentage that still refused to believe the German Army was capable of doing such a thing.

      And as far as people coming forth, hundreds have. And if you bothered to go past the MSM and do some research you’d know this. But you don’t. For whatever reason you prefer to keep your head in the sands and fart nonsensical insults.

      1. Buzz says:

        Please name one person that was directly involved with pulling off this so called government conspiracy. Name one person that has come forward and offered direct proof that they were directly involved in a conspiracy to bring down the WTC towers or blow a hole in the side of Pentagon at the direction of the U.S. Government. Name one person that would testify under oath to the above.

      2. DemocratsSuck4Ever says:

        You know something. America has become Nazi America.
        TSA= Gestapo
        Democrats= Nazis
        FEMA= Waffen-SS
        President Obama= Hitler
        Obama Youth= Hitler Youth
        Democrats are Nazis because they are part of the National Socialist American Worker’s Party. It’s true.

      3. laughnmatter says:

        Most recently Dr. Steve Pieczenik has been on the Alex Jones News Broadcast asking to be called before a Grand Jury to names names as to who in our government was behind 9/11.

        There have been numerous whistle-blowers who have gone public and used the knowledge from their respective fields to dismiss the official 9/11 story.

        FBI translator Sibel Edmonds, the most gagged woman in America, having the State Secrets Privilege imposed on her twice, went public last year to reveal that Bin Laden maintained “intimate” relations with the US right up until 9/11.

        Another whistleblower is former Sergeant in the United States Army named Lauro “LJ” Chavez. Chavez was stationed at MacDill AFB where he claims he witnessed unusual preparations for a potential airplane hitting the base on the morning of 9/11 and distinctly heard officers talking about a stand down. This led him to go public in questioning the NORAD stand down and the demolition of the twin towers.

        Indeed, the fact that BBC, CNN and others reported the collapse of WTC 7 before it fell was a form of blowing the whistle, as were the first responders and firefighters who have gone on record to say they saw and heard bombs tear down both Building 7 and the twin towers.

        There are also numerous firefighters and first-responders at

        You will be able to witness raw footage of victims talking about bombs going -ff in the lobbies and basements of the TT “before” the planes hit the building.

        How do you explain them away?

    2. Hammer says:

      First of all if you investigated, you would find hundreds of RELIABLE witnesses. Name them? no. you still haven’t been able to address my first question. Everyone keeps saying “the steel was weakened” I’m still saying there was MOLTEN STEEL in the basement of 3 three buildings that calapsed. WTC 7 had no jet fuel with winds blowing to make 2000 degrees, which still couldn’t melt steel.

      1. John says:

        Steel doesn’t have to melt to become structurally unsound, genius. If you did some actual research, and not just listen to your fellow conspiracy theorists who are trying to make a buck off a book or radio show, and asked some actual scientists and engineers about thermodynamics, you’d understand why all 3 buildings collapsed, but ignorance is bliss. So…carry on my little moron.

      2. Buzz says:

        I’m still saying there was MOLTEN STEEL in the basement of 3 three buildings that calapsed.


  115. laughnmatter says:

    What a nation of sheep. On average 20 Americans a year become the victims of a terrorist attack. More people die from bee stings. Should we have a “war on bees?”

  116. David Niles says:

    Man, are we turning into the police state or what??? You can’t even carry a box around anymore w/o people assuming its a bomb. Wake up America, we are heading a “1984” style system

  117. jpm says:

    PARANOIA curiosity of the US Government

    Keep the funds flowing, the lawyers busy and when it all blows up, they will have someplace to go, the rest of us will not

  118. Bumper Press says:

    Hammer forgot to mention to Sandy and Gary that there was another building that fell at free fall speed on 9/11, Building 7. It wasn’t hit by a plane, no jet fuel fire, yet it collapsed like a perfect controlled demolition. 47 story buildings do not just collapse by themselves!

  119. Dave Templeton says:

    America needs to be “just as tough on these copy cat terrorists as the real thing – looks at the inconvenience they cause and expense!

  120. Chris says:

    name one of the many conspiracy theories, and if you can answer a few questions that would make it possible for the conspiracy theory to be true, then you win. My personal favorite is the controlled demolition theory, which is utterly impossible, and so easily proven impossible, that even if you believe in it right now, you will be forced to change your mind by your own answers to some simple, undeniable questions.

