Aides: Ron Paul Plans To Run For President Again

WASHINGTON (AP) – Campaign aides say Texas Rep. Ron Paul will run for president for a third time.

Aides said Paul will announce those plans on Friday while in New Hampshire. He formed a campaign exploratory committee last month.

The aides would speak only on background because the announcement is not yet official.

Paul ran for president in 1988 as a Libertarian and sought the Republican nomination in 2008. He amassed a large following with his libertarian views but it didn’t translate into a significant number of delegates.

He calls for dramatically reducing government spending and scaling back management of the economy.

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  1. C Bauer says:

    AW, S-IT! Come on, do we conservatives REALLY have a viable candidate? I’m so sick of this BS. First Paul, then McCain, then Paul again… geeeez.

    1. TheBrokenarrow115 says:

      We’re damn lucky that Dr. Paul has chosen to run again….he’s the best hope we have for the future!

  2. veda says:


  3. bink says:


  4. BDTR says:


  5. Tony says:

    If you want a government like it is supposed to be ran, elect this man. Ron Paul for President in 2012!!!

  6. les says:

    look at the picture . it already look’s like he doesn’t know what he’s talking about !!!

  7. RJ says:

    Libertarians want to:
    Get rid of the IRS.
    Have our economy based on actual GOLD instead of “made up” money (Fort Knox is empty…has been for a very long time)
    Unless you are abusing children, animals or the planet, the government stays out of your business.

    I dont understand why anyone who is even moderatly educated would want any other kind of government!

    1. Chris McPhail says:

      YES! And it ONLY requires a”moderate” education like you said! I am like you, who would want anything else? But there are those who want to destroy American sovereignty and create a one-world government. Beware!

    2. CB says:

      “moderatly educated” LOL. Case in point.

  8. Robert says:

    Another chance to vote for someone who will try to make government honest again. Will people vote for the best man or blow it and give those votes to what ever candidate has the best chance of winning for their party. No one can win if they don’t get the votes so voting for a party win is dishonest.

  9. TXmama says:

    Glad to hear it! He certainly has my family’s votes.

  10. Chris McPhail says:

    A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for American Sovereignty and Stability! … or you can keep buying those same magic beans that the others have been selling you for years!

  11. Joe Doe says:

    Republician party is the real destruction of the jobs and social servuces and ekders

    1. C Bauer says:

      Joe Doe: A little DRUNK, are we?

  12. quickres says:

    Hope he runs as a Liberterian and not a Republican. We need someone who is not beholder to either the Democrats or Republicans and Liberterians are NOT the same thing and Republicans.

  13. WOW says:

    He calls for dramatically reducing government spending and scaling back management of the economy.

    Yeah we tried that under Bush, remember?

  14. trish says:

    Too damn old.

    1. TheBrokenarrow115 says:

      He’s a doctor and looks pretty healthy to me. As long as he carefully selects a VP running mate who is younger and just as charismatic as he is, he’ll be fine. Reminds me of the response the late, great Ronald Reagan made while runnnig for president “I promise I won’t hold your youth and inexperience against you”….

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