Texas Senate Votes Approves Guns On Campus

AUSTIN (AP) – Texas Senators have voted to allow concealed handgun license holders to carry their weapons into public college classrooms.

Monday’s vote is a major push on an issue that had stalled in the Senate and House despite overwhelming numbers of lawmakers in support in the Republican-dominated Legislature.

Sen. Jeff Wentworth, R-San Antonio, had been unable to muster the votes he needed under Senate rules to pass the issue as its own bill. After several failed attempts, Monday’s vote tacked the measure onto a universities spending bill.

Supporters call it a critical self-defense measure and gun rights issue. Opponents worry concealed handguns could lead to more campus violence and suicide.

The measure has met stiff resistance from higher education officials, notably from within the University of Texas system.

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  1. John says:

    The problem is, when some insane individual shoots a gun on campus and there are say ten other people with their guns drawn, it becomes a question of who was the original shooter?? People should read the story about the Arizona shooting and how a man almost shot the guy that had originally unarmed the assailant. All because he rounded the corner to see a the guy pointing a gun at the original assailant. He didn’t know that guy had already unarmed him. This just has “BAD” written all over it.

  2. RussP says:

    As you said, he ALMOST shot the guy who unarmed the real shooter. That’s what the licensing course you’re required to take teaches, wen to shoot and when not to. Sure mistakes can happen (even to trained police) but the bloodshed that anti gun folks always seem to predict when guns are allowed somewhere never seems to materialize. A number of states already allow campus carry and the fact has been, no bloodshed at the handsof a legal gun owner. If licensed gun holders had been at Columbine, Virginia Tech, Arizona or the Killeen Luby’s, perhaps many less peoplewould have been shot.

  3. garydon says:

    While you are at it, look up the Appalachian Law School shooting a while back. Few of the media mentioned that the students that stopped the shooting were armed.
    There are now 25 college campuses that allow CCW… no problems reported by the media yet… and it would be BIG NEWS if there were.

  4. charles says:

    The first time a “FRAT Party” go’s bad and a couple of kids shoot each other over a KEG, You’ll never hear from the FOOLS pushing this Legislation. They’ll all say ge, “what a tragedy”. Your going back a hundred years –there must be a reason why we got away from that in the first place !!

    1. RussP says:

      As Gary Don and I have already stated, a couple of dozen schools already allow licensed students to carry and the gloom and doom you predict has not occurred. With the training and licensing rules in place, it most likely will not. Look up the crime stats for licensed gun holders in Texas, you’ll find there are very few committing any offenses related to their guns. Facts, not emotion, should guide our law makers. In this case, it has.

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