Fort Worth Police Sergeant Fired After Fraud Accusations

FORT WORTH (AP) –  A Texas police sergeant accused of frequently working fewer hours than his time sheets showed has been fired.

John C. Ost appealed his Tuesday termination on Friday.

Ost was a 21-year veteran of the department. An investigation targeted him and three other jail sergeants.

Officials say one of those officers avoided discipline by resigning while another took a voluntary demotion.

The fourth sergeant was admonished for once leaving early.

Ost’s attorney Terry Daffron Porter said there were “irregularities” in the investigation and his client was surprised by the “disparate treatment.”

Police spokesman Lt. Paul Henderson says it’s unfortunate that a few police officers can tarnish the reputation of the majority who work hard every day and possess the highest levels of integrity.

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One Comment

  1. DAN says:


    1. JPJohnson says:

      No, it’s IS Ft. Worth.

      1. DAN says:


    2. Hemroidiousa says:

      Hell yea!

  2. VugHoo says:

    Sounds like your typical, average cop to me.

    1. 2sister says:

      Actually, there are bad apples in every profession. There are some law abiding people in all professions, too.

  3. Dave says:

    I wish they were as good catching criminals as they are in cheating their time sheet.

  4. Reuben Powell says:

    This is quite commonplace in Fort Worth. These guys want to be judge, jury, and executioner on a daily basis. They need to be policed!

  5. Don N Dallas says:

    Maybe there is a reason for his bad behaviour. Why don’t we consider what it might be. Trouble at home? Kid with a drug or discipline problem? Wife pressure because of stressful job? Lack of sleep? Most cops work at two jobs to make ends meet. Health problems. Funny how you people will cut some slack for people you like but non for a guy who takes the chance on getting shot everyday he goes to work.

    1. Harvey says:

      Or give someone six warning shots in your back. No one trusts a cop no more dude!

      1. Jeremy Eary says:

        Plenty of people still trust cops, there are bad seeds in every line of work, the police just happen to be under more scrutiny than most (which is good). But that scrutiny also makes the good ones look bad because of the indiscretions of a few.

      2. 2sister says:

        Jeremy, you are so right. There are still trustworthy and law-abiding cops out there. These bad apples make the others look bad.

    2. J dfw247 says:

      why do they need to work two jobs to make ends meet? starting pay for DPD is 41,000 a yr. They make 30/hr working side jobs at events and bars on nights and weekends. The problem is they bring thier problems from home with them and take it out on everyday citizens.

  6. Sampson says:

    Don thats ridiculous, maybe this police officer should make better decisions before breaking the rules. Trouble at home, lack of sleep, two jobs….welcome to the real world.

  7. Beanz says:

    Amen Sampson. Last year I was working 3 jobs and didnt have a car so I was bussing it to all three. Never was late, never left early. If you dont like your job, quit. But dont steal the taxpayers money by claiming to work more hours than you actually did-I dont give a damn what problems you have at home.

  8. madmax1825 says:

    Just courious how many of you haven’t taken a little extra time on your lunch break, taken supplies home from work, taken care of personal business on company time, or left work before you were really supposed to. Hypocrites! We are only human. We do make mistakes. Yes officers are held to a higher standard but what is the ratio of these types of incidents to the number of officers on the job. He made a poor decission and will be disciplined for it or prosecuted.

    1. Jack says:

      They are not held to a higher standard. How many times have you heard of a cop walking away from there job after a DUI or something they did wrong? If they were held to a higher standard they would be doing double the time for there crimes not just walking away

      1. 2sister says:

        Actually, they are held to a higher standard. If they weren’t, we probably wouldn’t be hearing about it. I’m sure there are people in other lines of work that do the same thing, and we don’t here about most of them. I’m not excusing their behavior. What they did was wrong, but it isn’t exactly accurate to say that they aren’t held to higher standards.

    2. Melissa says:

      They aren’t held to a higher standard, because just like you and me you know the difference between right and wrong. When these educated high school picked on kids get behind the wheel there there for one reason not to protect and serve but to get back at anyone and everyone they can. We as people need to hire people that actually want to be cops not some high school picked on kid that is getting back at everyone thru your pocket book or just out right abusing the system. In my opinion i get a DUI i got to go to jail as said by the law. A cop gets a DUI he gets a chance to resign or a slap on the wrist alittle probation time. I say they should get double the time because they knew better to do something like that. Just because your a cop thats an EXCUSE wake up people.

      1. 2sister says:

        Many police departments require some amount of college education. I found this out several years ago when someone I knew wanted to be a police officer. He hadn’t been to college and had a hard time finding a job. For while he was a security officer. I’ve lost track of him, and I think he might be doing something else, now. Also, we can’t make blanket statements that imply that all police officers were picked on as a kid, and or doing it to get back at society. There may be some cops like that, but it certainly isn’t all of them. I know some police officers who are law abiding citizens.

    3. Reeper says:

      Just because someone else has done it is suppose to justify your doing wrong?
      Ask someone why they are pointing a gun in your face robbing you why they are doing it, because someone else has done it? They made poor decisions too no matter if they killed you in the robbery or not, care to slap their little wrists and ask for your money and life back?
      Makes no difference if you rob someone with a gun or a pen, except the pen is not apt to get you killed yet even they have been known to kill people if used right.
      This type folly is no mistake, it’s always done on purpose and if your out there doing the same thing I hope you get caught also since it drives up the price we pay for things, just as this drove up the price we pay for police protection.
      Is nice to think they are held to higher standards, yet when they don’t they should pay back every penny they stole and be black-listed from every being a peace officer again. As is they just go elsewhere and do the same thing all over again.

  9. Sampson says:

    Madmax, I agree that the majority of people do this but its time for people to be accountable. It sucks that police officers are held at a higher standard but shouldn’t they? Rules are in place for a reason.

    1. madmax1825 says:

      No arguement there from me.

  10. PATRICK GLENN says:

    75%of americas employees do the same thing,he just got caught!

    1. 2sister says:

      Actually, many hourly people don’t fill out time cards anymore on a regular basis. Many hourly employees have to clock in and so it is a little more difficult to fudge on the time. The only ways they can really fudge is to say that the forgot to clock in or if the system is down. In those two cases they can lie about the time, but they will eventually get caught. Many places of employment have surveillance cameras, and if they suspect that you are lying, they can check the time on the cameras.

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