    Would you like to begin? If so, please state which of the controlled demolition theories you currently believe. Since there are so many, I want to focus on the best one you can come up with. This is open to any of you who think this was an inside job.

  121. Buck Keely says:

    The purpose of terrorism is to terrorise, sounds like it is working… We are living in fear of an unseen enemy.. until we live our lives ready to kill or be killed we will live in the shadow of terror. Let us live and let us die free in our pursuit of life and liberty.
    Heirloom Seed, “How God plants His garden.”

  122. jsmith says:

    People “fear” because of what they know about themselves, on the inside…

    1. MDWhite says:

      Wow. Really deep. Who writes your material? Deepak Chopra or Joan Baez?

  123. rjligier says:

    Why is this administration preying on the paranoid delusional among us?

    1. MDWhite says:

      Because of dangerous, naive nut jobs like you who deny that there are a lot of raving, murderous Islamo nutcases out there who want you and me and a whole lot of other people dead.

  124. Charlie Peters says:

    Audit the fed, support HR 459 Paul

    Corn fuel ethanol stinks

    GOOGLE: (510) 537-1796

  125. Bumper Press says:

    “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself!”

  126. Tom Genin says:

    Hammer is an idiot.

    Apparently he never thought that the remaining fire and thousands of gallons of jet fuel, and other combustables causing the fire to continue AFTER the tower fell couldn’t account for melted metal on the bottom, if ANY>

    1. Bumper Press says:

      No way. Jet fuel burns very fast. The black smoke after the plane struck was the jet fuel burning up. Sorry, 9/11 was a covert psyop (inside job) and bin Laden was never charged with that crime. The FBI themselves said they didn’t have enough evidence to connect him with it. See the FBI Most Wanted list.

  127. RLS says:

    I flew this weekend 4 times, and had no problems with security, no heightened threats out of LA, or into Newark. Actually one of the easiest times I had flying over the past couple of years.

    This is Drudge just running out of things to talk about. Give me a break. I live in LA, and today has been no different than 5 years ago.

    All this paranoia feeds into the people who want to hurt this country and its people. TOP THE HYPE!!!!

  128. Han_In_Carbonite says:

    So asking for help with a package is suspicious behavior? The people who reported it as such and the officers who detained this man should be ashamed of themselves. As should the writer of this article. A reader can see the obvious contradiction in how the article first states that a police dog alerted authorities to the package, then goes on to say that it was passengers reporting “suspicious behavior”. The dog wasn’t brought in until authorities had been alerted. The author tried to make the story more like a terrorist threat than the reality of it being a bunch of self-centered, uncourteous people turning an old man needing help into the cops.

  129. Jim says:

    Suspicious package????? That’s what she said.

  130. Ron Brueske says:

    Park your cars, ground all airlines, stop all buses, taxis and trains from running. Make it against the law to carry ANYTHING. Stay indoors, lock those doors, put your children in a 30 inch thick, steel reinforced concrete bunker, with no windows.

    Frigging America is done stick a fork in her, her citizens are craven cowards.

  131. Terry Smith says:

    It’s only the beginning….we haven’t seen anything yet. middle of May on…… out

  132. Ravager of Possums says:

    I want to lean to write “power laced” letters (per the story) – mine don’t seem to have the punch of some written by others.

  133. nowaytoday says:

    Blame Schumer for causing the Crisis. He always wants to be the center of attention and find ways to spend money we dont have. I say lock Schumer up for causing these false alarms…

  134. MDWhite says:

    This is so very, very entertaining. All the chuckle-headed conspiracy theorists gnawing their forearms and rattling on about lost freedoms and how the WTC attacks were “inside jobs.”

    I didn’t realize there were so many constitutional lawyers, explosives experts, physicists, structural engineers, specialists in thermodynamics, and wannabe “Black Ops” operators around. Perhaps a convention at the nearest Starbucks would be in order?

    All because somebody reports a suspicious package at a transit station. Jeez, what a bunch of pathetic, paranoid dorks.

  135. Kate says:

    Any Muslim on a plane is a suspicious package. They should all be strip searched and let the rest of us travel in peace like we use to do before Muslims got all upset.

  136. Al S says:

    I dont see anyone walking around with a look of fear on their faces. The only thing to fear in this country is the media.

