Irving Mom Arrested In Massachusetts For Son’s Death

By Matt Goodman & Arezow Doost, CBSDFW.COM

Updated 5/19, 6:31 a.m.

CONCORD, Mass. (CBSDFW.COM) – An Irving mother is in police custody in Massachusetts after telling authorities she killed her son and dumped his body on the side of the road near the border of Maine and New Hampshire over the weekend, sources told the CBS station affiliate in Boston.

Julianne McCrery, 42, was taken into protective custody Wednesday after she told arresting officers that 6-year-old Camden Pierce Hughes, her son, died after she gave him an overdose of his cough syrup medication. As of Wednesday night, she had not been charged.

Authorities found the child’s body Saturday at about 5:30 p.m. near the New Hampshire border in South Berwick, Maine, wrapped in a blanket next to a dirt road. Police suspected the body had been there since 7:30 a.m. that morning.

Witnesses told police they saw a blue Toyota Tacoma pickup truck at the scene. A Massachusetts state trooper spotted a truck that matched witnesses’ descriptions at a rest stop just off Interstate 495 Wednesday at about 10:20 a.m., about 65 miles from where the boy’s body was found.

camden pierce hughes Irving Mom Arrested In Massachusetts For Sons Death

A picture of Camden Pierce Hughes, the son of Irving resident Julianne McCrery. The body of the six-year-old was found on the side of the road in Maine. (credit: Facebook)

McCrery was driving the truck. Sources told WBZ NewsRadio 1030 in Boston that the 42-year-old identified the child as her son and that she gave him an overdose of his medication, killing him.

According to WBZ-TV, the medical examiner finished an autopsy over the weekend, but the official cause of death was determined to be asphyxiation.

“We were together for two years, but I’ve known (the boy) since the day he was born,” Robert Miller, McCrery’s ex-boyfriend who also lives in Irving, told WBZ-TV. “He was a very nice boy. He was an innocent boy.”

On Wednesday, friends gathered at the church McCrery sometimes attended to cope with the tragedy and find solace. Close friends called McCrery a good mother and a passive person who wouldn’t harm anyone – especially not her own son.

“Whatever happened, she was trying to help him and it backfired,” said close friend Hillary Watson. “She loves him! She would have never intentionally tried to hurt him.”

The truck, which WBZ-TV reported had Navy insignia on its license plate, is in the police barracks awaiting processing.

Soon after police found the boy’s body Saturday, authorities released a computer-generated photo, hoping someone would recognize him.

Police said they received about 60 tips from Maine, New Hampshire and Ohio. The photo was given to schools, day cares, pediatrician offices and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, WBZ-TV reported.

McCrery delivers auto parts and she also wrote a book called “Good Night, Sleep Tight,” which is meant to help those having trouble sleeping.It is not clear why McCrery was in Maine.

She was arrested in Dallas County in 2003 for prostitution and 2004 for possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver. Both those cases were dismissed.


One Comment

  1. NL Yates says:

    I will never understand how anyone, especially a mother, can harm or kill a child. We were given a baby boy, then 5 months old, by a relative who had been abandoned and knew she couldn’t take proper care of him. I sent a letter and pictureas to her every year. He grew up knowing that I was his mama and he had a birth mother, and that she loved him enough to let us have him to care for him.I told him I ccarried him, not under my heart, but in it. He is now grown and married with 4 children. He loves both his mama and his mother and there is love enough for all of us. If anyone reaing this knows of someone ,or is in this position and find a safe, loving home for your child. Please don’t hurt them. God bless you all.

    1. Becky Greeley Elmore says:

      NL YATES your a wonderful human being…there needs to be more like you!

    2. liz says:

      god bless you, there are so many woman like myself who cannot have children and when I read this story it hurts me so bad, I would have cared for him 🙂

  2. jessica trevino says:

    some of us in the world are bless to give birth to a child and some are not.but it does not give us the right to harm a child in any kind of way.if you can’t rise a child find a good family that will there are alot of us that would take a child in like he or she was our own.

  3. 2sister says:

    This is so very sad. I don’t understand how someone could kill their child or any child.

  4. John Chakarian says:

    Omg,how can these type of stories keep repeating over and over again!How does a parent or anyother adult harm or kill a child!I am so sick and tired of this kind of news.Earlier it was that freak who had that woman hostage for 2 weeks doing God knows what to that poor woman and not this!We in America claim to be civilized?

  5. matthew says:

    is too soon to this kid.

  6. Jamie says:

    I don’t see how people can do this, I lost my 15 yr old daughter 2 1/2 yrs ago and would give anything to have her back and they are killing theirs.

    1. Patricia Weaver says:

      I can relate Jamie… My 17 Yr old daughter was killed while walking by a drunk driver… Id give up my business, home, and EVERYTHING I OWN… Just to have her with me.. I dont understand how ANYONE can be so evil… It makes me sick to my stomach….

  7. Jaylynn says:

    When I saw your beautiful angelic face with those crystal clear blue eyes for the first time Cameron I knew you were once a beautiful, vibrant child. If only you had been given your full right to breathe, be happy, and be little. I wish she would have found it in her heart to let you go to someone who would have helped you meet all your full potential in a loving home filled with love and fond memories of your growing up happy and cultivating friendships through the years in school, sports, and whatever it was you would like and were going to become. One thing I do know Cameron in my heart you are safe now and in heaven wrapped in God’s loving arms. You will never be forgotten, for I know I never knew you but you weren’t allowed to become everything wonderful in this world you would have become and somehow I wish that God had chosen me to be your mommy for I would have welcomed you with open arms and loved whether you were my blood and my flesh or not. RIP beautiful angel.

  8. Tanja S says:

    Loving mother ? Wouldn’t harm anyone ? You have got to be kidding me !!!!! Why/How could you do such a thing? Kill your child and Dump him on the side of the road like a bag of trash !!!!! You will Rot in Hell for that !!!

  9. Phil says:

    It would probably be good idea to wait until all the facts are in before anyone rushes to judgment. As sad as it is, there doesn’t appear to be an easy answer as to why this mother did this to her son whom she apparently took good care of up to the time of this tragic event.

    1. Patricia Weaver says:

      She took good care of him? Seriously? Even if it was an “ACCIDENT” How the hell does one just dump their baby’s body on the side of a road and pull away? Are you kidding me? May she rot in hell…..

  10. Eri Ca says:

    😦 hw sad

  11. Patricia Weaver says:

    I am so sick of these “SO CALLED MOTHERS” killing their innocent babies/children and then looking for some kind of Plea deal…Like insanity.. If you are too insane to raise your child in a loving environment, Then snip it and stop producing… Also for these men who have sex with “INSANE” women, Cover it up!

  12. Patricia Weaver says:

    Really Hillary??? You quoted “Whatever happened, she was trying to help him and it backfired,” said close friend Hillary Watson. “She loves him! She would have never intentionally tried to hurt him.”.. Now you wanna explain to Everyone how an accident would lead her to DUMPING his body on the side of the road? Even if it was an “ACCIDENT” As you are claiming.. Then why not seek a “Proper burial for him”? How can you say she would never intentionally hurt him?

    1. Angela R says:

      This is my X sister n law but I was still really close to her. We did not have any clue that she was capable of doing this. She has always been such a loving person with the biggest heart I have never known. I’m so torn about this i’m mad and sad at the same time. I can’t forgive her for this right now. I don’t understand how anyone could harm their child. I can’t believe this it is like a bad dream. That little boy was always so happy, he was a smart and beautiful child. How can I ever get over this.

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