  137. MrYes says:

    I have more ammo then al qaeda & the US Seals combined…

    1 shot, 1 Kill

  138. rrr says:

    powder laced, not power laced

  139. DVS says:

    “Got no love for politicians
    Or that crazy scene in D.C.
    It’s just a power mad town
    But the time is ripe for changes
    There’s a growing feeling
    That taking a chance on a new kind of vision is due

    I used to trust the media
    To tell me the truth, tell us the truth
    But now I’ve seen the payoffs
    Everywhere I look
    Who do you trust when everyone’s a crook?

    Revolution calling
    Revolution calling
    Revolution calling you
    [There’s a] Revolution calling
    Revolution calling
    Gotta make a change
    Gotta push, gotta push it on through”


  140. laughnmatter says:

    To those of you that say 9/11 was everything the government says it was, I have a question, if it was the monumental National security failure as the government says it was, name one person that was held accountable?

    You can’t. In fact everyone in a position of influence was PROMOTED or given awards!

    Beyond the fact that basic laws of physics would have had to have been suspended to believe the governments story, there must be hundreds of coincidences that defy all mathematical probabilities.

    Seriously, I can’t imagine anyone at this stage, after all that there is out there now, that can possibly believe the governments version of 9/11. It can be only one of several things, people haven’t looked into it, they have and are in denial, or they’re part of the cover-up.

    I have studied 9/11 extensively, I would estimate I’ve spent over 1,000 hours, probably closer too 2,000, and I still can’t say how some of it was done, but I can tell you what did not happen, 19 hijackers from half-way around the world did NOT on their own pull-off 9/11, if they had anything to do with it at all.

    1. Buzz says:

      While you see and hear things that aren’t even there. You conspiracy nut-wits would be really funny if you weren’t so pathetic. Actually it is really funny reading your half-baked theories. No, not theories, stupid stories.

    2. Buzz says:

      “In fact everyone in a position of influence was PROMOTED or given awards! ”

      Proof? Name them.

  141. togwoo says:

    Dude you ahve GOT to be kidding me? People taking this stupid terrorist nonsense WAY too seriously.

  142. Karl says:

    You can’t live a normal life without a little fear so just keep trucking along. When your time is up it’s up. Meanwhile, in order to preserve your life as long as possible, keep a sharp eye open for anything that looks out of the norm, Pray about it and then act accordingly.

  143. benritten says:

    We have turned into a nation of wusses.

  144. togwoo says:

    No doubt about it, people taking this terrorist nonsense WAY too seriously.

  145. Roberto Nesta says:

    Bombing the whole world into submission for 60 years has it’s effects on peoples attitudes about you.
    They tend to want to bomb you back,which brings us today.

    When I read stupid comments like “Freedom is dangerous” or some other redneck stupidity,it makes we want to drag their stupid a##s to the other counties of the world who are free as well,and yet haven’t been attacking other countries every few months. Perhaps they would see that freedom is a state of mind,not a slogan by which sports addicted violent societies can feel superior to those they kill,exploit and control.

  146. solo_poke says:

    “Those who would trade freedom for safety, shall have neither” BF

  147. Bryan Abbott says:


  148. joe says:

    drama dram drama! People in Dallas are so bored and have nothing better to do. Makes them feel like their life is exciting.

  149. Brettrix says:

    the laws of physics did not apply to the world trade centers…. If you are a truster

  150. Harry Truman says:

    Does this remind you of Nazi Germany right before the war? Well meaning citizens turning in ordinary people for no reason other than they needed some help with some luggage. What have we become? Babies incapable of making a decision for ourselves without Big Brother. It makes me sick to think the America I grew up in is now a sniveling bunch of cowards too fearful to stand up for themselves against an oppressive government. Grab a gun and stand up for your rights! It is not too late.

  151. Jmac5280 says:

    Even in death Osama wins. Americans are now scared of their own shadows.

  152. Mark Richardson says:

    I remember the day when I could board a plane with a gun and a knife, and a beer in my bag. Plus, I could enjoy a smoke on my trip.
    Now, any of those would get me thrown in prison, please tell me how much better off we are.

  153. dave says:

    fear, see all thet had to do is mention trains an what do you get fear, everyone now is a treat.
    what is next on the list, water, no walmart, now the gov. will need to spend millions more on trains, because of fear.
    who is winning

  154. Adrian Vance says:

    He was already in a prison the Saudis were paying for! It was a stupid waste of money and maybe men.

  155. Whatever says:

    Call it weak if you want to, makes no difference to me. Just pointing out that it’s difficult to peddle your complex theory/argument when you’re struggling with basic grammar.

Comments are closed.

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